15 Valentine's Gifts for Grandma to Show Your Love & Care


Last updated: Dec 31, 2021

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15 Valentine's Gifts for Grandma to Show Your Love & Care

Valentine’s Day is a time for couples to show affection to their sweethearts; however, it’s also a time for you to show your love and care to your family’s loved ones, especially to your grandma.

You’re reading these lines, then Gossby bets you want to find some heartfelt Valentine’s gifts for grandma to warm her heart on such a special day. If you find it hard to get your grandma a gift that makes her happy, check out the list of 10 wonderful ideas below.

What Would Be Perfect Valentine’s Day Gifts for Grandma

In case you’re bored of stereotypical Valentine’s gifts for grandma which are easily found at shops on the street, a perfect idea to go for is giving her personalized gifts.


It’s because every gift will be more special when it’s personalized. Also, by adding your personal touches to the gifts, you’re about to tell your grandma how much she means to you. It’s so sweet, tho!

In the section below, we would love to show you some of the most-loved personalized Valentine’s gifts for grandma that you can find on our website. Of course, we also include other options for you to choose from.

Wait no more, take a look.

05 Personalized Valentine’s Day Gifts for Grandma

1. “The Love Between Grandma & Grandkids Is Forever” Mug

Here’s Valentine’s gift for grandma that she will cherish forever. This personalized mug is so much more than an item for her to enjoy her favorite beverage but a keepsake, reminding her of a boundless love from her grandkids to her.

The personal touches printed on the mug (both the image and quote) will make her happy.

custom mug - valentine's day gifts for grandma
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2. “NANA - We Hugged This Blanket…” Fleece Blanket

This Valentine’s Day, when the weather is getting cold, this personalized fleece blanket will be a thoughtful Valentine’s gift for grandma that keeps her warm.

With both an illustration of grandkids and a message printed on the blanket, your grandma will feel loved whenever she snuggle it.

custom blanket - valentines gifts for grandma
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3. “Life Is Better with Grandkids” Throw Pillow

Want to bring a big smile to your granny’s face? Then, consider giving this Valentine’s day gift for grandma to her. The touch of customization printed on this personalized pillow will remind your grandma that no matter how life goes on, you (her grandkids) will be always by her side.

custom pillow - valentine's day gift ideas for grandma
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4. “I Have The Best Grandkids In The World” Mug

Another option for you. If you would love to choose a personalized mug to be a good Valentine’s gift idea for grandma. Not just a gift to show your love and care to your grandma, this mug might tell how lucky she is to have you her grandchildren.

personalized coffee mug - best valentine's day gifts for grandma
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5. “Life Is Better With Grandkids” Poster

This personalized poster is an ideal Valentine’s gift for grandma if you’re living away from your grandparents. When people get old, they tend to feel lonely and really want something to warm their hearts.

Give your granny this poster so she can hang it on the wall. Every time she admires it, she will feel her grandchildren are always with her.

custom poster - best valentines gifts for grandma
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Browse our collection of personalized family gifts to start customizing unique gifts to make your loved ones happy.

personalized family gifts

10 Valentine’s Day Gifts for Grandma - Other Options

1. Mrs. Field Cookies

It’s prevalent to get her some cookies if you have no idea about Valentine’s gifts for grandma. If you want, you can choose Mrs. Field Cookies as they’re one of the best. Surely, your grandma will experience the sweet love for a whole month.

Mrs. Fields Cookies
Source: Mrs. Fields Cookies

2. Warm Slippers

Who wouldn't desire a nice, cuddly pair of slippers? We certainly would, and so would your grandma. You can easily get this kind of Valentine’s gift for grandma from Etsy, Amazon…

A Pair Warm Slippers
A Pair Warm Slippers (Source: REDESS - Amazon)

3. Flower Bouquet

Flowers are a traditional Valentine’s gift for grandma (as long as she’s not allergic). On Valentine’s Day, just come to her with a bunch of flowers in hand and give your granny an early taste of spring. Base on your grandma’s taste, you can choose the right types of flowers.

Flower Bouquet
Flower Bouquet (Source: CEWOR - Amazon)

4. Hand Cream Eggplant Collection

With this trio of powerful moisturizers, you may lend a helping hand to your grandmother. Each of the hand creams contains skin-softening organic shea butter, vitamin E, and argan oil, as well as an enticing smell, such as cherry almond or wild fig. Without a doubt, this one would be the most thoughtful Valentine’s gift idea for grandma.

Hand Cream Eggplant Collection
A Hand Cream Eggplant Collection (Source: La Chatelaine Store - Amazon)

5. Unwind Lavender Gift Set

Have you put off buying Valentine’s gifts for grandma? We're not going to tell. A selected box set is an excellent last-minute gift because it is pre-assembled yet still seems thoughtful.

This specific kit includes a fragrant candle, calming pillow spray, a cotton eye mask, and a self-watering lavender plant - all ideal companions for a relaxing end-of-day ritual.

Unwind Lavender Gift Set
An Unwind Lavender Gift Set (Source: Uncommon Good)

6. Scotch Plaid Flannel Nightgown

Warm flannel pajamas will help your grandma usher in the cold weather of Valentine’s Day. She'll like this soft and comfortable nightgown, which will keep her warm all winter.

Scotch Plaid Flannel Nightgown
A Scotch Plaid Flannel Nightgown (Source: L L Bean)

7. Japanese Plum Bloom Glass Jar Candle

A wonderful scented candle is a perfect last-minute Valentine’s gift for grandma as you won’t go wrong with it. Bonus points, if it comes in an appealing container, such as the embossed Voluspa jars. With notes of juicy plum and sweet currant, the Japanese Plum Bloom scent will fill Grandma's house.

Japanese Plum Bloom Glass Jar Candle
Japanese Plum Bloom Glass Jar Candle (Source: Sephora)

8. Jam Set

The Jam set has 6 various flavors for your grandma to sweeten her toast, biscuits, or cheese plate. The tastes range from smoked yellow peach to sour cherry ginger and are all produced using local vegan ingredients.

Jam Set
A Jam Set (Source: Uncommon Goods)

9. An Apron

This Valentine, let help your grandma bring some style to the kitchen with an apron that stands out as she makes her own recipes.

An Apron
An Apron (Source: NLUS - Amazon)

10. Spa Gift Set

This present bundle was created especially for grandma. It contains soap, bath salts, lip balm, a candle, and other items to provide your grandmother with everything she needs for an at-home spa night.

Spa Gift Set
A Spa Gift Set (Source: Beets and Apples Store - Amazon)


Final Thoughts!

If you didn’t have opportunities to get heartfelt Valentine’s gifts for grandma, it’s time for you to step things up to show your love and care about her. With the list of the 15 great ideas to go for, you will make Valentine’s Day special and memorable in your grandma’s heart.

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