Mother’s Day 2023: What Do You Know About The Mothering Sunday?


Last updated: Mar 13, 2022

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Mother’s Day 2023: What Do You Know About The Mothering Sunday?

Moms make the world go around. From cooking for the whole family to cleaning, and laundering, moms do it with all their love. Therefore, they deserve to be honored on a special occasion such as Mother’s Day. So when is Mother’s Day 2023 and how to celebrate it endearingly, Gossby will help you to know more about this date of tribute.

While mothers should get credit 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, we have Mother’s Day to celebrate a great honor for them. It’s an opportunity to be celebratory as well as appreciative.

What is Mother’s Day?

Some people may not know what day is Mother’s Day since it’s not a federal holiday. To help you know when is Mother’s Day, we will give some information about the time and its meaning.

Mother’s Day date is an annual celebration on the second Sunday of May. Mother’s Day 2023 is on Sunday, May 14th, 2023.

mother, daughter, grandma - mother's day 2022
Shower your beloved mother with gratitude this Mothering Sunday!

So what is Mother’s Day for? It’s a chance for children to show respect, appreciation, and love to their mothers. No matter whether they are biological mothers, stepmothers, adoptive moms, or any mother figures, they are entitled to the best woman in your life.

But do you know why we have this day to celebrate our moms? Scroll down for more details.

Mother’s Day Origin Story

Every special occasion has its own story. Mother’s Day history also started from an influenced story. 

According to History. it all dates back to the Civil War era, there was a social activist and community organizer named Ann Maria Reeves Jarvis. Before Civil War, she organized the Mother’s Day Work Club in West Virginia to train local ladies on ways of caring for their kids. Thanks to the activity of the club, women are united.

Then in 1868, with the participation of mothers of Confederate and Union Soldiers, Jarvis planned to hold Mother’s Friendship Day. At around the same time, in 1870, suffragette Julia Ward Howe created Mother’s Day Proclamation to encourage peace over the world. She also asked for a celebration of Mother’s Peace Day in June.

grandma mom in kitchen  - mother's day 2022
We now celebrate Mother's Day as a way to express love and gratitude towards all the mamas in the world.

After that, the story of Mother’s Day turned into a new page because of Ann Jarvis’s daughter - Anna Jarvis. She came up with a genius idea with time to spare: a date to pay tribute to mothers’ sacrifice and what they have made. But she didn’t address what day is Mother’s Day at that time.

Ridiculously, Anna Jarvis was single and had no children. But after her mom’s demise on May 23rd, she worked unflaggingly to push the second Sunday of May as a day to appreciate all moms over the nation. That is Mother’s Day origin.

During that time, she kicked off a campaign of writing letters to have a mom’s day added to the calendar. In 1914, President Woodrow Wilson approved and signed a measure to make the second Sunday of May officially Mother’s Day date.

The Ultimate Mother's Day 2023 Guides: 

Mother’s Day Activities - What to Do on Mother’s Day?

There are countless ways to celebrate Mother’s Day 2023 when it comes around. But above all, your mother wants to enjoy quality time with you. The card-and-flower-filled holiday is nothing but the moments you are together with her.

Here are some unique Mother’s Day activities that go way beyond a normal day to warm your mom’s heart

mother's day 2022 celebration
Here's what you can do to celebrate this special day!

#1 Go for a Shopping Spree

Whether you choose to reach your mommy’s favorite store or head to a flea market, shopping time with you will make her on cloud nine. She’ll adore your support in selecting something essential and special such as jewelry, clothes, or home decorative items.

shopping - mother's day 2022
They say going shopping will lift any woman's spirit.

Though according to Mother’s Day history, there are no special activities to shower during the day. But we believe your little care like a shopping day with your mom will express how much you appreciate her.

#2 Meal Time at Restaurant

A day of relaxing and spending extra quality time with tasty food is an enormous reward to your mother after a series of her days inside the kitchen. Or you can cook her favorite dishes as a way to honor her on Mother’s Day 202

family dinner - mother's day 2022
An incredible meal at a fancy restaurant might be the perfect family reunion dinner.

She will have a favor of your love when you sincerely make something to bring a smile to her face. Any mom can deny this amazing moment beside their children?

#3 A Beach Getaway

You have known when is Mother’s Day already, it’s in the summertime when everyone heads to a beach for chilling out. So why not spend Mother’s Day 2023 with your loved mother at a beautiful beach where sand, waves, and wind will blow your stress away.

beach vaction - mother's day 2022
Let the waves and the sand wash away all of your mother's worries.

#4 Set up At-home Spa

It’s undeniable that mothers are gorgeous superheroines. They suffered the pain when giving birth to us, worked hard, and have gone through many ebbs and flows in life. After that, they still embrace us with love and care to make our life better.

To fill in Mother’s Day story with much honor, you can prepare a relaxing day with a spa routine for her only. Make some masks and pampering to treat her the best.

home spa - mother's day 2022
Who isn't into a relaxing home spa session?

#5 Go for a Walk

Among the ultimate Mother’s Day activities, you can enjoy a morning or afternoon of strolling with her in the fresh air. After everything she has done for you, she needs the leisure to relish the beauty of nature and precious moments of being by her children’s side.

Mother’s Day origin came up with a chance to honor every mother globally. So take this chance to show your gratitude and affection to your best mama ever.

jogging - mother's day 2022
Take a little stroll in the park and catch up!

#6 Yoga Together

Unroll a couple of yoga mats for you and your mummy to have a fitness routine. Somebody's movements will lift her mood and boost her energy to stay healthy and happy on Mother’s Day date.

