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30+ Graduation Party Ideas 2021 Preserve Precious Moments


Last updated: Jun 18, 2021

Gossby Experts

30+ Graduation Party Ideas 2021 Preserve Precious Moments

Are you having a headache because you can't think of any graduation party ideas? Gossby is here to help you deal with this frustration.

We provide basic foundations on which you can build your projects. Don't wait any longer without taking out a paper and pen to draft plans for an unforgettable graduation party.

Ok, let's go!

We have 30+ graduation party ideas gathered from the most talented party organizers. They promise to make you excited with explosive tips.

12 Graduation Party Decoration Ideas

This is the first and most important part of a party. The key to success is to go all out to highlight your personality.

1. Personalized Poster

Personalized posters are a unique addition to all graduation decorations. The vintage colors on them promise to give you a cool and emotional party.

graduation party ideas

"Hangovers are Temporary but Drunk Stories are Forever" poster

Gossby's customization feature allows you to choose the size and change the details as you like. All you need to do is click on your computer and wait for the delivery man to arrive at your door with the personalized goods.

2. Motivational Printable Wall Art

The graduation moment is the end of school or college days. But it is also the beginning of a new path. The motivational graduation quotes appearing at the graduation party are meant as a promise for a long journey in the future.

graduation party decorations

3. Customized Pillow

A warm couch that is full of colorful personalized pillows will give your guests the most relaxation. It is not only a place for a group of close friends to sit and chat but also a decoration idea with meaningful messages.

There are emotional sayings written on each pillow as an affirmation of treasured friendship during the school days. It's a great idea to handpick photos of memorable moments during your study to print on the pillow. 

graduation decorations

You can give those pictures to your best friends with the implication that the words on the pillow are something you would like to say.

  • More pillow decor options for your graduation party can be found in our personalized pillows collection.

4. Party Printable Items

Printable graduation party decorations are packed with invitations, signs, thank-you cards, water bottle labels, cupcake toppers, blank tented cards for place or menu, and more as you wish.

Party Printable Items for graduation party

You can contact the vendor to find out if they can design it according to your content.

5. Graduation Cupcake Toppers 2021

Graduation Cupcake Toppers 2021 are used to decorate cupcakes or any other dish where their legs can be inserted. They add humor and lovely colors to make the celebration more fun.

ideas to celebrate graduation party

6. Hanging Lights

The string light is a common idea for parties. You may hang it through the room or hook it to the tables and chairs. 

party ideas for graduation

But a graduation backdrop with a couple of LEDs will be the best highlight for the party. They deliver a warm and fantastic atmosphere for your ceremony and an excellent background to take pictures nearby.

7. Tassel Garland Project

If you love DIY items, Tassel Garland is an idea to consider for your graduation celebration. Some strings of colored Tassel Garlands will surprise guests with your personality.

Tassel Garland Project - graduation party decoration ideas diy

They can be black and white or rainbow; either way will highlight the party host’s personality.

8. Graduation Lanterns 

Instead of paying a lot for a party organizer, DIY items not only help you save money but also show your style. You can find plenty of tutorials on the Internet on how to make graduation lanterns.

lantern to celebrate graduation party

One trick to make them stand out is to shine them with a couple of LEDs. You can place these centerpieces near the entryway, on the stage, or in the center of the room.

9. Photo Wall

All you have to do is find a large-scale copy-print shop on blueprints. After 1-2 days of waiting, the giant photos are ready to be hung on the wall. 

photo wall is a graduation party decor ideas

They will become the best background for your visitors to take pictures to mark that they have visited your graduation party.

10. Photo Table Runner

The Table Runner is a creative idea for a graduation celebration. A professional print shop will make sure your tablecloths are colorful, vivid, and most importantly, unique.

photo table runner - graduation party decoration ideas 2021

They not only highlight your party table but also as footage of family and school.

11. Graduation Flowers

Flowers appear at all events. They not only bring decorative colors but also show the personality and wishes of the party host.

