20 Best Daughter Quotes & Sayings that Will Touch Your Little Princess's Heart


Last updated: Oct 07, 2021

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20 Best Daughter Quotes & Sayings that Will Touch Your Little Princess's Heart

Having daughters is one of the most wonderful moments in anyone's life. Parents have endless ways to express their deep love for their little girls. For instance, a parent's love can be conveyed via gifts, tattoos, hugs, or even some cute cards with lovely quotations for the lovely daughters. 

Although the expressions of fathers and mothers towards their daughters are not the same, their love is the same. Mom will probably be the one who will tell the world out loud how much she loves her girl. Yet, fathers are the opposite; they prefer to use actions to show affection for their sweet daughter.

If you likewise have a wine girl, show her your love as much as you can. Let’s refer to the list of meaningful daughter quotes below to say these sweet words to her!

10 Daughter Quotes From Parents 

Most parents will choose to give their precious child gifts. Still, a typical gift alone is too trivial! Why not send touching quotes & messages for your daughter that can stay in her mind for a lifetime?

Besides sending cards, you can also consider printing daughter sayings on personalized gifts for daughters. It is both a meaningful gift and helps you express your love to your wine girl!

05 Daughter Sayings From Mom

As a caring and caring mother, you want to give your daughter loving words every day. Once in a while, you may get stuck thinking about daughter quotes from mom for sure. Let’s scroll down to refer to the helpful daughter quotes list below. It will certainly include what you need!

1. “Like Mother Like Daughters.”

The closeness between mother and daughter can improve thanks to the similarities between the two of you significantly. To be more specific, this saying also expresses that you are proud of who she is, and the connection between you and her has been engraved inside your two blood veins.

Like Mother Like Daughters - best daughter quotes

2. “You Are My Little Princess.”

Sometimes, love is simply conveyed via those loving nicknames you call your daughter. Calling her princess shows her how much you love and appreciate her! This saying also plays a role as a reminder that no matter how old she is, she will always be the little princess in her mother’s heart. This is one of the sweetest daughter quotes on the list!

You are my Little Princess - best daughter sayings

3. “Mother & Daughters Forever Linked Together.”

The third saying on this daughter quotes list is “Mother & Daughters forever linked together.” Despite its simplicity, the quotation can still convey its loving message!

Mother & Daughters Forever Linked Together - daughter quotes from mom

By sending her this quote, she can realize that you are always by her side no matter what happens. You will be the one that she can always trust and entrust her secret to.


Do you want to tell your daughter that you are a great mom but will also be a best friend whenever she needs one? If so, this quote will help you express your deep affection and desire to share with her. Indeed, this is one of those straightforward yet sweet daughter quotes of all time.

First my Mother forever my friend - the best daughter sayings from mom

5. “The Love Between A Mother And Daughters Is Forever.”

Looking for touching daughter quotes for your little angel? The quote “The Love Between A Mother And Daughters Is Forever” is one of the best suggestions that surely make your daughter move and melt her heart. Similarly, as the link between mother and daughter, the love you give her is endless!

The Love between a Mother and Daughters is forever - cute daughter quotes

05 Daughter Sayings From Dad

Just like your mom, a dad is also a person who loves his daughter unconditionally. However, it seems that the father is the one who rarely shows affection in front of his daughter, as he will be more action-oriented than ever.

Every daughter loves to hear their father's sentimental messages. If you have a lovely daughter, don't hesitate to show her your affection. With the list of the nicest daughter quotes from dad, you can find countless ways to express words from the bottom of your heart to her!

1. “The Love Between A Father And Daughter Is Forever.”

Whether mother or father, the love for a daughter is always full, you want to tell your lovely girl that you cherish her, but you are just too shy to show it? This saying will be the best solution in this case! After receiving this message, she will know how much you love her despite how rigid and strict her dad normally seems to be!

The Love Between A Father And Daughter Is Forever - daughter quotes from dad

2. “You Can't Scare Me I Have Three Daughters.”

Is there any quote for a funny dad to choose? Sure, one of the best choices is this quote “You can’t scare me, I have three daughters”. When she receives the gift with this laughable message from you, she will surely be happy all day!

You Can't Scare Me I Have Three Daughters - daughter sayings from dad

Aside from being entertaining, it's also meant to inform the world that no one can let you down because your daughter is always there to support you. She will be cheerful to be your fulcrum!

3. “There Is No Place Higher Than On Daddy’s Shoulders.”

Do you want to evoke your daughter's fond childhood memories? The saying “There Is No Place Higher Than On Daddy’s Shoulders” must rank first in the list of daughter quotes recommendations.

There is no place higher than on Daddys shoulders - quotes about daughter

This is also a beautiful metaphor, which means you - her dad is the most solid spiritual support for her. In this way, your girl will know that you are always there for her and by her side to keep her motivated every time she slips.

4. “Dad, No Matter How Big I Get. I Will Always Reach For You”

No matter how grown-up your daughter is, she is still your little girl in your heart. This meaningful message will be on behalf of you to remind her about the love from your bottom for your adorable daughter. No one can compare to her place in your mind!

I will always reach for you - best sayings about daughter

5.” Happiness Is Being A Dad."

Having a daughter is one of the most wonderful and memorable moments. The daughter is the gift that God has given you to lighten up your life. She makes you become the happiest dad ever in the world. The joy she brings for you is incomparable.