Rather than that, you can open a more exciting activity such as mountain climbing, and kayaking that you and her can join and challenge. Undoubtedly, she will be full of the joys of spring to take exercise with you dearly.

yoga - mother's day 2022
Enjoy a nice little stretch together!

#7 Hold a Picnic

If there is something sweet from Mother’s Day history, that is family time having fun with other members. Since then, you can celebrate a happy Mother’s Day via a picnic in the backyard of your house.

Or else, reach a green park to swallow the purified air and have some tasty food outdoor. Bring some fun games to cheer up and mark a memorable Mother’s Day 2023.

picnic - mother's day 2022
How long it has been since your mama last enjoyed her outdoor picnic?

#8 Movie Marathon

The second Sunday of May is the time when Mother’s Day fulfills our hearts with lots of emotions. It will flash more with peals of laughter and tears when passing a movie marathon. You will laugh or cry to watching family dramas bringing emotional time.

Enjoy a happy Mother’s Day with a bowl of popcorn and let your mother’s mind relax with a series of family comedies. Both of you may understand more after watching these movies showing what the other may think.

movie maration - mother's day 2022
Compile a list of your mother's favorite movies and binge-watch them all with her!

#9 Host a Tea Party

Some savory treats with a cup of refreshing tea will renew your mom’s mind and relax. She will never forget your thoughtful idea of a peaceful party on Mother’s Day 2023 and sharing the best memories. As you know what day is Mother’s Day, invite some of your mother’s friends or relatives to enjoy tea time together. 
tea party - mother's day 2022
Your mom's into something more classy? A soothing tea party will be right up her street.

#10 Gift-giving

Love and affection can be expressed in many ways, but the most practical manner is through thoughtful and unique gifts. Via a meaningful present, you can show your mother how you treasure and appreciate her all the way.

mother's day 2022 gifts
And do not forget to bring a lovely present for your loving mother!

Gift-giving is one of the most-loved Mother’s Day activities to bespeak your love. Whether it’s a bouquet of beautiful flowers or a heartfelt card saying your heart, she will be touched. Besides, you can offer her a personalized gift that is both practical and mindful.

Personalized Mother's Day Presents That Will Steal Her Heart

These are some heart-warming personalized Mother’s Day gifts that you customize with your personal touch.

#1. “First My Mother Forever My Friend” Personalized Mug

In the beginning, your mom plays a mother role but in a lifetime, she is your friend. Many things you want to know, you usually ask her initially and share with her something about your life.

Via a touching quote and adorable digital image of mother and daughter, this personalized mug conveys fully what is Mother’s Day. Once she gets it, she will be proud of having you as her thoughtful child.

1st my mother personalized mug - mother's day gifts
button shop now 1

#2. "I love you my Little Princess" - Personalized Pillow

If there is something your mom cannot see around the corner shops, it might be personalized Mother’s Day gifts at Gossby. Like this “I love you my little princess” personalized pillow, it means a lot to your mom with heart-melting art. Mother’s Day 2023 is around the corner. You may not want to miss our well-thought-out custom pillow that helps to remind your mom of your love.
little princess personalized pillow - mother's day gifts
button shop now 2

#3. “Mother And Children Forever Linked Together” Personalized Wrapped Canvas

Feeling bored of stereotypical gifts that don’t show your uniqueness? The personalized canvas is a treasured keepsake that helps you express your gratitude. It features an exclusive artwork connecting a mother and her children.

Rather than a decorative item, this canvas is a gift to honor your mother like the way it was made in Mother’s Day history. Celebrate a moment to remember all life with our all-inclusive idea of gift-giving.

mother and children personalized canvas - mother's day gifts
button shop now 3
  • Go to our Personalized Canvas Collection and shop for the best one that makes your mom happy this holiday!

#4. "The love between a Mother and Daughters is forever." - Personalized Blanket

Throughout Mother’s Day story, we have seen hundreds of heart-warming scenes of mothers and children. As long as we can cherish our moms with love, we are happier than many people out there. So let’s take the chance of Mother’s Day 2023 to "unwrap" our personalized blanket!

To continue our series of personalized gifts for moms, this custom blanket is a valuable option to make her day. No one can deny a lovely and meaningful gift like this one.

mother daughter personalized blanket - mother's day gifts
button shop now 4

#5. "Don't Mess With Mamasaurus" - Personalized Shirt

It is said that mother and daughter share some similarities in appearance and personalities. And that makes the world more considerate to build up a motherly love. The heightened likelihood of similarities makes the relationship between a mom and her daughter grow fonder.

Nothing in this globe can separate a mother and her child. As a thoughtful gift to offer your mom on Mother’s Day 202, this personalized T-shirt will transfer your message of appreciation and respect to her - the woman you love the most.

mamasaurus personalized t shirt - mother's day gifts
button shop now 5

The above gifts are just some of our quality collection of presents to surprise your mom on Mother’s Day. We want to accompany you on the path of showing you care and gratitude towards your loved mother. As your love for her is the only one, you need something unique and beautiful to spread your emotion and feeling on a great occasion like Mother’s Day 2023.

Have a glance at Gossby’s articles about Mother’s Day to opt for the best gift for your dearest mommy. Nobody can replace her figure in your heart and no one can understand your thought better than we.

mother's day 2022 personalized gifts

Celebrate The upcoming Mothering Sunday With a Bang!

From the beginning to the end of the year, there are some special days to honor women but Mother’s Day is much more crucial. It’s a chance for children to appreciate and pay tribute to their mother who spends her life taking care of them.

Within some more months to come, Mother’s Day 2023 can be celebrated in many ways. However, don’t forget the unconventional gifts to reveal your love and spoil your mom with happiness.

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