Top 20 DIY Gifts For Mom Ideas That Will Brighten Up Her Day


Last updated: Mar 16, 2022

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Top 20 DIY Gifts For Mom Ideas That Will Brighten Up Her Day

Whether it’s Mother’s Day, birthday, or any other important occasion, there’s nothing better than expressing your love to your dear mother through DIY gifts for mom.

Thanks to its practicality and uniqueness, this type of item have now become the ultimate option for gift-giving on special events around the year. They won’t only meet all your demands perfectly but also be deeply personal and filled with so much love.

If you don’t have any idea, allow this article to help with a few brilliant ideas and some exciting recommendations for gifts that are undoubtedly unlike any other.

10 Creative DIY Gifts for Mom

The idea of crafting your own gifts can sound scary at first, but you will be delighted to find out just how easy and versatile it is after all. There is a huge range of household items that you can make.

Here are ten ideas to help get your creativity flowing and make your own DIY gifts for mom!

1. Painted Plates

Repurpose your old plates and show your love at the same time with this project. All it takes is some paint, brushes, and a little bit of creativity, from colorful splashes to heartfelt messages. There’s no limit to what you can put on the plates.

Indeed, they make the perfect DIY birthday gifts for mom that she will undoubtedly love and use often.

Painted Plates - diy gifts for mom

2. Handmade Aprons

A must-have on your list of thoughtful DIY gifts for mom is a handmade apron. It’s something she will appreciate and make great use of all year round.

You can choose the suitable fabric, patterns, and styles to make sure they meet your mom’s needs. The best part is it’s so simple and easy that even beginners will have no trouble completing it, making it one of the ideal DIY Valentine's gifts for mom.

Handmade Aprons - diy valentine's gifts for mom

3. Paper Flowers

Do you hate to keep gifting your mother the same old bouquet? If yes, try making her some handcrafted paper flowers which are listed as creative DIY gifts for mom's birthday.

Not only are paper flowers easy to make, but you also don’t have to worry about them going withering like the real ones. Don’t hesitate to brighten your mum’s birthday with a gorgeous paper bouquet that you crafted yourself.

Paper Flowers - diy birthday gifts for mom

4. Hand-sewn Pillows

Remind your mother of how much you love her with this sweet handcrafted gift. You can reuse old fabrics or pull out your sewing kits to stitch some patterns and messages onto them. No matter what the finished product looks like, your mother will surely love it for the efforts you have put into it.

Hand-sewn Pillows - thoughtful diy gifts for mom

5. DIY Matching T-shirts

Let the world know how tight the connection between you and your mother is with a pair of matching t-shirts. Don’t be afraid to customize them as bold as you’d like.

You can be as creative as you can with different phrases that are special to you and her or even put some sequin or glitter to celebrate festive holidays.

DIY Matching T-shirts - diy gifts for mom from daughter

6. Album Scrapbooks

Make use of all the old photos in your album by turning them into a scrapbook. This is one of the great ideas for cute DIY gifts for mom that helps preserve memories and celebrate beautiful times.

Fill the pages with pictures or even mementos from the places you’ve been to together and decorate them however you like. It requires some time and effort, but once you see how happy and surprised she is, you will feel like it’s totally worth it.

Album Scrapbooks - cute diy gifts for mom

7. Ornaments

Looking for some special Christmas DIY gifts for mom? The answer has been right under your nose this whole time. Homemade ornaments are a great way to express your feeling towards your mother and celebrate the special occasion.

Let her feel how warm the holiday is when you two gather around the tree and decorate it with some beautiful ornaments.

Ornaments - diy gifts for mom christmas

8. Handmade Jewelry

For some special DIY birthday gifts for mom, get crafty by making some jewelry using readily available materials like ribbons, beads, or clay. You can make them extra personal by adding some meaningful charms. Apparently, they are subtle yet efficient ways to express your gratitude towards her.

Handmade Jewelry - the best diy gifts for mom

9. Recipe Box

Show mom how much you appreciate her cooking with a beautiful recipe box. Even with the help of modern technology, she might still prefer to do things the old-school way. You can help her organize her recipes with a simple box that you put together and decorated.

Recipe Box - diy gift ideas for mom

10. Hand-knitted Mittens

Make the most of your old sweaters and turn them into mittens as DIY gifts for mom Christmas. You can even personalize them by sewing on her initials or using her favorite colors. There’s nothing that shows how much you care more than a gift that will keep her warm throughout the freezing winter.

Our category will give you a wide selection of special Personalized  Gifts for Mom that make her feel loved!

banner personalized gifts for mom

Upgrade Your DIY Gifts For Mom With Personalized Presents From Gossby

For those who are too busy to make their own gifts for mom, there is still a way to make sure your mom receives special gifts with personal touches to them.

