What Are The Most Heartfelt Long-distance Valentine's Day Gifts for Him & Her?


Last updated: Jan 03, 2022

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What Are The Most Heartfelt Long-distance Valentine's Day Gifts for Him & Her?

Couples can opt for numerous ways to celebrate Valentine's together, like having a romantic dinner, going to the cinema, or preparing gifts for their lovers. Yet, things are not that easy with couples who must live far apart from each other.

Understanding this concern, Gossby has composed a detailed list of suggestions for long-distance Valentine’s Day gifts and some useful advice. Read on now!

What Do You Give For Long-distance Valentine’s Day?

No one can deny the fact that having and retaining a romantic long-distance relationship is not an easy task at all. While other couples can physically celebrate the romantic vibe on the 14th of February with each other, those geographically separated lovers can only see the other via the smart device’s screen.

Due to this reason, these two individuals need to find a great way to accompany and celebrate the event with their other half. Most couples normally opt to give each other long-distance Valentine’s gifts as the best solution to express their love and longing for the other one.

What Do You Give For Long-distance Valentine’s Day

Still, mass-produced presents are not the best option if they are given to your lover for years! As the gift is the only tangible thing that you can give them at that time, you will surely want it to be a one-of-a-kind item that can help physically and mentally touch your lover’s heart.

In this case, personalized Valentine’s Day gifts will be the best bet for you! “For what reason?” You might ask. Specifically, this type of long-distance Valentine’s Day gift allows the giver to choose the design and quote on it - allowing for more creativity and uniqueness. With these unique presents, you can express your feelings and message for your darling more thoroughly.

Continue reading to get some good suggestions for personalized gifts for long-distance couples on Valentine's Day now.

05 Sweet Personalized Long-distance Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas At Gossby

Among many long-distance Valentine’s Day gifts, only the customizable Valentine's presents allow you to apply quotes and arts-based on your preference. Believe it or not, you can remind the receiver about the unbreakable connection between the two of you via the personal touches on the gifts!

#1. “My Heart Is Wherever You Are” Mug

Although I can’t see you directly, my heart and my love still follow you wherever you are”. This is the message you are sending to your other half via the quote on this personalized coffee mug.

personalized mug - long distance valentines day gifts
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You and your sweetheart may be geographically far from each other, but you can’t stop thinking and loving the other even for a second. Along with the meaningful saying, there is an image of a couple peacefully kissing.

We bet that it’s not the hot coffee that will make your woman/man feel warm; it is the love you gave them via this long-distance Valentine’s Day gift!

#2. “My Heart Is Perfect Because You Are Inside” Blanket

The second candidate on the list of long-distance Valentine’s gifts is a cozy blanket. By sending a personalized fleece blanket to your darling, you are telling them that once they come into your life, their silhouette will stay in your heart forever.

Therefore, no matter where on earth your lover is on this day, they can still feel your presence by their side!

personalized blanket - long distance valentines day gift ideas
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#3. "The Day I Met You..." Pillow

Instead of texting them a love message, why don’t you print those loving words on the personalized throw pillow and give it to them?

The letter on this pillow expresses to your partner how important they mean to you and your enormous love towards them. Reading the love letter on this long-distance Valentine’s gift idea before going to sleep will bring your darling sweet dreams about you and the beautiful memories you two share.

custom pillow - long distance valentines gifts
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#4. "When I Say I Love You More..." Wrapped Canvas

It would be a big mistake without mentioning the romantic personalized canvas print from Gossby regarding the great long-distance Valentine’s Day gift of all time.

Instead of keeping your love letter in the cabinet, your other half can hang it on the wall as a piece of decoration with this canvas. Their guests will admire the amazing love story of the two of you when looking at this item.

wrapped canvas - valentine's day gifts long distance
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#5. “Husband And Wife Best Partners In Crime For Life” t-shirt

The couple T-shirt is always the top option on the list of long-distance Valentine’s Day gifts. You can express the bond and understanding between you and your darling funnily with the quote and image on this personalized t-shirt.

