Top 10 Long Distance Relationship Gifts to Remove the Separation


Last updated: Sep 29, 2021

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Top 10 Long Distance Relationship Gifts to Remove the Separation

Long-distance relationships have never been easy, especially when you have to live thousands of miles away from your partner. The separation not only makes you both feel lonely most of the time but can cool down the warmth of love if you neglect to take care of the relationship!

Therefore, you must try by all means to maintain a solid long-distance relationship with your loved one. Besides steadfastness and absolute trust, you should also show your deep affection to your lover in action as much as possible. Among surprise plans, gift-giving is indispensable on the list!

This article will recommend some long-distance relationship gifts you should apply to surprise your beloved. Let’s scroll down for more details!

How Can You Surprise Your Long-distance Lovers? 

For long-distance relationship couples, trying to spend time together is the best thing to do, like making daily calls or sending romantic messages. However, it is such a sad thing that you can not be together physically on special days like Valentine's Day or anniversaries.

To avoid the relationship from growing cold, you should have a good plan to show your love and care for your lover on such occasions. How to surprise your partner when in a long-distance love relationship, then?

The following long-distance relationship gift ideas are possibly handy to warm up and even make your relationship more close-knit!

1. Send A Gift Basket Or A Plant

Send your beloved a plant or a gift basket daily, even when you are far away from them. If your cherished person is a plant aholic, your little present doesn’t only surprise that person but also keeps them smiling all day!

Send A Gift Basket Or A Plant

2. Plan To Have Secret Anniversaries Together

If you've just missed a special occasion with your lover, don't let distance destroy the passionate fire. Plan your next vacation together, by all means; this trip will surely make up for the time together that you both lost due to the far distance.

3. Surprise Visits

There is nothing better to surprise your sweetheart than visiting them without letting them know your plan! No matter how busy you are, let’s put your work aside for a while and spend time with your special someone.

Surprise Visits

The moment the two of you meet after a long day apart will light up your mood and make your love more romantic. Besides, remember not to give your sweetheart any hints about this unexpected visit!

4. Spoil Them With Their Favorite Food

Busy and stressful work can make your lover too busy to have time to cook or pay much attention to their health. It’s time for you to interfere and take care of their well-being! This task is not entirely impossible in long-distance relationships. You can make a call to their favorite restaurants and order the food to be delivered to their front door. We’re sure your loved one will feel deeply touched.

5. Send Your Photos or Videos Anytime & Anywhere

One more great way to maintain the spark between long-distance lovers is sharing your lovely photos and videos with the other, even if it's not mandatory. This helps you feel the closeness and fills up your beloved’s heart with happiness once seeing your face.

6. Send Adorable Small Personalized Gifts

The last one on our long-distance relationship gifts list is a small customized present! personalized gifts for couples are trending and famous, as they give you a chance to customize your designs and quotes to express your love to your partner!

Send Adorable Small Personalized Gifts

05 Best Long Distance Relationship Gift Ideas For Him

Sometimes, you may face an “idea block” situation when it comes to gifts for your boyfriend or husband. Don’t worry, as the suggestions of long-distance relationships present below will help you find out the best suited for him!

1. "To My Husband..." Mug

If your man is a coffee aholic, there is nothing more significant than a customized mug. This daily item will help him start his new day with smiles and joy, feeling like you are right there next to him.

personalized  mug - long distance relationship gifts

"To My Husband, I Wish I Could Turn Back the Clock' mug

Especially, you can design the mug your way by including love signs between you and him or the name of you both. With the lovely illustration and meaningful quote, he can certainly feel your warmth and care! Let’s put this item on the long-distance relationship gifts list!

2. "You Are My Person, You Will Always Be My Person" Mug

Still a mug, but you can make it stand out from the normal-looking ones by customizing your love message on it, like the quote “You Are My Person, You Will Always Be My Person.

custom mug - long distance relationship presents

Sometimes, being a bit romantic is not bad at all, especially if you are in a long-distance relationship! This lovely mug also allows you to customize the image of you and your boyfriend, the background, as well as your names.

This item is also a subtle reminder for him to remember you all the time!

