20 Personalized Dog Gifts Giving a Personal Touch to Dog Lovers


Last updated: Aug 03, 2021

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20 Personalized Dog Gifts Giving a Personal Touch to Dog Lovers

Dogs are no longer pets, they are our family. Coming home after a long working day thinking that a cute little puppy is waiting and wagging its tail at the door is such a blessing.

For dog lovers, they will love things recalling their dog. Why not make it even more exceptional with personalized dog gifts that send them a personal touch as proof of their unbounded love?

If you are still up in the air, Gossby will help you with the list of meaningful gifts to delight your day.

10 Funny Personalized Dog Gifts Making the Owners Smile Ear to Ear

Dogs sometimes have silly and crazy looks that we can’t keep a straight face. These funny personalized gifts for dog lovers are sure to bring them a burst of laughter think of their dog’s hilarious memes.

1. Dog Cop - Put Your Hands Pup - Personalized Shirt

Dogs are good smellers and huge mess makers too, just like a cop. You don’t break the law, but there’s always a cop searching your house and leaving a mess every day, right?

Well, we are all silly humans not getting angry at that chaos but can’t help laughing when we see the dog’s serious face. Save all that funny moments to this T-shirt with the “guilty verdict” - Put your hand up, human, cause you are the culprit of stealing my love!

t shirt - Personalized dog gifts

Our "Put Yoủ Hands Pup!" t-shirt

Can you imagine the silly face of the little puppy when he sees his replica on you? We bet he'll swoop in on you and bark at your shirt like he's wondering why in the world there's someone similar to him.

Be careful because he may not let you out until you give the T-shirt to him as a chewing toy. And if you don't intend to wear this shirt, be sure to protect it in a locked closet if you don't want to see a bunch of rags on the floor when you come back from a day's work.

2. Personalized Bowls With Dog Images

A bowl is not something special, but a bowl with your dog images is a different story. Have you ever forgotten to feed them on time? 

Whenever you use this bowl, “someone” will remind you to feed them too. But be careful with these mischievous paw pals. They may think the bowl with their picture is for them. Get ready to fight for food, humans!

Personalized Bowls With Dog Images

If you want these mischievous dogs to stop snatching your food, it's a great idea to give them another bowl. You may write their names on the bowl and teach them how to recognize their stuff. Until then, you will realize that they are not as silly as you imagined. 

3. Personalized Pillow - Funny Dog

One of the funniest personalized dog gifts on this list, this sweet little pillow will fill every space in your home. The pictures of cute puppies help you dispel the troubles in life and bring warmth to all hearts. But the bad thing is, that is just your imagination.

Your stubborn dogs won't let you come near the pillows because that is their couch. And you? Sit over there!

pillows - personalized gifts for dog lovers

Our "This is My Couch - Go Sit over there" pillow

This action makes you angry, but there is nothing you can do about it. At the end of the day, these little friends will make you laugh with their stubbornness and disobedience.

4. Personalized Keychains With Dog's Paw Print 

How delightful it is to order cute keychains with shapes that are as sized as the real paw prints of your dogs. They look funny trying to catch these brightly colored footprints from you.

Personalized Keychains With Dog Paw Print
Personalized Keychains With Dog Paw Print (Source: Lovable Keep Sake)

Our pets intend to fall in love with dangling things. Add a little food smell to these keychains and put them on your bags. Your dog will follow you throughout the day without fear of them getting lost.

5. Peeking Dog - Dogs Are My Favorite People - Personalized Mug

These custom mugs promise to make the dog owners smile ear to ear. Observing these innocent and adorable faces while sipping coffee is the most refreshing way to start your days.

mugs - personalized dog gifts for humans

Our "Dogs are My Favorite People" mug

But your silly dogs may not like these mugs. They may be jealous of "the dogs" printed on the mug when they see you cuddling "them" in your hand. Even when they are trying to look lenient, they can rush to snatch the cup from your hand in the blink of an eye. So, when it comes to personalized dog gifts, don't forget this one.

6. Personalized Doormat With Dog's Images

Every visitor enjoys seeing the names and dog images on the doormat. But they don't even get a chance to put their feet on it because there's always some dogs lying on it.

