15+ Farmhouse Wall Decor Ideas to Bring a Rustic Vibe to Your Space


Last updated: Jul 31, 2021

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15+ Farmhouse Wall Decor Ideas to Bring a Rustic Vibe to Your Space

As you might know, your home is a place where you can feel most content. It's where your family and friends gather, where the days begin with happiness and end with relaxation. the accents you use to decor your sweet place should bring the same warmth to your place as you bring to your life.

Indeed, there are so many ways to decor your home to bring a cozy vibe to it but the easiest and effective way, perhaps, is to embrace the rustic sensibilities of the farmhouse style. In this article, Gossby will give you some chilling farmhouse wall decor ideas to make your space a paradise.

05 Farmhouse Wall Decor for Living Rooms

1. A Memorial & Rustic Vibe with a Personalized Canvas

Currently, the trend of decorating home with personalized items, like canvas prints, is probably prevalent. A good example would be the one that you see in the image below. Art for farmhouse wall decor and be a treasured keepsake reminding you of a beautiful memory in your life.

personalized canvas is perfect for farmhouse wall decor

[Extra] to find out more canvas designs, you can browse our collection of personalized canvas and select one to start the farmhouse wall decor process.

2. All Animals in the Barn

This collection of farmhouse animal pictures provides a lovely and joyful feel to space. The silhouettes are stenciled on window panel sections. Their names are written in French to give them a distinct appearance. The two window shutters or both sides not only support the animal wall art but also create scenery as though you are staring out a window at the farm.
All animals is farmhouse wall decor for living rooms

3. Antique Wreath Wooden Window Frame

This frame may be produced in a variety of colors and sizes to match the current decor of its new owners. It is composed of wood lathes that have been combined to form a tiny window frame. A boxwood wreath is placed in the center to provide a natural touch to the wall art.

Antique Wreath is rustic wall decor for living rooms

4. Personalized Wooden Farmhouse Sign Decor

This sign is simple & explicit- let the farmhouse be! A basket serves as the backdrop for the wooden sign, with green branches peeking out symmetrically on both sides. This wall painting may be hung in any area that is lacking in personality.

Personalized Wooden Farmhouse Sign Decor

5. Hanging Scroll

This simple but timeless statement is set on a one-of-a-kind backdrop. We've seen it on wooden signs before, but this may be the first time we've seen it on a paper scroll. Of course, there's more to it than merely picking this texture to stand out. The scroll is intended to emphasize the significance of home, which people have held from ancient times.

Hanging Scroll

05 Farmhouse Wall Decor for Bedrooms

1. Bicycle and Brick Wall

One of the unique ways for farmhouse wall decor for bedrooms. An exposed brick wall creates a stunning backdrop for your master bedroom, and a beautiful metal bicycle hung on the wall is the ideal finishing touch. Place a glass lantern on the side to add a touch of whimsy and to provide some light for late-night reading.
Bicycle and Brick Wall for rustic wall decor bedroom

2. Window Pane and Lantern

Repurposed window panes may be used as beautiful decor in your farmhouse bedroom. Finish the appearance with a feminine touch of flowers and lantern illumination.

Window Pane and Lantern

3. A Bespoke Rustic Feature Wall

When it comes to farmhouse wall decor for bedrooms, you have a lot of leeways. Wood planks were placed in a traditional American Indian design in this comfortable bedroom by Millhaven Homes in Lehi, Utah. The blue and white wood panels set the tone for the color palette throughout the space.

A Bespoke Rustic Wall decor for bedroom

4. Barn Style Sliding Doors

Don't you know, this is also a farmhouse wall decor idea for the bedroom? A contemporary upholstered bed frame is paired with pristine shiplap walls in this light and airy area. The sliding barn-type door made of salvaged wood completes the look.
Barn Style Sliding Doors for bedroom farmhouse wall decor

5. Rustic Wooden Chevron Sign

This creative and quirky sign will look excellent in a bedroom. This may be a fun DIY project for a crafty person with the appropriate photo frame and some salvaged wood for your wall art piece. You may add your own word in a white calligraphy font to create an intriguing contrast with the rustic wood grain.

