Housewarming Gifts Guide: Heartfelt Presents To Celebrate A New Home


Last updated: Nov 30, 2021

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Housewarming Gifts Guide: Heartfelt Presents To Celebrate A New Home

Your close friend or family just moved into their new home! How exciting. This is a fun time that is filled with housewarming shenanigans and other celebrations. It can be hard to find thoughtful housewarming gifts for a friend that has everything. 

Today, we will be exploring some exciting housewarming presents that are truly heartfelt. Your loved ones will cherish having such a meaningful gift to celebrate this exciting new step in their lives. 

Delightful Housewarming Gift Ideas

Here are 15 cute housewarming gift ideas to celebrate your friends new home:

1. A Cactus

Cactus plants make the perfect housewarming gift as they are very easy to care for. Decorative and adorable, these plants make great companions for one home. Plus, they are really difficult to kill, so even your least green-fingered friend will enjoy having them in their home. 

A cactus makes the perfect indoor plant since it doesn't require much attention to survive. (Source: Stephanie Harvey - Unsplash)

2. Astrological Cookbook

A cookbook is a lovely gift for your friend's kitchen. However, an astrological cookbook is a unique twist on a common present. Your friends are sure to love this one. 

Welcome your friends to their new home with a variety of new dishes to try! (Source: Heather Ford - Unsplash)

3. Welcome Mat

A welcome mat is a gorgeous addition to any home. This makes a lovely gift as it is often an afterthought and is a cute piece of decor. 

Every new home needs a new doormat! (Source: Andrew Neel - Unsplash)

4. Air Fryer

The world went wild for these over the past couple of years. An air fryer is a practical gift that will have your loved ones experimenting in the kitchen in no time. 

How about a new air fryer for your healthy friends? (Source: Kalisha Ocheni - Unsplash)

5. Nescafe Coffee Machine

Who doesn’t love a good cup of coffee to start their day? The Nescafe coffee machine offers delicious coffee to start every day with a smile. Giving one of these for a housewarming is a lovely gift they are sure to enjoy. 

A coffee machine will be the most practical housewarming gift ever! (Source: Nathan Dumlao - Unsplash)

6. Himalayan Salt Lamp

This aesthetic salt lamp offers a wealth of benefits and is a lovely addition to any room. Your friend will love this housewarming gift.

A salt lamp - that's something your friends won't expect to see. (Source: Omar Prestwich - Unsplash)

7. Personalized Throw Pillow

The best housewarming gifts are personalized ones. A personalized throw pillow is the perfect housewarming gift as it adds a thoughtful touch to any home decor. 

A nice pillow with customized touches will also melt your friend's heart.

8. Weighted Blanket

Snuggling a weighted blanket is a lovely way to end your day. Giving this housewarming gift is special as it will ensure your friends enjoy a cozy rest. Give a housewarming gift that offers lots of practicality by choosing a weighted blanket your friends will love. 

Maybe a cozy blanket to keep your friends warm all through winter? (Source: Kate Stone Matheson - Unsplash)

9. Geode Coasters

This trendy home decor is sure to be a loved housewarming gift. Cute and practical, these aesthetic coasters look great in any home. 

For those who really enjoy their cold drinks, pick up this magnificent coaster! (Source: Jene Yeo - Unsplash)

10. Statement Key Holder

This is a practical gift that is perfect for a housewarming. Provide your loved ones with a beautiful place to put their keys and save them many headaches in the future. With plenty of unique designs, there is sure to be one that is perfect for your friend.

New home, new keys. (Source: Jessica Yong - Unsplash)

11. Shoe Rack

Shoe racks are really practical and offer a great place for your friends to store their shoes. Shoe racks are often an afterthought in the home, so by gifting a shoe rack, you will be saving your friends and family many headaches in the future. 

If your friend's a sneaker-head, help them organize the stash with a nice shoe rack! (Source: Jakob Owens - Unsplash)

12. Cute Tea Towel Set

Cute tea towel sets are a lovely housewarming gift to give. Simple and practical, tea towels are a thoughtful gift that will finish off a kitchen. Your loved ones will enjoy receiving this housewarming gift.

