Birthday Gift Ideas Guide - What & When to Give on the Birthday?


Last updated: Aug 10, 2021

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Birthday Gift Ideas Guide - What & When to Give on the Birthday?

Coming up with suitable birthday gift ideas is not easy.

Birthday is a special personal event of the year when we celebrate the length of one's life and how much one has grown in the last year. Those who have their birthday celebrated will feel cherished and loved by their family and friends.

On that day, giving presents, cards, and best wishes is an inevitable norm. A carefully prepared gift shows your love and caring for the receiver. Not to mention that the gift should be practical, but it might also be astounding and interesting.

Quite a task, right?

You will thank Gossby for gathering all creative birthday present ideas under your fingertips!

What Is A Birthday?

Almost all of us celebrate our birthday once a year. However, only some seriously think about the meaning of the day.

So, what is a birthday?

It is the day dated back to when you were born and started your wonderful life.

what are birthday gifts
What is a Birthday? (Source: Sirio - Unsplash)

For kids, their birthday is simply a day to receive their desired presents. Nonetheless, the parents celebrate their children's birthday as a thankful expression to God that their sons and daughters grow well and happily.

When one gets older, the celebration day is a kind of refresher to reflect on the past, treasure the present, and open doors to new mercies in the future.

No doubt that birthday is well worth celebrating!

When to Give Birthday Gifts?

Now, get back to our main topic today: birthday gifts!

Before you head to buy something, you might want to think about when to give it to the receiver. You have time to prepare for it. More interestingly, there is even birthday gift-giving etiquette different from country to country.

It is common to give them a present on an exact day in front of others. That way, the receiver feels special as the happiest person at the party, thinking that you remember their special day.

When to give birthday present ideas - Kostiantyn Li
When to Give Birthday Gifts? (Source: Kostiantyn Li - Unsplash)

You can also present your gift several days earlier than the actual birthday for some reason. You are not able to join the party. Or you want the receiver to enjoy your gift in advance of others. 

Gifts for coworkers or classmates can also be given on weekdays; meanwhile, their birthday is at the weekend.

When giving birthday presents, sometimes it is religious. For instance, Jewish or Muslim people prefer to send gifts on Sundays or Saturdays if the receiver has a religious service on the next day.

What are the Best Birthday Gift Ideas?

The best birthday present ideas should be chosen based on the preferences of the receivers. You can give something unique and different. A personalized gift turns out to be the best choice as a treasured keepsake that was meant for the receiver only. 

05 Birthday Gift Ideas for Her

1. "The Day I Met You..." Pillow

The meaning of a pillow as a gift for couples is that “sweet dream on me, my darling” and that your girl should remember you when they are sleeping. Moreover, the softness and relaxation of pillows signify your relationship, rest from worry, tranquility, and support.

personalized pillow is one of birthday gift ideas for her

It would be more remarkable if you can print a personalized message for her, for example, “The day I met you - I found my soulmate!” These sweet words can lull her to sleep every night. Such a sweet birthday present idea it is.

2. Pieces of jewelry

Believe us, when it comes to birthday gift ideas, almost every woman is obsessed with jewelry pieces, particularly when it comes to diamonds, gold, and pearls.

jewelry - birthday gift ideas for her
Pieces of Jewelry (Source: Cornelia Ng)

So far, jewelry symbolizes femininity. Its sparkle and shiny appearance will catch the eyes of everyone at your girl. Imagine that you give her a necklace, and it will immediately make her the most beautiful presence at the party.

Moreover, jewelry is often expensive. That you afford to buy it for her means you indeed treasure your woman.

3. Beauty Products

Another friend of all women is beauty products. If your beloved partner loves makeup, she will jump over cloud nine, receiving long-desired branded cosmetics.

Beauty Products - birthday gift ideas
Beauty Products (Source: Elsa Olofsson)

Nonetheless, you should spend your time searching for beauty products suitable for her skin or hair. When possible, ask her soulmate sisters to give you some advice.

4. A Couple Album

If you do not want to buy her smile with expensive jewelry or beauty products, you can make DIY birthday gifts that still put a smile on her face.

couple album pictures - birthday presents for her
A Photo Book (Source: Pinterest)

Take an album of pictures, for example.