Graduation Flowers

You may consider Roses with a backdrop, Sunflowers with banners, Hydrangeas with grad’s college logo, Gerbera with a welcome sign, or floral bottle centerpieces.

12. Class Photo Banner

Your guests may be interested in your photos that show the achievements and awards you have earned during your studies.

Class Photo Banner graduation party decorations

You can pass the pictures through a lanyard and hang them on the wall. A pallet board with a photo banner and a couple of string lights also becomes an impressive background to take photos and capture this precious moment with friends and family members.

03 Graduation Party Outfits

The atmosphere of the party depends a lot on the harmony of the guests and the decoration. You want to have preparation to avoid mystifying your visitors.

13. Suitable Color For Graduation Event

You can mention the party’s theme color and dress code in your invitation so that no one will feel left out, while you remain the center of the party.

dress code for graduation party outfits
  • Burgundy

  • Navy blue

  • Orange

  • Plum

  • Emerald

  • And olive, name them.

14. Casual Style

If you plan to have a party with your close friends, a personalized t-shirt will help strengthen your friendship. A self-designed uniform with inspirational quotes makes the gathering more meaningful.

t-shirt for graduation party outfits ideas
"Apparently We're Trouble When We Are Together Who Knew" t-shirt to wear at the graduation party

You can find plenty of T-shirts with hundreds of designs available to choose from on the Internet. All you need is to provide the size and quantity and wait for them to be delivered to your door.

15. Formal Dress

Besides the cute and simple colors, there are polite shades that are suitable for a formal celebration. A dark outfit with stripes or subtle cuts is said to be the most professional.

Formal Dress - cute graduation party outfits

Black, navy, white, or gray are always elegant. You also need to consider the decoration theme of the party so that the space creates complete harmony with the visitors.

06 Graduation Food Party Ideas

A party can't be in want of sweet cakes and yummy salads. It is also a mistake to let your guests leave with thirsty throats.

16. Beverages with Personalized Mug 

It's time to end the use of single-use plastics. Personalized mugs will make your party unforgettable.

Drinks taste even better when they come in a mug with your imprint. Each inspirational saying on the mug is like a warm stream flowing into each person's heart, reminding them about the good old time at school or uni.

beverages and personalized mugs for grad party

"The Best is Yet to Come" mugs to enjoy beverages at the party

The use of ceramic products also helps you reduce the amount of plastic released into the environment. Therefore, your graduation party stands out from others because of its personalized color and spirit of a civilized lifestyle.

17. Graduation Cap Cupcakes

What do you expect at a graduation party? Eye-catching decorations, funny friends, and cute cupcakes are waiting for you.

cake in graduation party idea

This idea is easy and cost-effective. All you need are self-made or store-bought cupcakes and squared slices of dark chocolate. Decorating them as shown below, and you are ready to serve your guests.

18. Chocolate Dipped Pretzel Graduates

Personalized graduation pretzel rods come with modeling chocolate to impress your guests at the graduation party. These sweet human figures bring cuteness to your food table.

Chocolate Dipped Pretzel Graduates

19. Cake Roll Diplomas

Graduation guests are looking forward to seeing this yummy roll-up Diploma cake on your grand-party menu. The sweet certificate is a perfect way to express the belief in a dream-like future. You may tint the bow a shade to match your school's colors.

Cake Roll Diplomas - graduation food party ideas

20. Diploma Cookies

The cookies rolled into the shape of the diploma will delight your visitors with their butter-like taste and crunchy sound. They are not only a creative decoration idea but also a delicious dessert.

Diploma Cookies - graduation food party favors

You can write thank you notes on these yummy pieces as a way to show your gratitude to your guests.

21. Wine Cubes

There are many different beverage recipes. But Wine cubes are the simplest and most convenient way. These icicles not only enhance the taste but also deliver some mysterious color to the party.

wine cubes graduation party

05 Funny Activities for Graduation Party

A few activities to connect the members of the party are a good way to evoke emotions in the guests’ hearts. Let's see if there is an idea to spark fun in the room!

