Top 10 Personalized Mother’s Day Gifts For Grandma That'll Make Her Day


Last updated: Feb 25, 2022

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Top 10 Personalized Mother’s Day Gifts For Grandma That'll Make Her Day

As Mother's Day is quickly approaching, you've already had some surprises for your mom. However, you might forget a lady who is also the mother of children, your grandma. She's the one deserving to be spoiled this holiday too.

So, you're now thinking of what are the best gifts for her for Mother's Day? First, get the selection of ordinary presents that you can easily find in any store out of your head. They're still good but, not the best ones to express your love and care towards your NANA. Instead, why don't you think of personalized Mother's Day gifts for grandma?

You're wondering why them? Well, in this article, we'll show you the answer as well as a selection of the top 10 customizable gift ideas for your grandma on Mother's Day.

Here we go!

Top 10 Most-loved Personalized Mother’s Day Gifts for Grandma

So, you currently have the answer to the question above. Now, let’s discover the top 10 custom gift ideas to surprise your grandma on Mother’s Day.

The list will include some options that you can easily find at Gossby (our store) and others on Etsy, Amazon... If you love them, just click on the button and start customizing the best-personalized Mother’s Day gifts for grandma.

1/ “Happiness is Being a Grandma” Mug 

Being a mother was her first happiness and when she became a grandma, it would be her second one. Why don’t you remind her of such a beautiful milestone by giving her this special gift to her? This personalized mug will bring a smile to her face for sure.

ceramic mugs are best personalized mother's day gifts for grandma
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2/ Customized Cutting Board 

Looking for unique custom Mother’s Day gifts for Grandma? This option is one-of-a-kind. You get to add your loving notes on a cutting board, and every time your Gigi brings out the vegetables & the cutting board to cut them up, she'll remember her grandkid and how much you mean to her.

Customized Cutting Board
A Customized Cutting Board (Source: Blue Ridge Boards - Etsy)

3/ “Best Freaking Grandma Ever” T-shirt

Not only is this personalized t-shirt is a good Mother’s Day gift for grandma, but also an item that she’ll love to wear. You love your mom and yes, your grandma is the same.

When you were a kid, she was the one who spoiled you so much, gave you candies, or made mouth-watering apple pies. For those reasons, she’s the best freaking grandma ever.

t shirts are perfect mother's day personalized gifts for grandma
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4/ Personalized Handwriting Bracelet

This unique present will bring your grandmother to tears, but joyful tears. You just need to utilize your grandmother's handwriting to create a bespoke bracelet. This idea is one of the most popular gifts right now, but your grandma will adore it.

Personalized Handwriting Bracelet
A Personalized Handwriting Bracelet (Source: Silver Handwriting - Etsy)

5/ “This NANA Belongs to…” Throw Pillow

If you’re on the hunt for a personalized Mother’s Day gift for grandma that’s both practical and thoughtful, this customized throw pillow will be what you need. With a touch of personalization, the pillow is not only an item for her to relax but will help you express your love to her.

"This NANA belongs to” plus your name (and other grandkids), can you imagine how happy your grandma will be when she read that line?

throw pillows are good custom mother's day gifts for grandma
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6 Personalized Family Necklace 

Do you know someone who doesn't appreciate a nice piece of jewelry? No, right?

And, a personalized one gets an extra 10 points. This customizable necklace has small pendants and each of them has the name of a family member engraved on it. Give your grandma this gift to keep other members near to her heart!

Personalized Family Necklace
A Personalized Family Necklace (Source: Caitlyn Minimalist - Etsy)

7/ “The Love Between Grandma & Grandkids is Forever” Mug

If you find it hard to say “I love you” to your grandma directly, this customized gift will be your help to make your grandma feel loved. Both the image of grandma & grandkids sitting next to each other and a meaningful message will make your grandma burst into happy tears.

Now, she can feel your love while enjoying her favorite beverages. Such a special personalized Mother’s Day gift for grandma to warm her heart.

coffee mugs are wonderful customized mother's day gifts for grandma
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8/ “What I Love About Grandma” Notebook

You'll need a lot of notebooks to write down everything you adore about your grandmother. It encompasses EVERYTHING. This “What I Love About Grandma” notebook is one of the most special presents for grandmother that she’ll love. Even if you aren’t around, she’ll remember the times when the two of you were busy building memories.

“What I Love About Grandma” Notebook
The “What I Love About Grandma” Notebook (Source: Knock Knock Store - Amazon)

9/ “Gigisaurus - Like A Normal Grandma but More Awesome.” Mug

This personalized poster will make your granny smile ear to ear when she receives it. Give her this gift and you’re about to tell her how great she is to you. It’s sure that she’ll feel so proud of her grandchildren.

With this personalized Mother’s Day gift, she can use it as a stunning decor item for her living space like the living room or bedroom.

grandsaurus posters are great personalized gifts for grandma on Mother's Day
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10/ “Love Between Mother & Daughter is Forever” Fleece Blanket

Not only does this personalized fleece blanket bring a cozy feeling to your grandma when the weather is getting colder, but also warm her heart. Before being the greatest grandma of her grandkids, she was a hero mom of your mother.

Choosing this personalized Mother’s Day gift for grandma, you’re able to customize the image including your grandma, your mom, and you (of course) to show your granny that the connection between you, three, is unbreakable.

fleece blankets are ideal to be personalized gift ideas for grandma on mother's day
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Why Should You Choose Personalized Mother’s Day Gifts for Grandma?

There are hundreds of reasons why you should choose personalized gifts for your grandma on Mother’s Day. However, we’ll mention the top 3 that make this kind of Mother’s Day gift the most-loved one.

Why Should You Choose Personalized Mother’s Day Gifts for Grandma

Reason 1: They Make Your Grandma Feel Loved

The first reason why we’re in favor of personalized Mother’s Day gifts for grandma is that they’re as thoughtful as your grandma will feel loved when she receives them. With a gift that is customizable, you can easily add your own personal touches to it. It can be your granny’s name, some sweet notes, or an image of you and her.

When your grandma sees that, she’ll surely burst into happy tears because she knows how much your love is to her.

Reason 2: They Make Mother’s Day Memorable 

Of course, they do. Receiving such heart-touching gifts from her loved grandkids, your NANa will cherish them forever. Whenever she sees the gifts (or uses them), she’ll think of you and the day you gave those presents to her.

Reason 3: They Build a Strong Relationship 

As said, customized Mother’s Day gifts for grandma are thoughtful, they can create a positive environment and strengthen the relationship. Without a doubt, they manifest true emotions and convey appreciation to your grandma.

Visit our Personalized Mother's Day Gifts Collection & start customizing your special something for your granny!

banner personalized mother's day gifts

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Wrapping Up!

That’s all about the top 10 personalized Mother’s Day gift for grandma that you can go for, to make her happier than ever. Mother’s Day is the day for us to show our respect and appreciation for all of the women who are mothers of their kids. So, don’t forget to do something special for your grandma (like giving her these wonderful gifts above).
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