15 Perfect Gifts For Couple On Engagement To Start The Marriage Journey


Last updated: Dec 26, 2021

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15 Perfect Gifts For Couple On Engagement To Start The Marriage Journey

Choosing gifts for couples on engagement can be even more difficult than choosing wedding gifts. It is important for you to show how much you care about your loved one during one of the best moments in their life.

In this article, Gossby will show you who to choose some of the most amazing gifts for a newly engaged couple.

How To Choose The Best Gifts For Couple On Engagement?

To celebrate a special occasion such as an engagement, the gift needs to be sweet, thoughtful, special, and unique. You cannot just pick a random gift from casual gift stores but it also doesn’t need to be expensive. 

couple hugging sunset
Celebrate the beginning of a new happy life with amazing engagement gifts!

Sound like it is quite complicated to get that perfect gift but it is actually not. If you just check out some of the tips below, you will find that it is actually rather simple.

1. Make Sure It's Unique

Whoever you are giving this gift to, they are going to only engage once (hopefully), so your gifts also need to be just as unique. Make sure you put your thoughts into it and don’t just wing it.

While it seems hard to find something unique nowadays, it is actually not that hard. All you have to do is to invest some effort into making personalized gifts for couples

2. Consider The Hobbies

There is no better way to show how much you know about your loved ones than a gift that supports your favorite hobby. This way, you can narrow down your options to find the most perfect gifts for the newly engaged couple.

paint on the table
A gift to keep their hobbies going isn't a bad idea! (Source: Steve Johnson - Unsplash)

3. Don't Forget The Pets

If the newly engaged couple has a pet, they are pretty much their child right now. Choosing a gift for their pet is much more simple and there is a wide range of options for you to choose from. A cute present for their lovely puppy will always be greatly appreciated.

4. Go For Practicality

Save the expensive vase or that luxury necklace for the wedding. For the engagement party, get something that they can actually use instead of something flashy. Trust me, they will be thanking you a lot while using it in their daily life.

5. Invest In Quality

Always pick quality over quantity. This is better for both you and the couple who receive the gift. Also, sometimes, what you give them isn’t as important as how you give them. Putting a few extra dollars for the premium warp or choosing metal/stainless instead of plastic will make the recipient feel appreciated and respected.

10 Classic Engagement Gifts For Couples

If you are still feeling confused even with all the advice above then check out these classic gifts for couples on engagement for some suggestions. These are really simple options that would always be suitable as gifts for couple engagement. Also, they might even help you come up with something totally unique on your own.

1. Cute Coffee Mugs

A pair of coffee mugs with their name on them is a simple yet super sweet engagement present. They are also a great way for them to announce their engagement on social media. This is one of the super safe options that you can also go for.

coffee mug bokeh
An energizing coffee mug to fuel the soon-to-wed couple. (Source: John Matychuk - Unsplash)

2. Tasty Cupcakes

There is absolutely nothing sweeter than a box full of mini cupcakes as a gift on one of the best days in their life. These sweet little babies will beat traditional gifts any day. Of course, you need to be sure that the bride is not trying to lose weight, or else it might be a little awkward.

3. Engraved Cutting Board

A cutting and serving board is a great and practical gift for couples who love cooking. You can also have it customized with the name of the couple with their engagement date on it. This gift will help the husband show love to his wife on their morning as a married couple.

4. Elegant Planning Notebook

Their engagement party will be followed by a couple of very busy weeks preparing for the wedding. This notebook will help them stay organized and maybe even become their most trusty companion.

5. Scented Candle

Scented Candles are always a great gift that can look and smell great. Many people forget how smell can greatly affect the mood of people.

aromatic candle set
Nothing says relax better than a set of aromatic scented candles! (Source: Luma Candles - Unsplash)

Something like a mandarin and grapefruit scented candle will help the couple set up their mood during romantic moments.

6. Scratch-Off World Map

This is the best gift you can buy for a pair of avid travelers. Once they have visited a destination, they can scratch it off from the map to reveal its color and keep track of their trips.

7. Wooden Wine Box

If formality is what you are aiming for then a bottle of wine is a perfect idea. You can pack it inside a personalized wooden box to make it look even more luxurious and fancy.

8. Stylish Photo Frame

A photo frame is one of the best gifts for newly engaged couples. There will be a lot of memorable moments to come in their life that needs to be framed and remembered. This gift will help them do it in the most stylish way.

photo frame living room
A photo frame to showcase the couple's favorite moments or paintings. (Source: NeONBRAND - Unsplash)

9. Lovely Scrapbook

Here is another present that will help the lovely couple to cherish happy milestones in their life. It would be even better if you can even make one for them by yourself and customize it to make it truly unique.

10. Relationship-Building Game

Building a relationship is a lifetime job and this present will increase their bond while having a fun time at the same time. These games often come with a set of questions that are carefully prepared by experts so 2 people can get to know more about each other.

Banner personalized gifts for couples

More Amazing Gift Ideas For Him/Her:

05 Unique Gifts For Couple On Engagement

Whatever gift you choose, you want to make sure they are personalized for the newly engaged couple. If you are not a kind of handy person then you can check out some of the personalized gifts below from Gossby, which come with a super reasonable price.

1. "To My Husband." - Personalized Mug

This personalized mug will remind the couple that they are the only ones for each other. The mug has a cute art of the couple that can be customized along with sweet words that come from the bottom of the heart.

custom ceramic mug - gifts for engaged couples
button shop now 1

I bet your soon-to-be husband will think about you every time he enjoys his coffee from this mug.

2. "Dear future wife..." - Photo Blanket

personalized blanket will bloom the love of a happy couple even in their sleep. You can write your own love letter here that will never fade away. It will keep her body comfy with soft pile texture and soul warm with your words.

personalized blanket - gifts for couple on engagement
button shop now 2

Your wife will be reminded how much you love her every day before she goes to bed and when she wakes up with this amazing present.

3. "To my Husband, when we get to the end of our lives together." - Personalized Blanket

They say men don’t have feelings but they just want love like everyone else. That’s why you need to make sure that they know you love them with this lovely personalized blanket. This simple but meaningful gift will do the deed for you.

to my husband blanket - gifts for couple on engagement
button shop now 3

Trust me, this blanket you give him will wash away all his stress and tiredness from the outside world when he is snuggling up with you on the bed.

4. "When I say I love you more, I don’t mean I love you more than you love me." - Personalized Wrapped Canvas

There is no better way to fill your home with love than an amazing personalized canvas. Life is a struggle and it is also a chance for us to prove that we can make things work despite these struggles.

custom wrapped canvas - gifts for couple on engagement
button shop now 4

That's what true love is all about, putting the other person over your own need at your own will. But knowing that is not enough. You also have to show it to your loved one with your words and your actions. What’s a better way to do that than this beautifully designed canvas.

5. "The Day I Met You..." - Personalized Pillow

This personalized pillow will make your partner so happy that they will burst into tears, knowing how much effort you have put into the gift. A soft comfortable pillow will bring you a great time on your bed even when you two are not sleeping.

the day i met you pillow - personalized gifts for couple on engagement
button shop now 5

The pillow is printed with cute couple art and some heart-warming messages that will keep your partner happy in their sleep.

It's A Wrap!

If you are choosing gifts for couples on engagement, you're picking the presents to celebrate one of the most important days in their life. So, make sure you put effort into it. A great gift doesn’t have to be expensive but it certainly needs to be able to show how much you love them.

If you take one of these suggestions from Gossby, we're certain that whoever gets the present will be extremely happy.

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