10 Gifts for Tea Lovers Which Will Be Loved For Years


Last updated: Dec 06, 2021

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10 Gifts for Tea Lovers Which Will Be Loved For Years

Tea connoisseurs can't ever have enough of their cuppa, whether they're served warm or cold, with a little lemon or a lot of sugar and milk, or with something sugary or not. Perhaps they have a full protocol around this one, like in the United Kingdom or Japan, or maybe they just want a calming sip after a busy day.

If you are wondering about the best present ideas for your beloved ones who are also tea-holic, you’ve come to the right site! Scroll down for the 05 best gifts for tea lovers now!

What To Buy For Tea Lovers?

Based on a study, 60% of participants stated they felt an emotional bond to their mug in a recent report. A further 40% indicated that their cup was irreplaceable and that if it were damaged, they would be devastated.

You can not deny that making a cup of tea is something that many individuals do every morning, and the number of teacups is surely bigger with tea-holic. This is why a mug is among the greatest presents for tea lovers; as people in different age groups can all use this item in their daily life.

What To Buy For Tea Lovers
What To Buy For Tea Lovers? (Source: Massimo Rinaldi - Unsplash)

Yet, a regular cup would be too trivial for a meaningful and long-lasting present. Due to that reason, personalized mugs have come to life in order to meet the high demands of unique and practical tea lover gifts.

This type of mug has become trendy recently not only because of its practicality but also because of the message it conveys to the receiver. To be more specific, the item reveals the love and care of the giver to the tea lover receiver via customized details/ designs on it.

Continue reading for good ideas on gifts for tea lovers!

05 Great Gift Ideas For Tea Lovers At Gossby

Apparently, you'll be able to find a suitable present based on the hobby and personality of the receiver on the market. Yet, the item will then eventually “spend” the rest of its life inside a glass display cabinet amongst numerous trivial presents. The reason possibly comes from its impracticality or its sameness.

When you choose customized cups as presents for tea lovers, you won't have to be concerned about this issue. Giving a customized mug is similar to printing on a white canvas. You'll have complete control over what features the cup should include and how it should appear after it's finished.

1. Ceramic 11oz Personalized Mug

The first name on our list of gifts for tea lovers is the Sister mug! Both you and your sister may have to take different routes in life. The actual sensations of the heart, though, are unaffected by geographical distance.

ceramic 11oz mug - gifts for tea lovers
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Through it all, you and your close buddy will always be there for one another. You had one another to rely on even when it seemed like the world went against you.

The quote on this customized sister cup will remind the receiver that even though the two of you have been split apart by distance, your souls and hers will always find a way to reconnect. Amaze your girl gang with this gift and a heartfelt hug! Emotional words must be sent directly from your heart to hers, driving her to cry tears of joy.

2. Ceramic 15oz Personalized Mug

Hangovers come and go, but drunk memories last forever - that's the kind of vibe you want to have while you're having a great time with your beloved one.

ceramic 15oz mug - gift ideas for tea lovers
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With this customized best buddies cup from Gossby, you can commemorate all of your boozy moments of glory. It's the ideal gift for not only tea fans but also your partners in crime or party buddies.

If you often drink with them, it is ideal for telling them how much they mean to you and how much you appreciate the time you two spend together. This personalized mug is made of durable ceramic. There are 2 sizes to choose from so that tea lovers can enjoy their favorite drink in a bigger size.

3. Personalized Two-tone Mug (11oz)

What if the person you want to give the present to is someone who loves both tea and pets? If so, this mug would surely be one of those best gifts for tea lovers and pet parents!

two tone mug - presents for tea lovers
shop gifts for tea lovers

The heartwarming artwork, combined with a phrase - with dogs, life is better - printed on the cup, will make the recipients joyful and smile from cheek to cheek since they will know you put your heart and soul into making such a thoughtful gift for them.

Besides allowing you to customize the artwork and quotes, this mug is also available in 4 different colors. You can freely create a one-of-a-kind item by picking from various options.

