Valentine’s Day Getaways - Where to Go for Valentine’s Day 2022?


Last updated: Jan 27, 2022

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Valentine’s Day Getaways - Where to Go for Valentine’s Day 2022?

Valentine's Day is approaching in the U.S and you know, there are a lot of places to go, offering a serene and most intimate holiday. Getting away from the jungle of concrete to tranquil destinations or enjoying a trip to the charm of the most happening city across the street, the country's truly a hub for your holiday feel.

Any plan for the day of love? Or, are you wondering where to go for Valentine's Day?

In the following section, Gossby will share with you a list of the best Valentine's Day getaways that you can add to your bucket list for a romantic escape this holiday.

What to Do for The Best Valentine’s Day Getaways in 2022

Before figuring out where to go for Valentine’s Day, let’s take a look at some steps that you should know to plan the most romantic recess this holiday.

Here are the 04 steps:

Step 1: Know What The Happy Place You’re Looking For

It’s obvious. You should know what will make you and your sweetheart happy first and then, search for the places that match your interest. Remember to narrow down your search until you find the best Valentine’s Day getaway you’re looking for.

Step 2: List Your Must-see Spots and Must-do Things

After knowing where to go for Valentine's Day, let's start to fill up your itinerary. Google the best spots and attractions of the area (some suggestions will be listed in the next section); however, remember that there won't be any place for privacy with you sweetheart.

Plus, secretly bring a special Valentine’s Day gift along with you if any. Just a little thing but will melt your honey’s heart.

banner personalized gifts for couples

Step 3: Build the Best Menu

Nothing but delicious food is required if you want your holiday to be complete. Look for restaurants that offer the dishes you love and provide warm & comfy seating arrangements.

Step 4: Get Ready & Joyfully Enjoy Your Romantic Holiday

So, it’s time to get packing. Make sure that you won’t forget to pack a good camera to capture and preserve the most beautiful memories you’re going to have - an unlike-any-other experience about the best Valentine’s Day getaways in the U.S.

The Best Valentine’s Day Getaways in the U.S

Here’s the list we’re looking for. The 10 Best Valentine’s Day getaways for a romantic holiday you should consider.

Let’s see what they are!

1. Savannah

Consider where to go for Valentine's Day, just go to Savannah. You'll dive into the romance coming from picturesque parks, Spanish moss-draped trees, and Antebellum architecture. Another thing that you'll love about Savannah is genuine hospitality, scrumptious fare, and the mild temperatures in the winter.

Savannah - valentine's day getaway
Savannah (Source: Ashley Knedler - Unsplash)

Once choosing Savannah to be the best Valentine's Day getaway for your holiday, don't forget to try carriage rides and evening ghost tours. They're iconic.

2. Kennebunkport

Kennebunkport is the perfect Valentine's Day getaway for any couple due to its Paint the Town Red, a celebration of love that lasts for a month, and hotel packages. Once there, you may enjoy your trip on empty beaches and snow-dusted forests.

Kennebunkport - valentine's day getaway ideas
Kennebunkport (Source: Amerika Only - Unsplash)

3. Palm Springs

Palm Springs which is an oasis in the middle of the Sonoran Desert, offers the sunlight all year round, as well as a smokin' hot design culture and Tinseltown tradition.

Luxury accommodations and mid-century modern residences that formerly housed Hollywood's top stars now welcome couples looking for a sexy getaway.

Palm Springs - best valentine getaway
Palm Springs (Source: Cody Board - Unsplash)

4. Napa Valley

Once in Napa Valley, you’ll have an opportunity to embark on a romance that cannot be found anywhere else. When it comes to finding Valentine’s Day getaway in the U.S, the Napa Valley is the best choice due to its local cuisine. world-class wine, and gorgeous accommodations.

During the trip, don't forget to enjoy some must-try things such as sipping vina at tasting rooms or getting into a gourmet picnic…

Napa Valley - valentine getaway ideas
Napa Valley (Source: Dominic Spohr - Unsplash)

5. Scottsdale

You'll love Scottsdale because it offers you both relaxation and a rug (as your interest) that comes from sprawling botanical gardens, scenic hiking routes, or resplendent resorts.

Scottsdale - where to go for valentine's day
Scottsdale (Source: Strfry, Marcus - Unsplash)

6. Key Largo

Key Largo is known as a sun-splashed retreat where you'll embark on beautiful beaches, crystalline waters, and consistent swimsuit weather.

It's easy to know that there are many outdoor activities to get into (kayaking or swimming with the dolphins). Perhaps, Key Largo is the best answer to the question of where to go for Valentine's Day.

Key Largo - where to go for valentine's day 2022
Key Largo (Source: Charles Jackson - Unsplash)

7. Fairbanks

If you choose to see the northern lights, there would be no place better than Fairbanks. It's perfect for Valentine's Day getaway as Fairbanks is one of the best spots to witness the aurora borealis. Interestingly, February is also the best time to go.

And yes, it's not the only thing you can do in such an attractive place. Couples can enjoy snowmobiling and skiing as well.

Fairbanks (Source: Jo San Diego - Unsplash)

8. Oahu

One of the most attractive Valentine's Day getaways, Oahu is truly dreamland for any couple.  It's a tropical paradise that is adorned with stunning cascading waterfalls green forests & crystalline beaches. Oahu is also perfect for an intimate holiday scene because it offers coastal beauty with many captivating beaches.

Oahu - Hawaii

9. Billings Montana

Where to go for Valentine’s Day? One of the best answers is Billings Montana which is a remote/ laid-back destination; however, a surreal place.

Billings Montana - the city with a rich history and a vibrant culture, attracts people by its magnificence and the charming Yellowstone river. Overall, this destination is great to visit during your Valentine's Day celebration.

Billings Montana
Billings Montana (Source: David Morris - Unsplash)

10. Laguna Beach

Laguna Beach is known as one of the best Valentine's Day getaways in 2022 due to the secluded beaches, the dramatic cliffs, the crystalline azure water, and the romantic waterfront.

This gorgeous beach's nestled between canyons and coves, making it the most destination to go for your Valentine's Day. While strolling around ancient streets, you can easily see ​vintage paintings and sculptures on exhibit for the public.

Laguna Beach
Laguna Beach (Source: Steady Hand Co. - Unsplash)


Wrapping Up!

Now you know everything, perhaps, to prepare before considering the best Valentine’s Day getaways that you and your sweeties will love. While Valentine's Day is all about one spectacular evening of fine dining and presents, a holiday trip may easily make it the most memorable day of your life.

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