The Best Welcome Back to School Guide in 2022 for an Exciting School Time


Last updated: Jul 07, 2021

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The Best Welcome Back to School Guide in 2022 for an Exciting School Time

It’s about time for “Welcome Back To School” which gears up schools, teachers, parents, and students for a new education season.

With shorter days, it’s a time to dust off the backpacks, fill them up & plan for a new school year. Preparing for your school time includes everything from checkups, planning schedules, new friends… 

What do you want to know when it comes to “Back to School’?

  • When do we go back to school?

  • Ideas to help you have a memorable “Welcome Back to School”?

  • Back to school activities, supplies, clothes, quotes, memes?

Are you wondering about the stuff above? Then, enjoy the article and we’ll have something interesting & useful here.

When Do We Go Back to School?

Wondering the time we can return to school? Check out the table below and you’ll know the answer.

Back to the School Time Schedule





1st Aug



1st Aug



1st Aug



1st Aug



1st Aug


Welcome Back to School Ideas that Help

If you’re a first-time student entering high school or college life, this stuff below is for you. However, if you’re an oldie, it’s also for you too.

Back to School Activities

1. Memories Sharing

During the summer break, you might have some beautiful and unforgettable memories or experiences that you want to share with others. On the first day of returning to school, it’s great when we sit together and have a little chit-chat about “How my summer was”.

memories sharing - back to school guide

Sharing “How my summer was” is like the warmth and heart of everyone in the classroom as those beautiful moments of shared memories are remembered. It also strengthens bonds between teachers and students.

Students who hear detailed memories are better at regulating their emotions, deeply understanding themselves & making decisions about who they want to become.

2. Classmate Interview

With this back-to-school activity, students are divided into pairs & pass out a list of interview question prompts. Tell them to be on the lookout for things they have in common. Then, give them 10’ to interview their partners.

classmate interview for welcome back to school in 2021

Time’s up and each student should introduce their partners to the class with the information they learned during the meeting. Each presentation has to contain some fun facts & & a newly discovered commonality.

The Classmate Interview is an excellent way for students to get to know & understand each other. Additionally, some of them probably feel less intimidating to speak to the class about someone else rather than themselves.

3. Pop Culture Quiz

On the first day of school, just take it easy and chill with a pop quiz - a pop culture quiz.

Create 10 - 15 questions about current pop culture. Maybe they’re about music or movies, whatsoever. Then, to start the game, divide students into multiple teams. Distribute paper & pen/ markers, and personal whiteboards to each team.

pop culture quiz at the first school time

Stand at the front of the classroom & ask a question at a time. Give teams time (30 - the 60s) to confer quietly about their answers. Each team has to write down the final answer on a piece of paper.

Once time’s up, ask each team to hold up the answers. Each team with correct answers will earn a point. Record the result on the board. Whichever team earns the most will win.

Don’t forget to prepare rewards for each team (optional).

4. “I Am” Poem

Writing an "I Am" poem with students is a fantastic first-week exercise for English or Creative Writing classrooms. Personally, Gossby despises frivolous get-to-know-you exercises; this one, on the other hand, gets students thinking and writing!

"I Am" Poems have a relatively straightforward form. Even those who despise poetry may simply write one. They only need to fill in certain blanks about themselves.

When they have finished writing their poems, they can be exhibited for all of the students to view.

[Find more] Wanna figure out more ideas? Check out the articles about detailed Back to School Activities and have some fun then.

Which Back-to-school Supplies Will You Need?

Are they important? Of course, they are.

Without study supplies, your time at school can be wasted and you, perhaps, get nothing left in mind from lesson to lesson.

1. Organization Supplies

  • A small binder per subject (or 2 medium-sized binders)

  • A duotang (or pocket folder per subject)

  • Binder dividers

  • Agenda

  • Notebooks

  • USB Drive (optional)

  • Combination lock

2. Stationery

  • Package of graph paper

  • Loose-leaf ruled paper (or 5 subjects spiral-bound notebook) 

3. Writing Supplies

  • Pens & pencils

  • Erasers

  • Highlighters

  • Ruler (1 or more)

  • Mini stapler

  • Pencil sharpener

  • Reinforcement

4. Storage Supplies

  • Lunch box

  • Backpack

5. Extra Supplies (optional)

  • Tissues (or wet tissues)

  • Hand sanitizer (must have if possible)

  • Bandages

  • Ice packs

[Find more] The article about Back to School Supplies here is about to help you have more options to choose from.