10 Amazing Personalized Gifts For Mom That Shower Her With Love

Look no further for the perfect gift-givings. Here at Gossby, you can find a wide range of easily customized items that are perfect for any occasion. Here are the top ten items that will surely satisfy your mother.

1. “Mother & Daughters Forever Linked Together” Mug 

Morning coffee will be a whole lot better with this personalized mug, which is listed as one of the ideal Christmas giftsIt’s a sweet and thoughtful reminder of the beautiful bond between mom and her daughters.

Much like the love you have for her, this durable ceramic mug can withstand anything and will last for a very long time.

personalized mother and daughter mug
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  • Looking for more brilliant ideas for your mom? Check out our Personalized Mugs Collection now!

2. “I love You My Little Princess” Pillow

You can hardly go wrong with a personalized pillow as the best gift-giving choice. Its fluffiness will give your mom a fantastic sleep, while the beautiful customized print adds colors to the room. You can always count on this exceptional custom throw pillow to represent all your gratitude and adoration with this DIY gift for mom from daughter.

i love my little princess pillow
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3. “Mother & Daughters Forever Linked Together” Poster

Your house will look a whole lot lovelier with this personalized poster as decoration. It not only brings some brightness to your walls but also celebrates the family love between you and her. Simple yet sweet, it’s the perfect gift for your mother at any event.

mother and daughter poster
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4. “Mother & Daughters Forever Linked Together” Ornament 

Bring a touch of love to your Christmas tree this holiday season with this colorful mother and daughter personalized ornament. Unlike any other decors, you might find and yet will still blend in incredibly well with everything else. It’s a great way to bond while celebrating the season’s festivities together.

customized christmas ornament
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5. “The Love Between a Mother and Daughters is Forever” Poster 

An eye-catching artwork with a meaningful message about motherly love might just be what your living room needs. It adds a splash of color to the walls while also simultaneously spreading the love. Your mum will undoubtedly adore this personalized poster and all the beauty it brings to your house.

customized mother and daughter poster
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6. “You Can't Scare Me I Have… Sons” Shirt

Funny, one-of-a-kind, and utterly comfortable, this personalized T-shirt has it all. Made from 100% cotton, the fabric is delightfully soft and easy to wear. This adorable t-shirt will help you tell your mama how much you appreciate her in the most playful and lighthearted way.

family t shirt is a great diy gift for mom
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7. ”Mother & Children Forever Linked Together” Wrapped Canvas

Mother’s day gifts are often hard to find, but it has never been easier with this gorgeous personalized wrapped canvas. The peaceful sunset, touching quotes, and customizable details will steal your mother’s heart at first glance. It’s a heartfelt and unique reminder of your love that she will cherish like no other.

mother and children diy gift for mom
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8. “First My Mother - Forever My Friend” Mug 

Let your mum know that she is also your best friend with this adorable sunflower mug. The illustration comes with a variety of options so that you can customize it to your liking. Specifically, the heartfelt message and beautifully unique prints make this mug the ideal choice for all gift-giving occasions.

First my Mother Forever my Friend mug
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9. “Don't Mess With Mamasaurus” T-shirt 

Bring some humor into the present with a dinosaur printed personalized t-shirt. With its casual and full of comfort, the t-shirt is indeed an ideal choice for an everyday errand run.

The best part is you can customize the design and make it as unique as you want, turning this piece into a staple that your mum will be wearing from time to time.

Don't Mess With Mamasaurus t shirt
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10. “Mother & Daughters Forever Linked Together” Blanket 

Keep your mama warm and happy during the holiday season with this personalized blanket. Incredibly soft and unbelievably cozy, it’s something she will want to keep wrapped around her at all times when winter arrives. The vibrant graphic print also brings a playful touch to her bedroom.

mother and daughter fleece blanket
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Why Should You Choose Personalized Gifts for Mom?

Personalizing your gifts will guarantee their uniqueness. You get to choose the colors, patterns, and messages that you know for sure your mom will like - These are the kind of combinations you can never find in regular stores.

There’s no doubt that your mom will be overjoyed once she finds out that her presents are the one and only.

As personalized gifts for mom are quite particular, they also show how much effort and love goes into getting them. They let your mom know that you understand her well and don’t mind taking the time to make sure she enjoys her gifts.

More practically, personalized gifts are also incredibly efficient, especially if you are busy or want to save money.


Mom Deserves the Best!

Needless to say, receiving something you know has been made especially for you is definitely a whole lot more touching. DIY gifts and personalized ones are the best ways to let your mother know how much you love and understand her. 

Hopefully, with all these suggestions on DIY gifts for mom, you can find something wonderful to celebrate the unbreakable bond between you two.
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