Personalized Doormat With Dog Images
Personalized Doormat With Dog's Images (Source: Etsy)

These little guys almost take it over as a place to sleep, even though they already have their beds. Do you know why they like such doormat?

They are actually at the door waiting for you back from work. The dogs ruin your things every day, but they also love you very much.

7. Happy Puppy - Best Dog Mom Ever - Personalized Poster

A sparkling custom poster brings warmth and love to your nest. The image of funny dogs with lovely long tongues seems to lick your heart and agitate your soul.

This meaningful personalized dog gift can calm your anger every time your little friend bites a toy or growl at each other for food. Dogs are sometimes disruptive, yet, their existence makes your home more lively.

canvas - personalized dog gifts

Our "Best Dog Mom ever Just Ask" poster

The poster not only captures the moments of your loved dogs but also preserves all memories that will follow you for years. Every year that goes by, this gift always makes you guffaw every time you see it.

8. Bed Sheet With Dog's Picture 

Personalized bed sheets are available with a lot of colors, designs, and the dog's images. A bed with a funny pattern will attract the dog to sleep with you, and you will smile all day.

Bed Sheet With Dog Picture

This cute sheet delivers joy to your bed and helps you to cuddle your dogs on a rainy day. With an eye-catching design, it can bring much more fun to your dog when you are away from home. 

9. Gifts For Dogs - Bone Toys

We've got a lot of gifts for the owners. What about the gifts for their dogs? Perhaps a bone-shaped toy will relieve the dog's hunger. It's time to feed the dogs when they chew the bone toy.

Gifts For Dogs - Bone Toys

A bone toy is usually eye-catching and smelly. There are some scented toys. There are many flavors like cheese, chicken, and beef butter. The smell never goes away, so your dogs never feel bored.

10. Dog-Shaped Toilet Paper Holder

How do you feel when you always have a smoking "dog" staring at you every time you go to the toilet. It's embarrassing and funny.

Dog-Shaped Toilet Paper Holder
Dog-Shaped Toilet Paper Holder (Source: Kabileler)

You still always get mad when your dog seems to enjoy eating toilet paper, right. But it probably won't do that anymore because it's busy growling "another dog." We bet your little guy will not dare to steal the toilet paper from "another dog".

Banner personalized gifts for dog lovers

10 Sweetest Personalized Dog Gifts that the Owners will Cherish Forever

Are you confused about looking for a meaningful present for your friends who love dogs so much? You spend nearly a day choosing the present, but it's useless. It seems to be challenging. But these sweetest personalized dog gifts for owners will come for your rescue.

1. Peeking Dog - It's Never Just A Dog - Personalized Mug

Morning coffee will help you stay alert all day. Why not add a little love from your puppy to make the day even more energetic? The dog image with its name reminds you of the good memories of you two, and every sip will taste much better.

When you two can’t be with each other, let’s say you’re on a business trip, take this mug with you. It can be a close bond not to miss your paw friend.

sweet personalized dog gifts

Our "It's Never Just a Dog" mug

On cold winter days, you may want to lie in bed enjoying hot milk in this mug. Your hand hugs your little puppy watching ''Hachi: A Dog's Tale'' - a movie that has taken away the tears of all dog lovers.

Indeed, a dog is never just a dog. It can be the only friend waiting for you even when this whole world has forgotten who you are. Like Josh Billings, an American humorist said that: "A dog is the only thing on Earth that loves you more than he loves himself.

2. Personalized Ceramic Dog Treat Jar

When the dogs behave well, it's always proper to reward them. And you can do exactly that with this personalized dog treat jar! When they receive this jar created just for their dog, the dog owner will be very happy.

Personalized Ceramic Dog Treat Jar
Personalized Ceramic Dog Treat Jar (Source: Etsy)

We’re sure the dog will bark with joy seeing a feeding jar with its face on it.

3. Dog Mom - Personalized Shirt

A couple may eventually break up. A pair of spouses may divorce one day. But your dog won't leave you. Thus, "If you want someone to love you forever, buy a dog, feed it and keep it around." - said Dick Dale, American Musician.