You two have known each other so well that you can become a partner in any aspect of their life, no matter if it is bad or good. Indeed, this T-shirt is one of the most-favorited long-distance Valentine’s gifts.

husband and wife t shirt - long distance valentines gift ideas
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10 Ideal Long-distance Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas (Other Options)

Here are some suggestions if you still insist on giving your partner a common mass-produced Valentine’s Day gifs for long-distance couples.

#1. Digital Photo Frame

Wood or metal photo frames are things of the past. Now, people have digital photo frames to display their memorable moments in the form of slide shows.

You can present your darling with this long-distance Valentine’s Day gift so that they can make their place fulfilled with romantic images of you two.

Digital Photo Frame
Digital Photo Frame (Source: USA Custom Gifts Store - Amazon)

#2. Pre-purchased Trip Vouchers

Being far away from each other on this romantic occasion doesn’t mean that you don’t have a chance to be together with your other half at other special events.

You can prepare for a wonderful trip as a surprising long-distance Valentine's day idea with your lover shortly. Indeed, how wonderful it would be to spend your holiday with your other half in a new country after months of separation.

#3. Scented Candles

There’s no doubt that it feels cold and lonely if your lover doesn’t have you with them on Valentine’s day. In this case, scented candles will work best in warming up the atmosphere.

The pleasant aroma from this kind of long-distance Valentine's Day gift can dispel the coldness and loneliness of your darling’s place, as well as bring them a peaceful mind.

Scented Candles
Scented Candles (Source: SCENTORINI Store - Amazon)

#4 Chocolate Bars

One of the most typical gifts on the 14th of February is a chocolate bar. This rich-in flavor long-distance Valentine's Day gift idea has never lost its impact on improving the sentiments between you and your lover.

Particularly, the sweetness of the chocolate is the metaphor for the intimate moments you two have shared. The bitter flavor symbolizes the tough time in the relationship you have been through. However, at last, only the sweetness remains.

Chocolate Bars
Chocolate Bars (Source: DA CHOCOLATE Store - Amazon)

#5 Supplements 

Honestly, this long-distance Valentine’s gift idea may sound over-practical in comparison with others. Never mind! It’s never a bad idea to care for the well-being of your sweetheart, no matter what the occasion is.

Especially, we are living in a time of pandemics, so paying attention to our health is the foremost mission.

banner personalized gifts for couples

#6 Making An Anniversary Video On Your Own

With the help of the latest technology and devices, you can conveniently design an anniversary for your darling. Interestingly, this long-distance Valentine’s Day gift almost costs you nothing, but its spiritual value is of no doubt.

You can collect and combine all the photos and videos of moments you two have experienced together. Then, turn them into a complete anniversary video.

Don’t forget to add in a romantic love song as well.

Making An Anniversary Video On Your Own

#7 Flowers

Like chocolate bars, flowers are among the most common Valentine's Day gifts for long-distance couplesDespite being far away from your partner, you can still present them with a gorgeous bunch of flowers thanks to the shipping services all around the world now.

Valentine Flowers
Valentine Flowers (Source: Luntim Store - Amazon)

#8 Snack Box

If you can’t take your soulmate to a restaurant on Valentine’s day, buy them a box of various snacks.

This long-distance Valentine’s gift can satisfy their taste and show them how you care for and understand them - You can pick their favorite snacks only if you pay attention and remember their eating habits.

Valentine Snack Box
Valentine Snack Box (Source: Nut Cravings Store - Amazon)

#9 Sweater

An indispensable accessory for the freezing weather of Valentine’s day is a sweater. When wearing this long-distance Valentine's Day gift, your partner will feel like you are hugging them. The coziness of the item will moderately eliminate the loneliness of your darling.

Couple Sweater
Couple Sweater (Source: Crazy Daisy World - Etsy)

#10 Restaurant Vouchers

What a pity not to take your sweetheart with you to a romantic dinner on this day. However, you can make up for this by giving them a chance to enjoy a meal at the restaurant with their close friends. When a lover can’t be around, intimate friendship may help to fulfill the emptiness.


Bottom Lines!

No matter how far the geographic distance between you and your darling is, you can still melt your partner’s heart via sincere lines of loving words printed on the long-distance Valentine’s Day gifts.

The more effort you spend on the gift, the less sorrowful they will feel when celebrating the day of love without your physical presence!

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