20 Brilliant Canvas Ideas to Make Your Wall more Aesthetic


Last updated: Aug 26, 2021

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20 Brilliant Canvas Ideas to Make Your Wall more Aesthetic

Suppose there are too many spaces on your plain, vacant walls at home; what can you do to fill them? Our option is to take captivating canvas ideas and turn these walls into art masterpieces.

Choose any ideas that make a bold mark out of your art taste and immediately impress your visitors. Your mood can also be lifted by seeing beautiful works of art around the house every day.

Without a doubt, Gossby bet that a canvas is a worthwhile piece of decoration that any homeowner can invest in with a low budget. This article suggests a wide range of ideas for you to consider for this project.

10 Best Canvas Art Ideas

This list includes 10 amazing canvas art ideas to hang on your bedroom, living room, or kitchen walls through generations. It ranges widely from simple themes to abstract ideas - all of which are highly aesthetic.

Since the options are all too tempting, it is up to you to decide which art concept suits your overall house decoration the most. You will be amazed by how a small work of art can brighten up an entire wall corner.

1. Personalized Canvas

The first choice you should consider is definitely a personalized art canvas. You get to decide the number of your family members, how you look, customize your names, and choose a nice quote.

personalized canvas art ideas
Our "Every Moment, Thank God" canvas
buy wrapped canvas at Gossby

Even if you buy the piece for personal use or as a present for your loved ones, we are certain that it would make a mind-blowing impression. A personalized canvas about family is truly loving and thoughtful.

Not only is the customized canvas an artwork that reflects your own taste, but it is also a treasured keepsake about good memories with your family. Therefore, it will become a valuable decoration in your home.

2. Gold Chevron Canvas

What do you think you can improvise with a blank white canvas? Get some dazzling bronze tape to create interesting zig-zag line stencils on this surface. We believe it would turn out a high-impact artwork.

Gold Chevron Canvas ideas

3. Sectioned Canvas Wall Art

If you have a nature photo that you enjoy looking at (such as flowers, the sky, etc.), consider becoming a crafter and printing it out. Divide the picture into smaller canvas prints and hang them on your wall.

Sectioned Canvas Wall Art ideas

However, you may not trust your guts that much to complete such a project. No need to worry because you can make use of an online split photo template for canvas art printing instead, which is extremely easy to follow!

4. Children’s Handprint Canvas

Although you may already be familiar with handprint art, have you ever tried creating it yourself and scanning it into a canvas? The example above shows how the whole family can join this project and make an unforgettable memory with one another.

Children’s Handprint Canvas

5. Art Hearts Canvas

Heart shapes in all colors never get old - we suggest you cut out as many shapes in different colors as possible, then stick them on a blank canvas in order. They look like a colorful box of crayons on the wall!

Art Hearts Canvas

6. Concentric Circle Canvas

Everyone would be immediately attracted to such a canvas with colorful circles. Despite having an abstract inspiration, this canvas is not difficult to do. With some simple steps, you will have aesthetically pleasing concentric circles that will light up your kitchen.

Concentric Circle Canvas

7. Stripes Canvas

Not a fan of zig-zag lines on wall art? You can use colored tape and some paint to make multiple stripes on the canvas instead. If your furniture also has stripe patterns, this idea would be too good to be true.

Stripes Canvas art ideas

8. Pet Art Canvas

Another brilliant option in making a stencil is to cut out the shape of your favorite animal from any photo and create a series of small patterned canvases. Also, you can use the convenient paw print for less hassle.

the best art canvas ideas
Our "You Had Me at Meow" canvas
Shop with Gossby

9. Calendar Art Canvas

What happens to your old calendar books? Rather than seeing them as leftover paper, why don’t you choose a theme, cut relevant items out of this calendar, and put them on multiple canvases for wall decor?

Calendar Art Canvas

In addition, we believe these eye-catching canvas pieces would look outstanding in any commercial setting, such as a fashion boutique. So feel free to apply this idea outside your personal space at home.

10. Abstract Groucho Marx Art Canvas

This work of art requires you to swirl a large paintbrush around on a canvas surface with dexterity. It will be a fantastic home decoration based on the abstract concept with enough depth to make visitors wonder.