Gather all the delightful moments and memorable experiences of those two dynamic duos in a picture book to showcase how you two have spent time together so far. Even more, you can write down best wishes behind each photo to let her know how much you love her.

5. "You are My Person..." Mug

The mug is another affordable yet useful birthday gift for her.

Using mugs, with some people, is a part of the daily routine. They often roam their day with a hot cup of coffee or tea and later call it a day with a warm chocolate drink.

mugs as birthday gifts for her

If your girl is also very attached to her cup, this customized mug not only can serve her a caffeine kick in the morning but also double as a reminder of your boundless bond. She will have a sense of warmth and close immediately.

The best thing is, these mugs make perfect personalized gifts for couples, not only for your girlfriend. You can also get one and feel her love whenever taking a sip.

05 Birthday Gift Ideas for Him

1. "Leveled Up To Daddy" Personalized Canvas

If you two already have children or your man is a soon-to-be daddy, it is recommended to honor his big role in the family. Thus, we suggest the idea of a personalized family canvas as above.

personalized canvas is birthday gift idea for him

You can make it unique by printing your family picture and adding a big thanks message, saying “Leveled up to Daddy” or “You’re the greatest Dad on earth. Happy your day!”

This canvas is not simply a birthday present, it is an appreciation of his maturity and sacrifice for your little nest. That’s what your man needs indeed.

2. A Watch

There are a bunch of reasons for making watches to be one of the best birthday gifts for him.

They are not a throwaway gift, but the receiver often wears them every day and for many years to come.

watch - the best birthday presents for him
A Watch (Source: Alexander Andrews)

Whenever your partner checks the time, he will think about you - who gave the presentation. We would say that a watch is a daily reminder of your love.

Moreover, you give him a valuable present - Time. You might mean encouraging him to treasure every minute you two have spent together and also every minute of his own life.

3. A Wallet

Similarly, if his old wallet is worn and torn, you should not hesitate to present a new wallet.

wallet - birthday present ideas for him
A Wallet (Source: Kisetsu Co)

Your man often keeps highly-valued objects in his wallet such as family pictures, money, cards, etc. Wallets are a symbol of wealth. By giving him a birthday wallet as a birthday present, you express your best wishes for his successful life and health.

4. Things Of His Hobby

Does your partner have a particular interest in something, for example, games, sports, hunting, music, photography, etc.?

Then, you should find a gift that is useful for his hobby.

PS4 as birthday gifts
Things of His Hobby (Source: Tigran Hambardzumyan)

Suppose that your boyfriend would like to play video games at home when he has free time, you can buy handheld game players - two is better than one so that you can join him.

5. "My Heart is Wherever You are" Mug

You already knew the meaning of a mug to couples. Therefore, a mug with personalized messages and images is also among the wonderful birthday present ideas.

personalized couple mug for him

What makes this mug stand out is the loving quote: “My heart is where you are.” Even when you two are not together, he knows that your heart is always close to him, right in every sip. Giving him this mug is making a promise to be with him for good and all.

05 Birthday Gift Ideas for Best Friend

1. "I Would Bite A Shark for You..." Mug

Honestly, you can present mugs to everyone during their birthday celebration as a sign of attachment and caring. The most interesting part of a birthday personalized mug is the encouraging message you want to convey to your BFF.

We love the sentence shown on the mugs - “I would bite Shark for you” meaning “I will protect you from any sonsabitches out there.”

mugs - best birthday gift ideas for best friends

That’s the significance of the words “best friend”. We don’t have to be with each other all the time, but we know for sure that whenever we have trouble, she is there.

2. DIY Birthday Cake

If you cook well, you can even create a birthday cake as a gift for her new age and new mercies. Even a not-too-good cake can move her to tears, thinking how you manage to prepare the whole day to celebrate the day!

DIY birthday gifts for bestfriends
DIY Birthday Cake (Source: Edgar Castrejon)

3. Tickets for A Trip Together

This year, instead of holding a birthday party at home for your best friend, why don't you plan on a stress-free trip?

You can search for travel destinations and make a to-do list to enjoy the time with your friend. You might give the tickets to your friends at least a week before the flight so that they can plan their work.

4. Concert Tickets

If you two are too busy to have a getaway trip, you can spend your time enjoying their favorite music together!

