30 Sweet Lesbian Gifts to Express Your Love!


Last updated: Jun 06, 2022

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30 Sweet Lesbian Gifts to Express Your Love!

When you search for lesbian gifts, a momentous occasion like a birthday, wedding, Valentine's, Women’s Day, Christmas, etc., must be around the corner (or it’s just a random day because you want to show your appreciation). You all go the extra mile to warm the hearts of someone you love (partners, friends, family loved ones).

The gifts don't need to be expensive but come from true love, caring thoughts, and undivided attention.

Here in this article, you’ll find:

  • Lesbian gifts for your sweethearts

  • Lesbian gift ideas for your besties

  • Gifts for lesbian couples

  • And, the best lesbian gifts for specific occasions.

Wait no more, go with us and start discovering.

05 Personalized Lesbian Gifts for Your Partners

This list will give you the 05 most-loved gift ideas to capture your partners' hearts. All of them are customizable so you can totally add your own personal touches to them and make them one-of-a-kind.

#1. "You're My Rainbow" Mug

This personalized mug is the top choice when it comes to finding excellent personalized lesbian gift ideas. Just imagine that you can make your lover a hot drink such as chocolate, coffee, or tea and share the time every morning.

Excitingly enough, mugs are easily engraved with creative and personalized full-color graphics, texts, photographs, etc. - “You Are My Rainbow”, for example. Rainbow is the pride color of the LGBTQ+ community, so the message conveys a special meaning - “You are my pride. I truly love you with no judgment.”

lesbian gifts -two tone mugs
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Price: $17.99

#2. "The Happiest I've Ever Felt..." Mug

No need to wait until a special day, you can warm your sweetie's heart on just a normal day because you love her 365 days a year. And you know, this mug will help you to make her burst into happy tears. Both the image and sweet message printed on the mug symbolize your boundless love for her.

It also let her know how much you cherish the special relationship you're into. Looking for heart-melting lesbian gift ideas? You won't want to miss out on this one, though.

lesbian gift ideas - personalized mugs
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Price: $13.99

#3. "All of Me Loves All of You" Pillow

Do you and your love already have a collection of mugs at home? Then, how about buying a personalized pillow with personal and touching messages?

Being lovers means you might want to spend more time in bed or sofa together because it is a relaxing place to have some chats and rest after a hard-working day. Pillows are necessary to make your bedding more enjoyable.

Pillows aren't only beautiful but also comfortable arts, making them ideal for being one of the most meaningful personalized lesbian gifts for girlfriends on special occasions.

gifts for lesbian - pride pillows
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Price: $28.99

#4. "To My Love The Day I Met You I Found My Missing Piece" Mug

We bet that you always want to share those sweet words with her, but somehow, it is hard to say them directly. Why not go for this sweet lesbian gift idea to remind your girlfriend of your love every day?

personalized lesbian gifts - coffee mugs
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Price: $26.99

#5. "You're My Person - You'll Always Be My Person" Mug

There are many quotes available of your choice, such as:

  • You are my person; you will always be my person.

  • Grow old with me.

  • Always together.

  • You are my one, my favorite, my ride or die.

  • Love me tender, love me sweet.

Similar to other personalized lesbian gifts (mugs) mentioned above, you can pick the two girls’ styles in the picture and add the display names. Also, choose either of the sizes 11 oz or 15 oz - based on your preference.

gifts for lesbian couples - ceramic mugs
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Price: $18.99

05 Great Lesbian Gifts for Friends

#1. Cuff Bracelet

If you want to show your lesbian friends that they have been an influence in your life, get them these cuff bracelets as a meaningful gift idea for pride month. Show them how simply being oneself makes the world a more wonderful place. These cuff bracelets are excellent gifts for lesbian friends since they clearly demonstrate how much you value them.

best lesbian gifts - Silver Bracelet
Price: $18.00 (Source: Wyoming Creative)

#2. “Bestfriends Make Good Times Better…” Fleece Blanket

If you’re looking for both sentimental and practical lesbian gifts for your friends, don’t miss out on this personalized fleece blanket. Not only does it keep her warm when it comes to a cold day, but it also warms her heart with the personal touches you add to the blanket. Additionally, your besties can use it as a stunning wall décor instead of a piece of bedding item.

fleece blanket - lesbian gift ideas for friends
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#3. Welcome Sign