Abstract Groucho Marx Art Canvas

10 Best Canvas Painting Ideas

Apart from the beautiful artworks above, you also want to check out the following top 10 finest canvas painting ideas. You can practice painting with different materials and light up plain walls with these genius ideas.

Although the following painting may appear complicated at first, your practice and patience will make every drawing line a breeze. Be confident and proud that you are creating wall art for your home!

1. Sunset Painting Canvas

When it comes to easy painting ideas that every beginner should begin with, we will not hesitate to recommend the sunset view. The cotton candy sunset will add so much fun to a blank wall.

Sunset Painting Canvas ideas

2. Portrait Painting Canvas

Most people are intimidated by the thought of painting portraits, which we find quite understandable considering its whole complexity. Not everyone is confident enough to work on a complete portrait.

Portrait Painting Canvas

However, proper online instructions from professional artists will guide you on drawing a full portrait with oil from a reference image. Believe us - the result will be over the roof with people praising your talent.

3. Abstract Floral Painting Canvas

The truth is - painting a canvas about flowers is not necessarily to look life-like to reach true beauty. Feel free to be as creative as you can, putting a unique spin on any floral painting to draw an abstract bouquet.

Abstract Floral Painting Canvas ideas

4. Bison In The Mist Painting Canvas

The animal theme is quite popular for small artworks. You want to learn to apply fine brush stroke techniques and blend strong-looking bison on the canvas into a vague, misty background for living room decor.

Bison In The Mist Painting Canvass

5. Urban Scene Painting Canvas

What sounds more exciting than painting an urban scene in Italy on your own (with skilled instructions, of course) and hanging the canvas on your wall? Both starters and experienced painters can achieve it.

Urban Scene Painting Canvas

6. Butterfly Painting Canvas

This idea also relates to nature and animals, but it will be a beautiful butterfly on your painting canvas. Undeniably, it is one of the most charming creatures in nature to be drawn and hung in your house.

Butterfly Painting Canvas

7. Cupcake Painting Canvas

To be honest, we cannot think of anything more tempting than a canvas painting of a cupcake in your kitchen. That is why you can steal this idea to start drawing a strawberry cupcake with oil paint right now!

Cupcake Painting Canvas

8. Mountain Sky Painting Canvas

If you already have a stunning canvas with snow-capped mountains, it is best to add some extra wispy clouds to the painting canvas. This will be a simple but impressive wall decoration on your living room wall.

Mountain Sky Painting Canvas

9. Christmas Tree Painting Canvas

If Christmas is right around the corner, painting a Christmas-themed art canvas is certainly a brilliant idea. A colorful Christmas tree would fit even the lowest budget and still look amazing as a canvas on this holiday.

Christmas Tree Painting Canvas

10. Mushroom Painting Canvas

At a beginner’s level with a desire to improve your drawing skills on canvas, we offer this idea to draw a woodland mushroom. It is easy for almost everyone to follow and captures much attention in the room.

Mushroom Painting Canvas ideas

Canvas Ideas At Gossby

We love the fact that at Gossby, there are tons of different canvas ideas available for you to choose from, such as memorials, animals, family, couples, etc. The possible theme is endless for a variety of occasions.

The best thing is you can customize your design and choose the personal quote or message you wish to deliver in each item. This personalized canvas will help you save beautiful memories throughout life.

canvas ideas at Gossby
Our "Friends Don't Let Friends Do Silly Things Alone" canvas
Shop canvas at Gossby
Therefore, a lot of customers have trusted Gossby to create their customized canvas for home wall hanging. It is absolutely your turn to try designing your own canvas at Gossby and bring home this trophy!

Go with Gossby and start customizing your canvas art now!

banner personalized canvas

Final Thought!

In summary, besides the mentioned canvas ideas for both art and printing above, remember that you can create a canvas from your own photos. That is why you should contact Gossby for this service.

We hope our suggestions in this article are inspiring and helpful for your next wall decoration project at home. Do not forget to prioritize the personalized option for the best experience in artworks and your character.

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