Top 20 Purrfect Cat Themed Gifts that Every Cat Lovers Must Have


Last updated: Jul 28, 2021

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Top 20 Purrfect Cat Themed Gifts that Every Cat Lovers Must Have

Cats are wonderful pals and spiritual partners for humans. After a long day at work, sometimes just walking in the door and seeing your beloved cat waiting for you in the living room is enough to put you at peace. 

We, cat parents, know that our feline fur babies enjoy spending time with us just as much as we do! And nothing surpasses being apart to demonstrate the value of our time together. They ultimately become a vital member of the family, and their existence is complete to every other member after a long time.

Having cat-themed gifts can offer joy and happiness to pet lovers, particularly cat owners, and will make their lives more pleasurable. Who wouldn't want their cat to be visible in every aspect of their life?  Personalized gifts make excellent mementos since they are unique. If you want to locate the most original personalized present for your loved one, look for something that suits their personality. 

There's no need to constantly search the internet for the ideal present for your loved one when you can find it among these unique cat-themed gifts right here.  

Top 5 Cat Themed Gifts Giving Personal Touch to the Owners

It does not have to be a high-class, costly gift, but it cannot be just any gift. Finding a gift that deserves to be treasured mementos is not simple. What can be a more perfect match than a customized item to show the world their unbounded relation with the cat?

Let Gossby help you with these personalized gifts for cat lovers that will send your loved one over the moon and make the cat MEOW with joys.

1. Personalized Pillow - Life Is Better With Cats

Being a cat owner means that you always have to resist the temptation of their round innocent eyes. But we all end up falling in love and can’t wait to snuggle with them. Just a simple moment can relieve your stress and fatigue after a working day.

Pillow is a perfect cat themed gift

And we capture all those delightful things into this pillow to cherish you whenever hugging it. And this pillow may be a new favored territory of your cat too. Life is better with cats, isn’t it?

2. Personalized Poster- Cat Get Arrested

Remember how your partner's blood boiled when their feline buddy was causing trouble around the house? But, in the end, they again caved in because of his innocent but wicked appearance.

canvas is the best cat themed gifts

The posters offer a relive of favorite moments with the cats through beautiful color reproduction and a variety of customizable choices. We’re sure that you’ll laugh whenever you see this poster. And of course, you’ll never have the heart to get angry with their naughtiness anymore.

Furthermore, personalized posters are an excellent method to add a one-of-a-kind and spectacular touch to any area or offer out-of-the-box cat-themed gifts.

3. Personalized Mug - It’s Never Just Cats

Are you having problems deciding what to get your girlfriend for this anniversary? If your girlfriend is a true cat lover, she will adore this gift. With the message inscribed on the cup, it is guaranteed to be appreciated as a gift for cat lovers.

personalized cat themed gifts

Together with the very charming drawn picture frame, the very profound phrase on the cup will undoubtedly be an exceptionally perfect and delicate gift to make cat-themed gifts for her.

Girls are sensitive, but when you see she has a bodyguard with her, you know that she never feels lonely.

4. Personalized T-shirt With Funny Cat’s Messages

Taking care of a cat is never an easy task. Cats' obstinate and dictatorial demeanor might make humans uncomfortable at times, but we are fascinated by their demanding yet cute looks at the end of the day.

t shirt make cutest cat themed gifts

This T-shirt is just the right match to recall those funny moments. Imagine you wear this T-shirt and hang out with your cat. Isn’t it like a slave escorting his master? But we’re sure that you’re a happy slave.

The T-shirt's basic black color, as well as the wonderful textures and words written on it, make it a must-have cat-themed gift in every cat lover's collection.

5. Personalized Poster - Uncle Cat

Cats always look indifferent like they don’t care about you. You have to grab their attention and ask for their love. But at the end of the day, who can say no to their bossy behaviors? That’s what makes you love cats more.

unique cat themed gifts

This poster is also a reminder for you to spend more time with your cat. Cats are typically great companions for people who lead busy lifestyles. Even so, cats miss us while we're not around. So, don't forget to spend one-on-one time with your cat, as it can help deepen your relationship.

15 Cat Themed Gifts for Kitten Lovers

For many cat enthusiasts, even gazing at photographs of cats or watching a cat movie may improve their mood and reduce stress. So receiving a cat-themed gift can make their day.

1. Cat Themed Welcome Doormat

Most cats aren't known for greeting visitors at the entrance. If your friend's cat has a habit of hiding when the doorbell rings, give them this cat gift that greets guests instead. Any visitor will “aww” with a cute cat face and a bright design.

