15+ Brilliant Mother's Day Gifts for Friends to Surprise Her


Last updated: Mar 09, 2022

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15+ Brilliant Mother's Day Gifts for Friends to Surprise Her

There are plenty of reasons why you should give your girls Mother’s Day gifts for friends. First of all, there are not so many “official” occasions that you can express your appreciation to them except for their birthdays or the International Day of Friendship. 

Moreover, doing such a thing is the best way to honor your bond with them, helping you remind them of how long you’ve been together. Even when she’s got her own family, let her know by choosing one of the options below for this holiday!

What Should You Give Your Friends for Mother's Day?

Since your best friend has become a mother, she might have to spend most of the time taking care of the little family while balancing her relationships. You might be sitting there, wondering if those “relationships” won’t count you in, right?

Of course, she won't let that happen. However, reminding your girl of the unbreakable connection between you and her would be a great idea. One of the occasions you can take advantage of is Mother’s Day! 

But then, the present choice isn’t an easy one at all since she’s someone so important to you. Let personalized gifts do the job for you, because:

  1. They aren’t just Mother's Day gifts for friends. They’re treasured keepsakes!

  2. They show how much you care about her & how much time and effort you spent creating the item.

  3. They fit your recipients well because all the personal touches are based on their preferences.

The following list below will show you some brilliant gifts that are customized to surprise your friends this holiday. Of course, we’ll include the 10 other options (you can easily find them on Amazon, Etsy…) for you to go for.

Your friend - the mom of kids deserve the best on Mother's Day. Start customizing special gifts and make her surprised now!

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Mother's Day Gift Ideas for Friends at Gossby

Here are the 7 most-loved personalized Mother’s Day gifts for friends that you can find at Gossby (our store). As they’re all customizable, you can easily add your personal touches to them to create one-of-a-kind gifts for your friends.

1/ “My 1st Mother's Day” Personalized Mug

It’s the first time your friend experienced pregnancy, or it might be that she has already given birth to the first child. Either way, this experience must be hard since being a Mother is a difficult duty.

Give your friend this personalized mug to say that you know and will always support her along the way, that all of her sacrifices and efforts are acknowledged!

personalized mug - mother's day gifts for friends
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2/ “I Love You to the  Moon & Back” Personalized Pillow

There are particularly two reasons why this personalized throw pillow would make one of the excellent choices for Mother’s Day gifts for friends.

The first one is that raising an infant requires so much care, and moms usually use lots of pillows to make babies’ beds so that they won’t fall into the ground from the bed.

customized pillow - mother's day gift ideas for friends
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The second reason is that it would be so heart-touching to receive a gift with such a meaningful quote. Moms know how much they love their babies, but seeing it written down or received from someone is a different story! That’s an appreciation.

3/ “You’re My Person, You’ll Always Be My Person” Personalized Blanket

You were missing the good old days when you guys, hanging out a lot but still want to comfort her that distance means so little. If so, get this personalized blanket to do that for you!

fleece blanket - simple mother's day gifts for friends
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No matter how you talk to each other less than before, she’ll always be your best friend. And you’ll always be there, waiting and supporting her. This little cute Mother’s Day gift for friends is a commitment to befriend for goods.

4/ “Happiness is Being a Mom” Personalized Mug

Among many Mother's Day gift ideas for friends on this list, this item is packed with more meaning than it looks. 

Throw your friend in the pool of happiness by sending her this personalized mug. Each sip will drive her to every cheerful moment she’s had to be a mom. You are trying to support your friend through many difficulties being a mother by reminding her of how great this experience is!

son and mother mug - inexpensive mother's day gifts for friends
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5/ “Friends Don't Let Friends Do Silly Things Alone” Personalized Wrapped Canvas

She’ll hang this personalized canvas on the wall once she receives it. Yes, there may be times when you guys stop seeing each other so often. Still, as long as one member of the squad is in need, you’ll gather together, and there is nothing that can stop you guys, even if it’s the silliest thing ever!

wrapped canvas - cute mother's day gifts for friends
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6/ “We'll Be Friends Until We're Old & Senile, Then We'll Be New Best Friends” Personalized Mug

Compared to other gift ideas for friends on Mother's Day, this one comes with quite a long and straightforward quote. It features an image of two elder women walking alongside each other, holding each other’s arms, and cheering.

friend mug - small mother's day gifts for friends
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They’re surely celebrating their friendship. An imperishable connection that they have well maintained until their hairs have gone gray. Even if you and your friend are still young, consider this gift as a promise to accompany her forever!

