Blanket Storage Ideas: 10 Best Ways To Organize Your Blankets


Last updated: Aug 06, 2021

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Blanket Storage Ideas: 10 Best Ways To Organize Your Blankets

Winter is here. There's no more ideal time to curl up under a soft and cozy blanket than now. But when you're done wrapping yourself, remember to fold and store the blanket nicely. Blanket storage ideas that are close at hand, however, still functional are always a challenge.

When opting between the options for blanket storage ideas, looking for something that also looks so gorgeous would be a magnificent bonus.

In this article, Gossby would like to share with you ideas for blanket storage around your home, from hidden corners to stunning displays. Then, a cozy, soft blanket is always at hand when you need to keep warm on a cold winter day.

Short-term Blanket Storage Ideas for Everyday Usage

With these ideas, you can simply put your blankets away when you aren’t using them during the day to keep them clean as well as your home clutter-free, for the next usage.

1. Wall Rack

The “wall rack” plays on the blanket ladder idea, however, it’s just a simple decorative rack that’s permanently attached to your wall. When nothing’s on it, you’ll get a piece of art on the wall.

Just simply roll them up & slide them in to put blankets in it.

2. Over the Door Blanket Ladder

Consider this the blanket equivalent of an over-the-door shoe holder - only nicer! The over-the-door ladder is simply a blanket ladder that hangs on a door and was inspired by a towel rack idea for the back of a bathroom door.

Over the Door Blanket Ladder is a blanket storage idea

This blanket storage idea is perfect for everyone lacking the floor space needed for a typical blanket ladder. It would also work well for families with little kids who might be likely to pull blanket ladders down on top of themselves.

Then, it’s a versatile enough option that you can hang it in plain sight or seek a more hidden place, so your blankets are totally out of view.

3. Ottoman Storage Blanket Idea

If you’re into furniture that does double duty, like this ottoman that has built-in storage space. It will be ideal for holding throw blankets! There are many options to choose from. Once you acquire an ottoman like this, you surely won’t regret it.
store blanket in ottoman

4. Blanket Ladder

The blanket ladder is ideal for organizing and displaying colorful or attractive blankets. It's actually a ladder with rungs that rests against the wall, with a blanket hung on each rung.

Ladder to store blanket

This blanket storage solution is great for gorgeous handcrafted blankets, such as quilts or knitted blankets, that you enjoy gazing at. I appreciate that it's a functional yet attractive storage option that also allows you to exhibit your lovely blankets!

5. Farmhouse-style Blanket Crate

This final blanket storage embraces farmhouse design with gusto, with a wonderful, distressed crate to contain all of your blankets and pillows. These blankets appear to be the décor in this wooden trough!

Farmhouse-style Blanket Crate
Farmhouse-style Blanket Crate (Source: Craftsy Hacks)

It's simple to purchase a crate like this online, but you can easily make one out of salvaged wood. This is also an excellent method for keeping towels in your linen closet.

Long-term Blanket Storage Ideas When the Weather Getting Cozier

How can you store blankets that you won't use for a season or two in a way that preserves them and keeps them out of the way now that you have some ideas for storing blankets? Here are some useful solutions you'll like.

1. Clear Storage Plastic Bins

This method for blanket storage is to use those large clear plastic storage bins. They may not be incredibly stylish, but these bins have several advantages:

what is the best blanket storage idea
  • They’re easy to find and affordable.

  • Each one can hold several throw blankets (even my big chunky knit blankets!).

  • They keep the critters out to protect your blankets.

  • You can stack them out of the way in a closet, an attic, or a storage area.

  • You can see what’s inside without needing to open them.

Our Personalized Blankets Collection will give you more wonderful designs that you'll love!

banner personalized blanket

2. Plastic Blanket Bags (Large Size)

Don't have enough space under your bed or in your linen closet? A blanket bag is still quite useful since it can contain multiple blankets at once while providing a clear view to see what's inside without having to open it.

store blanket in Plastic Blanket Bags

If you don't have a huge linen closet, you can use blanket bags & store them on a shelf in the tiny general storage space. They're safe and out of sight this way.

3. Linen Closet

If you have a large linen closet in your home, perhaps, you prefer wrapping your blankets in bags to protect them before placing them on the linen closet shelves. They’re safe, however, out of sight and mind.

blanket storage with Linen Closet

If you want to display blankets, think of an antique cabinet that provides a lovely storage closet for everyone having a collection of hand-knit quilts.

4. Linen Closet Under the Bed Bins & Bags

Perhaps, you often think the area under the bed is a waste of space. Why not use it for blanket storage when it comes to out-of-season blankets? You can use hard plastic storage containers or zip-closed see-through plastic blanket bags.

how to store blanket

Both solutions allow you to preserve blankets for an extended period of time while keeping them safe from pests.

5. Chest & Trunk for Blanket Storage

Steamer trunks, whatever you call them, have been around for a long time because they provide a basic but extremely effective storage option for a variety of items. With so many gorgeous alternatives (that may also double as a coffee table or seat), a chest might be the ideal storage solution for your throw blankets (or pillows)!

store blanket in trunk

It gets bonus points if it's cedar-lined to protect your knit blankets.

Above, 10 different blanket storage ideas work both for short-term and long-term purposes. Once you know how to store them, maybe it’s time to have some unique blanket for your own. So, what will you do?

Owning Personalized Fleece Blankets at Gossby

First, why personalized blankets? The personalized gift trend has been getting prevalent for years and Gossby believes that everyone loves it, so do you.

Moreover, a personalized blanket is not just an essential item to keep you and your loved ones warm when the weather is cold but a treasured keepsake reminding you of a beautiful memory.

Well, you can browse our collection of personalized blankets and choose the best one that you would love the most.

Wrapping Up!

In this article, you’re offered brilliant blanket storage ideas and how to have your own soft & cozy personalized blankets. What do you think? Just make up your mind or leave us comments below. We would love to listen to you.

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