Birthday Gifts For Sisters - Best Unique Gift Ideas To Celebrate Sisters’ Birthday


Last updated: Nov 04, 2021

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Birthday Gifts For Sisters - Best Unique Gift Ideas To Celebrate Sisters’ Birthday

As you grow older, your love for your sisters grows with you. You may not get on well with them during your childhood, but soon, you will realize you much they mean to you in the adult years. All the fighting, screaming at each other’s faces, pulling hair, become fond memories of a part of your life that you can never forget.

While you cannot relive those moments (not until some crazy scientists invent the time machine), you can remind your sisters of the good old days with a special gift. Here are the best unique birthday gifts for sisters to make their day even more special!

How to Choose The Best Gifts for Sister Birthday

You may not notice this, but birthday only happens once a year. That’s when people celebrate the acknowledgment of getting aged. Young or old, boy or girl, birthday is always a special occasion, mostly because it’s a widely accepted cheat day. Nonetheless, we could help but enjoy the joy that a birthday brings, along with the cakes and presents.

Speaking of presents, how’s challenging it is to pick something that will surely impress someone on their birthday? You think that with so many gift shops and department stores popping up around, it would be easy to get a gift. Yet, as people get more comfortable and can afford everything themselves, the options for the perfect gift shrink. 

Getting someone, especially those who are close to you, like your sisters, a generic present from the store won’t cut it. To make her feel extra special and happy on her day, you need to invest a lot more of your time and thoughts into picking the right gift. 

A gift is worth a thousand words.
The perfect birthday gifts for sisters should be: 
  • Meaningful: The gift must convey your thoughts, love, and care to your sisters. 

  • Personal: Something only you and your sister know about. Perhaps a memorable moment you share or something she has always wanted.

  • Unique: People want to feel like special individuals. Your sister is no exception. Getting her a one-of-a-kind gift will make her feel like the most important person.

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Best Birthday Gifts for Sisters to Stake Your Life on

Below are our recommendations for the best gifts for sister's birthday, divided by age range. Let’s get to it!

18th Birthday Gifts For Sister

Turning 18 is a big milestone in anyone’s journey. It’s like a debut for your sister on the beautifully chaotic stage that we call life. So, to welcome your sisters’ taking her first step out to the world, get her something practical, creative, and youthful.

Something she can use every day or bring along to college. Of course, a nice car would be the obvious choice here. If you have the budget for it, a Porsche will knock the competition right off the park. 

Celebrate your sister's big leap into the future!

But we’re 90% sure you’re not here to look for the best Porsche deals. Here are a few other options that convey pretty much the same meaning without burning a hole in your budget:

#1. Custom Ceramic Mugs

Chances are, your sister will need a mug to enjoy her drinks. A durable custom ceramic cup makes the perfect gift for your little sister on her 18th birthday. You can learn to make your own DIY custom mugs at home.

personalized mugs - birthday gifts for sister
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If that’s too much work (and it is), just visit Gossby’s gigantic personalized mug and pick a design you like. We also provide tons of personalization options for you to add your own twists and turns! There’s a unique gift that you cannot find anywhere else.

#2. Apple Airpods

An absolute essential for a teenager entering adulthood. Every time she puts on her jam, she’ll remember her awesome siblings. And consider how much of their time 18-year-olds spend listening to music, AirPods make perfect sense as reasonable unique birthday gifts for sisters.

#3. A Book

Pick up an inspirational book to help your sister better prepare for what’s lying ahead. 

21st Birthday Gifts For Sister

Ah, 21, the legal age for getting drunk in bars and making stupid mistakes. That’s the spirit of a good time. Check out these ideas to welcome your sisters into her “clubbing” phase in style: 

#1. Trouble Sisters Personalized T-shirts

Here’s something for you and your sisters can wear to rock every single bar you’re in. Get on the party train! Destination? Funville and Hangover Town. 

personalized t shirt - best birthday gift ideas for sister
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This customized T-shirt is made from 100% cotton, 150% awareness, and 200% class. It’s the perfect outfit for a dynamic duo that is you and your sister. Forget about Bonnie and Clyde, there’s another icon in town. 

#2. A Bottle of Wine

How cool it is that your sister’s first legal glass of wine is shared with her beloved sibling? Your sister only turns 21 once in her life. Celebrate it with a nice bottle of wine to kick off many shots of Tequila, Jack Daniel’s, and more in the future. 

30th Birthday Gifts For Sister

As your sister turns 30, she may not have as much time for partying as in her 20s. She may have just gotten married, even welcomed her firstborn. Or she has just been so busy at work that she cannot spend time for herself.

So, on her 30th birthday, give your sister a thing that’s now a luxury - a great night of partying with her loved ones.  

#1. A Spa Day

A little getaway break that your sisters will surely appreciate. Get her relaxed and ready for the night of fun ahead!

#2. A Surprise Party

No, your sister is not too old for a surprise birthday party. Seeing all the people who are close to her in one room will definitely make her feel like the most special person in the world.

How's this for a surprise?

To spice things up, get everyone to wear a personalized T-shirt! Gossby offers many unique designs that fit the bill. You can customize the shirt further by adding your sister’s hairstyle, names, or favorite quotes to make the experience that much more immersive. 

40th Birthday Gifts For Sister (And Over)

When a person’s in their 40s, they’ve reached a certain level of self-awareness and inner tranquility. The perfect unique birthday gifts for sister 40th birthday should be subtle, nothing too bold or dashing. The ideas below may inspire you: 

#1. A Cute Custom Pillow

A person in their 40s has a nack for anything cute. A personalized pillow with a funny quote and cute design will be right up their street. For example, Gossby’s custom pillows. A cute dog sleeping on a couch or a family of cats will be everything you need to melt your sisters’ hearts. 

personalized pillow - perfect gifts for sister on birthday
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#2 A Custom Set Of Knives 

At 40, everyone is pretty much a cook. A set of custom chef knives engraved with your sister’s name will make a killer birthday gift for her, literally… Every time your sister skin a salmon or cut into a nice medium-rare steak, she’ll be reminded of you.

Discover more:

Shop With Thoughts!

It’s the thoughts that count. Anyone could pick up something at the gift shop and give it to your sister. Go off the beaten track and get her the best birthday gifts for sisters that she’ll treasure for the rest of her life. Let’s revive the gift-giving culture with positivity, care, and love!
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