15 Quotes about Dad that Will Touch His Feeling


Last updated: Nov 23, 2021

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15 Quotes about Dad that Will Touch His Feeling

Some people may feel awkward when saying sentimental things to their fathers, especially those of the male gender. For this reason, quotes about dad will be the optimal sources to show your great man how much you love him exquisitely. In this article, we will give you the most remarkable quotes to impress your dad.

How Do You Make Your Father Happy?

Commonly, giving presents, holding a family trip, or holding a BBQ party are considered the notable ways to cheer up your daddy as well as showing him your love and gratitude. Why don’t you do something different this time?

We are referring to the meaningful dad quotes. Sending him dad quotes is a simple but worth trying means to tell the man you care for him. You can make up your unique quotes or rely on different references. If you haven’t come up with any ideas of dad sayings, luckily, we are here to help.

05 Quotes About Dad At Gossby

Our suggested quotes are not only suitable for handmade letters, but these quotes about dad are also appropriate to put on personalized gifts.

#1. “There Is No Place Higher Than On Daddy’s Shoulders.”

Honestly, this quote is not true. Many things are much higher than the place on daddy’s shoulders. However, if we regard it in a child's vision, it’s 100% a fact.

quotes about dad are printed on a mug
The "There Is No Place Higher Than On Daddy's Shoulders" quote is printed on a mug

Back in childhood, he at least once used his shoulder to carry you around. At that moment, you saw the world from a distinct angle from the position of a little child. You may have been surprised by the clear view from the height on his shoulder.

Gossby offers you the chance to print this amazing quote on its personalized mug. By that, we mean you can both give your father a practical present along with this meaningful saying - one of the best quotes about dad over time.

#2. Don’t Mess With Papasaurus - You’ll Get Jurasskicked.”

How creative this one is! Gossby applies this funny wordplay on a personalized T-shirt so that you can have a great choice of a unique gift for your father.

sayings about dad are printed on a t shirt
The "Don't Mess With Papasaurus - You'll Get Jurasskicked" quote is printed on a t-shirt

The word “Dinosaur” transforms into “Papasaurus”, and the word “Jurasskicked” reminds us of the worldwide-famous franchise “Jurassic Park”. Under the Dinosaur theme, you are using a metaphor that your old man is the most powerful member of the family who is always willing to protect other members from any threat!

#3. “Love Between A Father & Daughters Is Forever.”

There is no doubt about this statement. It is one of the most sentimental and meaningful quotes about dad from daughter.

Time can deteriorate anything on Earth, except for the eternal love between a father and his daughters. The noble father-and-daughter love will go against the effect of time.

dad quotes are printed on a blanket
The "The Love Between A Father & Daughters Is Forever" quote is printed on a blanket

This quote is also extremely clear and straightforward that everyone can understand. Not containing a single poetic metaphor or comparison, this one will still gain your daddy’s impression.

#4. “Side By Side Or Miles Apart Father And Daughters Will Always Be Connected By The Heart.”

The affection among papa and daughters is brought into the personalized pillow from Gossby. The brand has inserted an affirmation in this saying for father.

dad sayings are printed on a pillow

No matter how distant you and your old man live from each other, you will always follow each of his steps and vice versa. The distance may hinder you from physically contacting him, but it can’t separate the bond between you and your father. In contrast, the far distance somehow contributes to the enormous affection between you guys.

#5.Dad - The Man, The Myth, The Legend. You Are The Best Dad Ever.”

We bet that your father will be extremely happy when he receives such an amazing compliment from you. Via this quote, you are telling your father that he is too awesome to be real. You can get him to understand how perfect he is in your eyes within some simple words.

quotes about dad from daughter are printed on a canvas
The "Dad - The Man, The Myth, The Legend..." quote is printed on a wrapped canvas

Gossby allows you to put this noteworthy saying on the brand’s personalized canvas. Besides being a decent home decoration, the canvas with this quote will confirm with various guests coming to his place that he is the best dad ever.

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05 Birthday Quotes About Dad

The date of birth is the most special date of everybody’s life. Therefore, don’t forget to celebrate your father’s birthday with meaningful sayings about dad.

#1 “Dad Is the First Man Whom Any Girl Dedicates Her Love And Trust For. Happy Birthday, Dad."

On his birthday, you can boost the value of the gift with a birthday card. Dad quotes like this are some of the most sentimental sayings you can present to him.

Dad Is the First Man Whom Any Girl Dedicates Her Love And Trust For

Of course, in every daughter’s life, the father is the first man that walks into her life. He is the person who teaches his little daughter to talk during the toddler ages and share with them happiness and sorrows in the teenage years. Unquestionably, daughters always regard the old man as the most trustworthy and loveable.

#2 “Dad” Is A Simple Word, But It Means The World To Me. You Are Always The Best."

Have you ever noticed that “Dad” is constructed from 3 letters? From our point of view, this word is as simple as possible so that anyone from any country speaking any language can understand and speak it out loud.

Dad Is A Simple Word But It Means The World To Me

Despite not being complicated, this word implies a precious and honorable meaning. The reason is that it determines the way we call the most important man in our life. Among a lot of quotes about father, this saying will make a strong impression on him.

#3 "How Lucky People Are To Have The Chance To Live Under The Love Of Their Fathers. Thank God, I’m One Of Them."

From the bottom of our hearts, we always thank God for letting us live under the roof with the love of our parents. Sadly, not everyone has such a privilege. Hence, you must feel blessed that you have both of your parents by your side.

