15 Cheap Valentine's Day Gifts that Look More Expensive Than They Are


Last updated: Jan 01, 2022

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15 Cheap Valentine's Day Gifts that Look More Expensive Than They Are

It’s not easy trying to make all the worthwhile people around you feel special on this Valentine. Your list might contain quite a lot of names, and it’s hard to find something for all of them.

Have you ever thought about cheap Valentine’s Day gifts? Let’s be honest, the true value of a gift isn’t about how much it costs - it’s about how you put your thoughts into it, to make a heartfelt gift.

Choosing inexpensive Valentine’s gifts doesn’t mean you don’t care about your special someone. It's even a great way to wow them. Still, it’s not easy to choose the right one, resulting in unwanted situations.

If you’re stuck with this issue, let Gossby help you with the ideas below!

What Can You Do For Valentine's Day With A Low Budget?

When people are on a low budget, they often think of making everything their own, including creating affordable Valentine's gifts for their beloved ones. It’s not a bad idea, though.

You can save a lot of money but still carry out something meaningful with this method.

However, this practice is quite time-consuming since you’ll have to generate the idea and do it all by yourself. Also, the result is not always guaranteed. You may come up with something worse than imagined.

What Can You Do For Valentine's Day With A Low Budget

Personalized presents were introduced as an alternative to fulfill the demand for some affordable fix for gift-giving. It carries everything we wish for in a gift.

Though it’s quite cheap, the customizable details make it meaningful and help us show our love and care for our partners. If you’re seeking some cheap Valentine’s day gifts, refer to our list below that includes some personalized Valentine's gifts at Gossby.

05 Cheap Valentines Day Gift Ideas For Him & Her Under $20

We will break our cheap gifts for Valentine's Day into sections with budgets ranging from lower to a bit higher. Let’s start the rage with the $20 budget list.

1/ "My Heart Is Wherever You Are" Mug

This personalized mug can meet your demand if you’re looking for something affordable, practical, but still meaningful. This inexpensive Valentine's Day gift is a confirmation of your love toward your other half by stating that your heart belongs to him or her.

custom mug - cheap valentines day gifts
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It also features an image of a hugging couple with their names below, making its appearance sweeter than ever. Receiving this gift from you, recipients will surely be pleased since it’s thoughtful of you giving them something they can use every day.

2/ Accessory Tray

This one is no doubt one of the cheapest Valentine's gifts and is definitely under $20. You can consider this idea if your recipients often forget where things are. Or maybe just because they love accessories!

There are many styles and designs you can choose from in the market. Still, we advise you to choose something in a darker color so that it looks clean all the time.

Accessory Tray - cheap valentines day gifts for him
Accessory Tray (Source: Love Or Leave It Gifts - Etsy)

3/ "My Soulmate" Two-tone Mug

Though the previous item seems interesting, this mug is the sweetest among personalized gifts for Valentine's Day! Just look at it, and you'll understand. Instead of saying romantic sayings, you’re now declaring your love’s position in your life!

This cheap Valentine's day idea is also suitable if you’re about to step your relationship up a level. The mug will then act as your confession and help you win the other half’s heart.
two tone mug - cheap valentines gifts
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4/ Oil Diffuser

Though this kind of inexpensive Valentine's gift is quite new to most of us, we can’t deny its benefits. It can assist in making any space filled with a nice and light fragrance. Thereby improving our health & lifestyle simultaneously.

How cool is that! Your recipient can use it anywhere in their house or even bring them to work. You can pair this cheap Valentine's Day gift with some essential oils, too.

Oil Diffuser - cheap valentines day gifts for her
Oil Diffuser (Source: Pyurvana Oils - Etsy)

5/ Bath Bomb Set

For those seeking cheap Valentine's day gifts for her, a bath bomb set would be your savior this time. Who would hate relaxing and chilling in your bath after a long day working or studying? She'll definitely love the set regardless of her style, thinking how thoughtful you are!

Bath Bomb Set  - cheap valentines day gifts for boyfriend
Bath Bomb Set (Source: Billie Bee Shop - Etsy)

05 Cheap Valentines Day Gift Ideas For Him & Her Under $30

Have the above options haven’t satisfied you yet? If so, consider uplevel the game by $10 with the below options.

