Pride Month Gifts: 20 Glamorous Ideas for LGBTQ+ Community


Last updated: Jun 09, 2022

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Pride Month Gifts: 20 Glamorous Ideas for LGBTQ+ Community

On the special occasion for LGBTQ+, we might be stuck in choosing perfect pride month gifts for our loved ones, partners, or friends. The month of June comes with some surprising things and will be a wonderful treat for someone who belongs to this community.

For that reason, we’ve created this article to serve as the best celebration honoring the LGBTQ+ community.

The list includes:

  • Pride gifts for gay couples

  • Pride gift ideas for lesbian couples

  • Pride month gift ideas for LGBTQ+ individuals

So now, we’ll take a ride to look for the most impeccable idea of gifts in pride month to shower your friends or darling with much love and care.

Pride Month Gifts for Gay Couples

Sadly, parades treasuring the LGBTQ+ community don’t come daily. But once we have a chance to honor them, meaningful presents are great things to show our love besides incredible parties.

These are some ultimate gifts for your gay friend when June rolls around.

#1. “To My Boyfriend…” Customized Mug

Having a companion in this ups and downs life is like mastering a treasure box that can share every little thing and lean on each other. On the occasion of pride month, showcase how much you’re proud of him and ready to stand by him.

As one of the most loved pride gifts, it allows the gifter to customize the illustration with their touch. Treat your pal with this gender-affirming mug so that he can proudly speak to the world about who he is.

pride month gifts - gay mugs
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Price: $13.99

#2. Pride Pocket Knife

Convenient and easy to handle, a pocket knife with vivid colors will bring a smile to his face. It’s such a stylish and useful item among pride month gift ideas to offer your boyfriend.

He can use it whenever he goes out or prepares to craft something from wood and paper.

pride month gift ideas - Flags Knives
Price: $49.99+ (Source: Precision Memory)

#3. Kissing Men Mug - A Sentimental Pride Month Gift for Gay Couple

Imagine how sweet it ís to own a thoughtful mug with the loving text “Every time I see you I fall in love all over again” in your beloved’s cupboard. It means something to both of you and inspires a warm-and-fuzzy feeling.

In addition, if you want to take him for granted by expressing your emotions, change the image and quote with some clicks. This practical gift will make your cute lovebird adored every single day.

pride gifts - Kissing Men Mug
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Price: $13.99
  • Check out our LGBTQ+ Mugs Category for more stunning ideas!

#4. Rainbow Neon Light

Looking for pride month gift ideas for your boyfriend who love decorating? This one won’t make you disappointed.

Taking inspiration from the ‘Destiny 2’ game, the colorful led light will paint your loving night with a flavorsome mood. Forget the tiring days with tons of business tasks, the light will help to promote your relationship and raise the rhapsody for you both.

pride gift ideas - Gaymer Neon Light
Price: $125.00 (Source: Fan Fit Gaming)

#5. Peaks Pride Hang Loose Bracelet

If you need something to prove your love and connection, this bracelet is perfect for the idea of a gift for pride. The pride march is such a valuable item to wear and feel loved. Your darling will be surprised even if the gift is not so expensive but glorious.

Price: $8.99 (Source: Hang Loose Bands)

Pride Month Gifts for Lesbian Couples

There’s nothing wrong to give your lesbian friend a plethora of rainbow flags. However, we have various options of pride-ready items to gift as well. Whether it’s a personalized gift or a stereotypical item, your lesbian girl deserves to be deep in love in June.

Here are some pride gift ideas for your ladies who confidently come out and state their true selves to the world.

#1. “All of Me Loves All of You” Personalized Pillow

A day will start and end amazingly with a customized throw pillow for lesbian couples. Featuring a sweet kiss of two ladies in the rainbow theme, it’s nothing much but scoring a hat-trick to the goal of love. 

During the pride month when the world focus to honor the LGBTQ+ community, your beloved may also need something to feel special. This is one of the most awesome pride gifts for her to affirm your relationship.

LGBT pillow - pride month gifts
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Price: $28.99

#2. Pride Layered Bracelet or Anklet

A gentle and charming item to accessorize your gorgeous girlfriend. She’ll undoubtedly be on cloud nine when receiving it and get touched by your thoughtfulness.

Loose Layered Bracelet - pride month gift ideas
Price: $6.16+ (Source: Two Birds of Passage)

#3. “You’re My Rainbow” Personalized Mug

With the global celebration of pride month comes the explosion of specialized goods designed for the LGBTQ+ community, this rainbow mug is a sort of unique thing to have for your girl.

If you have a lady to spend a whole day being together with and share every story, you bite the most luck of life. With a touching note “You are my rainbow” on the body, this personalized mug will remind your sweetheart of how you two are paired up and go side by side until now.

Among the ocean of pride month gifts, this one would be what you really need to capture your special someone’s heart.

You are my Rainbow mug - pride gifts
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Price: $13.99

#4. Vinyl Record Song Lyrics Canvas

Every unconditional love is like a heart-warming song lyric to heal our souls. Choosing the right pride month gift ideas for your special lady is always hard but this wall art can help. It’s not just a decorative item in the living room but also a treasured keepsake to save your wonderful memories.

