Gay Gifts: Top 20+ Fabulous Ideas That Are Not Rainbow Flags


Last updated: Jun 09, 2022

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Gay Gifts: Top 20+ Fabulous Ideas That Are Not Rainbow Flags

There will be many situations calling for the best gay gifts you can find:

  • Planning to participate in the wedding of a friend who happens to be gay.

  • Your gay buddy’s birthday is coming up.

  • Want to shower your boyfriend with love on a romantic occasion.

Yet, choosing the perfect gifts for gay men isn’t just a walk in the park. But worry not, cuz Gossby is here! We’ve taken on ourselves the task to create the ultimate gift-giving guidelines to make your life that much easier!

Here’s the one-and-only manual to picking gifts for gay guys that you will ever need!

Gay Gifts - The Dos and Don’ts

What is the best present to get for your gay friend or family member? Are there any things you must pay attention to? Let's find out what gay gift ideas you should and shouldn't give!

What You Should Do

  • Implement Meanings: Thoughtful gay gifts will help you win points in the recipient's eyes. It's not the gift, it's the thought that counts. In other words, what makes his day isn’t the item but the feelings you make him feel.

  • Prioritize Practicality: Make sure that you do some research on the recipient's interests or hobbies. He’ll surely cherish a practical gift that can be used in his daily life.

  • Capitalize the Exclusiveness: A unique and sentimental gay gift will always be cherished more than things picked up from a corner shop. It showcases how much you care about the recipients, as well as how well you know them. A one-of-a-kind present represents the very importance of the relationship.

Things to Avoid

  • Don’t Stereotype: Keep in mind that stereotypical items are beyond the worst. Never give your gay buddy or a gay couple things like the "Pride Mugs" and "Pride T-Shirts". They can rarely use them and feel super awkward. Don’t assume that just because they're gay, they must love alcohol or are into some weird "kinks".

  • Avoid Assumptions: Again, do not pick gifts for gay men, or any other gifts, based on assumptions. If you’re not sure what to get, just ask the recipients the things they want to receive.

The Best Gay Gifts to Celebrate Every Occasion

Here, we have compiled a good list of suggestions for you.

Scroll down and check out these amazing ideas:

05 Gay Gift Ideas for Couple

Want some gifts that convey the idea of a strong bond between a gay couple? Looking for gay couple gifts? We have 05 options available for you if you’re looking for them!

#1. "You're My Person - You'll Always Be My Person" Mug

Apparently, a good present is the one that can convey the message of the giver to the receiver thoroughly, or it can reflect a meaningful image.

By giving this personalized mug to him, you are telling your buddy that you respect and wish him and his partner a happy future together. With the salient image of the LGBT flag and a happy couple, this item can speak a thousand words of best wishes!

gay gifts - You Are My Person mug
Shop with Gossby
Price: $13.99

#2. Couple Shirts

Another stunning gift for couples is a pair of shirts - Why not!

Pick these presents, and they’ll surely chuckle happily once receiving the item.

There are various options to choose from regarding colors, design, and style. Make sure that you opt for the one that most suits his personality or style - based on what he's wearing every day.

But we warned, that picking clothing items as gifts for gay guys might not be a great idea. They have quite a taste in fashion, which makes them hard to impress.

gay gift ideas - LGBTQ Couple Shirt
Price: $24.95+ (Source: SaltNSassTees)

#3. Pot of Plants

Nothing but a pot of plants would be one of the greatest gay gifts for boyfriend if he’s into planning trees or decorating his house with small plants.

Find out what type of tree or flower he likes and give him a surprise! He can choose to grow his favorite bonsai in this pot and put it at his office desk for an elegant look.

gifts for gay men - Succulent Pots
Price: $26.99 (Source: Warmplus)

#4. "Every Time I See You - I Fall In Love All Over Again" Mug

Items with romantic quotations on them are among the best gay gifts you can get for a couple. If you’re stuck with ideas for gay couple gifs, this sweet mug will be the safest choice!

Any couple would appreciate starting their morning off right with a nice cup of coffee! They’ll enjoy it even more from a stunning personalized mug.

gay couple gifts - Every time I see you mug
Shop with Gossby
Price: $13.99

#5. Sophisticated Wall Clock

Every house has at least one wall clock. So why don’t you get him and his lover a wall clock with a sophisticated look?

This item is both practical and meaningful, which is especially suitable for those who love to decorate their house with small items. Keep in mind that the design of the clock should be based on his preference!

gay gifts for boyfriend - Wall Clock
Price: $49.99 (Source: Driini)

05 Gay Gift Ideas for Wedding

Are you about to attend your gay friend's wedding but have no experience with picking gay gifts for two grooms? Don't worry, we've got your back!