Women often joke that they may not need a man for the rest of their lives, but they must have a dog by their side. For them, dogs are not only pets but also relatives and spiritual support.

best personalized dog gifts for owners

Our "Dog Mom" t-shirt

You take care of them like treating your children. In their turn, they will always make you smile and cuddle you every time you cry. Single ladies become a mom of dogs. You'll never feel lonely anymore.

It's time to tell everyone about your ideal life with dogs. The T-shirt below will help you spread that spirit. It deserves the most heartwarming gift for girlfriends, sisters, and mothers.

4. Dog Album

A dog album is so necessary if you want to keep all memories with them. It is also a fantastic way to see how the dog has changed over the years.

You can write the dog's story by their adventures, vacations, or family trips. Decorate an album by putting a picture on the inside.

personalized Dog Album

You may love writing some words and reading them out loud for your dogs. It can be a precious moment you do with your pets.

5. Girl And Dogs - You Are Not Just A Dog - Personalized Wrapped Canvas

This stunning custom canvas with polished satin finish promises to adorn your walls. It exists there as a reminder of a kind of constant love in the universe - the love between dogs and humans.

Dogs are not just pets. They are dedicated therapists who are capable of dispelling sadness and delivering happiness. They teach you how to love yourself and your life with a brave heart and adept sanity.

best personalized dog gifts for humans

Our "You are not Just a Dog" canvas

If one day you no longer see your little best friends, you may still feel their silhouettes through the touching words on this canvas print. This memorial personalized dog present will remind you that your dogs are always by your side.

6. Personalized Dog Carrier

The personalized dog carriers are personalized dog gifts for humans to keep your pet safe and secure while you're on the road. Each dog owner will be thankful if they receive this meaningful present. 

Personalized Dog Carrier

Your dogs are somehow always over-excited when they are outside. The carrier is a personalized product that helps you to carry them around. It also allows them to stay safe and in your sight. =

7. Personalized Fleece Blanket

It would be regrettable not to include personalized fleece blankets and custom photo blankets for dog lovers in this list of dog gifts.

The softness of the pretty puppy can warm your whole body and soul. Every day you look forward to the moment when you can scroll yourself in this blanket filled with thousands of stars, gentle moonlight, and especially, the unbounded love of you two.

blanket - personalized dog presents

Our "I Love You to the Moon and Back" blanket

It will bring you into mystical dreams leading to the magic of heaven. Like Milan Kundera, a Czech writer, once said that dogs are our link to paradise, as they don't know evil or jealousy or discontent.

Write your and your dog's names on it as a prayer of peace and joy for you and your dog. Without a doubt, this blanket is the best-personalized gift for dog lovers.

8. Personalized Dog Bed

There is no reason that you don't give the dog a comfortable and cozy bed to sleep and relax. The bed will make them comfortable. And the image of the dog and the bed will melt everyone's heart.

Personalized Dog Bed - personalized presents for dog lovers

The dog's name is embroidered on the bed. For ultimate comfort, a bed should have loft fiber and extra cushion around. Would you please clean up the bed to keep it long-lasting?

9. Personalized Dog Collar

Nearly every dog will escape his confines at some point during his life, many dogs more than once. A smart, personalized dog collar allows the owner to find his dog as soon as possible.

personalized dog presents

It will be painful to lose one of our family members. And this collar is the connection between you two, no matter how far your dog goes.

10. Dog Caves

Everyone needs their own space, and so do the dogs. Would you mind giving them dog caves? It is also a good way for them to make space for themselves.

personalized Dog Caves

The caves are a cute place for the dogs to hide when something goes wrong with them. You can decorate the caves with the dog's favorite toy, blanket, or little pillow. The owners will find the caves a safe and comfortable place for their dogs.

Discover more gift ideas for dog lovers in your life:


Without a doubt, the list of 20 personalized dog gifts mentioned above will touch the left of any owner. Loving images and heartwarming words about their pets will follow them through the years.

A personalized dog gift is unique, just like the unconditional love of the owner and the dog. Have you got any gift that makes you unforgettable? It's our pleasure to listen to your stories about your memorial gifts. Leave a comment to tell us which gift delighted you the most.

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