Back To School Supplies: 15+ Essential Items for a School Time Ahead


Last updated: Jul 12, 2021

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Back To School Supplies: 15+ Essential Items for a School Time Ahead

Preparing for back-to-school supplies and reunion with classmates must be a great joy for your children, especially after such a long-winded pandemic hiatus. We can tell you are excited about their return as well, aren’t you? 

As someone who has been confused by their constant question, “When are we going outside again, mom?” We can't wait to finally be able to drop them off and pick them up from school like the good old days. 

We truly look forward to a day when our kids are free to be naughty at the playground, to be grounded for hanging out past curfew, and to enjoy themselves on campus rather than do their schoolwork in front of a cold and silent screen.

Therefore, it is not even an understatement to call this return a big day. A big day which calls for thorough preparation. Why don’t you turn this chance into a surprise? In that case, look at our back-to-school supplies list, which is specifically catered to three age ranges, being kids, high school grades, and college students.

Cute Back To School Supply List For Kids

We have chosen five signature essential and cute back-to-school supplies within this age range for your reference.

1. Personalized Tumbler

This suggestion is, by far, the most practical gift for your kids for keeping them constantly hydrated, especially during and after PE classes.

More and more parents are shifting from bottles to tumblers as a result of the latter’s usefulness. Tumblers can retain heat and ice cubes for an extended period; thus, the kids can enjoy their favorite beverages in their optimal condition.

tumbler is a back to school supplies list

Not to mention, using tumblers instead of plastic bottles drums into your children the knowledge of reducing harmful carbon footprint to the environment. Also, the digital art and meaningful quote on the tumbler can stimulate your kids’ creativity throughout their learning process.

So, one stone for three birds, how nicer can it be?

2. Lego 

Lego has always been proven as a toy that significantly boosts the child’s problem-solving ability. Thus, we believe this should also be in your kid’s school starter pack.

Lego - cute back to school supplies - Fran Jacquier
Lego (Source: Fran Jacquier - Unsplash)

We also believe that a lego challenge at recess is a perfect chance for your kid to bond with his or her best friends while improving social skills.

3. Embroidered Linen Mask And Hand Sanitizer

Although schools have been trying their best to prepare facilities to the utmost standard and restart physical semesters, don’t keep your guard down even a bit. The pandemic is still out there and ready to spread within any community. 

welcome back to school supplies
A Bottle of Sanitizer Gel Antibacterial & 3-ply Surgical Masks (Source: Jernej Furman - Flickr)

Thus, equip your kids with a linen mask and a bottle of hand sanitizer. The linen mask should be thick enough to prevent contact with the virus and thin enough not to cause your kids any discomfort or skin irritation. That, along with a sanitizer, will provide your kids with extra protection.

4. Handkerchief With Cute Patterns 

Trust us. A handkerchief will come in handy during unexpected situations at school, such as when your kids have a runny nose or the ink splashes out of nowhere, or when your kid needs to dry his or her hands. You name it. 

best back to school supplies

Our point is that a customized handkerchief is never too much to carry. It will even turn hygiene into your child’s good habit.

5. Coloring Book

As you might have known, kids love doodling and coloring. They take immense interest in giving life to their pictures. Plus, coloring is an intriguing process, whereby the kids learn to control the force of their hands and acquaint themselves with various color shades.

coloring page is an important back to school supplies

With a coloring book, we trust your children will have a great time unleashing their creativity during recess or in art classes.

Back to School Supply List for High School

As for teenagers, the theme of gifts no longer focuses on cuteness but rather something along the lines of practical and constructive. Check out our back-to-school supplies list for high school for some hints.

[Find more]: Wanna explore more useful tips for a new school time ahead? Check out the Welcome Back To School Guide and figure it out.

6. Personalized Canvas 

Teenage is such a stage of change and turbulence, love and hate, care and tantrum. Your children can become easily irritable when being told what to do. Even worse, they ignore your warnings. 

