What Gifts for New Dad You Should You Give to Mark His Milestone?


Last updated: May 10, 2022

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What Gifts for New Dad You Should You Give to Mark His Milestone?

For some people, choosing gifts for dads is one of the most challenging tasks - Fathers never really say outright what they like and anything they have in the shack they can build already.

However, finding gifts for new dads is a piece of cake as they’re much easier in the sense that you can get some gift choices based on the flurry of new responsibilities on their shoulders!

Here’s a list of some gifts for dad-to-be you can browse from, and pick out the right one for friends and family with a big day ahead!

What Should You Get for a New Dad?

Being a father is an unpaid job that takes a lot of work and training. Once you become a father, men are responsible for a mini version of themselves, and they’ll get to see their children grow alongside their partners.

A meaningful gift idea for new dads as a way to say “congratulations” to your beloved family member or friend who’s going to be a father is indispensable on this occasion.

So, what item can thoroughly convey the bliss of being a father?

What Should You Get For A New Dad
Though you can choose from thousands of products in various sizes and styles on the market, most of them are far too trivial. However, the gift that you can give to a new dad, perhaps, should be the one that is both sentimental and functional.

It's sentimental because it's a treasured keepsake to preserve his milestone when he has been a member of the daddy club. And, it's functional because he can use that kind of gift with his newborn.

To be more specific, dive into the following list.

Top 10+ Thoughtful Gifts for New Dad

In this list below, you’re about to discover the 10+ sentimental and functional gifts for dad-to-be that will melt his heart once receiving them.

1. “Leveled Up to Daddy” Personalized Mug

personalized mug is an essential part of all dads’ morning routine, as a good cup of joe will help them become fully awake and ready for their daily duty. By humorously using the image of a game controller accompanied by the message, the mug expresses a lovely message to the receiver.

Though it would be tough sometimes, as you must sacrifice your freedom and time for the best care of your child; you know that it’s worth it when seeing the sweet smile of your child.

During those hard times, let’s think of life as a game you always love to play. You’re required to overcome all obstacles and hardships in order to obtain the final reward! This’s always the reason why this item’s a hot-picked Father's Day gift for new dads.

customized mug - gifts for new dad
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Price: $13.99

2. Baby Ready Kit

Not every dad’s born ready, so it’s inevitable that the new dads will generally be confused.

He was possibly confused with items and where or where to use them, then started looking for these things as he couldn't remember where he placed them.

Therefore, this gift for new dads will help him get ready in a flash!

All he has to do is pull tools from the box, and everything he needs for baby-grooming will be there! The set includes soft brushes for scrubbing and teeth-cleaning, soft combs for the baby’s hair, and more.

Baby Ready Kit
Price: $22.99 (Source: Safety 1st)

3. "Protected by..." Baby Onesie

If you're on the hunt for the best gift ideas for new dad that he and his baby will love, this baby onesie is what you really need. Personal touches that you can choose to print on the onesie (an image of your loved fur friends as well as a fun message) make it a one-of-a-kind item that only your loved ones have.

The number of fur friends you can add to the gift is up to 4 and interestingly, there will be a wide selection of dog breeds so you can choose what you want.

personalized onesie make a great gift for newdad
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Price: $21.99

4. “My First Father’s Day” Personalized Wrapped Canvas

personalized canvas is a great gift for new dads simply because it’s a great memory-keeping piece; it’s neutral and delightful enough to be a decorative piece in any home.

You should consider this kind of gift for dad-to-be if the new dad’s planning on renovating the home to welcome the new member of the family!

In particular, this “My First Father’s Day” wrapped canvas is an exceptional piece that brings joy and warmth into the home space. It goes with any room, but most will choose to hang the canvas in the parent’s room, so they can store baby pics on that same wall!

The possibilities are truly endless with this gift, so why don’t you give it a spin that suits the dad’s taste and give it to him as a present?

personalized canvas - gift ideas for new dad
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Price: $28.99

5. Baby-safe Utensils

It’s always going to be a challenge to feed a newborn baby. Well, we all know that children won’t eat willingly until they are 2,5 years old.

Still, there are definitely ways to make mealtime more interesting & fun for both the baby and the father.

When you choose utensils for a new daddy, try going for baby-safe materials with blunt tips. This gift for new dads will ensure the baby’s sensitive mouth will not get any allergies or injuries from the feeding utensils.

Baby-safe Utensils
Price: $13.46 (Source: Bumkins)

6. “My  First Father’s Day With…” Personalized Two-tone Mug

This wonderful customized mug has both the heart-warming image of a father-child hug and the customizable feature for the baby’s name. Rest assured that this Father's day gift for new dad will be cherished on this occasion, as well as every next Father’s Day onwards, as a token of familial love!

The name and the design on the cup can be altered to fit the father-baby duo to the tee, so you’ll get the most out of your purchase! Send this gift to dada on this momentous occasion to mark this milestone in his life!

two tone mug - presents for new dad
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Price: $17.99

7. Space-economical Toiletries Rack

If the one you’re shopping for has a special knack for organizing, you can help him with his work by getting this amazing toiletries rack. It saves a lot of space on the bathroom counter, and it helps him neatly organize his care products like razors, brushes, creams, and pastes.

When buying a piece of furniture or anything of the sort for new families, be sure to scour the house first.

Once you pick up on their favorite color palette, you can be sure to buy an item that fits the rest of the house. Buying a random item is definitely easier, but it’s not going to be a great gift idea for dad-to-be!

Toiletries Rack
Price: $42.39 (Source: Amazon Basics)

↓↓Start customizing the best gifts for new dad with special deals and offers!↓↓

banner personalized gifts for dad

8. “Our First Christmas Together” Personalized Ornament

By giving him this personalized ornament, you’re telling him how much you appreciate his presence in your life, building a happy family with you. Let’s celebrate that wonderful time - the first Christmas of you and him being parents!

This is one of the most touching gifts for new dads on Christmas, isn’t it?

personalized ornament - gifts for new dad christmas
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Price: $14.99

9. Portable Power Bank

It goes without saying that being parents for the first time in our life is not easy at all. The first challenge that any parent must face is time, as we’re forced to sacrifice most of our time to spend on our child.

Due to this reason, it’s understandable that we often forget about some daily stuff like charging our phones for the next day.

So, why don’t you give him a portable power bank? This present for new dads is most useful for baba who are normally on the move or have a high demand for using their phones.

Portable Charger
(Source: CONXWAN)

10. “Our First Father’s Day Together” Personalized Mug - Father & Baby

This important occasion is properly celebrated with this wonderful mug! On one side, you have the father-baby duo (with customizable features and names, of course), and the other side holds the line “Our First Father’s Day Together” with two age-appropriate bottles cheering.

This kind of personalized gift for new dads will certainly outlive its celebration day as a daily drinking mug. The father will gladly take up the cup and enjoy his new role with a sip of coffee!

coffee mug - gifts for dad to be
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Price: $13.99

11. Baby Carriers 

Baby carriers can be confusing to first-time users, with all the buckles & support pads. However, he’ll gradually learn how to use it and start to appreciate the usefulness of this gadget! You can choose from a variety of choices and pick the most suitable one depending on his interests. Let your man keep his “cool” while carrying the baby on a picnic trip or somewhere else!

Baby Carriers
Price: $124.99 (Source: Tactical Baby Gear)


Ready to Surprise a Dad-to-be?

Buying gifts for new dads is not going to be an easy ride, but with our guide, we hope the task is easier for you! Those are all the gifts we have for you for now! Any of the gifts on this list will make dad's life easier without costing you too much, so why don’t you give them a shot and let us know?
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