What Is Valentine's Day? Facts, Stories, Traditions, And More!


Last updated: Dec 27, 2021

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What Is Valentine's Day? Facts, Stories, Traditions, And More!

What is Valentine's Day? At first, it seems like an odd question to ask. Almost everyone knows about this occasion. 

Yet, have you ever wondered about its meaning or origin? It is a longer story than the title "the celebration of love".

If you are curious about the truth behind the birth of this special occasion, you’ve come to the right place! Gossby has put interesting facts about the occasion together for you to discover!

What Is Valentine's Day About?

Needless to say, all of us know the answer to the question what is Valentine's day date?. It's February 14th. Almost all nations around the world have adopted the tradition of this celebration of love. Valentine's Day is a special occasion to express affection and admiration to our loved ones. 

couple hugging with balloon - valentine's day
Right from the beginning, Valentine's Day has always been a celebration of love.

When mentioning the date 14th February, most people will immediately think of it as a sweet holiday, especially for couples. 

Sadly, the history of Valentine's Day seems far less romantic. It’s a story of romance, celebrated discreetly and a heart-breaking tragedy at the same time. Let’s take a trip back to the very beginning and see how things transpired!

The History Of Valentine's Day

The Origin Of  St. Valentine

Although the legend of Valentine's Day is still a question mark until now, the most well-known story comes from ancient Rome. There are three legends about the patron saint Valentine or Valentinus recognized by the Catholic Church. 

In the beginning, there was a priest named Valentinus who lived in Rome in the third century. During this era, the emperor Claudius II (a pagan Catholic) introduced laws that forbade marriage. He argued that Christians must focus on paying tribute to Rome.

holding hands over table - valentine's day
Who would have thought the year's most romantic occasion has such a tragic origin?

Despite this absurd prohibition, the priest still secretly held a wedding ceremony for a young couple. Unfortunately, he was discovered and executed.

Another story claims that this person was a bishop of Terni, he was martyred because of trying to free Christians from prison. The other version reveals that he left a letter to his lover (probably the jailer's daughter) signed "From your Valentine" before his death.

The Development

Valentinus became a popular saint in the Middle Ages regardless of the true story. 

Some people believe that February 14th is celebrated to commemorate his death. Meanwhile, scientific evidence shows the similarities between the modern holiday and the festival of Lupercalia. The Catholic church attempted to eliminate paganism and unite it into a single occasion - Saint Valentine's Day. It honored fertility rites and lottery pairing.

valentine card pink
The first Valentine card appeared in the late 1700s.

It was not until the 1500s that the occasion became associated with romantic ideas. It is the word that describes the lover in poetry and song that originates from Chaucer.

In the late 1700s, the first commercial cards were issued. This anniversary of love is also gradually spreading its influence worldwide from here.

Valentine's Day Meaning

After centuries, Valentine's Day is today's times has gone far beyond the meaning of a religious ceremony. The occasion might take different forms from country to country based on cultural diversity. 

The most common form is the couple's romance. Lovers enjoy spending time together at luxury restaurants or hotels. They appeared with red roses, chocolates, cards, or whatever had their partner's highest spiritual value. 

love dining table - valentine's day
Nowadays, Valentine's Day has evolved into a romantic occasion to express love.

Besides, other countries extend gratitude to all close relationships. You can show love to friends, colleagues, or family members. Even a gift for yourself - why not? (do not be surprised, love yourself first). Overall, it is the celebration of love, regardless of what form it takes.

What is Valentine's day mean? If you figure out the true answer, there is only one caveat - Love reigns.

Valentine's Day Gifting

How Many Days Until Valentine's Day 2022?

is romantic day is coming around the corner. If you want a wonderful day to remember, start planning now. 

What is Valentine's date in 2022? Let's see; it happens on Monday, February 14th - a busy first day of the week. This means that there are only over 6 weeks away, and counting.

With the current global supply situation, the sooner you get on it, the better. It includes a thoughtful calculation for timeouts, delays, or changes.

It has never turned out to be a good condition for a last-minute gift, as you can not foresee timeouts, delays - Any situation and change that prevents you from meeting the expected plan!

Hence, early preparation gives you more time, confidence, and a good outcome. Write down your ideas and make them come true for the upcoming celebration of love!

Why Give Gifts On Valentine's Day? 

As mentioned above, the act of giving a gift to someone is a form of emotional expression. No matter how modern our society is and will be, humans practice and retain this act because this is one of the two ways to express our feelings towards others via tangible objects. 

Is it really important to give gifts at this festival? The answer is always YES. Here are some compelling reasons for you:

Strengthen Relationship And Connection

Every individual has the right to love and be loved - It is also a part of our instinct. So, the 14th of February is just a reminder for us to express our love to each other. It is important to get rid of complicated definitions, focus on relationships' nature, and implement crazy ideas of expressing affection.

