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Top 10 Meaningful Dog Mom Gifts That Work On Any Occasion


Last updated: Dec 08, 2021

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Top 10 Meaningful Dog Mom Gifts That Work On Any Occasion

Buying dog mom gifts for the pet-lovers in your life was not always easy, as this present category didn’t exist a few years back. But now, with the help of customizable gifts and great market demands for the demographic, the quest for cynophilists in your life is way easier!

Here are some instructions on how to get the best gifts for them!

What Should You Buy For Your Dog Mom?

There are easy gift ideas for dog moms, such as buying items for their little fur baby. You can get pup vests, layer bones, or chew toys, but those are items anyone can get, and maybe the little friend is already fed up or had all of these things at home. If you want to up your present game and truly stand out from the party’s haul, you will have to think outside the box.

What Should You Buy For Your Dog Mom

Personalized gifts are the way to go this year and the next! You can use a customizing service to digitally alter or add a design and make the gift unique. Imagine the pup’s mom in your life opening the gift and seeing her and her baby’s name on it, and you will understand why this specific present type has become such a popular trend.

Not only will you give them something that they can use every day, but you are also essentially imprinting the love between them onto that item. How cool is that?

Top 10 Meaningful Gifts for Dog Mom

Without further ados, here are a few personalized dog gifts suggestions. Scroll through to see what the female guardian in your life might like, and consider putting a twist on it to fit her taste!

#1. "Fur Mama" Mug

personalized mug is a perfect simple start for a gift because it's easy to customize, and you can use it daily.

Any guardian that considers themselves a full-time caretaker for their pet will be delighted to see this mug with the title “Fur Mama” imprinted on it. It can also serve as a pun for the phrase “For Mama”, a motif commonly seen on gifts for new mothers.

ceramic mug - dog mom gifts
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If anyone disagrees that caring for a puppy is hard work, show them that the similarity between having a pet and a baby is astounding with this personalized gift for dog lovers!

#2. Dog Mom Tote

This is possibly one of the most functional dogs mom presents, as the tote can bring along so much more than simple treats. The tote is a bold claim of the title of “dog mom”, but it is also great for ladies on the go!

Dog Mom Tote
Dog Mom Tote (Source: Happy Baxter - Etsy)

This is also great for those whose babies are a little too active for their good, as the tote preps the mom for running too!

#3. "I Didn't Fart - My Butt Blew You A Kiss" Throw Pillow

Those who have spent an extended amount of time around a puppy after its mealtime will know why this pillow exists. But if we are honest with each other, so long as the little buddy does not assassinate its mom with its toot, the woman will see it as endearing nonetheless.

throw pillow - dog mom gift ideas
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Thus, this cute personalized pillow with a cheeky message will elicit a chuckle to the guardian that receives it! When you love someone or something, a bit of mischief from them will just seem like a rare kind of kiss!

#4. Wallet With Dog Print

A little wallet with a doggy print for the mom to carry her cash and cards is great for two reasons:

  • It is super cute, even if the onlooker is not a cynophilist.

  • It reminds the recipient to manage her finances to care for her four-legged best friend in the long run!

No matter the breed, we’re sure you can find a print that fits her taste!

Wallet With Dog Print
Wallet With Dog Print (Source: CAPRISIE - Etsy)

#5. "I Love You To The Moon & Back" Fleece Blanket

If your friend is a person who loves to tuck in at night with her pup, then this is the perfect gift for her. Not only does it come with the mom-pup couple’s names on the blanket, but it also features an adorable little quote “I love you to the moon and back”.

fleece blanket - dog mom presents
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Her four-legged friend might not understand the quote, but the sentiment is there when this soft personalized blanket covers and protects the pup when night falls!

Banner personalized gifts for dog lovers

#6. Customizable Phone Case

Whether you are buying the case from the shelves or drawing on it on your own, the female guardians in your life will cherish this gift a lot. They can carry along with them daily and protect their phone.

phone case - best gifts for dog mom
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It would help if you did a bit of research beforehand to see what pattern the owner likes, the size of their phone, and the model of their mobile. It would be such a shame for the gift not to be used, wouldn’t it?

#7. "I'll Be Watching You" Mug 

Having a little furry friend is a unique experience, but you will notice some patterns if you think about it. A little individual is looking forward to spending time with you in your home, joining you in meals, and staying by your side. That’s why this mug featuring the lyrics to The Police’s “Every Breath You Take” with a twist fit so well into a puppy mom’s life as gifts for dog mom!

two tone mug - gifts for dog mom
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Ask any guardian, and they will tell you about the puppy eyes their best friend gives them whenever there is food in sight. If she does not share, her pup will keep staring in those large adorable eyes until they get a bite!

#8. "I Work Hard So My Dog Can Have A Better Life" T-shirt

Here is an adorable gift for moms who love to walk with their furry babies! What better way to celebrate the bond than to be out and about with a shirt that states the moms’ dedication?

t shirt - gift ideas for dog mom
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“I work hard so my dog can have a better life” is a quote that every cynophilist lives by because caring for a puppy is not going to be easy! It costs to own one and give it what it needs, but all the hard work is worth it when you see your little buddy having a great life with a person who loves it truly and dearly. 

Be sure to get her sizes before you buy the personalized t-shirt, so she can sport the item for a long time!

#9. "Forever In My Heart" Wrapped Canvas

You will immediately recognize a dog mom’s home when you arrive at one. There is a bed and a bowl of water and treats in the corner of the room or the hallway for the little buddy, and there will be puppy-related decorations for sure. One of the most popular dogs mom gift ideas is to play into this idea!

wrapped canvas - personalized dog mom gifts
buy gifts for dog moms

This custom canvas is a great testament to the bond between her and her baby, making it one of the perfect personalized memorial gifts. “Forever in my heart” is such a sweet quote to have in the home, for that matter!

 #10. Self-watering Dog Plant Pot

They are the last presents for dog moms on this list, but they are the most unique and fun to look at! The self-watering pot is shaped like a puppy with his tongue sticking out to a bowl of water. The tongue serves as a sponge that sucks up the water for the plant inside, so you will only have to fill in the water bowl.

Dog Plant Pot
Dog Plant Pot (Source: Minky Moo Ceramics - Etsy)

If you can find a pot that looks like their babies, they will love it ten times more!

The listed ideas haven’t satisfied you yet? Click on these articles and find out more about this topic!

Wrapping Up!

Buying dog mom gifts will be easier than ever with all these choices! Best of all, you don’t even have to look further than Gossby and your nearest supermarket/bookstore to get any of these gifts. Thank you for tuning into this article, and we’ll see you in other gift guides on our page!

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