Parents Quotes: 20+ Messages to Express Your Love to Them


Last updated: May 18, 2022

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Parents Quotes: 20+ Messages to Express Your Love to Them

Parents are the people who raised you and took care of you from the time you were born until you became an adult. Right from the moment you saw the light, your parents have always loved, protected, supported you, and sacrificed everything to give you the best life. 

Therefore, parents play the most important role in your development in almost all stages of your life. They will be happy if you express your love, respect, and gratitude to them anytime. 

If you are seeking parents' quotes, look no further than this article because we have some sentimental parents’ sayings to help you appreciate and show your love to them.

05 Parents Love Quotes 

Apart from nice sayings at Gossby, you can also refer to the list of I love my parents' quotes below. 

1. “A Good Father is a Source of Inspiration & Self-restraint. A Good Mother is the Root of Kindness & Humbleness.” - Dr. T.P.Chia

Parents are not your first friends, they are also your first teachers. The lessons they teach you, no matter how significant or humble, are extremely useful in your life later.

A good father is a source of inspiration

2. “My Parents are My Backbone. Still are. They're the Only Group that Will Support You if You Score 0 or You Score 40.” - Kobe Bryant

Call your parents the backbone because, without them, your life wouldn't have much meaning. Just like the backbone of your body, they are the strongest pillar in your life. No matter what you do, right or wrong, they will stand there and support you unconditionally.

My parents are my backbone

3.  “No Matter How far We Come, Our Parents are Always in Us." - Brad Meltzer

Geographic distance is not a matter of emotional distance between you and your parents. They are a source of power that supports you through hard times and the challenges of life.

No matter how far we come, our parents are always in us

4. “That’s What Children Are for - That Their Parents May not Be Bored.” - Ivan Turgenev

Children are born in the loving arms of parents, sharing happy days with them for the rest of their lives. To parents, nothing is more precious and happy than seeing their kids.

That’s what children are for

5. “Our Parents' Prayer is the Most Beautiful Poetry & Expectations.” - Aditia Rinaldi

Parents always pray for the best for their children, this is the truth. As a child, you are certainly grateful for their silent sacrifice. Hence, try to express your gratitude to your honorable parents whenever possible.

Our parents’ prayer is the most beautiful poetry and expectations

05 Funny Parents Quotes 

What could be the best messages for funny parents? The answer is the parents' quotes funny list below. Scroll down for more detail!

1. “There's the Only Thing Kids Wear Out Faster than Shoes is Their Parents.” - John J. Plomp

While it may sound humorous at first, this quote is sure to bring tears to your eyes later. When you grow up, your parents also get old. Thus, say your words of love as much as possible before it's too late.

There is the only thing kids wear out faster

2. “Having One Child Makes You a Parent - Having Two You're a Referee.” - David Frost

This quote is true in any circumstances. Your parents have always been the begrudging judge of your family. Moreover, they are certainly the most unfair referees, who are always on your side, whether wrong or right.

Having one child makes you a parent

3. “Parents Must Get Across the Idea that - I Love You Always, But Sometimes I Don't Love Your Behavior.” - Amy Vanderbilt

Your parents always love you, but that doesn't mean they love your misdeeds. Still, when you fall, they will be the ones to help you get up to keep pursuing your dreams.

Parents must get across the idea that

4. “A lot of Parents Pack Up Their Troubles & Send Them off to Summer Camp.” - Raymond Duncan

This will be the funniest quote on this list. Surely you and your parents will laugh as soon as you hear this statement. There will be times when your parents call you their trouble.

Rest assured because they will not throw you away. They just send you to summer camp so that you have the opportunity to improve your knowledge.

A lot of parents pack up their troubles and send them off to summer camp

5. “Parents Aren't Interested in Justice, They're Interested in Peace & Quiet.” – Bill Cosby

If you are looking for another funny quote for parents, this is the perfect choice on this list. Your parents will burst out laughing when you tell them this.

