Keep Your Living Space Tidy with These 08 Smart Pillow Storage Ideas


Last updated: Nov 19, 2021

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Keep Your Living Space Tidy with These 08 Smart Pillow Storage Ideas

Do you know what is the smartest pillow storage idea to keep your space tidy? No? Well, don’t worry because you’ll figure out the answer once completely diving into this guideline.

Chances are, you have too many throw pillows and there are countless times you want them to be all over your bed or you’re just tired of them! Fortunately, there are some functional ideas that you can follow to organize your throw pillows and keep your space clean.

Ready to discover? Here you are - the top 08 pillow storage ideas for both the living room and bedroom that help you out.

05 Throw Pillow Storage Ideas for Bedroom

The fact is that we all love adorning our bedrooms with throw pillows because they bring our space so much vibrancy, charm, and personality. However, the point is how to set such throw pillows when it comes to bedtime? Find out the answer below.

1. Use Storage Bench

Benches have traditionally been used at the ends of beds to store items, and they're also a great spot to store throw pillows. You can also leave them on top of a bench. However, if you want to achieve maximum relaxing, peaceful sensations, reduce visual clutter to a minimum in your bedroom.

pillow storage
Use Storage Bench to Store Throw Pillows (Source: Weston Home - Walmart)

2. Store Them Under The Bed

A life hack you'll wish you'd thought of sooner: a trundle bed's pullout trundle doesn't have to be used for a mattress — it can be utilized for pillow storage! A sleek pullout trundle design is ideal for storing your collection of throw pillows, blankets, and extra sheets – or choose for even more room with a built-in storage headboard.

pillow storage ideas
Store Pillows Under The Bed - (Source: Buzz Feed)

3. Next To The Bed - Why Not?

When everything else falls - particularly on those evenings when all you want to do is flop onto your mattress as soon as you come home - use the floor area adjacent to your bed. Stacking pillows in groups of two beside your nightstand is the epitome of stylish organization at its most simple.

pillow storage for bedroom
Place Pillows Next To The Bed (Source: Living Spaces)

4. Storage Headboard

Do you love the hidden approach? If yes, you cannot miss this pillow storage idea coming from Tiny House Pins. Well, whether it's a bed that is manufactured or an awesome DIY, the truth has not been revealed. However, it's marvelous nonetheless.

5. Keep Them into Storage Ottoman

Deep compartments are your greatest friend when it comes to cleaning up your pillows, and nowhere are divisions deeper - or chicer! - than in a storage ottoman. The adaptable, large ottoman will take the guesswork out of pillow storage, whether you store it at the foot of your bed for bedtime organization or beside the sofa for the overnight guest.

store pillows in storage ottoman
Store Pillow In a Storage Ottoman (Source: Pottery Barn)

03 Throw Pillow Storage Ideas for Living Room

1. Use The Ladders

Ladders are frequently used to hang blankets, towels, and even scarves. You, on the other hand, however, can make a case for using one as a pillow perch (as Bridgid Coulter’s Workspace did). Look for something with broad enough rungs to suit the loft of your cushions.

2. Stack Pillows On Chair

You can keep it simple, as Cotton & Flax did, and place your throw pillow stack on a spare chair. You don't need anything extravagant. An old dining or desk chair will suffice. So, choose your best option. Some of these solutions are so simple to execute that there's no reason to ever put your pillows on the floor again.

Our "This Is My Couch - Go Sit Over There" Personalized Throw Pillow

3. Using Lift-top Table

The storage table is now a statement item on its own, with such an attractive design that no one would suspect it is a place where you store your throw pillow! Choose between a stylish lift-top design and built-in side-drawer paneling for easy organizing.

You can find hundreds of pillow ideas with special deals and offers in our category!

banner personalized pillows

Throw Pillow Storage Ideas FAQs

Question 1: How Do I Store A Lot Of Throw Pillows?

Answer: Pillows should be stored in breathable cotton bags or rolled on a big sheet. Use the manufacturer's bag or a canvas carrier of a suitable size. Down bedding should never be stored in vacuum storage bags.

Question 2: How Do I Pack Throw Pillows in Plastic Bags for Storage?

Answer: you can follow the 3 easy steps below:

  • Prepare sturdy and large garbage bags enough to hold your throw pillows.

  • Insert pillows one by one inside the plastic bags.

  • Close the bags with a single long piece of tape or many shorter ones.

Question 3: Can I Leave Throw Pillows Outside?

Answer: Not really because the pillows won’t be well protected or regularly cleaned. Then, they become smelly, or even you’ll find a lot of bugs.

Additional Resources:

Wrapping Up!

Finding great pillow storage ideas seems to be a simple task and no, it’s not. It would take time to prepare and select the right supplies if you want the job to be done properly.

However, with the 08 pillow storage ideas above, Gossby believes that you’ll find it much easier to deal with when it comes to pillow organization.

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