15 Most Touching Grandchildren Quotes to Warm Your Kids' Hearts

Oct 05, 2021
15 Most Touching Grandchildren Quotes to Warm Your Kids' Hearts

Becoming a grandparent is perhaps one of the happiest and most memorable moments in a person's life. It makes you feel that your life is now almost fulfilled. 

Grandkids are blessings. They appear to your world to bring happiness and laughter to make your old hearts young again. If you plan to give gifts to your grandchildren, don't forget to add loving words. `

These messages will make your gift meaningful and unique with your style. Below is the list of nice grandchildren quotes you can refer to! Scroll down!

What Should You Say to Your Grandkid? 

It's great to have adorable little grandchildren. They will bring laughter, joy, and happiness to the whole family. However, there always seems to be a generation gap between grandparents and grandchildren. The age and generation gap can also cause misunderstandings between you and them.

Yet, regardless of how big the gap is, it is undeniable that grandparents endlessly love grandchildren unconditionally. If you find it difficult to express your feelings, you can refer to those grandkid quotes below to show your hearts to your adorable grandchildren!

1. “We Love You.”

Children are very innocent and pure, and what they need may be simpler than you imagine. Not all gorgeous gifts attract them, but sometimes just three brief words, "We love you," are enough to make their innocent hearts melt.

We Love You

In their minds, these words also mean the support and love that grandparents have for them. This support is extremely important to help children realize that they are forever in a strong connection with you.

2. “You Can Always Talk to Us About Anything.”

As shared earlier, a generation gap may exist between you and your grandkids to some extent. Find ways to break this gap by talking to them regularly, and let them know that you are always there to support and listen to their stories.

You Can Always Talk to Us About Anything

3. “I Am So Happy to Be Your Grandparent.”

This phrase seems simple but not always to express. Of course, you are happy to be their grandparent, but kids sometimes don't understand it. Tell them so that they can understand how much you love and value them!

I Am So Happy to Be Your Grandparent

4. “We Are So Proud of You.”

Always expressing pride to children is a great way to strengthen grandparent - grandchildren relationships. This saying is extremely motivating and stimulating for the kids, making them do better at what they’re accomplishing.

We Are So Proud of You

5. “Let Me Tell You About When I Was a Kid…”

If possible, make grandchildren feel like you are also their good friends. Start the conversation by saying, "Let me tell you about when I was a kid ..."

This statement is extremely powerful, especially when children make mistakes. They comprehend that their grandparents were just as naughty and made mistakes as they are. With this empathy, the bond between you and the children is stronger than ever!

Let Me Tell You About When I Was a Kid

Continue reading for more impressive grandchildren quotes with Gossby in the next section!

10 Grandchildren Quotes & Sayings Printed On Gifts At Gossby 

You can give your grandchild any present, even if it's not on a special occasion. Sometimes, this is a wonderful way to show your deep affection rather than clichés sayings.

When writing messages, you normally use cards. Yet, your grandkids may likely drop and lose them. The great alternative idea is to pick up personalized gifts. Here, quotes can be printed or engraved directly on presents, instead of cards or normal messages.

Here are the best quotes about grandchildren available in Gossby:

05 Granddaughter Quotes At Gossby

If you are stuck with ideas for meaningful messages for your granddaughters, the top 5 nice and meaningful family quotes marked on the Gossby grandma & granddaughter mug items will help you! Take a look and find out the best suited for your little kids.

1. “Life Is Just Better With GrandKids.”

Having grandnieces is a favor that God blesses you. They bring joy and excitement to the boring world of the old. That being said, it is not always easy to express love from the bottom of your heart...

Granddaughter Quotes At Gossby
"Life Is Better With GrandKids" quote is printed on a mug 
A gift with this meaningful quote printed on it will be a wise solution for you and other grandparents, too. You don’t need to say much, “We love you,” but the kids still feel your warmth.

2. “You Can't Scare Me, I Have Four Grandkids.”

Do you want to show your grandchildren that they are not only important but also powerful to you, especially mentally? You can convey your love to kids with this funny but meaningful quote.

the best grandkids quotes at Gossby
"You Can't Scare Me I Have Four Grandkids" quote is printed on a t-shirt

The kids will be aware of how essential they are in your life. You may not know that you are also one of the treasured people they cherish the most on the earth. Indeed, this is one of those lovely and warm-hearted grandchildren quotes.

3. “Grandkids Make Life More Grand.”

The innocence and cuteness of children is the most beautiful thing you have ever seen. Once in a while, a few of their quizzical sayings can make you laugh and revive your old heart. That’s why “Grandkids make life grander” is among the most delicate granddaughter quotes for your grandnieces.

this is a great grandkids saying
"Grandkids Make Life More Grand" quote is printed on a mug

4. “When God Made Grandkids He Gave Me The Best.”

Granddaughters are one of the greatest blessings God has given a benediction for you. The quote shows your appreciation for the messenger of God and your gratitude to him. There is no gift more special than the appearance of your little angels.

Gossby has so many quotes about grandchildren

5. “The Love Between Grandma & Grandkids Knows No Distance.” 

True love has no distance. This is true for all relationships, including those between grandparents and grandchildren. This message will smash the gap among generations and bring you and your grandchildren closer together! This is one of the most favorite grandchildren quotes of all time.

grandchildren quotes at Gossby

 05. Grandson Quotes at Gossby

Grandsons are naughty and disobedient at times, but that doesn't mean they love you less than granddaughter!

