Top 25 Gifts for Dog Lovers that Make them and their Four-legged Buds Happy


Last updated: Aug 01, 2021

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Top 25 Gifts for Dog Lovers that Make them and their Four-legged Buds Happy

What do you think about your dog? It must be hard to answer, right? They are our siblings to play with us, soul mates when we are sad, “pawdyguards” when we feel unsafe, and sometimes our needy baby to take care of.

You are the center of the dogs’ world, and they are your whole world. For dog lovers, anything recalling their dogs will be a treasure. So, if you want to send gifts to a dog owner, it would be best to cheer them up with a dog-themed gift.

This article has rounded up the best gifts for dog lovers that will steal their hearts. Keep reading to find your favorites!

05 Personalized Gifts for Dog Lovers that They will Cherish

Can't find the best-personalized gifts for dog lovers? Don't worry; we've got you covered!

1. "Life Is Better With A Dog" Mug

Who doesn't love personalized gifts, right? Especially when they remind you of your loved one. If you are stuck for gift ideas for a dog-loving couple, custom dog mugs will be worth considering.

What else is better than coffee mugs with full-color graphic designs of your lovey-dovey couple and your furry friends. Do you have two dogs? No big deal! You can let your imagination run wild and display personalized pictures, messages, and more.

personalized mug - gifts for dog lovers

"Life is Better with a Dog" mug is perfect for a dog-lover couple

Waking up and enjoying every sip of love from your other half and the dog is such a mood booster for all day. Even when you are away from your two lovers, you’ll never feel lonely with this mug alone.

2. "Life Is Better With A Dog" Phone Case

Any dog lover's biggest wish is to bring their dog everywhere, every time.

phone cases are dog lover gifts

Nowadays, you can easily design a custom phone case with pictures of you and your dogs. If your phones are from iPhone 7 to iPhone 12, you can make a phone case that's unmistakably yours.

3. "I Love You To The Moon & Back" Fleece Blanket

You can never go wrong with a blanket and a custom photo on it. It is a wonderful addition to any home and makes great gifts for your pet-parent friend. 

The best feeling in the world for you, a dog lover, is cuddling on the sofa with your doggo in a special blanket that was only meant for you two. This is not only a blanket but a big hug to lull you and the dog to a sound sleep every night.

blanket is personalized gifts for dog lovers

Imagine when you are away and can’t take care of your baby. But the dogs know where to find your warmth. Their bedtime alone is no longer a nightmare but a sweet dream in which you are hugging them with love...

4. Canvas Prints

If you need some house decors, you can always make it more personal with a custom canvas print.

Canvas Prints

With just a few clicks, you can add a refreshing touch to any space. You can transform the photo of you and your dogs into a work of art. It will definitely be a perfect piece for any dog lovers to enjoy.

5. "This Is My Couch - Go Sit Over There" Throw Pillow

The humorous print design on this personalized pillow will definitely make you laugh out loud. Remember when your dog invaded your couch but you couldn’t do anything since your heart already melted seeing the cutest creature sleeping with his tongue out?

pillow is the best personalized gifts for dog lovers

Well, things can’t get better with this pillow. You even have a hard time “fighting” with your dog this time since his face and name are on it. Get ready, humans!

  • Wait!! Wanna discover paw-some stuff that makes dog lovers smile ear to ear? Go here!

Banner personalized gifts for dog lovers

05 Best Gifts for Dog Lovers to Make them Happy

If you are looking for a gift that can put a smile on any dog lover's face, check out the following ideas that we have for you!

1. Dog Paw Keychain

You can always make a gift more personal with a dog paw engraved keychain.

Dog Paw Keychain

You can print a picture of the dog's paw to make it become one of the unique gifts since it helps you keep your pet close to the heart.

2. Wall Art

Who cares if you already have too many pictures hanging in your house? You can always spice it up and cover the walls with dog artwork.

Wall Art

Nothing can make a dog lover happier than a new wall art of the canine. 

3. Journal Book

What better gift for dog parents than a journal just for their furry best friend? With this gift, you will be able to write down all the memorable milestones and special memories.

Journal Book

The journal book will also help you keep track of all the important dates and note down facts about your loving pet. It's like a baby journal book with a little bit of spice.

4. Aromatherapy Candles

You may not believe this, but they can even make aromatherapy candles for humans AND dogs too. Using the special oil scents, the candles will bring a calming effect.

Aromatherapy Candles

Due to the COVID-related lockdown, you mostly stay in the house, so these candles can help you relax and get rid of unpleasant odors.

5. "I'll Be Watching You" Mug

Your dog is a must, and coffee is a need. Why not make this two shine at once? A coffee mug with custom pictures of your lovely buds will bring the best of both worlds.

Best Gifts for Dog Lovers

This personalized mug saves those lovely moments when your dogs were sitting around you like your “pawdyguards” while you were cooking. But we all know that they show pleading eyes and beg for food from you!

05 Christmas Gifts for Dog Lovers for a Memorable Occasion

It's never too early or too late to prepare presents for the most festive time of the year. We have picked out the best Christmas gifts for dog lovers for you below!

1. Christmas Dog Sweaters

Winter weather can be extremely harsh sometimes, so make sure you can stay warm and cozy with a fun dog pattern sweater. You can choose a multicolored knit with a dog pattern to get cozy around the fire during the holiday season.