Check out these fabulous gift ideas to celebrate a gay wedding.

#1. "I Met You - I Liked You..." Mug

The wedding is fast approaching, but do you still have no idea about the best gay couple gifts for weddings? If so, have you ever thought of giving the couple this cup?

With this cup, you can express your best wishes and support for them - I hope that the two of you will be together forever and never part.

gifts for gay guy - I Met You two tone mug
Shop with Gossby
Price: $17.99

#2. Watch

Men often can't take their eyes off elegant things but not lacking in usefulness. To celebrate an engagement, a marriage ceremony, a luxury watch sits among the best gay gifts for him!

This item is really practical, as it will stay with your friend all day and help him keep an eye on the time.

Don't forget to include a sincere wish when giving him this present as it will make his wedding day more meaningful and memorable!

#3. Heartwarming Mug

Here’s another suggestion on the list of best gay gift ideas! The images and meaningful quotes will surely flutter the heart of anyone who receives it!

Is your gay buddy a romantic person? If yes, why not give him this dreamy-looking cup?

The couple will indeed be impressed by this item and the message it conveys - Forever bliss and peace!

The happiest I've ever felt mug - gay gifts
Shop with Gossby
Price: $13.99

#4. Ties Collection

A tie is surely a familiar item in a men's outfit collection. Each tie exudes luxury and elegance, with diverse motifs. You should find out about his color preferences first, and of course, a greeting card included with the gay gift will make a big surprise!

#5. Digital Camera

If the groom has a passion for photography, pick him a camera! With this wedding gay gift idea, he can capture and preserve his good moments with his other half. Despite its simplicity, this item brings great surprise and happiness to the receiver!

Vintage Camera - gay gift ideas
Price: $259.99+ (Source: Cute Camera Co)

05 Gay Gift Ideas for Anniversary

A wedding anniversary is the most important event that marks the journey that gay couples have gone through together. To honor this special occasion, let's take a look at the most appropriate gay gifts to give them!

#1. "You Had Me at Meow" Blanket

When it comes to a cold day, a soft and comfy fleece blanket will be an essential item for gay couples snuggling under it and enjoying their relaxing time. That's this "You Had Me at Meow" personalized blanket is one of the best gifts for gay men ever!

Moreover, you can turn it into a one-of-a-kind blanket by putting the names of the family of three - your buddy, his boyfriend, and their cat!

Men have a hard time resisting cute things, especially cats printed on blankets. He’ll surely cherish this gift even more and enjoy it with his other half and lovely cat through the cold winter.

Note: The number of cats can be customizable!

you had me at meow blanket - gay gift ideas
Shop with Gossby
Price: $39.99

#2. Photo Frame

A photo frame is a great option for an elegant and meaningful present. As there are a variety of photo frames out there, you can easily make the decision. It would be best if you took notice of their taste and chose the item based on that.

With this photo frame, he can put the new picture that he just took with his other half inside it!

Men Vintage Photo - gay couple gifts
Price: $54.00 (Source: Frame Worthy Images)

#3. Music Box

The cozy and romantic atmosphere will make his anniversary more memorable than ever. If you’re running out of gay gift ideas that can create that mood, we suggest you opt for a music box.

The gentle music emitted every time you play will make the listener's soul lighter than ever.

Music Box - gay gifts for boyfriend
Price: $125.00 (Source: The Davidson Workshop)

#4. Decor Canvas 

Notice the wall in the room is too bare for a big day like a wedding anniversary? Get the grooms a decor canvas!

There are many choices for the content of the canvas. Yet, it’s highly suggested that you order a customized canvas in which you can put the couple’s name or your wishes for them!

#5. Funny Personalized Pillows

Want to find the gay gifts that have the recipients giggling up nonstop? Check out this purr-fect custom pillow! Forget about those romantic or cheesy presents, spread the love with laughter and humor.

If your friend and his partner prefer to express their love to each other by making the other laugh with his jokes, get him this funny personalized pillow!

Both he and his beloved one will laugh happily once the gift box is opened, as this is the first time they have seen such an appealing and funny pillow like this!

Dog Lazy pillow - gifts for gay guy
Shop with Gossby
Price: $28.99

05 Gay Gift Ideas for Christmas & New Year

Christmas and New Year celebrations won't be the same without gifts for your family and friends!

Let's discover the list of the most suitable gay gifts for boyfriend for the year's most festive time.

#1. “You, Me & The Dog” Mugs

Finding some personalized gifts for dog owners, but it’s too hard? If this is the case for you, this "Dog dad" couple mug - is one of the best gifts for gay men for an anniversary.

Featuring a cute artwork of the proud dog dad and his paw-some baby, it'll be the sweetest present ever!