7/ “FRIENDS” Personalized Shirt

The last candidate on this customizable gifts for friends on Mother’s Day list is this personalized t-shirt. It has you and your friends’ chibi versions in front with a big and capitalized word of “FRIENDS”. There must be no more direct way of announcing that you guys are besties.

personalized t shirt - gifts for friends on mother's day
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It would be much better if you bought yourself one to match her, too! Or it can even be your group’s uniform every time you go out!

Other Good Mother's Day Gift Ideas for Friends

Though the below-listed Mother’s Day gifts for friends are not customizable, they may act as alternatives or be an accompanying gift to the above items if you’d prefer so!

1/ Vacuum Bottle

Your friends should drink healthy drinks that are kept warm for the sake of their babies. That’s why she would surely adore a vacuum bottle! The secret of getting the perfect bottle is buying it from a reputable brand. Bad materials might lead to an even worse result!

Double Wall Vacuum Reusable Water Bottles
Double Wall Vacuum Reusable Water Bottles (Source: Sfee Store - Amazon)

2/ Bath Salts

Tell your friend it’s time to take care of herself too with bath salts! Maybe you’re not aware, but bath salts truly come with great benefits. 

It keeps your skin moisturized with vital healing properties, decreases stress, and soothes our pains. Some brands even add properties that can help us get rid of body acne and bruises!

Bath Salts Set
Bath Salts Set (Source: AROMATIKA Store - Amazon)

3/ Skin Care Set

Though bath salts can treat her body well, what about her precious face? Giving birth and caring for infants at night must have left her face with multiple acne and under-eye bags.

While buying this kind of Mother’s Day gift for friends, be mindful of her skin type and preferences. Factors such as the need to moisturize or anti-aging must be on your checklist!

Skin Care Set
A Skin Care Set (Source: Alana Mitchell Store - Amazon)

4/ Makeup Kit

Maybe the baby has taken up so much time in her schedule, but that won’t stop her from going out and enjoying herself. Help her do that by giving her a makeup kit. Don’t go wrong with it by buying an inappropriate tone.

5/ Undies

Visit the girl first to know her measures before buying undies. You can never get it wrong if you buy casual undergarments as they are mostly elastic. Still, some special type might be more to her liking!

6/ Jewelry Organizer

Women like to collect different jewelry and accessories regardless of their style and age. But sometimes arranging all of that small stuff could be a pain in the neck for a busy mom.  

You can give your girls either a big jewelry organizer so they can store goods at home or a compact box she can take with her anywhere.  

7/ Succulent Plants

Succulent plants have been a familiar Mother’s Day gift idea for friends due to their suitability and meaningful effect. If one plant seems insufficient, you can buy a big box or pot and fill it up with many “relatives”. Adding in some other plants would make it look more fantastic!

Succulent Plants
Succulent Plants (Source: Minimum Design - Etsy)

8/ Air Fryer

Using an air fryer to cook food can greatly benefit our health as we decrease our fat intake. Furthermore, the cooking will be done faster and without any hassle.

9/ Extendable Bathtub Tray

After a long day taking care of the family, a relaxing bath will be the best reward she could have asked for. You should pair this Mother’s Day gift idea with some bath bombs or a bottle of champagne so she can enjoy her night!

An Extendable Bathtub Tray
An Extendable Bathtub Tray (Source: HANKEY Store - Amazon)

10/ Makeup Bag

Girls often have a lot of makeup stuff, but they rarely prepare themselves with makeup bags. That’s where she needs you! You can buy her a big makeup bag so she can store everything, or buy many small ones so your girl can organize her things.

More to discover:

Wrapping Up!

Every mom in your life indeed deserves the best when it comes to Mother’s Day, and of course, your friends are included. Giving your BFFs some Mother’s Day gifts for friends is a good way to express your love and care to them (also their kids).

Chances made you colleagues but fun and laughter made you friends. So, don’t hesitate to choose the best one (among these wonderful gifts above) to surprise your friends this holiday.

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