Home Office Ideas | 20 Inspirational Ideas for Your At-home Workstation


Last updated: Aug 13, 2021

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Home Office Ideas | 20 Inspirational Ideas for Your At-home Workstation

Chances are, the home office is a part of your home and it should be secluded & soundproofed to avoid constant distractions extending your workday. Yes, when it comes to home office ideas, you all want the space to be comfortable and practical. After all, having yourselves a well-organized space meeting your needs is key to having the best performance at work.

The best home office idea will encourage creativity and spark a sense of well-being while interacting with your unique needs, whether you need a home office arrangement for tiny areas, two people working together - or are on a budget. Gossby has collected some home office designs and decoration ideas that you can integrate into your work-from-home sanctuary to give you some ideas.

05 Small Home Office Ideas

1. Calming Color to Boost Your Focus

The best home office idea for a small space would be this one. Create your work-from-home zone with a geometric paint effect in a contemporary grey and a calming mint.

This not only provides you the sensation of being in a separate zone away from home life, but the colors work together to produce a sense of serenity, helping you to focus. So, even if you have to make a workspace in your bedroom, you feel as if you are isolating yourself from a restful night's sleep.

Calming Color to Boost Your Focus
"You Had Me at Meow" canvas is perfect for home office
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2. Office under the Stairs

When you're short on space, making the most of every square inch of your house is critical. And the space beneath your stairs is ideal for squeezing into a small home office. Even if your under-stairs space is tiny, you can nevertheless organize utility.

office under the stairs - small home office ideas

Begin with a space-saving desk and chair, and then add lots of illumination because these areas are often gloomy. To make the most of your floor area, invest in a floor lamp with several swivel lights. Built-in shelves, desktop organizers, and a pegboard can help you make the most of your available vertical space.

3. Living Room Ladder Desk

The ladder desk is a one-of-a-kind, space-saving alternative for tiny living rooms and open areas. You may set up a single ladder desk for efficiency, or you can add shelves if you have the space.

Ladder Desk - home office decor for small place

Options such as this basic two-shelf ladder desk with a single sliding drawer and a width of less than 30′′ are available. They may, however, be expanded with modular add-ons to incorporate shelves on each side for your home library and anything else you need to work on.

4. Office under the Bed

A workstation bed combination may create a room out of thin air. Of course, you must be willing and able to replace your bed with a workstation loft bed such as the one seen above.

Office under the Bed as home decor ideas

This choice is excellent for studio flats and single-bedroom houses. You'll have a large workstation, space for a comfy chair, and a fascinating new place to sleep all in one.

5. Awkward Nook Office

Look for an uncomfortable nook in your house that might be converted into an office. We've previously gone through closets, under-stair areas, and corners. But what about that strange protrusion in the corridor or the place at the foot of the stairs? Only your creativity and the layout of your home restrict your possibilities.

Awkward Nook Office

Grab a simple computer desk, a comfortable chair, and maybe a transportable filing cabinet, and you're ready to go. You may need to be creative with open shelf choices depending on the size of your workplace nook.

05 Modern Home Office Ideas

1. Modern And Bohemian Home Office Idea

The modern home office idea is popular right now, and this amazing tiny design rides a thin line between sleek and elegant. It's a good idea to use light-colored wood, succulent plants, and wire grating to assist bring out the modern side of things.

If you're searching for a method to embrace your inner Brooklyn hipster, look no further. You can also add some wall art to make your workstation more attractive.

Modern And Bohemian home office decor

2. All-white Home Office Design

Nothing says "contemporary" quite like an all-white home office. This home office idea looks sharp on Zoom, is well-organized, and gives a distinct consistent style. White also makes a space appear larger, which is why it is such a popular choice for both business and residential settings.

all white home office decor ideas

3. Industrial Chic

One of the few things that instantly define modern home office designs are industrial concrete walls. The grittiness of the concrete walls is balanced out by the smooth, organic workplace design. Chalkboard accessories are used to lend a touch of hipster flair. It's a cheap method to make things function.

Industrial Chic ideas for home office

4. Keep It Fresh & Green

Modernism does not have to be devoid of natural elements. Here, you find a space brimming with modern timber design that maintains a strong woodsy, outdoorsy atmosphere. How?

Keep It Fresh & Green home office

The floor-to-ceiling windows, on the other hand, are tremendous assistance! Nature controls this office, as seen by the exterior vegetation and the inside cherry oak floors.

5. Rustic Vibe with Personalized Retro Posters

Posters aren’t just in, they’re as hot as fire! In this room, a retro poster is a focal point in a crisp, clean layout. You can also add pillows or blankets. It’s amazingly put together while remaining epically modern. This style would be one of the most brilliant home office ideas.

Rustic Vibe with Retro Posters
"Hangovers Are Temporary But Drunk Stories Are Forever" poster brings a rustic vibe
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Grab a simple computer desk, a comfortable chair, and maybe a transportable filing cabinet, and you're ready to go. You may need to be creative with open shelf choices depending on the size of your workplace nook.

