Boho Wall Decor: 10+ Ideas to Bring Boho Accents to Your Rooms


Last updated: Oct 03, 2021

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Boho Wall Decor: 10+ Ideas to Bring Boho Accents to Your Rooms
With the rise of cottagecore decor and all kinds of soft aesthetics in recent culture, the boho style has gained traction once more. This style originates from Turkish travelers and has since spread across the European cultural sphere as one of its staples. 

Let’s learn about the unique way to flip up your home with boho wall decor to start!

03 Modern Boho Wall Decor Ideas

Bohemian - or boho - decor style comes from the nomadic people of Bohemia, Turkey. As such, you should keep your eyes out for a lot of natural elements like flowers, leaves, wood patterns, and even stars and moons.

In order for you to successfully implement the boho style, you will need to go out of your comfort zone and get vibrant colors and bold patterns on natural texture. Commercially available decors tend to lean more to neutral or beige palettes, but you can always ask for personalization. 

Regarding boho wall decoration items, there are quite a variety of options for you to find. But if you want to bring meaning and a unique flair into the item rather than owning what others also have, try services that allow you to customize and personalize your decorations!

In case you want to discover more options about wall decor, check out these articles below:

1. Personalized Boho Wrapped Canvas

There are many types of decor customizations, such as putting names and portraits on the item's surface or including other personal design aspects. So putting a personal detail on the bohemian-inspired piece like your name on a canvas print gives it a special flair to your home!

"Wild and Free" wrapped canvas

2. Wall Piece Blanket:

If you live with a friend who shares the aesthetics or you want to gift a friend like that with a modern boho wall decor, a personalized fleece blanket with their name and yours on it is stylish and special enough to warm their hearts.

personalized blanket is modern boho wall decor

3. Bohemian-styled Mug:

Even items that are not typically considered wall decorations can be good at the job. If you have, say, a set of pretty-looking personalized mugs you want on display in your home, you can arrange them on a rustic shelf in order to bring the aesthetic out of both items!

using mus for boho wall decor
  • Discover more ideas for Boho decor!

05 Boho Wall Decor Ideas for Living Room

Now that we are done with discussing general methods to give your house a boho flip, let’s look for a specific boho wall decor living room. The common space can use a little natural spirit to it, so here are some boho wall decor ideas for you:

1. Landscape Paintings

This is the most literal take on the advice of “bring nature into your living space”, and for a good reason as well. It is easy to be overwhelmed by your digital surroundings, so having some green patches will ease your eyes.

Landscape Paintings - boho wall decor living room
Landscape Paintings (Source: Pinterest)

The use of landscape paintings is also said to alleviate moods, making you feel relaxed and affectionate towards others in your space.

Green paintings are also good for those who want the presence of plants in their homes but have no garden or are too busy to care for them.

 2. Plant Shelves

Who says the plant pots have to stay on the ground when they can be on your wall and beautify it? No matter if it is a small pot of pothos or a jar of water daisies, if you apply a little handiwork to it, it will be a beautiful addition to your blank wall.

Plant Shelves - the best boho wall decor ideas
Plant Shelves (Source: Ubuy)

Some have also taken this opportunity to use certain plants - those that drape downwards to create a waterfall effect for decorations. The shelf will then act as a base for the plant to hang down from. If you do this, guests will wow at the creative green “wallpapers” you have just earned!

3. Macrame Wall Hangings

Macrame is a fun way for you to bring a boho vibe into your living room. It was all the rage back in the 19th century, where people would knot towels into interesting shapes and adorn them on walls and dining tables. The art became increasingly popular outside of its birthplace of Genoa and integrated itself into boho culture.

Macrame Wall Hangings - boho wall decor - Tdy Corner
Macrame Wall Hangings (Source: Tdy Corner)

If you want to try the technique out for yourself, that is even better than buying decorative pieces from stores. Macrame arts and tapestries can be made from anything considered “textiles”, but the most common material in macrame wall hangings is white or cream cotton strings. The material is soft enough for you to easily make knots out of but strong enough to stay durable.

Once you are done with the weaving, simply hang the piece from a stick of wood or a log of sorts, and you get yourself a unique feature to the living room!