1/ "You Can't Tell Me What To Do - You're Not My Wife" T-shirt

Give your wife this personalized t-shirt and let her know how you regard her. The affordable Valentine's gift features a humorous look of your cool couple standing side by side.

Alongside is a quote indicating how you only listen to your wife. This is not because you’re afraid of your love, but because you respect and desire to spoil her!

custom t shirt - inexpensive valentines gifts
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2/ Collapsible, Reusable Water Bottle

There’s no need to discuss in-depth how practical a portable water bottle is, especially if your recipients exercise. They can carry it around and support them during working out sessions.

Furthermore, you can choose a collapsible one to carry out the session more confidently without worrying about ruining the bottle.

Reusable Water Bottle
Reusable Water Bottle (Source: Lucky Green - Amazon)

3/ "The Day I Met You..." Pillow

The long quote in this personalized pillow can be an alternative for a love letter. That, together with a classic and delicate design, breathes a French vibe into your present.

Let her know the day you guys first met, every moment, has always been treasured inside of your heart. You'll carry that moment and your feelings with you even to the afterlife.

custom pillow - cheap gifts for valentines
custom pillow - cheap gifts for valentines
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4/ Popsockets Phone Wallet

Make the receiver’s everyday life easier and more compact with this pop sockets phone wallet. They will be able to take everything with them only by holding their phone with this item alongside.

Don’t be worried about whether they'll like it or not. Everyone nowadays is seeking ways to make their belongings lighter.

Popsockets Phone Wallet
Popsockets Phone Wallet (Source: Popsockets Store - Amazon)

5/ "You Had Me At Meow" Wrapped Canvas

Is your recipient a cataholic? Then he or she will not be able to say no to this personalized wrapped canvas. There is an adorable cat with its eyes wide-opened waiting for you to take it home!

The quote which is printed on it is also quite true. There is no way for your beloved ones to resist hearing a cat murmuring. This art is sure to capture any passerby’s attention if you hang it on the wall.

You Had Me At Meow canvas
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05 Cheap Valentines Day Gift Ideas For Him & Her Under $50

Reading to this point, maybe you’re gaining interest and seeing what we can offer at a higher price range, right? If so, let the journey begin!

1/ "To My Husband, When We Get To The End Of Our Lives Together..." Fleece Blanket

One of the most appropriate cheap Valentine's Day gifts for him on this list is this personalized fleece blanket. This blanket can be your representative hugging him every night, keeping him warm.

At the same time, it helps you speak your heart to him that you’re willing to share the rest of your life with him no matter what.

custom blanket - cheap gifts for valentine's day
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2/ Champagne & Chocolate

With a little more budget, we can now make this Valentine’s Day seem a bit more luxurious with some champagne and chocolate.

Though it’s a classic pair, it surely can win anyone’s heart just by the sweet look. We suggest you prepare dinner with the thí cheap Valentine's Day gift and enjoy your guys’ night under the dim light!

Champagne & Chocolate
Champagne & Chocolate (Source: Amazon)

3/ Desktop Humidifier

Your love will acknowledge your love and care for them receiving this gift. This cheap Valentine's Day gift can help you care for your recipient’s health, keep their skin dewy and in its best condition!

If needed, they can place this little humidifier on their desktop or carry it to work. It will surely be a great help for them!

Desktop Humidifier
Desktop Humidifier (Source: UGREEN Store - Amazon)

4/ Cold-brew Coffee Maker

Caffeinators will be surprised to see this cheap gift for Valentine. Though beverages at coffee shops seem nice and fast, it’s a different story making the drink yourself.

Moreover, the making process also helps the makers feel relaxed and adjust the cup according to their preferences. It’s a great idea to include a coffee ground package in this present!

Cold-Brew Coffee Maker
Cold-Brew Coffee Maker (Source: DASH Store - Amazon)

5/ Micro Bluetooth Speaker

Your beloved ones would surely adore something that can give their space a vibe. This cheap Valentine's Day gift is super easy to get. You can also choose a special design that fits the recipient’s space.

Micro Bluetooth Speaker
Micro Bluetooth Speaker (Source: Bose Store - Amazon)

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Wrapping Up!

Cheap Valentine's day gifts don’t mean that they are meaningless and invaluable. It’s your good intention that matters. Your time spent searching through our post already means that you want to make the most out of your budget to make your beloved ones happy. Wish you find out what you’re looking for, and have a happy holiday!

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