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25 Things to Do for Father's Day to Make the Holiday Memorable


Last updated: May 05, 2022

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25 Things to Do for Father's Day to Make the Holiday Memorable

Father’s Day is coming. It has been celebrated for over 100 years and has become more and more popular. Have you come up with any exciting ideas for Father’s Day to celebrate this special day with your daddy yet?

If not, we’re here to help you with 25 things to do for Father’s Day.

Let’s follow up and make his day!

Top 25 Things to Do for Father’s Day You Cannot Miss

The list below will show you the answer to the question “what are the best things to do on Father’s Day?”. The holiday just happens once a year so, don’t hesitate to make it memorable.

18 Father’s Day Activities for Dads to Do with Their Families

#1: Learn about The Family Tree

Learning about your family tree is a good way to celebrate Father’s Day and also to connect each member and bridge the generation gap. It can help you and even your children understand more about the past & cultural heritage.

#2: Have a Photo Shoot

Taking a family photo is one of the most-loved things to do on Father’s Day and it’s more memorable than dining out, don’t you think? It’s time to capture every moment of your family & keep it alive in photographs. Later, you can even make a photo album out of these pictures and have a good time looking back at those moments!

A photo shoot with family on Father's Day

#3: Do Crafts Together

Among many exciting Father’s Day activities, doing crafts is one of them to have fun together. You can start with making recycled vases, paper flowers, and other cute little things. Then use these newly crafted items as lovely decorations around the house, reminding the beautiful time well spent together.

Do Crafts with kids - things to do for father's day

#4: Have Story Time

What will be the thing to do on Father's Day that your kids will love? This one, perhaps, would be what you're looking for. Pick out your favorite story and read it out loud with your children. Such a simple activity but we can be sure that your Father's Day will be full of joy.

Have a story time - things to do on father's day

#5: Go Camping

What could be a better option for Father’s Day activities than camping to strengthen the family bond? Take your family to a new place, enjoy exciting experiences together, and create unforgettable memories.

camping with family on father's day

#6: Take a Hike

If all of the members of your family are into adventure, you can ask them for a hike. It’s a good chance to get out in nature & enjoy its beauty.

#7: Get up early for Sunrise

Watching sunrise may be a strange but interesting experience. You can have a quality father-and-children time while watching the breathtaking beauty of the rising sun.

Get up early and enjoy the fresh air as well as the magnificent view. The time can get even better if you enjoy the stunning scenery with a coffee mug and chitchat about almost everything.

#8: Get Dirty While Gardening

Are your children (and wife) gardeners? Why not plant trees with them in the backyard? Taking care of plants with your loved ones will give you the chance to truly understand their hobbies and interests, and create a deeper family bond.

do gardening together - fun things to do on father's day

#9: Play Video Games with Kids

If you don’t want to sit around and do nothing on Father’s Day, why not play some video games together? It’s a flashback to the good old days when you taught your kids how to play the very first video games.

playing game with children - thoughtful things to do for father's day

#10: Do Volunteer Work

This one would be one of the weirdest things to do for Father’s Day. However, trust us as it’s a great way to celebrate the holiday. Spending a whole day at an orphanage and involving in their activities will make the day more meaningful.

#11: Prepare a Trip to The Countryside

It’s time to get your family out of the hustle and bustle of city life. A short getaway to the peaceful countryside is an ideal way to get his second wind. Don’t hesitate, just plan a trip and enjoy the holiday with them!

#12: Plan a Spa Day

The spa isn’t only the specialty of your wife! Why don’t you enjoy the relaxation that you deserve after long days at work? Just treat yourself to a luxury spa day as it’ll reduce stress & support better sleep.

#13: Enjoy the Movie Night

Remember the times when you and your family watched humorous TV series and laughed a lot? It’s time to relive the days with nothing in your mind but joy.

As long as you spend quality time together and enjoy every meaningful moment, you’ll make him smile regardless of what you watch. No doubt, this is a great thing to do on Father’s Day.

enjoy a family movie night on father's day

#14: Sit Down & Talk about Things

A busy life may hinder you from spending time with your loved ones. Father’s Day is a good chance to keep up-to-date with them as well as share new life stories. Talking things over not only helps you two get closer but also releases stress for both.

spend time sharing with family - best things to do on father's day

#15: Crack Open a Cold One Together 

You can spend a night drinking with your family & share with them about your work and life. It’s a good way to strengthen your family bonds.

#16: Hold a Backyard Barbecue

Why not celebrate Father’s Day right in your backyard with a delicious barbecue? Your family, relatives, and friends can gather around, eat, and dance together. There will be a lot of fun and good things to do and remember.

BBQ with family - father's day activities

#17: Just Hang Out

Don’t waste time thinking about a place to go! Just hang out anywhere with your family. Walking in a park, visiting a museum, or going to an amusement park is fine as long as he is delighted.

#18: Make a Video Call

If you currently live far away from your family and are still up in the air about things to do for Father’s Day, a video call is not a bad idea. Sometimes, what your kids (or wife) truly need is only to see your smile and make sure you’re doing fine. Pick up the phone and have the best conversation ever!

07 Father’s Day Activities for Children to Do for Their Dads

#1: Make Him Feel He’s Loved

There are many ways to express your love, and showing affection verbally is much appreciated! But the chance is you don’t say it out loud as frequently as when you were a child.

So now, it’s a great opportunity to write down some sweet words or prepare something special to deliver to your father and let him know how much you love and care about him.

#2: Show off Your Cooking Skills

If your dad is the “head chef” at home, it’s high time for you to switch the position for a day! There’s no need to stress yourself out with complicated things to do for Father’s Day.

Instead, go simple with a homemade meal full of his favorite dishes. No matter how the meal turns out, your dad will be proud of how grown-up you are.

cook meals for dad - things to do with dad for father's day

#3: Make a Father’s Day Cake

A Happy Father’s Day cake can be easily bought at any bakery, but a cake homemade by his kid is unique. It might not be well-decorated yet the yummiest cake for your dad because it’s made with a whole lot of love.

make cup cakes - things to do for your dad on father's day

#4: Go Shopping for Father’s Day Gifts

If you’re up to your nose at work and have little time planning for Father’s Day gifts, customized gifts may be your savior!

A personalized dad mug is not a bad idea at all. These aren’t some boring-looking mugs! Have fun customizing the mug to your heart’s content and give it as a practical and thoughtful gift to your dad

Your present will be one of a kind, showing your love for your dad. It’s not only memorable but also long-lasting.

giving a father's day gift to dad
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#5: Make a Father’s Day Card 

A Father’s Day card is the easiest way to express love & appreciation to your dad.

Making a Father’s day card yourself and writing down your feelings is a guaranteed way to put a smile on his face.

make a card - what are fun things to do on father's day

#6: Come Home and Be His Kid

What is the best thing to do for Father’s Day when you’re living far from home?

When was the last time you hugged your dad?

As we grow up, not many of us live with our parents. This special day is an opportunity to come home and hug your dad just like when you were a kid. Certainly, your dad will be as happy as ever.

#7: Switch The Role

Have you ever thought about what it feels like when be a dad? Be a dad on Father’s Day and feel him. Give him the credit for being a child by driving him to work, cooking for him, buying him gifts, and spoiling him just as he did for you. 

Role exchange may be one of the crazy activities for father’s day, but your dad will love the experience. Let him know that you truly understand what he has overcome to bring you up.

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