A set of cute tea towels will finish up the kitchen of a new home. (Source: Erol Ahmed - Unsplash)

13. Blender

Blenders are super practical and will help make all of your friend's smoothie goals a reality. Gifting a blender for a housewarming present is a sure-fire way to land you in the host's good books. 

Every kitchen needs a blender! (Source: Nature Zen - Unsplash)

14. Diffuser

Diffusers smell great and offer many health benefits. This is a practical, thoughtful housewarming gift your loved ones will cherish.

The soothing scent from a diffuser will liven the living space of the new homeowners. (Source: Yawen Liao - Unsplash)

15. Google Home

A Google Home makes your life a lot easier. This home-helper will be loved by your friends and family due to its intuitive nature and practical application. This is a good housewarming gift to give you to your tech-savvy friends.

Here's something to get for the tech junkies! (Source: Dan Farrell - Unsplash)

Unfortunately, most of these items are generic and can be found anywhere. There’s a high risk of gift double-ups, and these gifts aren’t very unique. By shopping the above, you won’t be giving a personal, memorable gift your loved one will love.

Personalized Housewarming Gifts For The Win

That’s why we recommend personalized housewarming gifts. Memorable, affordable, and highly personal, customized items are the perfect housewarming gift for your loved ones. Your loved ones will feel so cherished when you provide them with practical, personalized housewarming gift ideas that you have designed just for them. 

Why Choose Personalized Gifts For Housewarming?

Personalized housewarming gifts are the best housewarming gifts for those who already have everything. Personalized gifts are unique and you are highly involved in the design process. Personalized housewarming gifts are truly given from the heart and will be cherished by your loved ones. 

Personalized gifts add another layer of meaning and thoughts to the items. (Source: Roberto Nickson - Unsplash)

A personalized housewarming gift is an inexpensive way to show just how much you care about your loved ones. You can buy personalized house-warming gifts online with ease and have a high-quality, affordable housewarming gift delivered to your doorstep instantly!

Shop Personalized House-Warming Gifts At Gossby

Gossby is a leading e-commerce retailer of personalized gifts. Here are 5 easy steps to purchase a wonderful gift from Gossby today!

#1 Choose A Base Design

To start with, browse Gossby’s extensive gift catalog and choose a base design that works for you. Gossby offers many beautiful designs that are sure to meet your needs. Some of our favorite designs include:

Life is Better With a Dogpersonalized mug: Animal lovers will love this beautiful customized mug to celebrate their furry friend.


Because of You I Laugh a Little Harder, Cry a Little less and Smile a Lot Morepersonalized ornament: Show your loved ones how much you care with this beautiful customized ornament.


There is No Greater Gift Than Sisterspersonalized mug: Celebrate your sisters and give a loving, thoughtful housewarming gift that they will cherish.


I Love You to the Moon and Backpersonalized blanket. This blanket is the perfect house-warming present for your animal lover friends. 


Cats are My Favourite People’ customized mug. This is a lovely housewarming gift for your cat lover friends and family. Practical and adorable, this mug is sure to be loved by your friends. 


#2 Customize Your Gift

Once you have decided on the base design for your personalized housewarming gifts, it’s time to tune it to match! You can add text, names and change the design of any people in your design with ease. Plus, you can add more people or fewer people to suit your needs. 

Each design offers different customization options. The ‘Cats are My Favourite People’ mug allows you to add up to 4 cats, add names and choose what quote you would like. 

The customization options with Gossby are pretty much endless. Start customizing your perfect housewarming gift for your loved ones today. 

#3 Preview

Preview your customized gift to make sure it meets your vision. You can always make changes to your design at this stage so that it is perfect. 

#4 Purchase

Purchase your gift. Gossby offers a range of secure payment options including PayPal and cards. 

#5 Relax And Wait

Now that your order is placed, all you have to do is wait for your gift to arrive at your door. Then you can give it to your loved ones with ease.

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It's A Wrap!

It’s important to give a housewarming gift that is unique, meaningful, and will be cherished by your loved ones. There are plenty of generic housewarming gifts you can give, but to truly give a thoughtful housewarming present your loved ones will enjoy, you should give a personalized housewarming gift.

Gossby makes giving personalized housewarming gifts a breeze. Simply log onto their site and start browsing their range of unique, professional designs today. 

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