3. "To My Husband, When We Get to The End of Our Lives Together..." Blanket

Among thousands of gifts for him, a blanket is a must-have to express your caring and build up the bond of love between you and your long-distance partner!

personalized blanket - long distance relationship gift ideas

Moreover, you can create a unique personalized blanket your way with endless choices of designs and intimate quotes for your man. It will take your place to hug and comfort him on cold days when you go on an extended business trip.

4. Map Of Our Hearts

More than just a piece of decoration item, this special gift will surely blow his mind. What a perfect surprise present to touch your long-distance beloved’s heart!

map of our heart - best gift for long distance relationship
Map Of Our Hearts (Source: Etsy)

It comprises a heart-shaped matting in which half of the heart is a miniature map of your location, and the other half is the location of your darling. It will be a meaningful item that he is undoubtedly about to value significantly in his lifetime.

5. Explosion Box 

If you want to make something distinctive for your cherished person, the handmade explosion box should be at the top of your long-distance relationship gifts list. This present lets you decorate and add numerous embellishments, meaningful messages, or whatever you want in several layers to show your sentimentality and delicateness.

Explosion Box as a special long distance relationship gifts

When your man opens the box, a remarkable pattern of colors and trims indeed make a splash on his eyes. Look at it, and your lover will know how much you care to preserve all the precious memories with him.

05 Romantic Long Distance Relationship Gift Ideas For Her 

Many people may mistakenly believe that all girls love expensive and extravagant gifts. This is not entirely true for your girlfriend or wife. Sometimes, she just needs your romance instead of luxury gifts.

Giving something romantic to your treasured one can also help both get through the geographical distance. The list of gifts for her below could be what you need to keep the sparks of your love.

1. Hugging Couple Mug

Even stunning jewelry and dresses couldn’t compare to this personalized mug. Imagine every morning, no matter how hectic your partner’s schedule is; she still enjoys a cup of coffee filled with your mindfulness!

couple mug - long distance relationship gifts for him

This is among the best long-distance relationship gifts idea to recall your love and let her know that you are always willing to be by her side regardless of distance!

2. "The Day I Met You" Pillow

Are you looking for something to comfort your loved one when you two have to live apart? If so, a personalized pillow can be the best solution to stand by her side and soothe her during sleep.

pillow - long distance relationship gifts for her

She must be impressed with the love message or love signs which you especially custom just for her! More than a pillow, it can also become a unique decor for her living room sofa.

3. Hoodie Couple Mug

This personalized mug you designed for your sweetheart can be a wonderful present to ease the missing feelings. With this sweet personalization printed on it, she can feel an intimate connection with you regardless of long-distance.

customized mug - gifts for long distance relationship

Just like other personalized items, you can customize this mug to your heart’s content, such as putting her name and yours or choosing love quotes. Additionally, this is also a great way to express your endless love for her without the need for spoken words! Simply pick a suitable quotation and design, and have them printed on the cup!

4. A Personalized Portrait 

She can have a thousand of your photos and videos on her phone, but nothing can touch her heart more than a custom portrait. Select the most favorite of yours and send love via messages printed on it.

personalized portrait - best presents for long distance relationship
A Personalized Portrait (Source: Etsy)

This portrait could be a wonderful gift for your true love to brighten up her room. She will proudly tell her friends about this item and how much you care and love her!

5. Puzzle Piece Keychains 

A long-distance relationship may not be as fearful as you think if you know how to show affection and keep the fire of your love. Giving your girlfriend keychains may sound trivial, but you can ultimately make them more romantic with what you create yourself.

Puzzle Piece Keychains
Puzzle Piece Keychains (Source: Luulla)

Add your names, initials of yours or intimate words to express your warmth and deep tenderness to your partner. The practical present will be one of her essential daily items. In this way, it can recall you and your love anytime and anywhere. Although this item is the last name on the long-distance relationship gifts list, it is still one of the best presents of all time!

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In A Nutshell!

These recommendations about long-distance relationship gifts should be included in your list if you want to warm up or keep the fire of your relationship! The truth is that no matter which gift you give, your sweetheart will surely love it. You never know how precious and important you are to them!

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