20 Heart-warming Mother’s Day Gifts for Dog Moms That Rock Their Day (2023)


Last updated: Mar 31, 2022

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20 Heart-warming Mother’s Day Gifts for Dog Moms That Rock Their Day (2023)

Fur-mamas are incredibly rewarding though sometimes, they experience exhaustion from the pets’ chaos. Dog moms also deserve to have a wonderful Mother’s Day as they love a four-legged pet like their babies. So what are the perfect dog mom Mother’s Day gifts to give her a shock?

If dogs have become a lady’s bestie, they possess a firm stand in their heart. Somewhere in this world, dog mamas are expected to be treated like other mothers. So, let’s have a cup of tea and enjoy Gossby’s priceless list of Mother’s Day gifts for dog moms.

What Should You Get a Dog Mom for Mother’s Day?

From adopting a dog in life and potty training him/ her furball to finding a way to understand their language and cleaning ineluctable messes, a dog mummy has done a lot. To give her support on the way to being a great pet mama, you can offer a useful item for her daily life.

The best Mother’s Day gifts for dog mom are something she can use every day with her loved fur friends. At the same time, it should express their unbreakable connection that lasts from time to time.

For those reasons, personalized dog mom gifts for Mother’s Day are great options to celebrate the motherly occasion. It’s awesome too:

  • Customize on your own personal touch: if you love to create a gift for your close ones, this choice matches your idea and will help to showcase your uniqueness than stereotypical presents.

  • Show how much you love and care for a dog mom: customized gifts represent your deep heart. The more you know a dog mom, the more precious a gift would be.

At a certain time, you will need to feature your appreciation to a dog mama for her great love. They deserve honor and special care via thoughtful dog mom Mother’s Day gifts.

Browser our Personalized Gifts for Mother's Day and start customizing the perfect gifts with special deals & offers!

banner personalized mother's day gifts

20 Best Mother’s Day Gifts for Dog Mom

Fur-mamas also need an amazing treat for the second Sunday of May. To assist you in picking a suitable gift for any fur mama, we’ve rounded up a list including some personalized Mother’s Day gifts for dog moms at our store (Gossby) and others on Etsy, Amazon...

As there are various dog breeds in our wide selection, you don’t worry about choosing the right gift for your loved one. Check out the list below.

#1. Dog Doodle Face Mask

The lovely dog theme mask is one of the perfect fur mama Mother’s Day gifts for someone who loves to coordinate with their clothes. The accessory speaks of their love for their fur besties being by their side every day.

Dog Doodle Face Mask
Price: $18.99 (Source: Tequfe)

#2. “Happy Mother’s Day To A Pawsome Mom” Personalized Mug

With a warm-hearted illustration of a girl besides her four-legged buddy, the custom mom mug will hit the dog mama in your life right from the feels. A lovely complement for dog lovers who agree to adopt cute pets and raise them better and better with each passing day.

Every mother including dog moms deserves to cherish and reward. So why not give this “Happy Mother’s Day to a pawsome mom” mug to an amazing lady you know as top brilliant dog mom gifts for Mother’s Day?

personalized fur mama - dog mom mother's day gifts
Shop with Gossby
Price: $13.99

#3. Corgi Long Zipper Clutch

Bringing the smell of fur friends, this clutch is no doubt a big way to celebrate motherly love with Mother’s Day gifts for dog moms. It’s practical and makes the giftee smile ear to ear when they feel that they are loved, too.

A Corgi Long Zipper Clutch
Price: $41.99 (Source: BORWTGY)

#4. Keychain For Dog Owners

What’s prettier than a keyring having an image of a dog mama and her pet sitting side by side? With the theme of a peaceful place and some soothing music, a relieving day is right here. Use your imagination to customize the soundtrack and art perfectly.

If you're looking for creative and thoughtful dog mom Mother’s Day gift ideas, is the custom keychain an impeccable match? Your loved ones will feel nothing but happy and touching when getting it on the celebration of mothers.

personalized keychain - mother's day gifts for dog mom
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#5. Dog Tote Bag

Your dog mama likes traveling around and this is an ideal treat out of Mother’s Day gifts for dog mom for them. It’s a mindful option when they need to put all the dog’s stuff in a cute tote bag for convenience. Also, their dog will feel not be missed if they can accompany their owner everywhere and every time.

A Dog Tote Bag
Price: $23.95 (Source: Grand Parents Magic)

#6. “Happy Mother’s Day Best Dog Mom” Personalized Mug

Such an adorable way to feel the sense of Mother’s Day with the “I woof you” mug for “World’s Best Mother”. By giving this customized coffee mug to a woman who loves dogs, you provide extra meaning to their day job with a lovely reminder to love their puppy all the time.

On the top loved personalized dog mom Mother’s Day gifts, the coffee mug will be an emotional present to award someone who loves dogs. It’s an awesome last-minute item to have in life.

girl and dog mug - dog mom gifts for mother's day
Shop with Gossby
Price: $13.99

#7. Dog Mom Baseball Hat

Running errands with bad hair seems to lose someone’s confidence so this baseball hat can help. It’s cute for a trip to the park or somewhere else as a strong statement to the world that this is among the best Mother's Day gifts for a mom who loves dogs.