Christmas Dog Sweaters

Since these sweaters come in various sizes, you can get a fashionable pick for the dogs as well. It will be a great option for a family postcard photo.

2. Pup Socks

You can get your friend a pair of custom socks with the favorite photos of their furry friends. They will make the perfect gift for any dog lover since they feature their own fur buddies' faces on them.

Pup Socks

3. Christmas Dog Pajamas

Just like the matching sweaters, family Christmas pajamas are also a worth considering option.

Christmas Dog Pajamas

The matching family pajama sets will be a fun take compared to the traditional one. Just imagine your Christmas morning photos with everyone and your dogs in these cute pajamas. 

4. Dog-Themed New Year Calendar

This presents a classic present with a little twist. With this new calendar, you can organize personal schedules using your favorite babies' pictures and happy memories.

Dog-Themed New Year Calendar

You can either opt for the classic calendar or the small table desk calendar with a new photo every month to brighten up your day.

5. "Life Is Better With A Dog" Mug (Xmax Theme)

Any dog lover can snuggle up with this Christmas mug with inspirational dog quotes scripted on one side and the custom design on the other side.

the best Christmas gifts for dog lovers

Nothing can give you more pleasure than enjoying a cup of hot chocolate with your dog under the Christmas tree. Don’t forget to share your baby too. Don’t you see those pleading eyes? Hot chocolate warms your throat, and the dog warms your heart.  

05 Birthday Gifts for Dog Lovers for their Special Day

Getting what you want on your birthday is truly amazing, and so is it for dog lovers. If a birthday gift is a blessing for dog owners, a dog-themed gift will be the icing on the cake for them. You can choose from our wonderful range of birthday gifts for dog lovers that we have for you!

1. Dog Cup Coaster

With these dog cup coasters, your friend can keep their table free from drips from their mugs. A delightful dog-themed coaster set will now only be ideal for gifting but also makes a fun addition to their tableware.

Dog Cup Coaster

2. Tote Bag

Do you know what a pet owner needs? A jumbo-sized tote bag that has room for all the food, treats, toys, and supplies for their dogs.

Tote Bag

To make it even better, you can get one with a colorful embroidered image of their dog on it. Without any doubt,  this tote bag is one of the best ways to show off their dog love.

3. Pet Photo Frame

We can say that any dog lover can never have too many photos of your doggo around them. That's why it is a good idea to give them one of these pet photo frames to keep pictures of their beloved pooch.

Dog Photo Frame

4. Carry-all Pouches

Everyone needs a carry-all pouch in their life. The pouches are made with durable canvas-like material. They are large enough to fit all of your toiletries, art supplies, or makeup. With all fun and colorful designs, these items will surely be a head-turner.

Carry-All Pouches

5. "Those We Loves Don't Go Away..." Wrapped Canvas

This personalized canvas can definitely bring a tear to your eyes because of its meaning. In life, we never leave our pets alone for too long. 

However, when your dog is at peace and happy, they will also miss you whom they left behind when crossing the Rainbow Bridge. The quote on this canvas will set your heart at ease and remind you that your best furry friend will always be by your side.

Birthday Gifts for Dog Lovers

With this wrapped canvas print, you can keep your pet close to their heart while showing off your pup obsession at the same time.

05 Funny Gifts for Dog Lovers that Make Them Laugh so Hard

Do you want to add a little humor while looking for special gifts to give to a dog lover? Check out the funny gifts for dog lovers that we have below!

1. Dog Figurines And Sculptures

If you want to get something fun and quirky for a dog lover's home, a dog figurine has all the personalities that you'll need. This fun decor will make a great accent in any room space.

Dog Figurines And Sculptures

Any dog lover will fall in love instantly with these adorable dog figurines and sculptures!

2. Silly Dog Magnets

When in doubt, a silly dog magnet will boost any pet owner's home decor. Isn’t it funny to see those stupid faces everywhere in the house?

Silly Dog Magnets

3. Puppy Squishy

Everyone, not only dog lovers, would love this cute puppy squishy and get days of enjoyment from them. Is your friend having a stressful day? Don't worry; these squishy will offer immediate stress relief in the cutest way possible with their ultra-soft materials.

Puppy Squishy

4. Waterproof Dog Leggings

Leggings for dogs, is that even possible? Yup, you heard that right. These leggings can protect your four-footed friends from elements and germs.

Waterproof Dog Leggings

You won’t have to worry about tracking dirt and germs into your house anymore. This garment will make your everyday walks much more enjoyable. 

5. "Life Is Better With Dogs" T-shirt

We all know that your life changed forever since you met your cuddly friend. Now, you can tag them along with your every time you wear this personalized T-shirt.

T-shirt is the Funny Gifts for Dog Lovers

The meaningful quote “Life Is Better With Dogs” lets everyone know how much you love your little canine. Single ladies, go find yourself some “pawdyguards” and let the world know that how happy you are!


As it always said, when you are looking for a gift for a dog lover, you should find something that reminds them of their little friend. That's why instead of choosing typical gifts for dog lovers, you should opt for something more unique. They will love something that they can enjoy with their fur babies. The above recommendations are the best dog lover gifts that will bring a smile to everyone's face.

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