International Friendship Day in 2021 | History, Meaning, and Date

Jul 15, 2021
International Friendship Day in 2021 | History, Meaning, and Date

Have you ever heard someone say "Happy Friendship Day!"? You might wonder what it is. For easy understanding, it is a day to celebrate your friendships.

International Friendship Day acknowledges the significance of harmonious friendships, ultimately helping in promoting peace and love among human beings. 

Friends are people we can share our joys and sorrows with. They are the ones that guide us through the ups and downs in life. Thanks to the Friendship Day celebration, we can honor these individuals who are a crucial part of our life. 

Friendship Day is celebrated in many ways, from exchanging cards, gifts, friendship day bands, or hanging out with friends, to honor the friendship bond. So, when is friendship day? Let's find out the answer and other information about this event in today's article. 

History Of International Friendship Day

When did International Friendship Day originate? We will cover the history of this day.


We all live in a challenging world. Between cultural discord, discrimination, lack of trust, mistreatment, and miscommunications, prioritizing peace tends to be less present in our society. There is no reason for our world not to live in several harmonious forms.

The United Nations (UN) was born to help remind us there is always some good in life. This organization first introduced the official International Friendship Day in 2011, aiming to connect people and build connections among countries, cultures, and ideologies.

Connections and Friendship are identical to bonding. Establishing these common bonds goes beyond sharing a favorite pastime or a trait with another group or person, yet includes understanding inclusion and diversity and promoting a global commitment.

friendship day in 2021

We can still find common ground even in the differences. Physical appearances, political views, music, tastes, opinion differences, and more are not the reason to separate us, people.

Relationships are more important than that, and the United Nations wants to enhance togetherness and kindness every July. Celebrating friendships via simple things such as a coffee hang-out, taking a trip together, or a brief, meaningful note on greeting cards.

Once again, we, in fact, have more common things than we think. Any idea minimizing the amount of disdain and hatred spread throughout our world is the kindness we love to share.

Before the United Nations officially introduced the International Friendship Day, this idea was proposed in the year of 1958 by a global civil organization named World Friendship Crusade, aiming to boost the peaceful culture via friendship.

Friendship Day's Timeline

For a summary, we have compiled a timeline of World Friendship Day as follows.

  • 1919: This year, the United States participated in an unofficial Friendship Day before the official designation of the United States.

  • 1930s: Hallmark introduced greeting cards of Friendship Day. Many acknowledge their important relationships via a note or a card.

  • 1958: Paraguay became the first nation to celebrate World Friendship Day across the country in July.

  • 2011: The United Nations officially sets the International Friendship Day to encourage all communities in the world to celebrate this day.

history of international friendship day

When is National Friendship Day?

We will dive into the time to celebrate the National Friendship Day in the world and the dates of the World Friendship Day.

International Friendship Day All Around The World In 2021

Here are some countries to celebrate International Friend Day in the world in 2021.



Type Of Holiday

The US

1 Aug

National Friendship Day to celebrate the significance of your loving platonic relationships.

The UK

30 July

Friendship Day to appreciate and enhance friendships from all backgrounds. 


1 Aug

Friendship Day to celebrate friends and friendship.


1 Aug

National Best Friends Day


9 June

National Best Friends Day


20 July

Friends Day for old and current friend gatherings.


1 Aug

Friendship Day to exchange texts, greeting, or friendship bands.


23 July

Friendship Day to celebrate the bond of friendship zealously.


13 March

Friendship Day to give presents to close friends and loved ones. Celebrations usually take place in nightclubs and bars.

international day of friendship

Dates Of The World Friendship Day

This topic has remained in debate since the inception of Friend Day. Hallmark initially intended to celebrate this day on 2 August. For a while, it was celebrated on the first Sunday of August. 

That said, the organization World Friendship Crusade convinced the UN to change to 30 July. The UN General Assembly ultimately acquiesced on 27 July to make 30 July the official International Day of Friendship date.

Nevertheless, this date has remained to change in the United States from year to year. In particular, the 2016 International Friendship Day was celebrated on 7 August. 

One year later, it was organized on 6 August. Countries, including the United States, might use different days to celebrate among regional communities and states.

The Tradition Of The International Friendship Day

Friends who are always there for us, sacrifice their time with us, and call us out on every stubbornness are those we need to appreciate. People say a friend in need is a friend indeed.

The meaning of friendship is varying for everyone. And its bond is also different. There are people we have only known for a short time, but they become our best friends. Meanwhile, those we have already known for a long time might not be close to us.

When is international friendship day

That's why celebrations and traditions are varying among people. We can use many low-key ways to honor this date, like hosting parties, gift exchange, or simply sending a friendship quote.

1. Gift Exchange In Friendship Day

On this day, you and your friends can exchange gifts with each other. There are a lot of options for you to choose from. We have compiled a list of suggested presents to send to your special friends.

