60 Beautiful Mother's Day Quotes for Every Mom to Warm Her Heart in 2023


Last updated: Mar 09, 2022

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60 Beautiful Mother's Day Quotes for Every Mom to Warm Her Heart in 2023

Mother’s Day quotes come in various categories depending on your recipient, simply because this occasion is no longer a Mother-only day. It’s the day when we honor all the great women in our lives.

However, choosing the appropriate quotes for every woman who’s the mother of kids isn’t an easy task. It shouldn’t be a basic quote that one can see everywhere, but a unique one meant for the recipient only.

Let our article help you with that!

What is the Best Message for Mother's Day?

Without some sweet sayings, only Mother’s Day gifts, perhaps, can never express all of your heart. Though your beloved ones can sense love through the item, nothing speaks louder than a loving quote.

The best message should come from the bottom of your heart. It should be the deposition of what you love them for, why they are so special in your life.

Finding a quote with such meaningful insights is no easy feast. That’s why we are here to assist you with the following lists that cover many categories!

Mother's Day Quotes for Mom

Let’s start today’s Mother’s Day quotes with some basic sayings you can say to any mother.

Mother's Day Quotes for Mom
  1. “Your mom is the best friend that first befriends you and will be your friend forever.” - Unknown

  2. “Being a mom, you own an exquisite inconvenient pleasure of being someone’s everything” - Unknown

  3. “Mother is the heartbeat in the home; and without her, there seems to be no heartthrob.” - Leroy Brownlow

  4. “Mothers are like a book’s beginning. She’s how everything begins.” - Unknown

  5. “Though moms might not be holding your hands forever, she will hold your hearts until the end of your lives.” - Unknown

  6. “Mother’s hug lasts for eternity.” Unknown

  7. “Youth fades; love droops; the leaves of friendship fall; A mother’s secret hope outlives them all.” - Oliver Wendell Holmes

  8. “You won’t get a manual that comes along with life, but rather, a mom” - Unknown

  9. “That strong mother doesn’t tell her cub, ‘Son, stay weak so the wolves can get you.’ She says, ‘Toughen up, this is the reality we are living in.’” - Lauryn Hill

  10. “We all will quote our moms eventually.” - Unknown

Mother's Day Quotes for Grandma

Don’t forget your grandma this special holiday!

Mother's Day Quotes for Grandma
  1. “How grand it is seeing your kid become a mother - that’s why everyone calls her a grandmother.” - Unknown

  2. “It’s you who helps me become who I am, granny.” - Unknown

  3. “Only grandmothers know the happiness of hearing babies’ breaths from the other line.” - Unknown

  4. “No one shields us from criticism with love like grandmas.” - Unknown

  5. “A grandma is a little bit of a best friend, a little bit of a teacher, and a little bit of a parent.” - Unknown

  6. “Grandma’s home is my second home.” - Unknown

  7. “Grandmothers are the buttons that hold everything from falling apart.” - Unknown

  8. “If anyone thinks he can make anything possible, that’s because his grandmothers told him so.” - Unknown

  9. “No jewels are more precious than your grandkids’ arms around your neck.” - Unknown

  10. “Grandmas are professionals at being marvelous! They can soothe us even when we do something bad.” - Unknown

Mother's Day Quotes for Wife

Show your woman that you understand her difficulties and challenges being a mom with the below sayings!

Mother's Day Quotes for Wife
  1. “Seeking one of the world’s great wonders? Look no further than a well-raised family by a mom.” - Unknown

  2. “Raising kids? It’s just like a walk through the park. I mean, Jurassic Park.” - Unknown

  3. “Being an ideal mother sounds fun, but my kids have overloaded my schedule.” - Unknown

  4. “Working moms are living proof that human life contains no necessity such as sleep.” - Unknown

  5. “They think they’re shopping for themselves until they leave the store with a bag full of nothing for them.” - Unknown

  6. “You don’t know why there are animals that eat their kids? Just ask moms.” - Unknown

  7. “Being a mom is not easy at all. Dads would be in charge if it were so simple.” - Unknown

  8. “Being a mom requires a woman to be brave for herself, to be strong enough to raise her kid, and to be so special that she loves her children more than she does with herself.” - Unknown

  9. “No man succeeds without a good woman behind him. Wife or mother, if it is both, he is twice blessed indeed.” - Godfrey Winn

  10. “The difference between a mom and a wife? Moms bring us into this life, and wives ensure we continue doing so.” - Unknown

Mother's Day Quotes for Sister

Now that your sister has become a mother, it’s time to include her on the list!

Mother's Day Quotes for Sister
  1. “You lost something? No, you’re not, until your mom finds it nowhere.” - Unknown

  2. “I became who I am today thanks to you being a fantastic sister!” - Unknown

  3. “Mother: a title that is above queen.” - Unknown

  4. “Though being a sister is difficult, and being a mother is tough. But you manage to handle both roles perfectly!” - Unknown

  5. “It happens that amazing sisters make amazing mothers!” - Unknown

  6. “You’re an inspiration being my sister and an awesome woman being a mom. I’m proud of you!” - Unknown

  7. “You’re a great mother, sis. It’s because you’re similar to me!” - Unknown

  8. “No one can understand the depth of our friendship. We started as sisters, and that has turned into our respect and love!” - Unknown

  9. “No matter how many years have gone by, I still cut the ground under your feet!” - Unknown

  10. “I know just why you’re such a fabulous mother. Your practices on me worked out eventually!! Happy Mother’s Day!” - Unknown

Thank You Mother's Day Quotes

What about some sayings that can show your gratitude towards the recipient?