Cat Themed Welcome Doormat
Cat Themed Welcome Doormat (Source: Amazon)

2. Wooden Coasters

Coasters with a kitten face are perfect for the crazy cat woman or gentleman in your life. Whenever you take a sip, a cute little face will emerge, melting your heart.

Wooden Coasters

3. The Purfect Blanket

How about a blanket with gorgeous photos of cute kitties like the ones you see on social media? A personalized blanket with cat-writing & images that can be altered to your desire will be a memorable present for people who mean the most to you.

personalized cat themed blanket gift

Cuddling with the cats in such a warm and soft blanket would bind the owner and the cat mee and mee, strengthening their affection while driving them to sleep in coziness. Looking for wonderful cat-themed gifts? Don't forget this one.

4. Cat Scratcher

This sisal scratching post is built to withstand the rigors of playing, and the sturdy baseboard allows cats to stretch, paw, scratch, and climb all day with complete support.

Cat Scratcher

Not only does it offer a lovely aesthetic aspect to the home, but it also allows your buddy to spend more quality time with their cats.

5. Cat Bed

This bed is a haven for your feline to be lazy, with a fluffy blanket cushioned pad. It’s funny to see a fluffy ball inside a fluffy ball, right?

Cat Bed
Cat Bed (Source: Danish Design Co.)

6. Cat Themed Calendar

Whenever you see the date, you also can come across the cutest and dearest face. A cat-themed calendar also adds a lively touch to your house.

Cat themed calendar
Cat Themed Calendar (Source: Etsy)

7. Fish-Shaped Toy For Cat

Cats like playing and have a penchant for destroying toys. And they will be thankful if you give them a fish-shaped toy- their favored dish. The cats will undoubtedly have a fantastic time trying to “eat” the toy that you can’t help laughing at.

Fish-Shaped Toy For Cat
Fish-Shaped Toy For Cat (Source: Lucky Pet Supplies)

8. Frond Cat Tree

Humans adore this contemporary twist on the classic cat tree and scratching post, but cats adore it even more. 

Frond Cat Tree

This sturdy cat tree is perfect for climbing, scratching, and perching. Cats generally like seeking a high vantage point from which to observe their people.

9. Cat Candle

Cat lovers around may return home and use these cat candles to create a pleasant ambiance while they wait for the second surprise to appear. Behind a beautiful cat-shaped candle unveils the ferocious beast within her, a gleeful metallic skeleton with a fire burning in her eyes! How gorgeous this cat-themed gift is.

Cat Candle

10. Mischievous Cat Eyes Umbrella

Enjoy strolling in the rain with your spouse as the bossy cat protects you two. It has a cute cartoon cat peeking up and watching for raindrops. With its compact design, it easily fits into a backpack.

Mischievous Cat Eyes Umbrella
Mischievous Cat Eyes Umbrella (Source: Etsy)

11. Organic Cat Grass Growing Kit

With just a small punch of seeds and a sprinkle of moisture gently placed in the soil disk, the cat grass planter kits spring up in an instant. Wheatgrass, oats, barley, and rye are all good sources of nutrients for your cat.

Organic Cat Grass Growing Kit
Organic Cat Grass Growing Kit (Source: Amazon)

The light-skinned kitty whiskers cup planter is a charming and useful gift for all cat moms out there. It keeps both your kitten pals and you healthy and happy.

12. Cat Sticky Notes

This gift is ideal for cat parents to keep track of where you are in a book, taking notes, and studying. If your friends enjoy reading, this is a great gift for them.

Cat Sticky Notes

13. Cat Themed Card Game

Gather your cat-loving friends and play this cat-themed cardboard game together. Fluffer Nutter, Aaron Purr, and Chip are among the adorable feline friends you can match. In the end, the player who holds the Cat Lady card wins!

Cat Themed Card Game

14. Cat Scrunchie

Handmade scrunchie made from lovely green cat print fabric, ideal for any cat mom! Using this as a gift for cat lovers for your lover can be a wonderful way to show her how much you appreciate her.

Cat Scrunchie
Cat Scrunchie (Source: Uproxx)

15. Cat Tote Bag

With the adorable cat pattern printed on the tote bag, we can carry the cute cats around with us every day. If you're wandering and looking for gifts for cat lovers, you should add this cute tote bag to your list.

Cat Tote Bag


Choosing gifts for loved ones is no longer a tough task, thanks to the cat-themed gifts we've recommended. Your spouse will be engulfed in happy memories with their pet while gazing at the gorgeous present strongly linked to the picture of the naughty but beloved cat. 

One small gift can make two happy, the owner and the cat. It’s not about the price or value, but it’s all about what feeling the gift brings to cat lovers.

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