22. Take Photos With Graduation Selfie Frames

Some online stores are ready to deliver a life-size frame customized with your details. This selfie prop will give your guests laughs and relaxation; they will love to spend extra time and celebrate with you.

graduation party idea

23. Grad Messages Board

You can prepare a simple activity for your friends and family. All you need is a board on which you can hang or stick cards.

Grad Messages Board - activities for graduation party

The party members will be asked to write on these cards the personal messages they want to send to each other. It could be a confession, a wish, or a word of gratitude.

24. Memories Jars 

Glass jars contain colorful pieces of paper inside. They add color to the party and preparation for a meaningful activity called Memory Jar.

Memories Jars

The visitors can write a particular thing or event related to the owner of the party. Such a good way to remember the past at the moment of the end of a journey!

25. Playing Games

Organize some games that stir the atmosphere and help the members become close to each other. There are some fun activities like Guess Who, Grads Through the Years, Mad Libs, or Charades. You can find many other names on the Internet.

play game graduation party ideas

26. Keys To Success

This activity has a similar meaning to the Grad Messages Board. The only difference is the preparation of tiny tags instead of cardboards.

keys to success - fun activities for graduation party

The guests can write on each tag a word to encourage the main character of the party. Those words are the Keys To Success.

06 Meaningful And Personalized Gifts for Graduation Party

The last section is the most meaningful part. Gifts help you preserve precious moments and motivate you on the journey ahead.

27. Best Friend Mug 

The years of intense study have come to an end. You are excited about the new journey ahead. You suddenly feel nostalgic about your friends and beautiful memories with them.

best friend mugs to hold graduation party

It seems you've never said you miss them. This mug will help convey your love and dreams. It promises all of you a motivating future.

28. Personalized Shirt 

Although your best friend says that you are her valuable gift, a meaningful present will make her believe in your friendship even more. Anyway, over the years together, you are “not sisters by blood but sisters by heart.”

graduation gifts - custom t shirt

Gossby has custom t-shirts that give you the colors you love the most. So are you ready to surprise your best friend with these beautiful items? Do not hesitate to click to choose and wait for delivery.

29. Photobook

Photobook is an idea to consider when thinking about graduation gifts. It presents pictures of teachers and friends or particular moments worth remembering and sharing. Do not forget to write in it some meaningful sayings to make it more valuable.

photobook for graduation party

30. Personalized Blanket

There are always misunderstandings and aimless quarrels between friends. The graduation party is probably the best time to solve the awkwardness between the two of you.

A cozy blanket can melt the anger frozen in your heart. With no doubt, it is the best gift to blur misunderstanding and heal a friendship.

blanket graduation party ideas

"You are My Person, You Will always be My Person" blanket

Gossby has a collection of personalized blankets for you to choose from. They promise to give you the warmth your friends are looking for.

31. Gift Card

A tiny DIY card delivers a deep emotion. It shows that you dedicate your time and love to the recipient. You can impress him or her with their favorite color.

Gift Card graduation

There should be a small picture you drew or a photo between you and the recipient on the card. Writing encouraging words that express the faith in a bright future is a meaningful idea.

32. Books

Books are college graduation gifts that do not depreciate over time. “Seven Habits of Highly Effective People” by Stephen Covey or “The Success Principles” by Jack Canfield are must-read books for ambitious recent graduates.

Seven Habits of Highly Effective People

Besides, you can write a few inscriptions to enhance the individuality of the gift. Recipients can deny a book but never turn down emotional messages.

Final Thought 

We have shared with you 30+ graduation party ideas. Whether you hire a party organizer or do it yourself, a successful party must reflect your individuality - the main character.

Personalized items are the best choices because of their uniqueness, practicality, and low cost. Gossby is proud to be one of the reputable graduation party supplies capable of meeting the needs of customers around the world. We hope you find the above sharing useful. Thank you for reading.

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