10 Back-to-school Outfits for Both Guys & Girls

Ideal Piece of Clothes for Guys 

1. Oversized Polo

Head to your local thrift store (or just simply to your dad’s closet) to nail the first day of school outfit. An oversized polo will be the perfect dress. Thanks to some trendy accessories.

oversized polo is the best back to school outfits
2. Vintage Button-up

Swing by a thrift store before thinking about going to have a $45 T-shirt that everyone in your class already has. The men's department is packed with reasonable button-ups that will give your look a cool 90s vibe.

Vintage Button-up to wear for welcome back to school
3. Tie Dye T-shirts

It’s like a solid black & white stripe - goes with anything in your closet. Pair the multi-colored piece of clothes with jeans.

Tie Dye T-shirts - back to school outfits for guys
4. Denim Jacket

If you’re looking for a classic dress-up, consider a denim jacket then. You can pair a white t-shirt with black jeans. Over the t-shirt, it’s great to put on a blue denim jacket.

Denim Jacket to return to school
5. Leather Jacket

A leather jacket is never old-fashioned. Just a simple t-shirt look of yours will be glorified if you put on a leather jacket over it. You can opt to go for a dark-colored leather jacket like black, brown, or blue, and under it, try to wear a light-colored t-shirt.

welcome back to school 2021 with Leather Jacket

Fancy Back-to-school Clothes for Girls

6. Suit

For a fancy look, put on a suit with sneakers, jumbo hoops & cropped graphic tee for an effortlessly stylish look perfect for the 1st day of school.

girsl wearing suit to come back to school
7. Statement Sweats

It is 100% class-appropriate for fall 2022 - for obvious reasons. If you’re looking for a new design, the neon iteration should be seriously considered.

Statement Sweats returning to school
8. Oversized Sweatshirt

Perhaps, everyone loves this styling trick, even celebrities like Ariana Grande, and Chanel Iman. You can pair it with a massive hoodie & sneakers for the first day of returning to school.

school girls wearing Oversized Sweatshirt
9. Tracksuit

A matching tracksuit just feels more put-together than regular sweatpants. A sleek top knot would be the perfect back-to-school hairstyle to go with it.

Tracksuit for new school year
10. Laid-back Blazer

It’s an always-chic ensemble that you can wear anywhere - a white tee, jeans, and a plaid blazer.

Laid-back Blazer is awesome back to school outfits

Inspirational Back-to-school Quotes

Besides the classes, your best friends & all your extracurriculars - a lot is going on in high school. You can celebrate with the following quotes and ensure to visit our resource on high school graduation parties when reaching the end of the school year!

  • “Be so good they can’t ignore you.” – Steve Martin

  • “The roots of education are bitter, but the fruit is sweet.” – Aristotle

  • “No matter how you feel, get up, dress up, and show up.” – Regina Brett

  • “What I remember most about high school are the memories I created with my friends.” – J. J. Watt

  • “High school is about finding who you are because that’s more important than trying to be someone else.” – Nick Jonas

  • “By the end of high school I was not of course an educated man, but I knew how to try to become one.” – Clifton Fadiman

10 Funny Welcome-back-to-school Memes that Will Cheer You Up

Returning to school is here and although it seems to look different for us this year, that doesn’t mean we cannot celebrate with some funny memes!

Meme 1

welcome back to school meme 1

Meme 2

welcome back to school meme 2

Meme 3

welcome back to school meme 3

Meme 4

welcome back to school meme 4

Meme 5

welcome back to school meme 5

Meme 6

welcome back to school meme 6

Meme 7

welcome back to school meme 7

Meme 8

welcome back to school meme 8

Meme 9

welcome back to school meme 9

Meme 10

welcome back to school meme 10

3 Welcome-back-to-school Facts Guaranteed to Make You Smarter

1. There’s a diagnosable fear about going to school

The fear of going to school - ​Didaskaleinophobia affects approx. 2.4% of pupils

2. Apples and teachers go way back

In the 16th century, parents in Denmark began sending their children to school with an apple as teachers weren’t making enough money to buy food.

3. It's a ritual

Approx. 78M students, including college, go back to school every fall.

Wrapping Up

After a summer break of sleeping and chilling out, the alarm bell announces that the first day of the new school year can be a rude awakening. Whether you’re new high schoolers, freshmen, or seniors, the “Welcome back to school” signals a time of transition: new classes, new teachers, new buddies, new schedules… Dread or love it, you are going to come back to school. 

However, Gossby got your back. Just enjoy your school time ahead with the best attitude with this guide.

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