How To Make A Personalized Blanket? 5 Easy Steps To Customize Your Design


Last updated: Oct 27, 2021

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How To Make A Personalized Blanket? 5 Easy Steps To Customize Your Design

Let’s be honest. Who can resist wrapping themselves in a warm blanket, taking a sip of hot cocoa, and watching the world goes by? There’s something so comforting about that. What if we tell you that you can make such a moment more memorable and enjoyable?

All you need to do is customize your personalized blanket. It may sound like too much to do, but it’s not! Creating a custom blanket only takes a few minutes of your time, provided that you know your way around. And by the time you finish reading this article, we promise you will be an expert!

How To Make A Personalized Blanket?

Making a customized item, including a blanket, involves two main stages: coming up with the design and applying the design to the final products. There’s an option to pitch your design to an independent producer to make the blanket.

However, printing companies often prefer orders in bulk, that is when you want to mass-produce an item. Of course, they may provide services for individual customers, but for a much higher price. 

Gossby's Personalized Blankets Comes In Many Sizes.

So, how to make a personalized fleece blanket, plus other items, in a way that ensures quality and won’t break the bank? Go to Gossby! We offer a seamless and accessible platform that allows you to personalize any gift anywhere, anytime. Visit our website, create your design, and we will handle the rest! 

Customize Your Blanket With Gossby In 5 Simple Steps

Follow these 5 easy steps to create your personalized fleece blanket and more with Gossby: 

Step 1: Pick A Base Design

If there’s one thing we’re proud of, it’s the sheer number of base designs we offer. Our inventory boasts a wide range of choices, so wide that it will overwhelm you. Fight your way through the selections and pick a base design that catches your eye. 

Here are some of the collections we have in store, just to name a few: 

Based On The Recipient

  • Family

  • Best friends

  • Pet Owners

  • Sisters

  • Couples

Scroll through our inventory to find the one that catches your eye.

Based On The Occasion

  • Memorial

  • Halloween

  • Christmas

  • Valentine’s Day

Step 2: Customize

Have a base design you love? Great, let’s move on to the personalization part. Here’s what you can twist and turn: 

Blanket Sizes

Choose a size that fits your needs! We currently offer 3 options for blankets: 

  • 30 x 40 inches

  • 50 x 60 inches

  • 60 x 80 inches


It would not be a customized blanket if you cannot add subjects to match your story! Each of our base designs supports a specific number of subjects (family members, sisters, pets,...). On top of that, each subject has its customizable elements to make your design that much more immersive. Include names, change the hairstyle, quote a famous saying, the world is your oyster!

Design your perfect fleece blanket.

Number Of Products

Choose how many copies of the design you want to make! Whether you’re buying for yourself or a group, we always have your back. 

Step 3: Preview

This is another feature we want to showcase. Gossby offers you the ability to preview the products. We want to make sure that the design turns out just the way you imagine. 

Take a nice close look at your design

Step 4: Purchase

If you’re happy with the design, press “add to cart”, fill the “order check out” and then “place your order”. Complete the payment and leave the rest to us!

Ready for purchase? Just add the item to your cart and proceed.

Step 5: Relax And Wait

Once you’ve placed your order, go make yourself a nice cup of cocoa and just chill out. We will process and deliver your purchase right to your door.


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Why Customize Your Blanket At Gossby?

Of course, Gossby is by no means the only platform where you can customize your blankets, among a plethora of other items. So, what makes Gossby stand out from the crowd? Why should you choose our services over other companies? 

Here’s why: 

#1 We Use Top-Quality Fabrics

Gossby only uses top-of-the-line fabrics for your customized blankets. It’s silky, soft to the touch, comfortable, and ridiculously light. Imagine a Wookie comes out of the TV set to hug you. Our blankets feel just like that wrapping around your body. 

#2 We Specialize In Diversity

You will never run out of choices or ideas on Gossby. There are thousands upon thousands of products and designs for you to stake your life on. Our personalization options are also more in-depth and immersive. Every little detail, down to the hairstyle, pose, or skin color, can be customized to tell your story. 

#3 We Offer Affordable Price Points

All of our products and services come with an unexpectedly reasonable price tag. Feel free to shop to your heart’s content without burning a hole in your pocket!

Personalized Blankets: A Gift To Impress

They always say it’s the thoughts that count. But it’s only true when you showcase what you think in a form of an action or an item. So, this year, let our customized blankets speak the things you’ve been meaning to say. Save the moments and cherish your memories with your designs. 

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