How Lucky People Are To Have The Chance To Live Under The Love Of Their Fathers

This is not a compliment like others on the list, but it still expresses your love towards the man by appreciating his appearance in your life. His birthday will be more memorable when he receives these lines from you.

#4 "Happy Birthday, My Old Man. The More Aged You Get, The More Handsome You Become. Lucky To Be Your Duplicate Version."

Daddy consistently strives to befriend his children. You can tell him how wonderful everything he has done for you on his birthday.

Happy Birthday, My Old Man

Unlike the above dad sayings, this one brings a friend-like vibe with friendly words. Yet, it’s polite enough to avoid offense. Along with complimenting his good outlook, you are also praising yourself.

#5 "On This Day X Years Ago, The Most Important Man Of My Life Was Born. Happy Birthday, Dad."

If you are a simple person, try this one instead. No metaphor, no comparison, and no analysis of letters are in this sentence. All the meaning it embraces is so obvious that everybody can understand.

On This Day X Years Ago

Apart from celebrating your father’s new age, you show that his importance is above anything in your life.

05 Funny Quotes About Dad

Do you want to try some sayings that can make your father laugh out loud when he reads them? Here are some options for you.

#1. "I Work For Bosses Who Call Me Dad"

The “bosses” here are you and your siblings or his children. You can apply this quote to a gift for him like a notebook, a shirt, or his card visits so that his coworker can see the sentence.

I Work For Bosses Who Call Me Dad

Behind the funny theme, we all admit that this saying is about gratitude towards our father’s sacrifice for our beautiful life. He has spent much of his time and effort with the sole aim of supplying us with the optimal living condition. For this reason, we must be grateful for what he has done for us.

#2. "A “Yes” From Dad Can Defeat A “No” From Mom. Thanks For Being My Ally, Dad."

This is a fact. Mom always seems to be more strict when raising kids than he does. Hence, when you ask for permission to do something, mom often refuses due to ambiguous reasons.

A Yes From Dad Can Defeat A No From Mom

Ironically, he will accept your request. For this reason, many children consider the man as an ally when mom turns down their needs. Not only your dad but your mom also burst into laughter when reading this sentence from you.

#3. "Great, I Have Leveled Up From Being A Husband To Being A Father."

You can send this quote to a friend, your younger brother, or yourself, who has become a father. A child is a blessing from God, so you should mark the time when a little angel comes into your life.

I Have Leveled Up From Being A Husband To Being A Father

Being the lifetime partner of the person you love is great, but having kids with him is even more amazing. You can transform this quote on a sticker and stick it on your accessories as a way to inform others of your child’s appearance.

#4. "Dad, Thanks For Tolerating For My Ex."

A mother may be quite strict with her children in daily activities, whereas a father is extremely rigid towards his daughters' boyfriends. You can see this in real life or movies.

Dad, Thanks For Tolerating For My Ex

Quotes like this one are just a humorous way to tell him that you know how thoroughly he cares for you and wants you to be with the best person.

#5. "You Can Harm Me, But Not My Dad’s Beer And Car."

Truth be told, he has a considerable passion for drinking beer and mechanical stuff, especially cars. Sayings about father can’t lack a sentence to show him that you care about his interest. Apart from “cars” and “beer”, you can adjust other words that match the real-life hobby of the man.

You Can Harm Me But Not My Dad Beer And Car

Why We Print Dad Quotes On Personalized Gifts?

A personalized gift alone is truly something meaningful, but it will go up a different level with a hand-picked quote engraved in it. Instead of saying cheesy things and giving a boring present, why don’t you try to integrate them all into one meaningful item?

Reason 1: To Build A Strong Connection

This is a wonderful method to build a strong connection with your father. By carefully choosing the gift and the saying on it, you’re showing your authentic love for him.

1st reason to print dad quotes on personalized gift
A strong connection between father and son (Source: Tyler Farmer - Unsplash)

At the same time, it also means a strong connection between you guys because if not, how can you come up with something that can fit him that well? If there are no memories, no bond between you, how can the quote itself be meaningful at first?

Reason 2: To Expressing Love To Fathers

If you’re just too shy to say those sentimental words, let the quote on the gift do it for you. You can choose from the many options above the one that you think best fits your situation. This way, he will know it’s something customized for him only, and it’s true love that motivates you in doing so.

2nd reason to print dad quotes on personalized gift
Expressing love to father via dad quotes (Source: Joice Kelly - Unsplash)

Reason 3: To Create A Perfect Alternative For Ordinary Gifts & Cards

Whether you’ve run out of ideas or because there is nothing on the market that meets his needs, personalized gifts with quotes would make a perfect alternative. The era of costly items being meaningful has long passed. Nowadays, it’s time and effort that people seek through presents to know if someone cares about them.

3rd reason to print dad quotes on personalized gift
Personalized gifts with quotes about dad is a perfect idea to make father happy (Source: Bermix Studio - Unsplash)

Let this kind of present bring joy to your family by engraving a quote on the list above into it!

If you want to opt for more recommendations about meaningful quotes about dad and messages for mother, we would like to give you the further reference links:

Wrapping Up!

How affectionate and meaningful the quotes about dad you send your great man are will somehow tell him how much you love him. We hope that you can be satisfied with the suggestions above. The sayings will be more impressive if it goes along a customized item!
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