Concert Tickets

You had better follow the schedule of your friend’s idols and book the tickets to a live concert. Rather than the ticket, the biggest present here is how you devote your time to their birthday!

5. BFF Personalized T-shirts

The best-known personalized gifts for best friends would be t-shirts.

Imagine that you give your friend a T-shirt on her birthday and wear another similar the very next week on your two's trip. Others will admire your close relationship immediately.

birthday presents for best friends

If you used to give a soul-sister T-shirt last birthday, you can still present another shirt - with a new slogan and images. They are never out of date, just like the strong bond between you two. 

This time, give her the T-shirt with the quote: “You think I’m crazy, you should see me with my best friend.” That’s right. Being with your friend is when you can show off your real person without worrying about any judgments.

05 Birthday Gift Ideas for Kids

1. Personalized T-shirt - The Cool Kid Just Showed Up

Kids are always excited to receive new clothing. They are also possessive and love to show off their personalities. So, a personalized T-shirt with its image on it is like the icing on the cake. Your child will jump for joy receiving this gift.

personalized t shirt as birthday gifts for kids

By wearing the T-shirt on his birthday, your kid feels like being the coolest at the party. It is one of the best birthday gifts for kids.

2. Educational Toys

Educational toys are a creative way to teach your kids outside of the classroom. Simply put, you can give them new words while playing the ABC board.

Educational Toys

Always remember to buy the toys based on the age of your kids rather than challenge them with too complicated versions.

3. Ticket To The Zoo

If your kid’s birthday is on the weekend, you can give him or her a trip to the zoo, Disneyland Park, museum, etc. There you can enjoy your family time and also can teach the kids more exciting things.

zoo ticket as birthday gift ideas for kids

4. A PiggyBank

Gifts for kids on their birthday are not only about giving opportunities to have fun. Modern presents now should also instill new skills and knowledge for your kiddo.

Piggy bank

A piggybank is a good option for your kid’s birthday since it encourages them to have saving habits early.

5. "I Love You My Little Princess" Pillow

When your baby moves to her room, you might think about buying them a pillow so that they can sleep better.

personalized pillow as birthday gifts for kids
"I Love You - My Little Princess" Throw Pillow

A soft and comfortable pillow will cradle and support the head of your kids. Moreover, a printed personalized image of a mother and her little dear will remind kids of your sweet embrace all the time.

Can Personalized Gifts Be Great Birthday Gift Ideas?

Hmm..., you know - absolutely YES!

You're wondering why? So, let's check these reasons below:

Reason 1: Personalized Birthday Gifts Show You've Put Your Thought into It

It is said that "it is the idea that counts," and customized presents are no exception. Having a birthday gift idea personalized for the recipient demonstrates that you put time and care into your selection. Personalizing birthday gifts may be done in a variety of ways, depending on the object and the material it is made of.

the best birthday gift ideas
Personalized Birthday Gifts Show You've Put Your Thought into It

Reason 2: Personalized Birthday Gifts Will Be Cherished Forever

Whereas some presents are quickly forgotten, unique birthday gifts are generally appreciated for a lifetime. Personalized birthday gift ideas often have a backstory and remind individuals of a joyful moment in their lives, making them even more meaningful.

what is a perfect birthday present ideas for her
Personalized Birthday Gifts Will Be Cherished Forever

Reason 3: Personalized Birthday Gifts Are Suitable For All Ages & Genders

Nothing is worse than thinking you've given someone the nicest present ever, only to discover that one of their other pals has given them the same item. This is easily avoided by opting for customized or handcrafted presents instead.

You may ensure that a present is genuinely unique and something they will appreciate by customizing it with the recipient's name or having something handcrafted for them.

personalized birthday gift ideas
Personalized Birthday Gifts Are Suitable For All Ages & Genders

The Bottom Line!

We already shared the 20 most common birthday gift ideas for specific receivers: your boyfriend/girlfriend, your best friends, and also your kids. Still, there is no idea for all. You should investigate the preferences of the receivers to present practical and helpful gifts. 

Honestly, we don’t value the birthday gift by its price but by its meaning. Luxurious presents are good, but personalized gifts representing your unique love are treasures.

We hope you will find the right gift for your beloved ones on their special day. And don’t forget to spend time together.

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