A Wonderful List of 10 Best Hippie Gifts for Her and Him


Last updated: Sep 29, 2021

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A Wonderful List of 10 Best Hippie Gifts for Her and Him

When it comes to choosing presents for your hippie lovers, it’s relatively tricky as this is not your style. The best solution that may fit all your hippies is customized gifts because they show the sincerity and warmth of the gift giver.

This article will come with an amazing list of hippie gifts that you can refer to. Let’s scroll down and take a peek at these beautiful ideas to determine the best suited for your beloved.

What Do Hippies Need?

Before jumping into the list of hippie gifts ideas, let’s take a close look at the hippie concept to understand hippie friends deeply. 

Put it simply; the hippie term is used to refer to a group of middle-class youngsters and twenty-somethings who support nonviolence and love. Their slogan is “Make love, not war,” which means their goal is to find peace, happiness, and love. That’s why they are sometimes popular with the name “flower children”.

What’s more, hippies are not satisfied with the regimentation and restraints of middle-class society, so they tend to rummage around and promote tolerance and liberalism.

What Do Hippies Need

This ideology also influences the way they dress and what they show on the outside. You can easily recognize them in the crowd thanks to their unique dressing style, such as long hair, colorful clothes, beads, or granny dresses for both men and women. These expressions are collectively known as the hobo style.

After getting to know your hippie friends well, choosing gifts for them also becomes somewhat more manageable. Most importantly, hippie gifts need to express the love from the bottom of the giver.

what is the best hippie gifts
Among tons of ideas to get a hippie present, personalized hippie gifts are a great choice. Hippies friends will surely understand and feel all that you put your thoughts in those presents. Below are some beautiful hippie ideas for your hippie beloved.

05 Hippie Gift Ideas For Her 

Are you confused about what to get for your bohemian girl? Don’t worry, as you have landed at the right place with our list of hippie gifts for her. Let’s dive into it, and you will get what you want!

1. Boho Hippie Bohemian Two Girls - You Are My Person Mug

If your girl is a coffee aholic, a mug will surely satisfy her for any occasion. With this personalized mug, she can enjoy her daily morning with memorable moments of yours.

personalized mugs are the best hippie gifts

You can custom love messages you dedicate to her like “You’re My Person.” These moving words can touch the bottom of her heart.

2. Boho Hippie Bohemian Fleece Blanket

There is nothing better to give her than a fleece blanket, especially when winter comes. You can take this opportunity to make the good times better and get closer to your hippie girl by gathering around a heater and covering it together with this blanket.

blankets are great hippie gifts for her

This custom blanket will be on behalf of you to comfort her on cold nights. You can also express your love and warmth to her with a distinctive design and love quote written on it.

3. Boho Hippie Bohemian Three Girls Mug

If you have a group of best friends, don't miss out on any of the girls. Surprise them with this group item on friendship anniversary day! These hobo girls will love your gift at first sight and indeed can’t say no to it.

custom mugs are perfect hippie gift ideas

What can be sweeter than an image of you guys sitting along and a meaningful quote! It can easily deliver your loving message to your besties and make sure they’ll never forget it.

4. Sunflower Girls - All We Need Is... Mug

As you know, a hobo girl loves the sunflower as it is the symbol of hippie style. For the same reason, a ceramic mug with a sunflower image will impress and blow her mind without a doubt.

customized mugs - unique gifts for hippie

The idea of giving a mug is old, but its content is what will surprise your best sympathizer. Moreover, the quotation on the mug also illustrates a happy and fun definition of what girls need in life! This way, your girls can feel your deep affection and care for her, that you would want to share everything you need with her.

5. Boho Hippie Bohemian Three Girls -Wild & Free Mug

Are you looking for a mug as a decor item to give to your closest hippie friends in a group of three? This option will meet your demand.

Boho Hippie Bohemian mugs - great gift ideas for hippie

Your besties will appreciate every unique design on this mug. This is a distinctive trait that other regular cups can’t compare to.

05 Hippie Gift Ideas For Him 

Choosing gifts for a bohemian man is quite hard work. What might a hippie guy love? The following top five recommendations of hippie gifts for him will save you from wondering.

1. Hippie Necklace

It might sound unfamiliar to get a necklace for a man, but a hippie guy will love this gift from you because it's part of their hobo style. In other words, hippie men tend to love wearing jewelry like bracelets, rosary, or necklaces.

Hippie Necklace - hippie gifts for him
A Hippie Necklace (Source: Etsy)

Unlike ordinary necklaces, this is custom-made, so you can freely add anything you like to it, such as your names, initials, or signs between yours. If you are seeking a present for a bohemian boyfriend, this option can be a great choice to show your love to him. 

2. Name Bracelet

The flower boy is really into wearing jewelry, so this little bracelet may be what he is expecting. With a basic but stylish design, he can use it on most occasions or even every day.

Bracelet - the best hippie gift ideas for him
A Name Bracelet (Source: Etsy)

You can have this boyfriend bracelet engraved with your initials, names, or love signs between yours. In this way, you can let him know your love and feelings without saying it out loud.

3. Hippie Van Tumbler 

Sometimes the present can make your lover feel your warmth and subtlety more than a thousand words of love. This tumbler with retro style will be the best suited for your hippie guy.

Hippie Van Tumbler is a awesome gift for hippie
Hippie Van Tumbler (Source: Etsy)

Whether he is on a camping trip or jumping into his car for his morning commute, he can keep his thirst under control, thanks to your gift. It also comes with a personalized service, which allows you to create a cool tumbler on your own!

4. Hippie Blanket

Occasionally, there will be moments that tear you apart from your significant man. How to express your caring and love to him? A blanket may be the best way to let him know how much you treasure and care for him. Distance doesn't matter if you think about each other all the time.

sunflower blankets - cute gift ideas for hippie
Hippie Blanket (Source: Etsy)

What’s more, the sunflower pattern would make the blanket unique. Likewise, you can embellish your initials, names, or whatever to create a more impressive look for it.

5. Personalized Hippie Mug

Your hippie man is a coffee lover, then this flower mug with 60's style should rank the top place in your boyfriend gifts list. This mug is different from other mugs with a unique design such as his name and the intimate message “Always Stay Your Groovy Self” you add on it your way.

Hippie mug - a great present for hippie
Hippie Mug (Source: Etsy)

No matter how hectic he is, holding this coffee mug filled up with the memorable moments between him and you will comfort him and remind him of your love and caring.

Wrapping Up!

That’s all about the best hippie gifts recommendations for your hobo beloved on any special occasion. These suggestions eliminate the idea that choosing a gift for a hippie friend is exceedingly challenging. 

There are numerous options you can take into account to give your hippie soulmates. The truth is that no matter what presents you get for hippies, they indeed love and treasure it as you are the best gift that God has given them.

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