  • Personalized Mugs: A cute mug printed or carved with a friendship quote or your friend's name can make your friend smile when unwrapping the gift. Besides, this gift is also practical. Your friends can use it to enjoy coffee when they wake up in the morning.

  • Personalized Posters: You can choose a cool picture of you and your friends to print on a poster. It is best to choose high-quality paper that can resist fade. Thus, your friend can keep it for a long time with less damage.

  • Personalized Fleece Blankets: If you seek gifts for your best friends that are heart-melting, permanent, unique, and memorable, custom fleece blankets might be an ideal choice. You can choose blankets with cute images about friends and meaningful friendship quotes.

  • Personalized T-shirts: Do you want to have a matching shirt with your nearest and dearest pals? Friendship Day will be a great occasion to do that. You can give your friends personalized T-shirts printed with your names, quotes, or images you want.

2. Sending Friendship Quotes

Another great way to celebrate this special day is sending quotes about friendship to your friends through messages and social media channels.

Here are some meaningful friendship quotes you can consider adding to your post or text or personalized gifts.

1. Sisters Forever, Never Apart. Maybe In Distance But Never At Heart

This quote, "Sisters Forever, Never Apart. Maybe In Distance But Never At Heart", works best for a group of girlfriends who live apart from each other. The words tell how much you miss and appreciate your pals. We are pretty sure your buddies will love it.

2. We Are Like A Really Small Gang

This quote, "We Are Like A Really Small Gang", will warm your friends' hearts and remind you of the time you and your friends share together. It might be the time you and your friends played games together or hung out during the happy hour.

3. Friends Don't Let Friends Do Silly Things Alone

You probably used to do stupid yet fun things like yelling out loud or making funny faces in front of the camera with your friends and burst into laughter together.

"Friends Don't Let Friends Do Silly Things Alonemakes you guys have unforgettable memories. Never be ashamed when doing silly things as they can give you an incredible time together.

4. That's What We Do We Hang Out We Drink, And We Know Things

After reading this "That's What We Do We Hang Out We Drink, And We Know Thingsquote, we are pretty sure you will remember the memories you happily drank and told everything in life. At that time, you did not mind how the future would be but just enjoyed the moment.

5. Side By Side Or Miles Apart, Sisters Will Always Be Connected By Heart

This quote, "Side By Side Or Miles Apart, Sisters Will Always Be Connected By Heart", is perfect for telling best friends or sisters how much you love her. Gift your BFF with a coffee mug, T-shirt, blanket printed with this quote.

Friendship Day's Activities

You can also enjoy Friendship Day with exciting activities. We’ll show you how to celebrate Friendship Day with the interesting ideas below:

1. Sending Greeting Cards

Why don't you send a lovely note or card to express your feelings to your friends? Put your thoughts into words and tell them how they are meant to you.

international friendship day activities

It is a great way to reminisce about the good old days and appreciate the presence of your loved ones throughout the trying times in your life.

2. Joining A Painting Workshop

Let's seek a painting workshop to register with your besties. It is a perfect opportunity to unwind and have fun together. You might be surprised at your unexplored talents.

things to do in national friendship day

3. Having Drinks Together

You and your friends have met each other for a while, haven't you? Why not change things and plan an outing to drink with your friends on International Friendship Day to make new memories and share laughs together.

drink in friendship day

4. Sleepover

You can invite your pals over for a fun sleepover! It is best to rent several good movies, arrange for cold drinks, chocolates, chips and plan out exciting games for the night! If possible, you can bring some fleece blankets outside and chill by gazing at the starry night sky.

meaning of international friendship day

5. A DIY Photo Book

On this day, you can include lovely photos, poetry, and quotes telling your buddies how special they are in a friendship book. It is a DIY cute gift you can give to your special friends.

6. A Night Out For Dinner

If you are busy, it is ideal to go out for dinner. Remember to dress up to the nines and have fun together with something different like a music night after dinner.

dinner with buds in friendship day 2021

7. Picnic And Sports

Another great idea is planning a special picnic on this day. It is suitable for people of all ages.

If you and your friends love adventure, you can plan activities like boating, going to the beach, river rafting, golf, and bowling. We’re sure you and your buddies will have a great time together!

activities for friendship day

Final Thoughts

That's all about our article on Friendship Day. In a nutshell, we love to recognize the importance of friendship. In addition to our family, friends play a meaningful and indispensable role in your life.

Together we can help each other become better versions of ourselves and enhance our spirits, especially when life is full of ups and downs. It is imperative to express your thoughts, feelings, and how your pals are meant to you.

Even when you live far from your buddies, you can send long distance friendship gifts for them. This small gesture shows your love, care and appreciation for your nearest and dearest friends. Anyway, we hope you and your friends will have a happy time together!

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