Parents are not interested in justice

What are Nice Things to Say to Parents? - Other Ideas 

There are many ways to show love to your parents. Different people will have different expressions. You can simply show love and respect to your parents through acts, behavior, body language, and attitude.

However, sometimes it's best to show your sincerity and love through words. This is the most direct and efficient way and makes your parents receive your love the fastest. 

Human beings are creative, indeed, we invented many methods of sending loving sayings to each other, such as through cards, text messages, or even stories and songs.

Nevertheless, the most efficient yet unique form of all time is through personalized gifts with meaningful parents quotes on them!

So, what are the nice things you should say to your parents?

Get up to 50% OFF and start customizing the best gifts for your dad this Father's Day!

banner Personalized Father's Day gifts

1. "I Love You, My Parents Both More Than The Stars in The Sky"

Your parents' love for you is incomparable. Thus, try to show as much affection as possible. Love is an abstract concept, so you sometimes find it difficult to describe in words. This quote won't be too fancy, but your parents will surely be touched when they hear you say it.

2. "I Love You"

The most effective and easiest way to show your deep affection is to say "I love you" to your parents daily. Tell them at random whenever you feel it is important. Like other parents, they are also happy if they know that they are loved.

I Love You

3. "I Appreciate Everything You've Done for Me"

It is a fact that no matter how many times you say thank you to your parents, it is not enough. It doesn’t mean that you should ignore saying these words to your parents. They have poured into you all the sacrifices, love and nurture, and resources without a second thought. 

I Appreciate Everything You've Done For Me

4. "I Miss You Both Deeply"

Sometimes, moments are tearing you and your parents away. They will be delighted and cheerful if they hear words of love from their beloved children.

In addition to the above parents' sayings, there are thousands of other ways to give love to your birth, such as sending cards or messages. The most special among them is to give personalized gifts with parents' quotes love printed on them.

Especially if you are distant and separated from your family, this would be the best way to tell your parents how important they mean to you!

I Miss You Both Deeply

Can Parents Quotes Be Way Special?

In case you want to level up those messages about parents (mom & dad), think of adding them to personalized gifts.

It's actually "Kill 2 birds with 1 stone" because not only can you express your boundless love to your parents via touching quotes but also make them surprised by a special gift.

Still vague? Take a look at the following part!

09 "I Love My Parents" Quotes

Below, you're about to find out more about touching quotes and sayings for parents from their kids (both daughter and son). Interestingly enough, you also see how they look once added to personalized gifts.

Promise that they all make your loved mom and dad happier than ever.

05 Parents Quotes from Daughter

The relationship between daughter and parents is unbreakable. Here are the best parents quotes from daughters you could say to express your deep love and gratefulness to your parents. 

1. "Mother & Daughters Forever Linked Together"

Your mother is always the person who understands you best in this world. With her subtlety and experience, she easily notices even the smallest changes in you.

If you want to let your mom know that you care a lot for her, this quote would be perfect.

It's also a reminder to her that you'll always be there for her, too.

Mother & Daughters Forever Linked Together - parents quotes
The "Mother & Daughters Forever Linked Together" quote is printed on a mug

2. "First My Mother, Forever My Friend"

It's always true that your mother is the first friend in your life, but she is not like other friends who may leave you for a while.

No matter what happens, she will always be on your side, supporting you, and giving you valuable advice.

Telling your mother these words will surely melt her heart.

First my Mother forever my friend - parents messages
The "First My Mother, Forever My Friend" quote is printed on a mug

3. "The Love Between a Father & Daughter is Forever"

Showing affection to dad seems to be a bit more difficult because dad is usually a person who rarely shows affection to his children. Thus, you have to show more affection to your father to let him know how much he means to you.

If you're shy to say these love messages to your treasured dad, a gift with this quote and your names on it will be the best expression. You can use it as a thoughtful Father's Day gift (or just a little surprise on a random day). The moment your dad receives it, he'll surely be touched and feel your love.