Thank You Mother's Day Quotes
  1. “Mother: the most beautiful word on the lips of mankind.” - Kahil Gibran

  2. “My mom’s sleeping? Nah, she’s just closing her eyes in worry.” - Unknown

  3. “No gift that life has to offer that is greater than a loving mother.” - Unknown

  4. “All that I am, or ever hope to be, I owe it to my angel mother.” - Abraham Lincoln

  5. “You may be a mom to the world, but the world to your family.” - Unknown

  6. “If love is as sweet as a flower, then my mother is that sweet flower of love.” —Stevie Wonder

  7. “Even though you will always stay in my friend request box, I need to let you know, I love you, mom.” - Unknown

  8. “Motherhood: All love begins and ends there. ” - Robert Browning

  9. "If you don’t get what you want at first, circle back to what mom told you in the beginning.” - Unknown

  10. “My mother is a walking miracle.” - Leonardo DiCaprio

Quotes for Mother's Day in Heaven

Though mom has gone and left you with precious memories, she can still sense your love from the other world.

Quotes for Mother's Day in Heaven
  1. “The first sadness wept without a mother is her death.” - Unknown

  2. “Mom sings an everlasting song of happiness, being, and comfort in my heart. I can never forget the tune of that amazing song. Happy Mother’s day, mom.” - Unknown

  3. “Back then, I wondered why mom always wanted me to be so strong. She already knew one day I will need that source of power to bear her loss.” - Unknown

  4. “Mother, up till this day and for forever, your love still guides us through our lives, and we know you’re always by our side.” - Unknown

  5. “The only lesson you failed to teach me is how to get through this life without you, my dear mom.” - Unknown

  6. “If flowers exist in Heaven, dear Lord, please pick me a bunch. Please place those flowers in my mom’s arms, then send her my love.” - Unknown

  7. “If life gives me a flower every time I think of you, I can never walk to the end of my garden.” - Unknown

  8. “I wish I could hear your soothing voice one last time… Happy Mother’s Day, mom.” - Unknown

  9. “You saw my first breath, I saw your last.” - Unknown

  10. “We adored you in life, and we continue to adore you in death. You have a special place in our hearts that no one else can ever know.” - Unknown

How to Use Mother's Day Quotes?

As mentioned, a gift isn’t something so special without the help of a meaningful quote. Still, you need to figure out how to utilize your Mother’s Day quotes perfectly, so it brings about the best effect. 

1/ Mother’s Day Cards or Letters

You can add Mother’s Day quotes at the end or beginning of your love letter to your recipient. Otherwise, you can choose a beautiful card and engrave the message of your choice on it without any further words. That simplicity should be enough.

2/ Notes Put in Flowers Bouquets

Though moms would be mad at you buying her useless stuff this occasion, they feel the sweetness of this present deep down inside. They’ll feel it more intense if there are notes in the bouquet.

3/ Above Cakes or Inside Sweet Treats Box

Ask your baker to write down the message on the cake’s surface or find a card and let it sit in the middle of the treat box. You can even buy a cupcake box then have some initials written on each cupcake.

4/ Text Messages

Make the text message special and more meaningful by pairing it with a picture. You can photoshop the Mother’s Day messages into the picture with your mom’s face on it, so it looks spectacular.

5/ On a Personalized Gift

What about having those quotes for Mother’s Day engraved in a gift? What a brilliant idea!

This way, you can make the present unique and meaningful for the recipient only. She will surely adore the gift once receiving it. If you’re seeking great gift ideas for Mother's Day (which are customizable), refer to the following list.

Browse our Personalized Mother's Day Category and create the best one that makes your mom happy this holiday!

banner personalized mother's day gifts

Mother's Day Quotes Printed on Personalized Gifts at Gossby

Here are some personalized presents at Gossby that contain Mother’s Day quotes you can find nowhere else!

1/ “MOMMYSAURUS...” Personalized Mug

This personalized mug is the most obvious statement of how you look up to your dear woman using a cute illustration. Just like how the baby dinosaurs look up to the great back of their “mommysaurus”.

mother's day quotes are printed on personalized mugs
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2/ “Mom of Boys Works from Son up 'Til Son Down and Loves Every Minute” Personalized Shirt

Let her know you acknowledge her sacrifices and great love for you with this personalized t-shirtThe way this shirt plays with words breathes refreshing humor into the present. Your mom will surely stand out in the crowd with it!

mother's day messages printed on personalized t shirts
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3/ “Mother & Sons Forever Linked Together” Personalized Blanket

Your mother will feel your heart-warming hug every night through this personalized blanket. She can even use this item as a throw blanket in her living room and have visitors admire how you guys love each other.

quotes for mother's day are printed on personalized blankets
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4/ “Mother & Daughter Not Always Eye to Eye But Always Heart to Heart” Personalized Pillow

There might be some reasons that make you guys stay far from each other. But your heart will forever have a place for the other one. That’s also what this personalized pillow tries to indicate.

quotes for mother's day from daughter are printed on personalized pillows
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5/ “My 1st Mother's Day” Personalized Mug

Among many Mother’s Day messages, you can rarely see something as straightforward as this one. Although it only says “My 1st Mother’s Day” to the recipient, it means everything to them. They can mark the very first pregnancy, the first time they get to experience such a divine role!

the best mother's day quotes are printed on mugs
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Final Thought!

Mother's Day quotes are the best solution to express your heart towards your beloved women. No matter how long it is, or whether it is direct or indirect, it is your intention that matters. 

If not paired with an appropriate item, a quote will be nothing but words. And a customizable item is surely your savior this time!

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