A Dog Mom Baseball Hat
Price: $15.99 (Source: Waldeal Store)

#8. “I Love You To The Moon And Back” Personalized Blanket

Dogs are not only cute friends to play around with all day without fatigue but they also act like loyal family members that never leave us. Dog mamas understand it more than anyone else. Hence, the custom fleece blanket saying their love out loud tops the faultless Mother’s Day gifts for dog moms.

How warm and sweet it is to be covered by a loving blanket for dog owners and their fur-bud when snuggling. Nothing can beat a meaningful customized gift like this one.

personalized blanket - dog mom mother's day gift ideas
Shop with Gossby
Price: $39.99

#9. Dog Collar And Bracelet Set

Pairing nicely with the outfit for an exciting day, dog mom Mother’s Day gifts of an accessory set will get your dog mama back. The world becomes brighter thanks to the appearance of dogs and their friendliness.

A Dog Collar And Bracelet Set
Price: $40.00 (Source: Friendship Collar Store)

#10. “I Didn’t Fart My Butt Blew You A Kiss” Personalized Pillow

Mother’s Day is a big occasion to treasure moms from anywhere. Fur mama also loves to see our unique custom throw pillow when you want to give them hilarious dog mom gifts for Mother’s Day. It will certainly make their day and lead them to a burst of laughter.

Having this pillow is likely throwing away all stress and worries. Dog mums have spent their precious time adopting a cute four-legged friend, they are worth receiving hundreds of smiles day by day, right?

personalized dog pillow - best dog mom mother's day gifts
Shop with Gossby
Price: $28.99

#11. Self-watering Planter

If your friend or family member is a busy fur mom, the easy-to-care-for planter will help them to look after a touch of greenery. Now they will have more time to play with their fur buddy in the green and fresh air. Thoughtful dog mom Mother’s Day gift ideas, right?

#12. “I Work Hard So My Dog Can Have A Better Life” Personalized T-Shirt

When someone allows a dog in their life, they decide to work harder to care for their fur friend more. To appreciate their great love for dogs, this custom t-shirt is a must-have item on the comprehensive list of dog mom Mother’s Day gifts

Affording a beautiful love for a dog is so challenging to dog mamas. That’s why they deserve recognition and a wondrous gift on the second Sunday of May for their great effort.

personalized t shirt - mother's day gifts for dog mom
Shop with Gossby
Price: $23.99

#13. Organic Pet Shampoo

Honoring someone who adores dogs doesn’t mean you only give something for their daily use. Instead, you can support them with their flawless care by offering organic shampoo for their fur bud. What an incredible present when it comes to dog mom gifts for Mother’s Day.

An Organic Pet Shampoo
Price: $14.00+ (Source: Pawroma Therapy)

#14. “You Are Not Just A Dog” Personalized Canvas

For dog mamas, the one who always waits for them behind the door is their cute four-legged bestie. They're sources of energy to ease the whole stress and fulfill a tiring day with loyalty and closeness. Since then, a dog is not just a dog for furball moms. To celebrate their friendship and love, we recommend our custom wrapped canvas which you can personalize from art to quote to give the thoughtful dog mom Mother’s Day gifts to your loved one.
personalized wrapped canvas is a perfect mother's day gifts for dog mom
Shop with Gossby
Price: $28.99

#15. Dog Sculpture

Those who fall in special love with dogs would like to see them everywhere. Talking about Mother’s Day gifts for dog moms, you shouldn’t miss a dog sculpture that can be put on the desk or inside the owner’s bag.

A Dog Sculpture
Price: $168.32 (Source: Deco Specials)

16/ Dog Paw Print Picture Frame

This is one of the best Mother’s Day gift ideas for dog moms. What they don’t want to put their pooches in the spotlight? This adorable frame includes a no-mess, quick-dry kit to create the paw prints impression and room for a photo of their dogs.

A Dog Paw Print Picture Frame
Price: $34.99 (Source: Pearhead)

17/ Dog Treat Maker

This gift idea will be loved by the ones who love making homemade dog biscuits. This nonstick treat iron bakes up to eight treats at a time and comes with simple recipes. Dog moms will be the talk of the dog park.

A Dog Treat Maker
A Dog Treat Maker (Source: DASH)

18/ Dog Mom Candle

If you don’t know what to give to a dog mom for Mother’s Day, just go for this brilliant option. In fact, a scented candle will suit any occasion as well as anyone. The dog mom in your life will, indeed, appreciate having a new candle to light, especially if she lives in a house full of dogs.

Dog Mom Scented Candle
Dog Mom Candle (Source: West Clay Company)

19/ Dog Leash Holder

Not only one of the cutest dog mom gifts for Mother’s Day, but this customizable dog leash holder can also double as a key holder. Now she’ll never lose or forget, at least, her keys again.

A Customizable Dog Leash Holder
Price: $29.00+ (Source: Brown Dog Creations 2)

20/ Dog Puzzle

Want to make a dog mom surprised on Mothering Sunday? This dog puzzle will surely impress her with a picture of her loved pooch. Interestingly enough, a dog mom can even glue it together and hang it up as wall art.

A Dog Puzzle
A Dog Puzzle (Source: Cheeky Corner Gift Shop)

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On a Final Note!

Dog love is pure love for mamas to exist in life. Dogs also keep a special connection to humans that many people favor more than anything. The above Mother’s Day gifts for dog moms will help to preserve that kind of love and encourage dog mamas to move up no matter what’s going to come.

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