There are very few things in today's society that are free of biases and preconceptions. You’re all aware of the difficulties that the LGBTQ+ community encounters when they reject the rules that society has so easily established. With this sign that welcomes everyone regardless of gender, color, or ethnicity, you can help your friends identify their new life and new home.

lesbian teens homemade - Welcome Metal Sign
Price: $39.99 (Source: Homebody Accents)

#4. “Friends are Always Close to The Heart” Mug - A Heartfelt Gift for Lesbian Friends

Nothing but this mug will be a thing that makes your besties smile ear to ear. Giving her this kind of lesbian gift, you’re about to tell her that whenever (wherever) she will be, you’ll never let her be alone. Receiving this gift, her heart will be melted instantly.

lesbian gifts for friends - ceramic mugs
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#5. Cap with Vintage Design

A portion of your personality should be reflected in everything you own, such as this antique cap with a rainbow emblazoned on it. When shopping for lesbian gifts, it never hurts to get them something they can wear to show the world who they are and what they stand for.

gifts for lesbians - Pride Heart Hat
Price: $26.00 (Source: Buffalo Stitchery)

20 Lesbian Gifts for Specific Occasions

Besides some customizable gifts for lesbian girlfriends above, we would like to give some ideas for specific occasions. Hope you can pick up the most suitable one and express your deep love for her.

05 Romantic Lesbian Gift Ideas for Valentine's Day

It is not required, but there are some manners of Valentine’s Day you should know. First, it is the most glorious and romantic day of the year to express love and affection.

#1. Flowers

Flowers are a must, particularly because flowers have been a part of a coded LGBTQ+ language for centuries. Some ideas are green carnation, violets, pansies, roses, or lavender. It's a simple but truly one of the most heartfelt gifts for lesbian couples.
Box of Roses - lesbian couple gifts
Box of Roses - Price: $69.99 (Source: Soho Floral Arts)

#2. Gift Cards

A gift card or handwritten note would be more meaningful than an expensive, store-bought one. It's possible to add your names or most memorable images. Yes, it's simple however, it would be one of the best lesbian gifts that you can think about to win your loved ones' hearts.

Our Personalized LGBTQ+ Gifts will give you thousands of brilliant ideas to warm your loved ones' hearts!

banner personalized gifts for LGBT

#3. "My Soulmate" Mug

As said, mugs are an old but gold option for couples. How lovely to start your day with favorite beverages along with touching art & quotes about your love printed on the mug! If you're on the hunt for sweet gifts for lesbian couples on Valentine's Day, this one would be a great option.
top lesbian presents - couple mugs
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Price: $13.99

#4 A Candle Meal - A Romantic Gift Idea for Lesbian Couple

If you love cooking and you are too busy on regular days to prepare a meal, Valentine's Day is a chance to surprise your lover. It is an excellent lesbian Valentine's Day gift we would suggest.

#5. Movie or Concert Tickets

It might be a cliché but how can you beat a classic combination of movie or concert tickets with a flower bouquet on Valentine’s Day?

05 Heartfelt Lesbian Gift Ideas for Wedding

A wedding is a milestone in our life, and you should pay more attention and expense to find a suitable gift. It should bless the long-lasting relationship and the bond between you and her. Some gifts for lesbian couples for the wedding are here for your reference.

#1. Gold Ring

With no beginning and end, a circle - like a ring, presents a symbol of infinity. You and your lover are supposed to be together for a very long time. The golden ring is truly one of the most precious gifts for lesbian couples that will be cherished forever.

Eternity Ring for wedding lesbian gifts
Eternity Ring - Price: $130 (Source: GELIN)

#2. Blue Earrings

In love, blue is the color of fidelity. Thus, brides often have some items in blue. Earrings are a good choice, thinking they are elegant and can be used as a couple of designs.