You can visit our categories to discover more ideas to level up your living space:

05 Home Office Ideas for Men

1. Have Enough Space on Your Desktop

When you sit down at your desk, you want to be able to work without being interrupted. As a result, it is critical to ensure that you have adequate room at your workstation for all of your required equipment.

Begin by eliminating any documents or equipment that you do not use regularly. Clutter has a way of making our lives more stressful. The more stuff we have around us, the less we can focus on a job because our brains are too busy digesting everything.

Have Enough Space on Your Desktop

Check that you can use your computer without feeling claustrophobic. Remove anything that is limiting the quantity of usable space. Containers containing stationery, photographs, and other mementos may be included. You can move items about the room, but keep your immediate workplace free of clutter. 

2. Create an “Office” Even if You’re Low on Space

A home office is one of the important parts when it comes to home decor ideas. We can't all be so fortunate as to have a spare room that can be designated as an office, but that doesn't mean you couldn't designate a tiny area exclusively for working in.

If the space is limited, don't just work on the sofa. This will cause a blurring of the borders between work and leisure, making it difficult to disconnect and relax. It's also bad for your body in the long run.

Create an “Office” Even if You’re Low on Space

Instead, make one room in your house your workplace. This may be a living room home office for men, a kitchen space, a stairwell landing, or even the hallway. Make sure it's somewhere you can physically get away from, even if it's only a few feet away.

If space is limited, attempt to design a workplace that can be transformed at the end of the day. For example, your kitchen table may serve as both a dining table and a home office workstation. Then, as part of your daily routine, you may store your computer and equipment so that it is out of sight until your workday resumes.

3. Inject Some Color

We can't discuss home office ideas for men without including color. This is an excellent moment to investigate color psychology, which is the study of how color affects us in everyday life. Color psychology may be familiar to you from studying how color may impact your business, but it relates to so much more.

Greens and blues, for example, are the greatest hues for concentration and efficiency. Yellow is a fantastic hue for conveying a positive, vibrant attitude. Meanwhile, a University of Texas research discovered that gray, beige, and white workspaces might make women unhappy, while purple and orange offices can make males sad.

Inject Some Color - home office decor for men

What works for you may be to prioritize one hue over all others while combining them to create an environment that you adore. Perhaps designing white walls with vibrant artwork could add just enough color to foster healthy work habits and high production. Alternatively, adding brightly colored furniture or soft items such as carpets, wall hangings, or pillows may suffice.

4. Don’t Forget Shelves, Boxes, and Cupboards

You're probably thinking about how to arrange a home office for men now that you've acquired a bunch of extra stuff from your desk. First, you must concentrate on finding a permanent home for these extra goods. If you need them to be close to your desk, keep them in a place where they'll be easy to find when you need them.

Don’t Forget Shelves, Boxes, and Cupboards

You may have a bookcase or a set of cupboards that you can utilize for this purpose; if not, you can either buy something new or look online for used things. If you're feeling inventive, you could even build storage out of inexpensive or free materials like pallets, cinder blocks, and wood planks.

When storing items, store them in a method that will make them easier to find in the future and that also appears tidy. Create a system, gather items that you need to access regularly, and store those that you only require once or twice a year in a separate location.

5. Go to a Cozy Home Office Design

What's the nicest part about having a home office? It doesn't have to feel like a typical office; it may feel like anything you want. Keep some comfortable cushions or warm blankets available if you work best in a pleasant environment.

cozy home office ideas for men
Cozy Home Office Design (Source: Cloudinary)

Bringing in soft furniture is another simple way to bring color to your room. Not to mention how useful it is when you need a little additional warmth. This is especially significant for women since studies have shown that chilly working environments might make women less productive.

05 Home Office Ideas for Women

1. Vina’s Tiny House

Even a small dwelling may accommodate a home office for women. Although it appears like a desk was just thrown to one side, it does not appear to be that awful and even appears to be extremely cozy. The natural light streaming in and the beauty outside will undoubtedly motivate anyone to keep working.

Vina Tiny House - home decor ideas for girl

2. Family Room

The black and white color palette emphasizes the home office's modern idea. A display of books and decorations completes a shelf. The stainless steel leg of the white top deck adds to the room's design. The unique cowhide rug adds to the sophisticated appearance.

Family Room

3. Apartment 1202

The white desk, which is positioned between the cabinets and beneath the boxed shelves, is what distinguishes this as a clean and tidy home office for women. The working desk is entirely on one side of the wall, so it's fairly big. It is also beneficial to have a nice view of the metropolis.

Apartment 1202 - home office decor for women

4. Angelo Residence

This painting, as well as framed black-and-white pictures of icons, contribute to the modern vibe of this black and white home office. This space, in addition to the fur rug and furnishings, is quite hip and modern, displaying the personality of someone who may work in art and design. This office also has an en suite wet bar for a quick break.

Angelo Residence home office ideas

5. Make It Green

The few green elements stand out against the white walls, giving vitality to this home office design. The open shelves and one-of-a-kind light give interest to an otherwise basic yet modern workplace.

make it green - office home decor for woman

The Bottom Line!

We got it. Above are about 20 home office ideas that inspire you to have the best performance while working from home. Consider following these ideas above or just create your at-home workstation that is unique.

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