4. Macrame Plant Hangers

Knots are strong and durable; humans have known this since the dawn of time. So it comes as a surprise to no one that pieces made from the macrame technique are great at holding things. If you scroll through the bohemian side of social media, you will see people use the knots for holding their water bottles and, ultimately, their plants.

Macrame Plant Hangers
Macrame Plant Hangers (Source: IWAYAM)
Replacing your typical hanging wire comes with a few surprising effects. Your plants have the need to drain themselves, so water might seep into wires and cause rust to weaken the material. This simply does not happen with macrame strings and cords since the material will absorb the moisture and let it evaporate slowly instead.

If your living room plants look boring, using macrame plant hangers will give them an interesting look!

5. Mandala Decor

The mandala is another staple in the boho style and aesthetic. It is a circle with interweaving patterns, typically in bright colors. Mandala gives off a funky vibe that is often associated with psychedelics, but a simple decor piece will not make your trip!

Mandala Decor
Mandala Decor (Source: AliExpress)

Mandala wall decors come in many variations and interpretations, but the most common application is via a canvas or tapestries. Be on the lookout for one, and you should be able to find a mandala that suits your taste.

05 Boho Wall Decor Ideas for Bedroom

The bedroom is unarguably one of the rooms that have the most potential for the boho style since it is always in need of some serenity for people to sleep in peacefully. Here are some boho wall decor bedroom ideas for you to try and send good vibes into your home

1. Hanging Bamboo Chair

Turn your bedroom into an oasis with a hanging chair made from natural materials! Once you have installed the chair, you can line it with soft materials and throw pillows to make a cozy nest for lounging purposes.

Hanging Bamboo Chair - boho wall decor bedroom - Etsy
Hanging Bamboo Chair (Source: Etsy)

A decor tip: A hanging chair pairs best with a fluffy mat or carpet right under it to create a sense of balance!

2. Dreamcatcher

Having a dreamcatcher in your bedroom or by your window not only adds to the overall aesthetics but also helps with chasing away nightmares. There are so many dream catchers available in the market, but you can snatch unique ones with feathers and crystal beads on them if you pay attention!

Dreamcatcher - boho wall decor
Dreamcatcher (Source: Ubuy)

3. Patterned Wallpapers

A complete change of wallpapers will transform the room's overall atmosphere, so why don’t you give it a shot this time? Try going for intricate patterns that use flora and fauna in their motifs as well as earthy and warm base colors, and you will nail the aesthetic.

Patterned Wallpaper
Patterned Wallpaper (Source: Euro Posters)

The core of boho style is to minimize waste and plastic use as well, so you might want to be on the lookout for economical and eco-friendly wallpapers!

4. Celestial Bodies Hangings

Aside from natural elements, stars, moons, suns, and constellations also play a big part in the bohemian style. These decorative elements are also very fitting for the bedroom scene since they easily can be adapted into sleep lights, fluorescent wall stickers, and wall hangings.

Celestial Bodies Hangings
Celestial Bodies Hangings (Source: Ubuy)

With the entire night sky surrounding you, you will find yourself drifting off into dreamlands more easily and peacefully when sleeping!

5. Sun Mirror

This is a decorative and functional item that is both fitting for boho and minimalistic home decor. The sun mirror is essentially a normal round mirror, with a special rim that resembles a sunburst motif. The rays of the “sun” can either be simple metallic gold bars or wavy sheets in combination with other materials.

Sun Mirror
Sun Mirror (Source: Vox)

Placing a mirror in your room will make the room appear significantly larger and more spacious. Choosing what type of sun mirror is also crucial. A simple sun mirror is good for rooms that feel already crowded, but a more complicated and intricate design will be more suitable for rooms that need a fulfilling feeling.

Wrapping Up!

That is the full guide on how to use boho wall decor in your home! Gossby hopes that this article gives you lots of inspiration for the blank walls of your home and more. The bohemian style will surely give any room a cozy, domestic, and serene atmosphere, so anyone within its vicinity will feel at ease. Why don’t you try the style out for yourself and let us know how it goes?

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