The Best 15 Personalized Gifts For Him On Special Occasions


Last updated: Oct 28, 2021

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The Best 15 Personalized Gifts For Him On Special Occasions

The men by your side are always the people who understand you best and who you can spend your life trusting. That guy could be your father, your brother, your husband, or your boyfriend. How do you show your deep love for your man so that he can feel your heart? 

There are several ways to express your love to him. The best way is by giving him unique presents. However, choosing gifts for men is sometimes tricky because they may be choosy at times. 

What could be the perfect present ideas for your significant man? The following list of personalized gifts for him will provide you with a wide range of ideas suitable for all special occasions! Let’s take a glance at it! 

What Are The Best Gift Ideas That Make Him Feel Special?

In any relationship, surprises and presents are as important as the time you spend with your beloved. To make your man feel special, presents need not only contain your feelings but also include unique details related to him or both of you. 

Surprise your man with custom gifts that can make your relationship magical and stronger. This will make his day and let him know that no matter what happens, your love for him is eternal.

05 Best Customized Gift Ideas For Him At Gossby 

Custom gifts are becoming more popular than ever because they can convey messages most directly and thoughtfully. It is more effective than thousands of words or handwritten cards.

If you are searching for presents like this, Gossby is a perfect choice. Here, you can tailor several custom gifts for him, from art designs to quotes to make him feel loved.

1. "My Heart Is Wherever You Are" Two-tone Mug

What can be the nicest personalized gift for boyfriends? There is nothing better than a personalized mug, especially a mug that you customize for him. With the unique design of the couple's image, it can easily conquer your boyfriend’s heart.

couple hugging mug - personalized gifts for him

In this way, you can make his morning cup of coffee extra special and sweet along with thoughtful quotations! 

2. "Husband & Wife - Best Partners In Crime for Life" T-shirt

We bet you want to show your deep love to your husband, who is always by your side. A customized shirt with sweet sayings may be the best choice among luxury presents. That’s because it conveys your sincere love for your significant other: He is your best partner, and you’ve found the right person.

t shirt - customized gifts for him

This shirt should rank first in the recommendations of the personalized gift for husband ideas because of its practicality. Your man can wear it every day to work or hang out with his friends. It will be his favorite item in his wardrobe.

3. Man and Dogs - Personalized Blanket

Besides father and husband, it is extremely great to have a brother. Let’s show him your affection and gratitude by giving him a custom blanket. Especially, if your bro is a dog lover, this pick should win his heart.

You can personalize any images to print on this item. If your brother loves dogs, it’s better to put the illustration of his furry pal and other meaningful personal details on the front side of the blanket. This personalized gift for brothers is great for gift-giving on any occasion. 

4. "Father & Children Forever Linked Together" Mug

Apart from the gift mentioned above, you can include a mug into your list of customized gifts for him, your father. If he is a coffee addict, this will be the present he expects. You can get the mug in the desired design, personal details, or sentimental messages. It isn’t only a practical present but also a reminder of how much you care and respect him.

5. "My Favorite Place Is Inside Your Hug" Mug 

Couple-mugs are the best to send your deep love from your soul. This undoubtedly is one of the meaningful presents in thousands of personalized Christmas gifts for him.

It also helps you deliver sweet words that you may find hard to express. Plus, with the names of you two on it, this mug will be a thoughtful reminder whenever you are away. The message tells him that he is the person who brings warmth and safety to you.

christmas mug - personalized gifts for him funny

The special relationship between you and your beloved is not just pure love but also a bond that you and he cherish together for the rest of your life. Hence, don’t hesitate to show your love to him!

05 Customized Gift Ideas For Him On Anniversary 

You and your sweetheart have many anniversaries together, without a doubt. How to make him always feel loved and joyful in those special moments?

A gift may be what he is waiting for. Don’t simply select a random present. Get a one-of-a-kind present for your partner to mark your happy ceremony from this list of the ideal personalized gifts for couples. Scroll down for more details!

1. "The  Day I Met You..." Throw Pillow 

Looking for a personalized anniversary gift for him? A customized pillow with a significant quote like "The Day I Met You..." will indeed melt his heart. He will always remember the reason why you have been together.

throw pillow - personalized gifts for him anniversary

As a couple, the most memorable time is the day you two met when you knew that your heart had found a new home. Time has passed, and your love may not be as burning and romantic as the first days, but the connection between you and your man is unbreakable.

This message is a great way to express deep affection because feelings are hard to describe in words at times. Let him know how precious he meant to your life in the past, present, and future. 

2. "Leveled Up To Daddy" Mug

Another excellent option among tons of personalized gift ideas for him is a mug, as you can put the deep emotion inside it.

11 oz mug - personalized anniversary gifts for him

What are the most valuable events in a man’s life? They should be when he married you and when he became a dad. The thoughtful quote “leveled up to daddy” is an appreciation and a compliment for your man. It’s time to thank him for his maturity, responsibility, and sacrifice.

With the happy family image and the meaningful quotation you customize on the mug,  this mug is sure to make him delighted and touched because it carries the loving and homey breath.

