Gifts for Pet Lovers: 20 Purrfect Gift Ideas for Animal Owners in 2022


Last updated: Apr 21, 2022

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Gifts for Pet Lovers: 20 Purrfect Gift Ideas for Animal Owners in 2022

What are pet lovers? Perhaps, they're the ones who call their pets "kids", despite the obvious difference in the genome. Or they're ones whose living space is overflowing with pet toys? All are true. 

Aren't they great? Indeed, yes they are. People who love pets would be the cutest and most warmhearted ones on earth. So below, Gossby will give you a guide that is full of fun & cute gifts for pet lovers.

Why pet lover gifts? Just because they should be protected & spoiled at all costs. Whether their hearts belong to a gentle giant of a dog or a tiny fluffy kitten, these things below would make them melt.

10 Personalized Gifts for Pet Lovers

1. Personalized Dog Cop T-shirt - Put Your Hands Pup

This is absolutely the cutest gift for pet lovers whose hearts belong to fur kids. Looking at the image and quote, even the giver will laugh so hard. With this personalized t-shirt, you're likely to have your dogs with you anywhere you go. Choosing it as a special gift for your loved ones, you're about to surprise them and make them laugh until cry.

best gifts for pet lovers

2. Dog Socks

This pair of custom-printed socks would make any dog lovers smile ear to ear. With this sock, you will wear your heart on your sleeve & your puppy companion on your feet. When the weather is so cold, promise that this interesting pet lover gift will keep your feet warm and comfortable.

dog sock make great gift for pet lover
Dog Socks (Source: Amazon)

3. Cat Phone Case

When it comes to unique gifts for pet lovers, don't forget this one. Pet owners all love showing off their "kids", and they always love using their phones so, why don't we combine these two great loves into 1 thing. This custom cat phone case is so adorable. Imagine how great it would be whenever you use your phone, you see your little cute kitten is watching you.

cat phone case - custom pet lover gifts

4. Personalized Rabbit Mug - Bunny Mom

For those who are on the hunt for gifts for rabbit lovers, this one would suit you most. Just like dogs and cats, bunnies are also one of the cutest animals that we would love to adore all day. With this personalized mug, pet lovers are likely to enjoy their beverages with their little cute rabbits whenever you take a sip. It's so sweet.

rabbit mug is the best personalized gifts for pet lovers

5. Dog Apron

Chances are, a favorite place of dog may very well be in the kitchen. Whenever you make something irresistible, you will see your four-legged kids are there with you. With this apron, even if you want to keep your dogs out while cooking, they can be there with you in culinary spirit.

personalized dog apron gifts

6. Wooden Pet Ornament

This is one of the best gifts for pet lovers as when you love animals, you probably consider them a member of your family/ So, it means that your pets deserve their own ornament on the tree. Right? The ornament can be used on any occasion even just on a normal day.

best personalized gifts for pet owners
Wooden Pet Ornament (Source: Not on the High Street)

7. Personalized Cat Pillow - This Is Our Couch, Go Sit Over There

Who can resist this extremely cute pet lover gift? Not only is this personalized pillow used for decorating your couches, sofas but the pet owners can also even hug it while sleeping for a good respite.

cat pillow is a good custom pet lover gift

What's more? pets, especially cats, will love it too as they probably sleep on it. Let's imagine how adorable they are while falling asleep on this soft & comfortable pillow.

8. Pet Notepad

Every pet lover knows that seeking a balance between work & family life, somehow, can be tough, as heavy workloads often get in the way of spending time together. This custom pet notepad will be one of the most thoughtful gifts for pet lovers as it features a portrait of their pets along with spaced lines for all of the notes.

a customized pet lover present
Pet Notepad (Source: Etsy)

9. Personalized Pet Keychain

Another way to show off their favorite pet, you can consider this keychain when it comes to gifts for pet lovers. With this pet keychain, the owner can keep their best friend with them all time and on the go. This pet lover gift can also feature as a purse hanger or even a backpack hook.

Personalized Pet Keychain as gifts for pet lovers

10. Pet Boxer Shorts

In some ways this kind of pet lover gift is weird but do you think it's great? Because their pet owners can get pretty much anything they would love with their pet's face on it then, this custom pet boxer short is a thing.

boxer short is great present for pet lovers

10 Unique Gifts for Pet Lovers that They will Cherish Forever

11. Cat Canvas

Not only a gift for a pet lover, but this personalized canvas is also an art. It can be used to hang on the wall and make your space is full of beauty and cute. With an adorable illustration of a cat, the canvas will surely enlighten your day and bring a cozy vibe to your room.

cat canvas - perfect gifts for pet owners

12. Rainbow Dog Leash

This rainbow dog leash is ideal for any engaged friends who love seeing puppies at weddings so their dogs can make a statement down the aisle too. Interestingly, you can make a leash on your own with only a few supplies necessary along with a tie-dye craft.

Rainbow Dog Leash pet lover gifts

13. Denim Dog Bed

Don't you know, denim beds make one of the best gifts for pet lovers as they're an alternative to store-bought dog beds because they're long-lasting & stylish. Denim material is durable that can endure all of the inevitable slobber & scratching.

Denim Dog Bed

14. Pup Pops

Dogs, too, need a cool treat to fight the heat! Puppy ice pops are not only tasty but also useful because some short-nosed breeds may rapidly overheat in the sun. If you prepare smoothies at home, you almost certainly already have everything you need.

pop pups - creative pet lover gifts

15.  Dog Blanket

This pet lover gift is perfect to keep both the owner and their pets warm when the weather is cold. Moreover, the meaningful illustration of a girl and dog is so sweet as it is a personal touch that makes the recipient will burst into happy tears.

dog blanket

16. Pet Puzzle

Your buddy will spend hours putting together a jigsaw with images of their favorite pet. Choose a close-up of their pet's face or a photo of the two of them together. In any case, it's sure to delight!

pet photo puzzles
Pet Puzzle (Source: Amazon)

17. Animal Toy Planter

This toy-turned-planter is ideal for all types of animal enthusiasts. You may personalize it with whatever animal you want—if it's a toy, you can turn it into a planter! For a bit of fun and quirky décor, choose bright colors or metallics. Just be sure you choose a pet-safe plant.

Animal Toy Planter - perfect gifts for pet lovers

18. Wine Cork Feather Toy

An extremely creative way to have a gift for a pet lover. This cat toy is perfect if you have some wine corks hanging around. The entire procedure is really simple, and your cat will have hours of pleasure chasing and playing with these feathery toys. Feathers are irresistible to cats!
Wine Cork Feather Toy

19. Hand-knitted Cat Bed

If you enjoy knitting, consider making a hand-woven pet bed as a gift to your per-lover friend. Such a heartfelt present from the heart will undoubtedly thrill any pet owner. Plus, every time their favorite furry buddy curls up for a cat nap, they'll be reminded of you.

Hand-knitted Cat Bed
Hand-knitted Cat Bed (Source: Etsy)

20. Jungle Cat Tree

A cat tree constructed of genuine branches may make an indoor cat feel like the king of the jungle. Cats enjoy gazing out the window; it is their second favorite hobby, after napping. Give them a warm and beautiful perch.

Jungle Cat Tree

Final Thought

When thinking of gifts for your loved ones, don't forget about their four-legged friends. That's why we've compiled a list of the finest gifts for pet owners. From personalized pet lover gifts to other unique ones, there's something here for every pet owner, regardless of taste.

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