Indeed, personal connection is an integral part of modern society. We establish a new relationship or strengthen an existing one by giving presents. What matters is the message those items convey!

valentine's day classics
Gift-giving plays a major part in the celebration of Valentine's Day.

Spread Out Special Messages

Although material things can not always bring or replace happiness, they can stand for and reflect your feelings/messages if you utilize them as a communication tool. To put it in simple words, gift-giving conveys much greater meaning than the sole expense of the act.

You may not give in kind, but you have much more, including love, kindness, and care. What comes straight from your sincere heart easily wins over someone else's. Indeed, a present given to your loved ones brings warmth and shows your care. 

Strengthens Feelings Of Romance

Undeniably, gifts for your partner on this occasion play an important role in strengthening the relationship. You know it is a love anniversary, right? So if you love them, express your thoughts sincerely.

It is great to enjoy a fancy date night, but not complete without a gift. People have a special feeling when their lover pampers them - We all want to be the only of someone, right? Although tangible things might not be able to express the untangle real emotion of humans, a tangible present could still strengthen feelings of romance and of being special via its details.

Nevertheless, a present becomes even more necessary when you cannot spend the occasion with your partner. It is a wonderful reminder of your love and her irreplaceable position. An unexpected preparation makes her day and conveys your feeling of missing her.

For all the above reasons, let’s prepare for the upcoming holiday. Whoever pops up in your mind right now, come and knock on their door with surprise.

Romantic Valentine's Day Gift Ideas


The act of giving flowers appeared on Valentine's Day of the 17th century. The most popular type of flower for this occasion is usually the rose - the favorite of the love goddess Venus. Besides, people prefer red to express their intense passion.

The script changes if you think about a gift for other relationships. A bouquet of carnations is a good way to express your admiration. You can also choose other flowers with white or yellow; they symbolize friendship, purity, and simplicity.

valentine day red roses
Red roses represent love and passion, making them the perfect flower to give on Valentine's Day.

Online services are always available to help you create a surprise. They give you precise advice on the meaning of the present. Then prepare your order and deliver it to the recipient on this special day. 

However, the popularity and similarity of this act make it seem “trivial” over time.


The 17th century recorded the appearance of another gift: Chocolate. The Spaniards introduced it to the world, unaware of its surge in the gift-giving behavior of the next generation.

Some people believe that this item represents love because it stimulates desire. However, scientific studies show that small amounts of tryptophan and phenylethylamine do not affect this aspect.

chocolate - valentine's day gifts
Sweet, indulgent, classy, chocolate embraces the spirit of Valentine's Day.

Regardless of the controversy over the meaning of this gift, giving chocolates is deeply rooted in the tradition. Bakers often make rose-shaped chocolates placed in heart boxes.  

Similar to roses, a box of chocolates sometimes lack the desired effect - uniqueness. Other classmates possibly also give your crush the same chocolate box as you!

Greeting Cards

The association of cards and romance dates back to 1415. Duke of Orleans Charles wrote a poem to his wife at the Tower of London. After that, this tradition became popular in the 16th century. Until modern celebration, it is still an integral part.

You can prepare this gift for any stage of a relationship, as its meaning is never encapsulated in showing affection. Other connections deserve to be honored with beautiful words in your 4th of February cards!


This gift represents your invitation to your partner for some private time on Valentine's Day.

A glass of wine brings romance and mystery. It stimulates the senses and produces the "love hormone" oxytocin. Another benefit is that wine works well with every dish. It means your gift arrives just in time if your plans include dinner. 

Unfortunately, there is a big restriction that wine has - not everyone loves alcohol! Putting aside the age restriction for wine consumption, some people hate or even have an allergy to alcohol!

Personalized Gifts - Out-of-the-box Unique Valentine's Day Gifts

On the downside, all of these ideas above rarely produce extreme surprise and delight. Your partner may feel a little frustrated as your preparation is cliche and predictable.

So what stands out from the crowd? - Personalized Valentine's gifts! Their meaning becomes the undisputed winner in this fierce battle.

my favorite place personalized valentine mug

First, the custom items bear a special message. Because you are the creator, you put all your true thoughts into the gift. It offers a lifetime value that any existing ones cannot copy. This kind was never something that could be bought at a souvenir shop after just a few minutes.

Another reason is that personalized presents show your thoughtful care for your partner. Only when you clearly understand their personality, interests, and lifestyle can you prepare stuff that suits them best. It is the best option to show your interest in them in every aspect and firmly bond your relationship.

Last but not least, no one can resist a one-of-a-kind gift. Uniqueness brings a special feeling and a passionate love for only one person. It represents an indispensable place in your heart.

Banner personalized gifts for couples

That's A Wrap!

What is Valentine's Day? Has this article satisfied your curiosity? Gossby hopes you can find all the information you came looking for, perhaps more!

We can't stress enough the emotional value of this celebration. Though people around the world might have different ways to celebrate the 14th of February, yet, there's one thing that remains the same: Love reigns.

Celebrate the year's most romantic time with unshattered love and impeccable gifts!

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