Pillow Décor Ideas - How to Decorate Throw Pillows with Style


Last updated: Nov 19, 2021

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Pillow Décor Ideas - How to Decorate Throw Pillows with Style

What are the best pillow decor ideas or how to decorate throw pillows?

Well, accessorizing with throw pillows is one of the simplest ways to add elegance to your space. Since you have so many options of stunning and affordable pillows, it would be great to think of the way you'll style your space in different ways with throw pillows.

Ideas of pillow decor are indeed unlimited as you can mix & match them in varied styles.

Want to have some suggestions?

Sure, in this article. Gossby would love to share with you some pillow decor ideas to level up your living space. At the end of this guide, you’re about to have some more useful tips so, make sure you won’t miss them. 

10 Pillow Decor Ideas for any Space

1. Utilize Corners

Instead of organizing all of your pillows in the center of the sofa, use the corners to toss pillows. To balance out the seating space, many individuals intuitively place throw pillows on the end corners of their couches.

Utilize Corners - pillow decor ideas

However, placing them in the center of a corner sofa would focus your attention on that spot, creating a stunning offset effect!

2. Go to Personalization

With personalized throw pillows, you’ll add a personal touch to your living space. A meaningful message together with a digital artwork printed on the pillow will be no more just a simple decor item, it would be a treasured keepsake of something beautiful. This type of personal touch is popular and might be the main point when a visitor comes to your home.
personalized pillow decor ideas
Our "This Is My Couch - Go Sit Over There" Personalized Throw Pillow

3. Combination of Neutral Colors with an Accent Color

The basic gray, tans, and gold throw cushion is accented with a vibrant flash of orange from one pillow. If you're afraid about going too big with color, this is a great way to add a pop of color without overpowering the rest of your palette.

Combination Of Neutral Colors With An Accent Color

4. Sizes & Shapes Matters

For huge and fluffy pillows, don't be afraid to mix and match different sizes and shapes, as long as they don't take over your sofa. Rather than leaving little space for sitting, your throw pillow arrangement should make your sofa appear welcoming.

Sizes & Shapes Matters - how to decorate throw pillows

5. Mix & Match Patterns

Mix & match pattern is one of the most popular throw cushion styles right now. The idea is to start with the primary color and then choose one busier design and one or two subtle patterns that include that basic color. This collection incorporates clashing flower designs with calming dots or design pillows in the same color scheme.

Mix & Match Patterns

6. Bold Colors

Choosing bright colors for the theme of your throw pillows will not appear tacky if done properly, and it is a fantastic method to capture the eye. Choose a bright turquoise, orange, or yellow cushion color and incorporate it into three or four pillow patterns that contrast with your furnishings.

Bold Colors pillow decor ideas

7. One Color in Many Ways

You can choose one primary color for this design, however, it is utilized as an accent color in many various ways, such as the solid, pattern, and tiny stripes. It offers a distinctive aspect when adding the color of your choosing, and you may modify the overall style of your living room without having the design look too consistent.

One Color in Many Ways

8. Try Earth Tones in a Room with Natural Accents

On the roof terrace of photographer Carter Smith's Manhattan house, an exposed brick wall and dusty floral tones are accentuated with rusty-red and orange throw cushions. They will feel more at ease outside if they stick to earthy and flowery tones.

Try Earth Tones in a Room with Natural Accents

9. Go for a Cascade of Colors in the Same Family

Using the same fabric (or even the same type of cushion) and changing the colors throughout a spectrum, you may create an ombré effect, which can be very effective in an otherwise neutral space.

Go for a Cascade of Colors in the Same Family

10. Odd Number of Pillows

Odd numbers appear more relaxed and natural in an arrangement when it comes to pillow decor ideas. On a medium-sized couch, use five pillows; on a smaller one, use three.

Odd Number of Pillows

02 Tips for Pillow Decor Ideas

Number 1: Fill Matters

Consider the fill and how it will impact the appearance of your throw pillows while buying. For example, a feather-and-down fill has greater "give" and a softer squish.

Foam and other synthetic fillers are firmer and, in general, less expensive. These pillows will keep their form better but will not appear as opulent.

Number 2: Mix Textures

While pattern and color combinations are crucial, the texture should not be neglected. Experiment with the contrast of smooth and rough, soft and fuzzy.

Consider fake fur and velvet, as well as linen, knit wools, and tasseled embellishments. You may be creative with touch and sensation if you stick to your color and pattern theme.

Want to have a one-of-a-kind pillow for yourself or someone you love? Visit our category and start customizing now!

banner personalized throw pillows

Wrapped Up!

Throw pillows are an excellent way to bring color and character to your living space. They're one of those final touches that transform your room from purely functional to more lived-in and thoughtful.

Now, you get how to decorate throw pillows like a pro right? It’s your time to style your living space now!

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