4. Insulated Mug (12oz)

Are you seeking tea lover gift ideas that can celebrate your mother's and daughter's precious relationship? This "Mother & Daughter Forever Linked Together" will become the ideal match!

tea lover gifts - Insulated Mug
Shop personalized mug for tea lovers with Gossby

Undeniably, this customized cup for mom and daughter is the most thoughtful present a child could give to her mother!  Via the imprinted quote, you are telling your tea-holic mom how tight the connection between you and her is - no matter there are times of quarrels, misunderstanding, the big age gap, etc., she is and will always be your “safe shelter” in life.

Nevertheless, the most outstanding feature is that tea lovers can keep their drinks hot or cold with this vacuum cup for many hours! Keep your mom warm this winter with this small special present!

5. Enamel Campfire Mug (10oz)

This is a wonderful customized mug for your dad, which features a father and his children as cute animated dinosaurs. Don't hesitate to express your love and gratitude for your father with this wonderful "Dadasaurus" mug, which will straightforwardly tell him what you feel about him all the time - father is always the strongest and greatest man ever in your world!

Enamel Campfire Mug - best gifts for tea lovers
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On the other hand, the present is ideal for any dad who is a tea holic, DIY lover, an adventurer, or a combination of the two. As the cup is solid as a rock, the receiver can have peace of mind bringing it when camping or doing outdoor activities without worrying about breaking it! This item is one of the hot-picked gifts for tea lovers on Father’s day!

05 Other Good Gift Ideas for Tea Lovers

1. Tea Steeper

A handy steeper makes making loose leaf tea a breeze: simply add tea, pour over boiling water, rest for a few minutes, then lay the base over the cup and squeeze to deliver freshly filtered tea right into the cup. Enjoy!

Tea Steeper - funny gifts for tea lovers
A Tea Steeper (Source: Artemis Design Shop - Etsy)

Your bestie or grandmother will fall in love with it, as it shows how you care and remember their habit.

2. Digital Electric Tea Kettle

This is not your grandma's kettle: it's elegant, contemporary, and technologically advanced. Choose one with different temperature settings and a digital LED screen showing actual temperature, allowing you to push them off switch as soon as it reaches your wanting temperature level. Overall, this will be the simplest option if you are completely stuck with choices and bad at creativity.

Digital Electric Tea Kettle
A Digital Electric Tea Kettle (Source: Fellow Store - Amazon)

3. Dog Lazy Pillow

Undeniably, a pillow is among the best gifts for tea lovers! The adorable four-legged companions have a habit of playing on the living-room sofa all day. Nearly every single pet owner has had to deal with a situation like this at some point.

throw pillow - tea lover gift ideas
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If the receivers are dog lovers, this personalized pillow will undoubtedly make an impression on them. What is better than lying on the sofa with this cuddle buddy, sipping a cup of tea, and watching classic TV shows?

4. Matcha Tea Set

Matcha tastes finest when it's prepared traditionally. The set will ensure that you always obtain the proper amount of tea and is beautiful and lump-free. More specifically, this set will be a highly-recommended one for your sister or mother who loves the Japanese art of tea - they will be amazed by how elegant the item looks!

Matcha Tea Set
Matcha Tea Set (Source: Pure Matcha Teas - Etsy)

5. Tea Mask

Who says tea is only meant to be consumed? Many tea-infused,  antioxidant-rich face masks help immediately brighten and soften your skin. This choice is best suited for your bestie or sisters who love skincare.

Tea Mask
Tea Mask (Source: Etsy)

Additionally, you might want to accompany a set of tea masks with a small present or handwritten letter - your beloved one will be touched by the cuteness of this set.

Wrapping Up!

Amongst those ideas, customized mugs are unquestionably the most excellent gifts for tea lovers. This item may be found practically anyplace, and it permits you to emphasize your recipient's individuality.

When offering a mug as a present, despite its various purposes, it is the symbolism that is most important. Mugs are ideal gifts for friends, family, and acquaintances. They're appropriate for both genders, all ages, and all events. Let’s indulge your beloved ones in your love and care for them with those presents we’ve listed down!

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