3. Couple Canvas Portrait

He may have a million photos of your photos on his phone, but nothing can touch the bottom of his heart more than a customized portrait of yours.

Couple Canvas Portrait
Couple Canvas Portrait (Source: Our Shared Words - Etsy)

This portrait will be incredibly suitable for giving him on the first year dating anniversary. When receiving your custom gift, he surely feels your deep affection and how much you cherish him and this relationship.

4. Photo Frame

There are some moments you and your live-in lover have to tear apart from each other. It doesn’t mean that you can’t make your anniversary day special. How to comfort him on days you are not by his side?

Photo Frame
Photo Frame (Source: Lizzy Fish Signs - Etsy)

A photo frame with happy moments can be the best solution for your representative to stand by his side.

5. Personalized Map Print

The moment you say yes when he proposes to you is probably a split second you both will never forget. It is of remarkable significance when you two officially walk into each other's lives and share everything.

Personalized Map Print
Personalized Map Print (Source: Mesign - Amazon)

To celebrate your first wedding anniversary, you can give him a custom map print to remind him of the important milestones you've experienced with each other. This romantic gift will probably move him to tears!

05 Customized Gift Ideas For Him On Birthday 

There are numerous gift-giving ideas outside, but what can truly impress your man? The recommendations below may be helpful if you are seeking a unique and thoughtful present for your significant one on his birthday!

1. "Best Dog Dad Ever Just Ask" T-shirt

Your father’s birthday is coming, and you haven’t got any gift-giving ideas for your dad yet. Don’t worry!

dog shirt - personalized gifts for him birthday

If he is a dog lover, a fun personalized gift for him like this T-shirt with his furry friend’s picture will delight him on his special day. Whenever he wears it, he surely remembers how much you understand and care for him. Let him be proud of his children - you and his dog.

2. You Had Me At Meow - Personalized Wrapped Canvas

The best choice for his special day is to get your boyfriend a birthday gift designed your way. For instance, a wrapped canvas with a cat illustration may delight him all day. This personalized canvas is reminiscent of the day he encountered his cat. And when the fluffy creature said MEOW, his heart was officially stolen.

wrapped canvas - personalized gifts for him funny

When receiving this present along with cute sayings, he will understand how much you care for him as you understand his preferences. What could be more reasonable as a personalized gift for him on his birthday? 

3. Customized Handwriting Wallet

A classic but exceptional wallet is a romantic present for your sweetheart on any occasion, including his birthday. These sweet-worded hand-made gift ideas will make him love you three thousand more.

Customized Handwriting Wallet
Customized Handwriting Wallet (Source: The Awofer Store Amazon)

Make it more like you and him, and it would be something he will treasure forever! This item is always by his side, so he will always think about you whenever he sees and uses it.

4. Custom Family Portrait

Gifting a custom family portrait for your darling on his birthday can be both a sentimental and creative idea. Personalized artwork is the easiest and the straightest to prove your intimacy, togetherness, and personal style as well.

Custom Family Portrait
Custom Family Portrait (Source: Henry James Paper Goods - Etsy)

It may bring your impressive vibes and love to every single corner of his working space. No piece of art can compare to this present of yours because it includes the love of all your family members for him.

5.  "When I Say I Love You More" Wrapped Canvas

This must be the most distinctive thing that no one can give him. More than just painting to decorate his living space, this piece of art will touch his heart.

i love you more wrapped canvas for him

This helps him feel special in your soul and fills up your beloved’s heart with happiness once looking at it. It’s ideal for his birthday, Valentine’s Day, or any other anniversaries.

personalized gifts for couple banner

Bonus: What Should You Not Give To Him? 

Above are recommended gifts you should give your man. That said, there are some presents you should never think of. Let’s refer to the list below so that you won’t make this mistake!

1. Flowers

Flowers are romantic beyond the shadow of a doubt. Women are really into them. However, men don’t appreciate them but other practical items. For them, flowers don’t have any special meaning.

Don't Give Him Flowers
Don't Give Him Flowers (Source: Jamie Street - Unsplash)

Therefore, instead of flowers, something practical like a box of chocolate may be a better idea for him.

2. Cheap Perfume

Even if your lover is a perfume enthusiast, receiving this gift is not necessarily something he will fall in love with at first sight.

Don't Give Hime Cheap Perfume
Don't Give Hime Cheap Perfume (Source: Alina Rubo - Unsplash)

That's because the perfume represents his personality. Not knowing about perfume scents can lead you to give him a present he doesn't want. This is made worse when your gift is cheap perfume, which can irritate him.

3. Basic Tools Set

Your man always loves the idea of a new toolkit. However, if you are about to buy him a beginner toolset, you should rethink this plan.

That's because he already has a set, and your gift will be redundant. Moreover, he may be slightly offended when receiving this present if he is not an elegant person.

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In A Nutshell!

From all the most perfect personalized gifts for him above, you can consider gifting your beloved one on any special occasion. With these unique and distinctive presents, your man will be surely over the moon than ever.

No matter what gifts you have for your dearest, he will surely appreciate and cherish them as treasures. Thanks to meaningful custom presents, there is no distance in the relationship existing between you.

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