Celebrate the couple's journey together but do not forget about the pets.

Note: the digital art & message can be totally customizable!

you me and the dog mug is a perfect gay gift
Shop with Gossby
Price: $13.99

#2. Christmas Doll Figures

Christmas doll figures include dolls made from wood. They have various shapes and designs, so you can give him two or more dolls in different sizes and styles.

These doll figures are especially suitable for those who love to beautify their room with small ornaments!

Doll Wood Toys are the best gay gift ideas
Price: $35.00 (Source: Hippy Traveler)

#3. “Meow” Ornament

Christmas cannot be complete without the appearance of cute ornaments! If your friend and his beloved one all love cats, they’ll absolutely cherish this custom ornament.

This pretty decor stuff is suitable for backpack decor or hanging on decorative shelves. Believe it or not, just a small item can bring a lot of happiness to someone!

meow ornament is a great gift for gay men
Shop with Gossby
Price: $14.99

#4. Xmas Sweater

Christmas is indeed one of the great holidays, but, the chilling weather might not be for everyone. If your friend or family member catches a cold easily, give him a sweater.

Better, get his partner an exact one, too, you know, as gay couple gifts.

You should carefully consider the material of the sweater and the outside pattern. Usually, wool material will help keep warm very well in cold weather.

Snowy Sweatshirt is wonderful gift for gay men on Christmas
Price: $38.25+ (Source: Gaby and Tali)

#5. Christmas Card

Traditional stuff like a handwritten card always conveys the message better than an email or messenger.

You can pick a Christmas card from the store or make it by yourself. If it’s possible, opt for a handmade one because it can express your feelings to the receiver much better than those purchasing from a store.

05 Gay Gift Ideas for Valentine’s Day

Valentine isn’t only for couples; this occasion is also a good time to express your feelings towards your family, friends, and anyone that has a close connection with you.

Read on for suggestions on gifts for gay guys - whether he’s your partner, friend, or family loved one.

#1. “My Soulmate” Mugs

"Soulmate" is a sacred word for the friend who will accompany you throughout this life; this could be your lover or family and friend, as long as that person has a deep mental and emotional connection with you.

If you’re finding some ideal gay gifts for Valentine’s Day, note down this mug!

Don’t look down upon the power of these two words “My soulmate,” they can speak a thousand words from the heart. Warm the heart of your buddy with care and love!

my soulmate mug is a romantic gay couple gift
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Price: $13.99

#2. A Book

Giving your bookaholic friend a book is a great gay gift idea for boyfriend. Look for a book written by his favorite authors or his favorite category, then write down your message or best wishes to him on the first white page.

He’ll be impressed by such a thoughtful present! Empowering books also make incredible gay gifts!

#3. Chocolate

A symbolic item on Valentine's Day - Chocolate. 

You can purchase a chocolate box from the store or make it by yourself! Make sure that you know about his taste - Bitter or sweet? Dark or milky? 

It would be best if the chocolate was homemade, as the final product reflects the effort and sincerity of the person who makes it.

Dark Chocolates is a sweet gay gift for boyfriend
Price: $42.45 (Source: La Chocolaterie Trinidad Cacao)

#4. "You're Purrfect" Mug

The first item on this list is one of the hot picks for cat lovers. Featuring cute cat drawings, it’ll win double points if the receiver is a cat fanatic.

you are purfect mug is a cute gay gift for boyfriend
Shop with Gossby
Price: $13.99

#5. A Notebook

Give him a handy notebook if your gay buddy loves to travel and share small stuff that he observes on every trip

Keep in mind that the size of the notebook should be handy enough so that he can keep it in his pocket or bag easily. Your buddy will appreciate this item for how useful it is!


Start customizing the best gifts for your gay partners, friends, and family to make them feel loved now!

personalized gay gifts for LGBTQ

Impress Your LGBTQ+ Friends & Family With Personalized Gay Gifts

Why Should You Choose Personalized Gifts for Gay Men?

There's a reason why customized gifts have become the up-and-coming trend in recent years.

This type of gift values uniqueness, as the receiver can never find the second version of it at any store. As you can customize the design and quotation on the item, it can convey your feeling to the receiver better than those common presents.

Furthermore, personalized gifts for gay guys are suitable for any occasion and person! It’s actually much more ideal than those trivial presents, which you must spend a lot of time considering wherever they’re suitable for the occasion and the personality of the receiver or not.

Find the Best Personalized Gay Gift Ideas at Gossby

At Gossby, you’re offered products that are guaranteed in quality, with undivided attention to beautiful designs. That's why Gossby is always honored as one of the trusted sellers of personalized gifts for gay men.

More to discover:

Pick The Best Gay Gifts & Warm Their Hearts!

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