Deepen your Heart-to-heart connection with our Valentine's Day Collection


Last updated: Jan 30, 2023

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Deepen your Heart-to-heart connection with our Valentine's Day Collection
They said: “When you’re connected by heart, distance and time can’t break you apart”. For those lovebirds, we always want to form a deep connection with each other and take our relationships to higher levels. So, what is a heart-to-heart connection and how do
people know that they have it? Let’s figure it out with Gossby right now!

The signs of Heart-to-heart connection

Love is so powerful. But love is also undefinable. You can’t put into words what love is, you can only feel love and love others. Love comes in many forms and we sometimes find it hard to know if you have a true heart connection with someone. Here are some hints for you:

  1. You feel like home and be comfortable when you're with each other. You don’t have to pretend to be someone else, you can be yourself and know that you’re loved for who you are, and you do the same thing with your lover. There is none of the awkwardness while silence is covered, you just enjoy the time being together.

  2. Your heart always leans to them, even when you’re far apart or how long you’ve been together. He/she is the only one that stays in your heart and mind that you can’t think of anyone else, no matter how many people you meet. You’re just naturally committed to the partnership because your heart is loyal to them.

  3. You learn good things about them and you accept their imperfections without judging. Sometimes, you can understand what others think without talking out loud, you suddenly speak the same thing at the same time, and you start acting like each other. Your hearts are synchronized, and you have deep empathy for each other as you can feel the other’s heart energy and have compassion for your partners' pain.

Heart to heart connection - The signs of Heart to heart connection

Deepen the heart-to-heart connection…

If you have the signs above in your relationship, then congratulations, you have a true heart connection with your lover! You are meant for each other, and your love has a strong connection that can’t break easily. Please know that this connection can be once in a lifetime, and having a relationship like that is a true blessing. 

The thing is, how to express it to your partner and show your love?

With our Heart-to-heart Valentine's Day Collection!

Flowers and chocolates seem so basic, don't you think? With someone who is that special to you, you might want to find gifts that are unique and meaningful. So, Gossby is the right place for you to choose a lovely customized gift for your lover this Valentine's. Let's take a look at our Heart-to-heart Valentine's Day Collection!

Sweet Personalized Mug

Heart to heart connection - Sweet Personalized Mug

What can be sweeter than couple of mugs with the picture of you two printed on them plus a heart-melting message? Stuff that your partner can use every day, look at it and keep being reminded of how much love you give him/her. The best thing is, he/she will know that this mug is personalized only for him/her and that you have put your heart and soul into it. This feeling of being loved and special may shed some happy tears on their faces, making them the happiest person on earth. Nothing compares to a personalized gift, it is the perfect way to speak your unspoken words and show them how much you care, especially for someone who is heart-to-heart connected to you. The good news is that we have a lot of designs for you to choose your Valentine's Mug:

Heart-to-heart Pairing Mug

Heart to heart connection - Heart-to-heart Pairing Mug

Couple mugs are a super sweet Valentine's gift idea, then why not elevate them to a better version:  Personalized couple matching mugs? This heart-pairing mug is what you are looking for, with a big heart on the side which can be seen in both the front and back. The mug is already cute when it stands alone but it will be much cooler when you place the two same mugs next to each other to make a full heart. Sounds like a sweet Heart to heart message come out of this, isn’t it? It is also very easy to customize when all you have to do is type your name to print and choose between the white mug or two-tone mug.

Cutting-edge Outline Mug

Heart to heart connection - kissing mug

Gossby is thrilled to introduce a minimalist and beautiful design for your special couple's mug! This outline art of a couple on the mug looks so elegant that you can’t stop looking at it all day. This mug is absolutely perfect to express your love and surprise your partner this Valentine's. Don’t hesitate to personalize your own couple of mugs and a lovely message within a few clicks.

Loving Couple Mug

Heart to heart connection - mug

A cheesy gift is never getting old for a deeply-in-love couple. With this heart-touching and sweet art printing, you can see your own selves on it and remember every good moment you’ve been together. A lot of art and quotes are waiting for you to customize, let’s give the one and only personalized mug to your soulmate!

Heart to heart connection - mug
Heart to heart connection - mug

Maybe you missed this, but all of our stunning mugs have 2 types to choose from White ceramic mugs and Two-tone mugs, with 2 sizes: 11oz and 15oz. You’re free to shop for the ideal mug for you and your lover with different types of mugs but with the same personalized art!

Now, shall we take a glance at …

Keychain to open their heart

Heart to heart connection - keychain

Small things hit different! A small couple of keychains can make the whole world jealous of you. We mean, if you find someone who has a heart-to-heart connection with you, you will want to show him/her to the world. This small little gift also makes your partner feel loved and think about you whenever he/she goes out.

Besides the graphic art keychain, we also have a photo upload keychain for you to transfer your photo into a keychain, which is absolutely sweet and beautiful!

Soft and comfy pillow

Heart to heart connection - pillow

A soft pillow never fails to soften your lover’s heart while you’re away. This Valentine's Day, express your love in a unique and special way with a personalized pillow! Our pillow is crafted from the finest materials and printed with a special design that will surely bring a smile to your loved one's face. With a personalized message of your choice, the pillow will be a cherished reminder of your love for years to come. Give your special someone a gift that will last a lifetime and show them how much you care about this special occasion!

Valentine's Day is a special day for couples, and personalized gifts make it even more special. Customized gifts are a thoughtful way to show your partner how much you appreciate them and demonstrate the heart-to-heart connection between the two of you. Whether it's a mug, a keychain, a pillow, or all of them, you can always move your significant to tears or brighten up their day. Let’s show your partner how much they mean to you and make this Valentine’s Day one to remember with Gossby!

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