Blue Sapphire Baguette Huggie Earrings - wedding lesbian gifts
Blue Sapphire Baguette Huggie Earrings - Price: $249.99 (Source: Maximus Jewelry NYC)

#3. "All I Need is You & The Beach" Wrapped Canvas

If you live in the U.K, it is a tradition to get something old, something new, something blue, and something borrowed on your wedding day. Why don’t you give her this personalized canvas as a unique lesbian gift showing your love?
print canvas is the best lesbian gift for wedding
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Price: $28.99

#4. Bracelets

Like wedding rings, bracelets are a sign of love and approval. If your girl wears them, meaning that they are willing to stick around with you. No doubt, among the ocean of lesbian gifts, this one would be one of the best.

lgbt gifts for girlfriend - Bracelets
Lesbian Bracelets - Price: $11.99 (Source: Amazon)

#5. Necklace

The meaning behind this lesbian gift is affection and commitment. Golden or pearl necklaces are expensive, but well-worth showing that you and she are in a serious relationship.

lesbian gift - Rainbow Flag Necklace
Rainbow Flag Necklace - Price: $12.98 (Source: Hisatan)

05 Festive Lesbian Gift Ideas for Christmas

You want to plan gifts for lesbian friends, couples, or someone you love on Christmas several months or even a week earlier. The following ideas are even better than a gift from Santa Claus. There are four exciting rules: something she wants, something she needs, something to wear, and something to read.

#1. Winter Skincare Products

If your girlfriend loves skincare, she will jump for fun being given her favorite skincare products. However, please make sure that you understand her skin type and skincare routine very well.

Winter Skincare Products for lesbian gifts in Christmas
Winter Skin Facial Masks - Price: $15.99 (Source: Spa Life)

#2. Kitchenware

She might devote 90 percent of her free time to the kitchen, whipping up new baking recipes. Then, kitchenware is the best lesbian gift on Christmas. You two can spend the weekend together making some cakes or dishes with the gift.

Kitchenware Christmas lesbian gifts
Wooden Kitchen Utensil Set - Price: $35.10 (Source: Chemistri)

#3. Colorful Socks - A Festive Gift for Lesbians on Christmas

So far, socks are a traditional gift for Christmas day, particularly since they are made by hand. Christmas socks combine both function and fun. Even when she does not wear the socks, they are still a joy to receive.

christmas socks as lesbian gifts for christmas
Rainbow Socks - Price: $14.65 (Source: Queen Shop Fr)

#4. Books

There's a lot to cherish about digesting a book in the winter: the cold and dark weather is the ideal pardon to remain inside and read. For that reason, give her a book!

books is a good lesbian gifts on christmas
Building Intimacy Book - Price: $104.30 (Source: Piscean Spirituality)

#5. Christmas Card

Whether you choose to give her anything above, don't forget to send it with a Christmas card. Write down your best wishes for your girlfriend and the relationship. When it comes to humourous lesbian gifts for Christmas, don't miss out on this one.

christmas cards for lesbian christmas gifts
Lesbian Christmas Card - Price: $5.50 (Source: Sesame But Different)

05 Best Lesbian Gift Ideas for Birthday

Birthday is also essential, and you had better think about what she likes for the day. Reflect on past conversations to have some clues and buy presents based on her hobby. The lesbian gifts on birthdays should be thoughtful, helpful, and unforgettable.

Some great ideas are:

#1. Fitness Membership Card

A gym membership is not a bad idea. “Get yourself all fit and nice!” is what the girl expects from your gift and she will surely appreciate it. More wonderfully, buy a couple of memberships if possible.

#2. Pillows

If you have a look at the pillow we introduced above, you will agree with us that it is an excellent choice for her birthday.

pillow gifts for lesbian on birthday
Rainbow Pillow - Price: 29.99 (Source: DIY Thinker)

#3. "I May Not Be Able To Solve All Of Your Problems..." Two-tone Mug

Many humans are habitual to keep using their mugs until they no longer can be used. The thinking of giving the mugs is to have the mug - and you, by her side all the time.

lesbian gift ideas for birthday
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Price: $17.99

#4. Handmade Chocolate - A Sweet Gift for Lesbian Couples

DIY chocolates are individually created, meaning that each bar is unique in its way. Such an effort makes it an ideal lesbian gift for your lover's birthday.

#5. Custom Card & Flowers

A birthday is an official milestone, thus, you should be a bit more formal than normal. For example, pick up a bunch of her favorite flowers and send a card as well.

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Find The Best Lesbian Gifts for Your Sweethearts!

These gifts are more than just gifts. They're emotional, exclusive, and thoughtful. Above are some ideas for lesbian gifts, and we hope you can finally pick up some presents for your very next couple of days.

Sometimes, you can even give items to her on no special occasions - just because you love your darling and want her to be happy. 

We wish that you have a memorable time with your lover!!!

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