Therefore, we suggest that you be gentle and reasonable when dealing with them. A gift showing your respect for them like a personalized canvas might do.

high schoolers back to school supplies

This canvas serves as a mental reminder that encourages your teenage kid to be strong and resilient no matter what hardship may come up along the way. Keep marching forward because the parents will always be at his or her back and watch over every step of the way.

7. Notebook 

A scrapbook is most useful for developing the artistic skills of teenagers, from cutting and designing a layout to coloring. It will even be more relevant when your child is a girl, as schoolgirls like to exchange ideas on each other’s customized scrapbooks.

return school supplies

Also, the students can use this gift as an academic planner or diary for versatility.

8. Colored Pencils And Highlighters 

High school grades have a lot to memorize, from mathematical equations, historical dates to literature ideas. Many of those students identify themselves as visual learners, others hands-on learners. 

Either way, a big set of colored pencils and highlighters enables the learner’s brain to systemically categorize information based on colors. Hence, better knowledge absorption for any upcoming exams. 

pencils are essential back to school supplies

This method proves to be highly efficient for language learners as well, ensuring that this suggestion won’t be in vain.

9. Post-It Notes

Aside from the types of learners, we have just mentioned, another type is called ‘reading-writing learner.’ This person memorizes best by reading and recounting knowledge in written form. If your teenage kid is one of them, the Post-It note will be his or her savior.

10. Stickers For Lockers

The locker culture is indigenous within high school communities. It is the platform whereby students keep their innermost secrets. It is also one of their loudest statements to the world, saying, “Welcome to my hidden thoughts.”

supplies for coming back to school

Thus, let’s pitch in with some sticker decorations to this secret land. We are sure that they will love this gift.

11. Watch  

Yes, you may argue that a watch is unnecessary since a phone serves everything a watch does. Yet, in doing so, you are overlooking the fact that a phone is not allowed inside classrooms and exam rooms.

Plus, we believe that a high school student tracks their time better by using a standard watch. A smartphone or a smartwatch is sometimes a hindrance to those with short attention spans. 

Not to mention, a watch also reflects the style of the person wearing it, which is exactly what an expressive teenager rejoices in.

Essential Back To School Supplies For College

For the last category concerning back-to-school college supplies, we have listed five items with the most value.

12. Personalized Blanket

This personalized blanket can be the college student’s best friend during chilly nights away from home. It is made from 100% polyester, ensuring that your now-grown baby will have the optimal comfort as your embrace to study at night.

back to school supplies for college

You can also choose any name, breed, and hair color on the blanket as you wish; the cute little kitten images on this gift will instantly win their heart.

13. Journal 

More and more college students are shifting to journals as a means to record their flying youth more vividly. Let’s take this chance to be their understanding mother/ sister. 

A journal provides an adolescent with more sensitivity for words, better mental clarity, and a vantage point to observe their growth. Thus, we highly recommend bullet journals.

14. Yoga Mat 

Let’s face it. College time is often stressful with constant heaps of group projects, academic reading, and finals. So much so that the students cannot spare any time for physical exercise even though it is essential to enhance their well-being. 

Yet now, with a yoga mat waiting nearby, students will have an incentive to work out more often. Whether it is at the school gym, in their dorm, or anywhere else, a yoga mat is a useful sidekick.

15. AirPod 

Favorite music with premium sound quality is precisely the best booster to start a busy day or relax after intense studying sessions. Thus, an AirPod set is all your children need when it comes to back-to-school supplies. 

AirPods - back to school supplies for high schoolers

On the other hand, AirPod proves to be a convenient solution for physically active adolescents as it will not get twisted into their clothes during sweaty workouts or games. Consider this an option.

16. Keyring 

With dorm rooms, car keys, library lockers, and so many other keys to managing, a keyring should be any college student’s go-to accessory. It will remove one thing from your independent kid’s worry list.

back to school supplies for kids


That concludes our article on back-to-school supplies for today. To recap, it is highly important to equip your children with sufficient and necessary school supplies. That is not to say you should overstuff them or buy something they don’t need. 

Aside from that, mentally stimulated gifts can also bring about wonderful academic results. Let’s buy them a meaningful gift and celebrate this special day together!

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