Vinyl Record Song Lyrics - pride gift ideas
Price: $59.35+ (Source: AMZ Print)

#5. “To My Girlfriend…” Personalized Mug - A Unique Pride Gift for Your Partner

Being a partner doesn’t mean that you will have to solve every problem in her life, but always be there to make her feel safe and loved. Take this chance to tell her that she won’t be left alone with this mug.

The feeling of being listened to and shared can help somebody overcome downhills and troubles. Gifts for pride don’t need to be costly as when it comes from your heart, it’s a luxurious thing to own.

lesbian couple two tone mug is a great pride month gift
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Price: $17.99

Dive into our category & start customizing sentimental pride gifts for the one you love.

More than just a special treat, they symbolize your boundless love!

personalized pride month gifts

Pride Month Gifts for Everyone in LGBTQ+ Community

Besides featuring gifts for gay and lesbian couples, we’ve compiled a list of 10 extraordinary pride month gift ideas for all of those who belong to the LGBTQ+ community. Embrace this occasion with our meaningful and well-opted presents by our editors.

As their parents, brother/sister, or friends, you can serve the best memory day for them. 

#1. “My Heart is Wherever You Are” Personalized Mug

Don't you know, this mug is an ideal pride gift for a bisexual (or transgender) couple. As the image printed on the mug (and the message) can be customizable, you can totally create a unique gift depending on who you'll give it to.
Additionally, the personal touches you add to the mug will be the thing that melts the giftee's heart once he/ she receives it.
my heart is wherever you are mug
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#2. Rainbow Crystal Bracelet - A Wonderful Pride Month Gift Idea for Your Loved Ones

In the outline of the jewelry piece, the bracelet looks gorgeous and shining to help your loved one appear stunning. Those who are likely to stick to proms will love to wear them anytime they want.

Crystal Bracelet is a wonderful pride month gift idea
Price $98.41 (Source: Crystaulous)

#3. Pride Shoelaces

Featuring a streamlined look, the shoelaces turn a boring pair of shoes into a strong fashion statement. So why not give your loved one these colorful shoelaces to make them more confident.

Pride Shoelaces
Price: $11.80+ (Source: The Pin Prick)

#4. “We’re Trouble When We’re Together”  Custom T-shirt

One of the most impressive pride month gifts to offer your loving piece is our customized tee which you can edit the digital art and quote based on your deep heart. When friends are side by side, they shape themselves to be troublemakers and create silly things together.

Rather than a friend, they can be your sweet sister or partner in crime. But after all, you love to spend your precious time with them and jump to the next level of craziness.

Besties Shirt is a perfect pride gifts
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Price: $23.99
  • Browse our Personalized T-shirts Category & start customizing the one that suits you and your special someone!

#5. Rainbow Ring

Not too big but weighing thousands of romantic words, a rainbow ring states powerfully what’s inside the gifter’s heart. If there’s something to decrease the pressure of receiving, you cannot miss this pride ring coming in various sizes.

Pride Ring
Price: $10.95+ (Source: Perimade)

#6. “All I Need is You & the Beach” Personalized Canvas

June is the month of summer that most of us desire to swallow the sunshine at the beach. But with a great partner, the landscape is more worthy to enjoy. While you don’t know what to gift your bestie during pride month, take our suggestion of this beautiful canvas as a pride gift.

No wonder possessing a best friend is like winning a big award in life. She will follow every step and stand by you no matter what happens.

Beach Girl Wrapped Canvas is a stunning pride gift ideas
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Price: $28.99

#7. Pride Sherpa Blanket

Soft and cozy, this colorful blanket can warm your loved ones’ hearts and keep their snuggle perfect. Thanks to it, they can feel your appearance even when you’re not there.

Pride Shepa Blanket is one of the best pride month gifts
Price: $76.00+ (Source: Humor Decorated)

#8. “F.R.I.E.N.D.S” Personalized Mug

Fed up with something stereotypical? Then, this is your must-give mug in the list of pride gift ideas. With the lovely chibi art, it’s just a sweet thing to share with your friends that you appreciate them a lot.

FRIENDS Mug is one of the greatest pride month gift ideas
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Price: $13.99

#9. “Wild & Free” Bohemian Wrapped Canvas

If ordinary pride month gifts aren’t on your potential list, grab this world-shattering canvas to impress your friend. It’s a one-of-a-kind item to decorate her home and a keepsake to save the unforgettable moment.

There are various options for you to create a new design for the canvas as you wish.

wild and free canvas is one of the most meaningful pride gifts
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Price: $28.99

#10. Hand Painted Rainbow Custom Converse High Top Shoes

A pair of rainbow shoes is never a bad idea for pride gifts for those who adore sneakers. It shows your honor for their inner rainbow and cares for their feet.

Rainbow Converse Shoes is one of the funniest pride gift ideas
Price: $88.00+ (Source: Lithium Project)

It’s Time to Melt Someone You Love with Pride Month Gifts!

The month of June is reserved for all things pride and picking the most sentimental pride month gifts can't be missed. From rainbow attire to items stating a true self, you can do magic for your friends or loved ones with our selection of little keepsakes.

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