How to Hang a Canvas? Easy Step-by-step Guide that Works


Last updated: Aug 27, 2021

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How to Hang a Canvas? Easy Step-by-step Guide that Works

Your home decor cannot be perfect if you leave your wall blank. A blank wall can bring you the feeling of emptiness and how about stunning wall art? Yes, you will receive satisfaction and happiness when enjoying the beauty.

When you read this article, Gossby knows that you’re owning some pieces of art like canvas prints, so the question is: how to hang a canvas?

No idea?

Then, follow our steps on the best way to hang a canvas below and get the job expertly done. It won’t take your time.

What to Prepare for Hanging a Canvas?

You’re about to be given detailed preparation when it comes to designing your wall art. Don’t let you wait so long, here we go!

Before You Start

A canvas print is available in many sizes & styles and the mechanism you’re going to use is depending on its size.

For instance:

  • With small canvas prints (below the size of 16” x 16”), it can be simply supported by a single nail on the wall with a saw tooth bracket on the top rail of the frame.

  • With larger canvas prints, a hanging wire linked to the side of the frame is the best way to proceed. To maintain stability, the art wire or string can take the additional weight off the frame.

hanging canvas

Take into account the walls you choose for framing as well. If your walls are made of concrete or brick, you may need to enlist the assistance of a professional to drill holes in them.

However, for drywalls, you can easily follow the procedures below and have your new wall décor up in minutes.

Equipment's Checklist

Make sure you have all these essential tools below:

  • Pencil

  • Screwdriver measuring tape or ruler

  • Spirit level wall protection pads

  • Screwdriver 

  • Spirit level 

  • Hammer

  • Nails

equipment to hang a canvas

Aside from those necessary items, you will require extra fittings such as screws, saw tooth hangers, wire, and eye hooks, depending on the size of your canvas frame.

Where to Hang Your Canvas?

While hanging a canvas, many people tend to eyeball the frame placement. It’s a big mistake causing the estimation to become apartments, with the frame being too high or too low.

So, how to deal with it?

A basic rule of thumb for framing is to keep the photos at eye level, especially if you intend to hang them above your bed or sofa.

Allow at least 6 inches of breathing room between the bottom of the canvas print and the head of the furniture.

You can also use the museum's recommendations to determine the correct eye level

How to Hang a Canvas with 4 Steps?

After the preparation, we now discover the way of hanging a canvas like a pro.

Step 1: Mark the Wall

Using a pencil, mark the location. Remember to estimate how high the top of the canvas’s frame should be from the wall, multiply the canvas center number by 57.

Mark the wall to hang canvas

Step 2: Hammer the Wall Hook into the Marked Point

Nail the hook into the pencil marks you've made on the wall. Hammering the nail at a little slant ensures that the majority of the weight is supported by the wall.

Hammer the Wall Hook into the Marked Point

Step 3: Attach Your Bracket to the Canvas's Backside

It should be placed on the back of your canvas. It's up to you whether you want it at the top or on the sides. Screw the bracket into place using your screwdriver.

Attach Your Bracket to the Canvas's Backside to hang a canvas

Step 4: Hang it

Take a step back. Is it fit? Make any necessary changes. And, if you have one, check it with a spirit level.

hang canvas

How to Hang a Canvas without a Frame?

When you find personalized canvas ideas at Gossby, you’ll notice that the frame is not included. So, how to hang an unframed canvas? Here is your answer.

  • Step 1: install two eye hooks on both sides of the stretcher bars first. By wriggling them a little, you can ensure that it is strong enough.

  • Step 2: cut a thin wire and attach the ends to both eyehooks. For added strength, always use a thin wire. Strings degrade with time and might cause harm to the painting if they break.

  • Step 3: decide where you want to put your canvas on your wall. If you don't have a separate gallery, the living room wall is an excellent place to exhibit your artwork. It should be hung at eye level so that visitors can completely appreciate the artwork.

  • Step 4: After deciding on a location on your wall, ensure the canvas is exactly level. A tiny spirit level bar is a simple trick. The paintings will remain in place and will not tip over in any direction.

  • Step 5: remember to always know the center points of an unframed painting before hanging it. Even if you don't have a spirit level to help you, you'll find it easy to level the canvas this way.

hang a canvas without frame
Our "Friend Don't Let Friends Do Silly Things Alone" canvas
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Hey! Are you wondering why Gossby doesn’t include the frame? Let’s check.

What is the Benefit of Unframed Canvas?

Traditional painters may be biased when it comes to utilizing frames in their paintings because it is an important element of the traditional creative process. If you are a conventional artist with a strong preference for frames, knowing how to hang an unframed canvas painting might open up new options for you.

Simply said, it adds a new dimension to your artwork and allows it to interact with its environment. Many interior designers use unframed canvases to adorn blank walls. It is not only less expensive than framed canvases, but it is also quicker to produce.

How to Hang a Canvas without Nails?

Extra guide for you. If you’re looking for a way to hang a canvas without nails or screws, go for adhesive stripes.

You'll need to know the weight of your canvas (if you want to do it correctly) so that the adhesive strips you choose can hold the picture up.

You'll need four sticky strips, one for each corner of the art. However, on huge canvases, you may require more.

hang a canvas without nails


  • It is best to use adhesive strips indoors because they may deteriorate if used outside.

  • Don't use adhesive strips to put canvas over your bed because this is your first test.

  • Do not hang the photo as wallpaper since it will not last long.

So, here are the procedures for hanging a canvas without nails:

  • Step 1: Take a measurement and use a pencil to mark each top corner to ensure you get the proper place. You may also use a level to ensure that it remains straight.

  • Step 2: Apply adhesive strips to all four corners of the wood frame. However, depending on the size, you can add extra in each corner as needed.

  • Step 3: Align the canvas with the pencil marks on the wall and gently press it in place. Examine the directions provided by the maker of your adhesive strip to verify you haven't overlooked anything.

Tips for Hanging a Canvas

Tip 1


  • When hanging big individual works, aim for “eye-level” or slightly lower - about 57 - 60 degrees from the floor to the middle of the canvas.

  • Once you’ve made up your mind on your “house height”, just stick to it to create flow in your space.


  • Don’t hang a single canvas way up by the ceiling, even if you’re tall because it makes your living space feel claustrophobic.

Tip 2


  • Hanging a row of canvas in different sizes, align them at their center points.


  • Don’t line up a row of canvas by the tops or bottoms.


The Bottom Line!

Ugly holes and nails protruding excessively from the wall might detract from your stunning room. However, with the correct tips and methods on how to hang canvas paintings perfectly with and without nails, you will be able to restore or maintain the attractiveness of your house.

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