Fall Pillows - 10 Décor Ideas to Bring Coziness to Your Space


Last updated: Oct 18, 2021

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Fall Pillows - 10 Décor Ideas to Bring Coziness to Your Space

With a new pair of fall pillow decors, you may prepare your sofa for the season of pine cones, plaid, and pumpkins. Having new fall pillows is a quick and convenient way to update any home from the dog days of summer to the crisp & comforting days of autumn.

Perhaps, the number of fall pillow covers to pick from is unlimited, but when in doubt, go for rich color, warm texture, and classic patterns when selecting fall pillow covers for your house.

If you're looking for a quick and easy way to add some fall décor to your house, check out these ideas about fall pillows (throw). There's a lot to pick from, so head on over to this massive compilation of pillow fall décor.

How to Decorate Your Home with Fall Pillows?

Pillows have always played an essential role in home decor as they were found in oriental interiors as well as baroque mansions. Indeed, throw pillows aren't the only great way to provide comfort to your home, but they're also a decorative feature.

They may either highlight the selected design of a bedroom, living room, or even a kitchen, or they can serve as a colorful and unique accent. Decorative pillows have a place on the couch, armchairs, and chairs in the living room, and it is impossible to picture a comfortable sofa without numerous pillows of various sizes and colors.

So how do you use fall pillows to decorate your home with the autumn vibe? Keep these 3 tips in mind:

  • Select your loved color palette: warm, slightly subdued hues such as red, orange, and terracotta can keep you warm on cool fall evenings.

  • Select the symbol (fall theme): the pumpkin is the most prevalent one that you can go for it.

  • Combine patterns & prints: think about the balance because it’s the most important criterion.

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The 10 Best Fall Pillow Decors To Bring The Warm & Cozy Vibe to Your Places

So, here you are.

It’s time to discover great fall pillow ideas to level up your living space with the autumn’s spirit. Wait no more and let’s start with Gossby!

1. Plaid Wool Pillow

For a timeless and conventional aesthetic, flank your leather couch with a pair of these plaid pillow coverings. The preppy cover has a lovely caramel foundation that is complemented with a chocolate and rust windowpane pattern that promises to provide elegance and comfort to your fall décor.

plaid wool pillow - fall pillows
Plaid Ưool Pillow (Source: Pottery Barn)

2. Cuddle Weather Pillow

It's the season to curl up on the couch with a PSL in each hand. With this adorable lumbar fall pillow, you can commemorate the frigid temperatures and short, comfortable days. Each cover is handcrafted with one-of-a-kind, hand-lettered calligraphy on a white or ivory fabric of your choosing.

Cuddle Weather Pillow - fall pillows outdoor
Cuddle Weather Pillow (Source: Pinterest)

3. Personalized Fall-themed Pillow

This fall pillow is a great idea to bring the “leave-falling season” to your home. If you love autumn and have some fluffy babies, you won’t ignore this one. The personalized illustration of cats (with their names) standing under the tree will level up your space and maybe, your fur-babies will love it too.

Shop your custom throw pillows from Gossby now!

Personalized fall pillows for couch

4. Fall Harvest Pillow

With this cheerful harvest pillow cover, you may add charm to an unnoticed area of your farmhouse dining room or outdoor lounge. To add seasonal elegance and comfort to the area, pair the farm-ready pattern with a chenille plaid blanket on a traditional, wooden chair.

Fall Harvest Pillow - fall pillows covers
Fall Harvest Pillow (Source: Ubuy)

5. Windowpane Pillow

With this ultra-understated windowpane pillow cover design, you can welcome fall into your minimalist or contemporary home. White windowpane lines contrast with an inky herringbone backdrop to create an eye-catching and comfortable pattern that would look great on any couch or armchair.

Windowpane Pillow - fall pillows decor
Windowpane Pillow (Source: Walmart)

The textured fabric harkens back to fall and winter menswear and adds warmth to even the most minimalist styles.

6. Fall Flannel Pillow

This flannel-inspired pillow cover is a classic and oh-so-cozy complement to your fall decor. The buttery-soft cover is handcrafted and has beautiful hues of scarlet, emerald, and blue that complement neutral surroundings and will easily transition your decor from autumn to winter.

Fall Flannel Pillow - fall pillows for the porch
Fall Flannel Pillow (Source: Amazon)

7. Charcoal Pine Cone Pillow

With this stylish fall pillow cover, you can nod to the season without overwhelming your existing décor. The cotton cover provides a creamy backdrop for the charcoal pinecone drawing pattern. For a warm, minimalist look, nestle the pattern between a pair of inky accent pillows and add a soft faux-fur blanket to the mix.

Charcoal Pinecone Pillow - best pillow decor
Charcoal Pinecone Pillow (Source: Walmart)

8. Botanical Pillow

Warm up your all-white bedding with a splash of orange and a beautiful vintage-inspired flower pattern. The made-to-order cotton pillow cover will give a subtle seasonal touch to any area, and it comes with a zip closure and promises to stay soft and cuddly after washing. Do you like the pattern but need a different pillow size? The business owner has eight different sizes to suit your needs.

Botanical Pillow - perfect pillow for fall
Botanical Pillow (Source: Etsy)

9. Pumpkin Pillow

Don't know how to welcome fall into your home? When in doubt, throw in a pumpkin. In this example, multiply by three! This light topiary cushion adds an easy fall touch to any armchair, loveseat, or bench. The subdued colors, whimsical image, and clean, white backdrop make this cover a natural choice for fashionable gray interiors, warm cottage houses, and modern farmhouse living rooms.

Pumpkin Fall Pillow
Pumpkin Pillow (Source: Amazon)

10. Pheasants Pillow

Skip the gobblers in favor of their more renowned relative, the pheasant. This pillow cover features the trendy fowls in all their splendor, complete with dazzling feathers and elegant beaks. Take advantage of this design to give a classy autumn touch to your classic house.

the best Pheasants Pillow for fall
Pheasants Pillow (Source: Amazon)

Have You Found the Best Fall Pillow Ideas?

Redecorating to bring the fall accent to your space doesn’t mean you have to start from scratch. Just the smallest change like adorning your couch with some of these suggested fall pillows above will have the biggest impact.

The best were listed. All you have to do is to choose the one that suits your interests most.

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