The Love Between A Father And Daughter Is Forever - parents sayings
The "The Love Between A Father And Daughter Is Forever" quote is printed on a mug

4. "There's No Place Higher Than on Daddy’s Shoulders"

When you were a child, your father must have always carried you on his shoulders as his pride. With this beautiful quote, you can bring back his memories.

This is also a touching metaphor. It means that there's no place that can be as peaceful and safe as your father's shoulder. No matter what you do, dad is always there with his strong shoulders to support and protect you unconditionally.

Don't hesitate to tell your dad these words of love. Surely he'll be the happiest man when receiving the small gift and meaningful message from you - his little daughter.

Perhaps, the touch of personalization you add to the mug will remind him of his very 1st Father's Day he was with you!

There is no place higher than on Daddys shoulders - parents quotes love
The "There Is No Place Higher Than On Daddy’s Shoulders" quote is printed on a mug

5. "No Matter How Big I Get, I Always Reach for You"

No matter how old or mature you are, you are always their baby angel in the eyes of your parents. You always know and appreciate this truth.

However, parents are afraid that you'll forget about it and separate from them at times. This meaningful quote will help you to show your closeness and attachment to your parents.

I will always reach for you - parents quotes from daughter
The "No Matter How Big I Get, I Always Reach For You" quote is printed on a wrapped canvas

04 Parents Quotes from Son

Like their fathers, sons are likely to be shy when showing affection to cherished people. At some point, you will regret not telling them words of love. These are the nicest parents' sayings you can say to your parents.

1. "Mother & Sons Forever Linked Together"

While fathers and daughters are closer, mothers and sons appear to be more connected. Dad is a quiet person, so mom will be the one to hear your story more often than anyone. The link between you and your parents, especially your mom, is those unbreakable links that will stay through times.

Your mom will always be there to lend you her shoulders every time you need it. So why not show how appreciative you are to her with this quote?

Mother And Sons Forever Linked Together - parents quotes funny
The "Mother And Sons Forever Linked Together" quote is printed on a poster

2. "You're The Luckiest Dad in The World, I Would Love to Have Me as a Son"

What could be the best quote for your thrifty dad? Look no further than this sentimental message at Gossby. His withered heart will surely melt with your sweet words.
If your dad is a coffee lover, there is nothing better than a custom mug with your love saying on it. This will be one of the gifts he will treasure for the rest of his life.
You Are The Luckiest Dad In The World - i love my parents quotes
The "You Are The Luckiest Dad In The World, I Would Love To Have Me As A Son" quote is printed on a mug

3. "Father & Children Forever Linked Together"

Sometimes you will have to work away from home and live away from your parents, which upsets your parents. They fear that, when you are mature enough, you will move away from their loving embraces. Please reassure your parents and also express your deep affection to them through this saying. It will make your parents feel more secure about you.
Father And Children Forever Linked Together - the best parents quotes
The "Father And Children Forever Linked Together" quote is printed on a mug

4. "Dad, The Man - The Myth - The Legend. You're The Best Dad Ever"

If you feel you are very lucky to have a father in this world, tell him. More than a father, he is also the hero, the myth, and the legend in your heart. For you, no one can replace him because he is the greatest father in the world.
Along with this extremely meaningful quote, you can give your dad a gift that you designed for him.
You are the best Dad ever - the best parents quotes love
The "Dad, The Man - The Myth - The Legend. You're The Best Dad Ever" quote is printed on a wrapped canvas

More to discover!

It's Time to Make Them Burst into Happy Tears with These Parents Quotes!

Above are the best parents quotes that might have made your personalized gifts more unique and meaningful. Always remember to say sentimental messages to your cherished parents even if it’s not special days. 

Because they are the ones who give you life, always support and protect unconditionally. In this world, only they are so kind to you without conditions, so they deserve to be loved and to hear words of love from you.

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