Top 10 Gift Ideas for Dad Who Wants Nothing that You Shouldn't Miss!


Last updated: Mar 25, 2022

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Top 10 Gift Ideas for Dad Who Wants Nothing that You Shouldn't Miss!

Dad is the one who always accompanies you throughout your childhood and guides you to grow up to be good people. He teaches you to be courageous and kind, to be mature, and overcome all challenges of life.

Do you want to express your gratitude towards your great Dad, but don’t know where to start? Giving gifts indeed is one of the most effective ways. Yet, many find it hard as our father tends to have everything already.

Let us share this concern with you with our list of gift ideas for dad who wants nothing!

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What Do You Get a Dad Who Has Everything?

Father’s a person who has had lots of experiences in life and surely has already got everything he needs.

He likes to keep things for himself, including all his thoughts and feelings. So, how can we, as his beloved kids, show him our gratitude?

One of the best ways is giving gifts.

However, is giving gifts alone sufficient? And is it hard finding gifts for a father who’s considered wants nothing?

It’s a yes unless there’s something unique & special to make him smile. Given this context, we suggest that personalized gifts would come as an extremely suitable choice.

Why is that?

  1. Personalized gifts always show the uniqueness that few other presents have. You‘ll have the chance to choose and adjust all the characteristics and make it the one and only. This way, you won’t have to worry if it fits your dad.

  2. A customizable item will be a surprise and delight for him. No matter whether he has everything or not, he’ll love and use it. Each gift also contains the sender's affection, expressing love and gratitude for the recipient’s sacrifice.

So, scroll down with us and find some gifts for dad who wants nothing ideas to help you convey the best message to your dad!

10 Heartfelt Gifts Ideas for Dad Who Has Everything

This list of presents for dad who has everything consists of personalized gifts. We’re sure you will find something for you in the 10 exclusive items below!

For more options available, simply browse the following collections: Personalized gifts for dad.

#1. “Father & Son - Best Friends for Life” Mug

If you’re confused about a gift that can show your bond with your dad, then there will be nothing more appropriate than a personalized mug with the quote "Father & Son - Best Friend For Life". It's one of the best gift ideas for dad who has everything over time.

The mug features a scene of you and your dad silently sitting and enjoying the view side-by-side. The quote shows that not only is your father, but he is also the one who shares all moments of life with you. And in turn, you’re willing to do the same with him!

father and son mug - gifts for dad who wants nothing
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#2. Family Album over The Years

People have long used albums to store printed photos. Why don't you take advantage of this to create a photo album of your dad?

After carefully printing all the best photos of your dad, insert them into the album, and write your words of love on the side. That’s also a great way so that every time your father turns a page of this album, he’ll always feel satisfied with your love.

A Family Album for dad
A Family Album for dad (Source: Arco Album - Etsy)

#3. “You Can’t Scare Me - I Have… Children” T-shirt

Why don’t you add some cute elements to birthday gifts for dad who has everything? We highly recommend the personalized shirt with the quote "You can't scare me - I have 6 children".

It’ll be a present that can make your dad fall in love at first sight.

We sketches your family picture with a witty but equally meaningful brushstroke. In the middle of the shirt is your father with 6 cute children around, which creates a harmonious and loving family.

Below is a cute quote that we’re sure your dad will have to laugh at the humor it brings.

family t shirt - gifts for dad who has everything
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#4. Digital Camera

Choosing gifts for those who want nothing is indeed a difficult task. Let’s make it easy by choosing a camera to give him! With this camera, your dad can do a dozen things related to preserving your family's memories.

A Digital Camera
A Digital Camera (Source: KODAK - Amazon)

Sometimes the work is too tiring, taking pictures will also entertain him and let him forget some of the fatigue after a busy day. A camera is a useful tool & also one of those gift ideas for dad who wants nothing, which can express your love for your dad.

Browse our Personalized Gifts for Dad and start creating a little surprise that makes him smile ear to ear!

banner personalized gifts for dad

#5. “The Love Between Father & Daughters is Forever” Blanket

Among the best gift ideas for dad who has everything, a blanket symbolizes love & protection between us all, and it’s suitable if you want to express this love to your dad.

Let's make him happy by giving him this present this holiday! The blanket includes a drawing of your dad and his daughters hugging each other very closely.

The quote "Love between a father & daughters is forever" is not a long quote, but it's enough to contain all the words you want to say to your dad. No matter what happens, the love of father and daughter will never change.

father and daughter blankets - presents for dad who has everything
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  • Our Personalized Blankets Collection will give you more brilliant ideas for your dad to keep him warm when it comes to a cold day!

#6. Bedroom Lamp

Night light with soft yellow light will be a good idea. For a long time, night lights have been chosen as gifts to express affection. A night light is an object that illuminates at night, making the user's sleep more beautiful. Therefore, giving a night light implies that you love and want to protect your father even in his sleep.

Bedroom Lamps
Bedroom Lamps (Source: HAITRAL - Amazon)

#7. “This is My Couch - Go Sit Over There” Pillow

A cute gift will surely help dispel fatigue, and fill your father with positive energy. If you're also looking for such gifts for dad who wants nothing, please consider this personalized throw pillow.

On top of that, you’ll see a picture of a small dog lazily lying on the sofa. Its face looks as if it wants to say, "This is my couch, go sit over there". If you feel the positive energy, express it to your dad by giving him this present!

a funny dog pillow - birthday gifts for dad who has everything
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#8. Ornamental Plant

A gift for the dad who has everything seems to put you in trouble. Now, everything will be easier if you try a pot of ornamental plants as a gift idea for dad who has everything and wants nothing.

Men often deeply love ornamental plants, so we’re sure your dad will be very surprised & love it. Write your wishes on the pot of this ornamental plant.

Every time he looks at this tree, his heart will be filled with good feelings.

Garden Plant & Ceramic Pots
Garden Plant & Ceramic Pots (Source: La Jolíe Muse - Amazon)

#9. “Dad, The Man The Myth The Legend…” Canvas

A large decorative canvas is also among great Father’s Day gifts for dad who has everything. Here we introduce another home canvas product for dad, saying, "Dad the man - the myth, the legend- You are the best dad ever".

You’re offered a family digital art of a father & his children sitting together intimately. By giving him this gift, you’re indicating that he’s the greatest of all time in your eyes.

The quote expresses how you look up to him and how he will forever be in your heart.

family canvas - gift ideas for dad who has everything
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10. A Card for Holiday

Let’s make it traditional by giving him a card with meaningful sayings inside. It's not a bad idea to buy an available card at the stores. If you want, you can design a new one just for dad. Once everything is ready, give him your best wishes. You can even pair it with one of the above items for a better effect.

A Holiday Card with 2 foxes
A Holiday Card (Source: SkippingFox - Etsy)


Some Last Words!

Finding the best gift ideas for dad who wants nothing is indeed never an easy task. Nevertheless, his day will be wonderful if you give a gift with the meaning of showing your love to him.

With the top 10 suggestions, we believe that you’ll choose the best option for your hard-to-please father. Let's make his day with your present!

Good luck!

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