DIY Valentine’s Day Gifts That Will Live In Your Lover’s Mind


Last updated: Jan 26, 2022

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DIY Valentine’s Day Gifts That Will Live In Your Lover’s Mind

Fed up with available presents sold everywhere? It’s time to change your mindset to DIY Valentine’s Day gifts and meaningful personalized items at Gossby. There are no better keepsakes than handmade things or something customized.

Crafting is not just for kids, it’s even more fun for adults in modern life when people gradually forget simple and classic things. So what are the best DIY gifts for Valentine’s Day? Here we go find the answer!

Easy DIY Valentine’s Day Gifts For Everyone

Life transition makes us challenging to share our passion with our lovers. In the absence of man-made things, love is going down with the lack of romance. To kickstart your energy of giving your partner a wow on Cupid’s holiday for couples, we share some thoughtful DIY Valentine’s gift ideas. 

#1 Heart-shaped Wind Chimes

First of all, take some red craft papers or metal cookie cutters and shape them to be hearts in small to large sizes. Punch a small hole on the top to put the rope through, you can write some love texts to make it more incredible. 

wind chimes - diy valentines day gifts
Let the wind sing the stories of your love through the chimes.

Prepare 3 twines of the same length and thread them through heart-shaped papers or cookie cutters. Then, tie the twine at the bottom and hang a piece of baked clay heart. 

#2 Painted Jar Lantern

Talking about DIY Valentine’s Day gift ideas, a lantern is an easy pick for you to make. In case you are not handy, it still rings your partner’s heart. Get a glass jar and use painting colors to create stripes inside it. When it becomes dry, put a battery-run tea light at the bottom of the jar. You are into their heart!

#3 Handmade Jar of Sweets

For those who have a sweet tooth, make some candies or biscuits for them. As a handmade gift speaks your words, they will cherish this kind of gift undoubtedly. What you need is to buy some ingredients for candies and cakes such as flour, sugar…and phew, turn them into eaten things.

jar of candy - diy valentines day gifts
Nothing beats an indulgent jar of candy or sweet treats you make yourself.

Decorate your loving gift with some touching text outside the jar. And if you have time, tie a ribbon around the jar to make it perfect as possible.

#4 Embroidered Dishtowels

Lovely and utilitarian, dishtowels with embroidered texts as DIY Valentine’s gifts for him will express your love. Set the dishtowel in the frame of embroidery and create an unforgettable love quote you want to share. Once they have meals and utilize your gift towel, it will make them smile all over again.

#5 Handmade Candle

Candles are part of parties and celebrations with their warm lights and aromas. For 2022's Valentine, make a candle by yourself with ready making kit you can buy from e-commerce shops. Your lovebird will be goggle-eyed because of your amazing DIY Valentine’s gifts. 

homemade candles - diy valentines day gifts
Scented candle, another Valentine's Day favorite that can be made at home!

#6 DIY Lip Balm

Men and women need lip balm to take care of their soft lips. Thus, an option for your DIY Valentine’s Day gifts is a smooth lavender lip balm made of coconut oil, lavender essential oil, beeswax, a round lip balm tin, shea butter, and process. Print your label on it if you want it more special. 

#7 Hot Chocolate Bomb

No ideas to grab your darling’s attention, a creative set of hot chocolate bombs will help you to do that. They are all the rage with lip-smacking ingredients and seasonal toppings for a surprising Valentine’s Day. Head over heels to see the chocolate bomb and enjoy yummy moments. 

#8 Love Potion Bubble Bath

It’s not only a chance for you to turn DIY Valentine’s gift ideas into blessing presents for your lover, you can reuse old glass bottles to protect the environment. This passes you by with a twinkling love potion bubble bath using glitter, glue, and bath salts. Your couple gets spark joy for Cupid’s holiday.

bubble bath - diy valentines day gifts
Throw your special someone a relaxing bubble bath!

#9 Birdhouse Valentine Box

Owning all-singing hands and want to make DIY Valentine’s gifts for boyfriends? Then you can gather small wood panels and paint colors pink and red to craft a love birdhouse. If you want to add influential notes, write a love letter on your own and put it inside the birdhouse. 

There your love flies higher than ever. A luxurious thing is faded away with this romantic gift from your full heart.

#10 Love Terrarium

Easy for everyone to have DIY Valentine’s gifts with multi-colored sand and an air plant. Use a glass pot that includes a hole at the top to hang on the wall or a tree. It’s a little present punching the line for your Valentine.

More amazing Valentine's day gift ideas: 

#11 Heart Conversation Rocks

This is quite what you need to handle a lovey-dovey night. Instead of a comic book telling a love story that is too old-fashioned, pick some bold rocks to paint conversational sayings inside hearts. Your romance is leveled up. 