Happiness Is Being A Dad - quotes about daughter from dad

You can make this quotation much more meaningful by adding it to the custom item. This will be one of the most treasured presents she’s got in her life.

personalized family gifts

05 Daughter Quotes For Her Birthday

Your daughter is a gift from God to you. You love her more than anything in the world. Therefore, her birthday is a great time to show your love and appreciation for your dear daughter.

This list of daughter quotes for birthdays will offer you the most beautiful messages for her.

1. “Wish You Have The Bright Future, Our Beautiful Daughter.”

If it’s her 18th birthday, this birthday quote means a lot to her. When hearing these words, she feels more motivated and grateful for what you do for her.

Wish You Have The Bright Future, Our Beautiful Daughter

2. “Wish You Achieve All Your Goals, Our Lovely Daughter.”

This seems to be a word of encouragement, a reminder to her that she can always keep moving forward because she always has your support.

Wish You Achieve All Your Goals, Our Lovely Daughter

3. “Happy Birthday To Our Little Princess Who Rules Our Heart.”

From the moment your daughter came into this world, she has held your heart. Tell her how important she is in your soul with this quote. Surely, her big day becomes even more special with this loving quote accompanied by a gift!

Happy Birthday To Our Little Princess Who Rules Our Heart

4. “Chase Your Aspirations, Discover Adventure, And Enjoy Your Special Day.”

Your cheering support is a great motivator for her to achieve her goals. As a parent, you also want your daughter to be successful in life. This quote will help you to show not only your love but also your strong support for her.

Chase Your Aspirations, Discover Adventure, And Enjoy Your Special Day

She will surely be delighted and touched to know that you are always on her side. Hence, this will be a great motivation for her to strive to pursue her dream constantly.

5. “Happy Birthday, Our Daughter! You Are Our Pride, Our Love, And Our Everything.”

Your daughter is more precious than anything in this world. The moment she comes into your life, you realize she is much more cherished than “precious” words. This message may be one of the most softhearted quotations from the list of birthday daughter quotes.

Happy Birthday, Our Daughter! You Are Our Pride, Our Love, And Our Everything

05 I Love My Daughter Quote

Aside from saying “We love you” to express your love to your dear daughter, there are several ways to show your deep affection. Let’s consider the following I love my daughter quotes below to warm up your parents-daughter relationship.

1. “You Will Forever Be Our Sweet Baby Girl.”

You always want to protect your daughter whether she is young or when she is an adult. In your heart, she will always be a lovely baby. Tell her that through this sentence so that she understands your fortitude.

You Will Forever Be Our Sweet Baby Girl

2. “You Are The Most Precious Thing To Us!”

If actions can't express what you mean by how valuable your daughter is, this quote will help. When she receives a small gift from you with this message, she certainly knows that she is the happiest girl on this earth.

You Are The Most Precious Thing To Us

3. “You Are The Daughter Of Our Dreams.”

The arrival of your daughter is the realization of your happy dream. That little girl is the most successful you will ever achieve. She will be very blissful to know that she is the biggest happiness in her parent’s life!

You Are The Daughter Of Our Dreams

4. “No Matter How Old You Get, Remember That You Will Always Be Our Little Girl.”

When your daughter comes into the adult world, she may feel stressed and unmotivated at times. Let her know that you are the people who always wait for her and are willing to open your arms to hold her tight! The quote seems simple but extremely powerful and heart-warming.

No Matter How Old You Get, Remember That You Will Always Be Our Little Girl

5. “We Want You To Know What Our Treasures Are.”

There are several ways to tell your dear daughter that she is irreplaceable in your heart, which can be compared as the greatest “treasures” of your lifetime. This quote will convey this lovely idea to her!

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Bonus: How Can You Express Your Love To Your Daughter?

The relationship between parents and daughter is unbounded without a doubt. Yet, finding the best ways to express this unconditional love to your daughter is pretty hard sometimes.

How can you convey to your beloved daughter the love and care via actions, then?

1. Hug Your Daughter More

Apart from love saying like “We love you,” physical touch like a hug also has certain motivation for kids at any age. Especially for teenagers, physical reassurance is essential. This action will tighten the relationship between parents and their kids.

2. Listen To Your Daughter

Whether your daughter is right or wrong, always listen to her story before making judgments. She will feel more empathetic than ever. In this way, your child will be willing to correct the mistake if it is her fault.

3. Have Fun Together

Playing games together is a great way to enter the world of children. Spending a lot time with her as much as possible will help strengthen your relationship.

4. Create Some Special Routine Together

It sounds a bit complicated to do this way, but it's the opposite. Just by spending some time doing some activities together, like baking every weekend, your little girl will feel like you are her soul mate.

5. Support Your Daughter Even When She Fails

Let your daughter know that you love her even when she is imperfect; always be the biggest supporter for her! Express that you are proud of her for being responsible. Then, support her in finding ways to correct her mistakes instead of scolding her.

6. Ask Your Daughter’S Opinion On Family Decision

Asking your daughter's opinion is a way to show that you value her opinions, which increases her feelings of security and belonging.

Bottom Line! 

All the above recommendations of daughter quotes must have made your gifts more meaningful and unique. Even if it's not any special day, don't hesitate to show your affection for your precious daughter. The parents-daughter relationship will be nurtured daily thanks to these intimate words.

If you are thinking about what gift to give your daughter on special occasions, get this thought out of your head. That’s because you are the most precious present for her.

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