One of the ways to make grandchildren delighted and cheerful is to give presents accompanied by meaningful grandchildren quotes. Sending the quotation printed on the personalized gifts below will make them happier and feel more loved!

1. “Gigisaurus Like A Normal Grandma But More Awesome.” 

This quotation will make your grandkids laugh after reading it! The image of the gigisaurus is indeed familiar to all the small kids, which is a part of their childhood. By using this image, you can remind him most straightforwardly about your protection and love for him!

The best granddaughter quotes at Gossby

2. “I Don't Need Therapy, I Just Need To See My Grandkids.”

This quote must be one of the sweetest grandchildren quotes in the world. Your grandson will surely be touched due to the warmth and sincerity you put in the gift as well as the message. He will realize how important he is to you.

what are the best grandson quotes

When you are sick or tired, grandchildren are the best remedy that the creator gives you. Just seeing their happy smile will undoubtedly make you stronger than ever.

3. “God Knew My Heart Needed Love So He Sent Me My Grandkids.”

After years of ups and downs of life, gathering with children and grandkids is what grandparents look forward to the most.

grandparent quotes for grandchildren

Tell your grandchildren about this, then the gap between the two generations will be completely deleted. If you are shy to show affection, a gift with this saying is the best solution for you.

  • More options about personalized mugs can be found here!

4. “Grandpa & Grandkids Forever Linked Together.”

If you want to highlight the closeness between you and your grandson, this saying will be on the top of the list of grandson quotes.

grandchildren quotes printed on mugs

The quotation expresses a meaningful and dedicated relationship between you and your kids, which makes it an ideal but simplistic message that your grandchildren will favor. It will let him know that the link between you and him will never fade no matter how far you are away from him!

5. “Like Grandma Like Grandkids.”

Any similarity makes the relationship between grandparents and grandsons more close-knit. Why don't you create this analogy yourself?

grandkids quotes printed on mugs
"Like Grandma Like Grandkids" quote is printed on a mug

This quote is quite similar to the “Like father, like son”, right? It also conveys the same feeling as the bond between family members will last forever. With this quote along with a customized gift, children will regard grandparents as close friends. This quotation is in the list of must-pick grandparents and grandchildren quotes.

05 Other Great Grandkids Quotes to Express Your Love 

There is nothing as precious as the connection between grandparents and grandkids. Another collection of grandparent quotes for grandchildren is sure to aid you in describing how special your relationship is to both of you!

1. “My Grandkids Are My Favorite.”

Want to show your kids that they are always a priority in your heart? The idea is to print the quote “My grandkids are my favorite” on any custom gift you give to them. Every time they read this line of words, they know how much they mean to you!

sayings about grandchildren

The children will no longer be jealous of who you love more. By saying this quote, they will understand that your affection for each of them is unbiased. In your heart, all are unrivaled little angels.

2. “Side By Side Or Miles Apart, Grandchildren Are Always Close To The Heart.”

If you and your grandchild are living thousands of miles apart, try to express your deep love to them as much as possible. Don’t make your relationship worse because of distance! With this saying, you are trying to tell them how strong your love is to them, as well as letting them know that there is always someone who is waiting for their visit!

grandchildren quotes short

3. “The Love Between Grandparents And Their Grandchildren Lasts Forever.”

The touching and meaningful quote “The love between grandparents and their grandchildren lasts forever” bolsters your relationship. Similarly, as in the above quotation, this saying also highlights the blood link shared by you and them. This link will last forever until the end of time!

great grandchildren quotes

4. “Grandkids Make My Heart Smile.”

What could be sweeter and warmer than these words? The innocence and cuteness of children are always something that makes you smile unconsciously. Let them know how valuable they are in your soul through this quote. This is indeed one of those simple yet lovely grandchildren quotes.

touching grandkid quotes

5. “Grandkids Fill A Place In Your Heart, You Didn’t Know Was Empty.”

Sometimes you will feel a little lonely. This is a normal thing that happens as you get older. Don’t worry, lovely grandchildren are always around you and blow away all your troubles.

heartfelt grandchildren sayings

You can show your blessing and appreciation to kids via the quote, “Grandkids fill a place in your heart, you didn’t know was empty,” on the present, you designed for them. Let’s put this saying on the list of best grandchildren quotes!

Why Should You Print Grandkids Quotes on Personalized Gifts? 

Beyond the shadow of a doubt, giving personalized gifts with printed quotes is perfect for any occasion, regardless of birthdays, anniversaries, or holidays. That’s because expressing your love to your grandkids is unbounded. It will make your little kids feel happier and cherished!

What’s more, thanks to customized presents, you can show your deep affection in your ways, such as adding your names, initials, or days of birth. 

Nothing can compare to the gifts you get for your adorable grandchildren. In this way, they also realize your deep love and warmth from the bottom of your heart.

[Find more] These articles below will give you a variety of choices about gifts for grandparents. Enjoy and choose the best one for them!

Bottom Lines! 

The above article has already shown you the best collection of grandchildren quotes. All of them are incredibly meaningful and suitable to say on any special occasion like holidays or birthdays. 

It is more wonderful if these quotes are added to the personalized gifts, which is you create your way for your lovely grandchildren.

The truth is that no matter what presents or quotes you have for children, they appreciate and cherish them as treasures. The generation gap will no longer be a concern.

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