#12 Pompom Bouquet

No green thumbs need to make this sweet bouquet for your dear on Valentine’s Day. This emphasizes handmade gifts from one heart to another one. Creating a long-lasting DIY floral bouquet is like talking to your partner that you are extraordinary. Collect some assorted ribbons and twines, green leaves to make it real. 

flower bouquet - diy valentines day gifts
Any flower bouquet would do the trick.

#13 Sweetheart Vase

Coming up with a perfect craft for February 14, a vase painted by yourself is blooming feelings for him/her. It will look more beautiful when you decorate it with some heartfelt text saying your emotion towards them. 

#14 Touching Globe

Handy crafts are hard for you, then this is all you can do for your companion. You just need to buy a globe and use painting pens to write “You mean the whole World to me”. No wonder they will smile and have a big clap for your sweetness. Not namby-pamby but truly precious to be kept in memories.

#15 Heart Dominos

Striking best DIY Valentine’s gifts for him/her, why don’t try to make a series of heart dominos. Use your creativity to paint whatever touching in each piece of dominos and arrange them correctly. Put your important note at the end to appear when your lover hits all the other pieces. Game playing will be full of peals of laughter and warm hearts.

#16 Heart-shaped Bookmarks

Since they are crazy about books and love reading all day, here is a guideline for their heart. Choose nice wallpapers and trim them into various bookmarks in the shape of a heart. Your partner is sure to click on your heart and stay there for a long time. Add a note on the bookmarks if you like.

bookmark heart - diy valentines day gifts
A lovely way for your special someone to mark their favorite chapter of the book.

#17 Loving Branch Wall Art

Many people love decorating their homes with some wall art. Fill your mate’s room with one of our creative DIY Valentine’s gift ideas. You can collect some branches and paint pink color on half of them. After that, arrange them to be a heart sign for a sweet gift to him/her.

#18 Paper Craft Garland

Crafting becomes more interesting when making for your beloved. As love runs together with time, you need to keep your other half beside you forever. To help you do that, we suggest this heart garland hanging over the wall to show what’s inside your heart. Love flavor is something sweet and simple like this.

#19 Rose Wreath

A Rose bundle is too easy to have but a rose wreath made by your loving hands is enough to shine over your admirer. This needs a bit handy side and your time as you have to craft roses first. Then link them all together in a heart wooden wreath with glue and give it to him/her. It will last for several years to come.

rose wreath - diy valentines day gifts
Make sure you pair the wreath with other gifts, too!

#20 Love Sign

To end top DIY Valentine’s gifts for boyfriends or girlfriends, we include an easy-making love sign. It’s a professionally crafted gift to treasure your relationship after going side by side for a long time. Though it seems not to be difficult to make, it still requires meticulous details to paint stripes and beautiful texts on it. A gorgeous handmade thing to last your romance.

Feeling Lazy For DIY Valentine’s Day Gifts? 

If DIY Valentine’s Day gift ideas don’t suit your time and hands or you just feel too lazy to make them, have a look at personalized Valentine’s Day gifts. Handmade things must consume lots of time and labor. On the other hand, you can stay at home and click on the personalized products to customize your personal touch.

Talking about DIY gifts, people mention their uniqueness and thoughtfulness. Those characteristics are also wrapped in personalized gifts when you can put your own words and images to have a glorious remark. You don’t need to tinker or sweat out to design fine art and still get a nice result for a gift. 

couple kissing - diy valentines day gifts
Make your Valentine's Day extra special with the most thoughtful personalized gifts.

As a fraction of the labor sent, your customized gift is fully effect received. Personalized Valentine’s Day gifts mean the same as DIY products as they need the giver’s deep heart to design. Since then, they certainly impress your love on February 14 and stay in their mind forever. 

To make what you think real, you can refer to personalized gifts at Gossby. There are numerous different personalized gifts to give your beloved on many occasions. And here you can customize from art, text to design, and so on. You will receive much love from your sweetie.

Modern life has turned out some creative yet simple ideas for us to give gifts to someone. Personalized gifts are one of them with just some clicks to edit the content on the product. A meaningful gift for the receiver to know your expression.

personalized gifts for couple sale banner

To Conclude

As much as your emotion, DIY Valentine’s Day gifts are ideal to enjoy touching moments. Someone said that love can connect two strange people to be the homie and share the same positive thoughts though they belong to different types before. That’s why Cupid celebrates for them to remind them of all of these beautiful things.

Over time, love can change and starts to get higher or lower. We all want to upgrade our compassion and decorate it with smiles and happiness. Get an idea from the above DIY Valentine’s gifts and personalized keepsakes from Gossby to raise passionate love. 

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