Rustic Wooden Chevron Sign

03 Farmhouse Wall Decor for Dining Rooms

1. Familiar Farm Face

Oh, the cows, goats, and sheep! When it comes to furnishing this modern farmhouse dining room, designer Dustin Gerken takes a straightforward approach. On one shiplap-clad wall, an assortment of vintage agricultural implements hangs, while on the other, a collection of (fake) mounted farm animal heads maintains watch over diners.

Familiar Farm Face

The animal theme continues beneath the table, with a white-and-caramel vegan cowhide. To complete off your rustic dining room decor, take a lesson from Gerken and add vegan hide elements as well as farm-inspired sculptures or wall art.

2. Rustic Storage Wall Decor

Is there not enough cupboard space? Not an issue. Repurpose an old frame into a grab-and-go mug display to add rustic farmhouse accents to your kitchen or dining area. If you are a collector, this is designed for you to arrange your diverse style and show it in an elegant farmhouse fashion. Simply mix this antique wall décor with rustic things such as an iron basket, mason jars, or tin pails to complement it.

Rustic Storage - farmhouse Wall Decor for dining room

3. Collage Wall Decor

Finally, the collage is a farmhouse wall décor for the dining room. Rather than the standard live laugh love emblem, customize it with the names of your family in a crossword puzzle. It is entirely up to you what surrounds it. To keep true to the farmhouse decor theme, surround your family crossword with plants, inspiring quotations, mirrors, iron keys, and so on. Create the collage of your dreams, but keep it basic, limiting it to at most four or five items to avoid making it appear cluttered.

Collage Wall Decor is best farmhouse wall decor for dining room

05 Modern Farmhouse Wall Decor

1. Photo Wall Gallery

Gallery walls are great for modern farmhouse wall decor. You may actually customize them to whatever design you like. We installed a photo gallery wall by our dining room table a few years ago, and I still adore it!


By adding antique frames or printing your photographs in sepia instead of black and white, you can make any photo gallery wall rustic! The possibilities are truly limitless! More gallery wall inspiration may be found in this compilation post.

2. Retro Canvas

Perhaps, the rustic wall decor style often comes with the brown color and this personalized canvas will be a perfect item. As said before, the personalized trend is now really common in home decor. Not only bringing a vintage vibe to your place, but it is also an item expressing your beautiful friendship.

Retro Canvas is wonderful modern rustic wall decor

 "Hangovers Are Temporary but Drunk Stories Are Forever" retro poster's on the wall

[Find more] Many posters with other designs are available on Gossby. If you want to find out more, just browse our Personalized Poster collection and you'll be offered so many options.

3. Abstract Farmland Wooden Wall Art

These wooden printed panels are an excellent alternative for modern farmhouse wall décor. These multi-square panels, which feature an abstract painting of a rural farming environment, are the ideal blend of rustic and modern.

Abstract Farmland for modern farmhouse wall decor

4. Rustic Vintage Wind Spinner

This rustic antique wind spinner is guaranteed to be noticed. It is made entirely of iron, making it solid, and it can be simply mounted on the wall. It has an aged finish that gives it a rustic-worn character.

Rustic Vintage Wind Spinner for modern farmhouse wall decor

5. Rustic Wagon Wheel

If you're searching for something a bit different for your farmhouse dining room wall décor, this rustic wagon wheel is a must-see! This stunning wheel is likely to spark attention, making it an excellent choice for any room in your house where you will be entertaining visitors.

Rustic Wagon Wheel

Wrapped Up

Farmhouse décor is welcoming, warm, and comfortable. The greatest farmhouse components are tailored to you and your unique family. Use these farmhouse wall decor ideas as inspiration to create your own farmhouse style.

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